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  1. You're a weird dude. Just saying it seems like anyone who plays Wise is at a disadvantage because of talent level. If all those kids are districted to Wise them I have no beef. Great job. If they aren't, state needs to step in, but they never do. I'm just expressing frustration for schools that play with the kids who are districted to them.
  2. Y'all are missing the point.
  3. I didn't say it. 🤔
  4. While that does seem unfair, I would submit that Howard High administration and coaches have done nothing to manipulate the school's population. That is from the board of ed. At Howard, they play with who is districted to them. Just like Wise.... right?
  5. But why are they on another level? Execution? Scheme? Coaching? Maybe.... Maybe not.
  6. Why not just have Howard play Towson University Or Howard University?
  7. With Howard meeting Wise for the 3rd straight year, just wanted to point out that from 2015 to now Howard is 36-3 with 2 losses to Wise (the other was to Glenelg). If they should lose again in blowout fashion to Wise... I would hope this would raise some questions. From 2014 to now, Howard is 48-4. That includes wins vs. Sherwood (2x), Paint Branch (2x), Perry Hall, Bel Air, Mervo (2x), & Broadneck, as well as a 10-3 loss to Old Mill in the 2014 State Semi-final. So howard us 9-1 vs. 4A teams not named Wise. Vs. Wise, two huge blowout losses. Seems like someone has an advantage somehow. Would love to see a more level playing field.
  8. My eyes say the quality of football is down in HoCo. The success of HoCo teams (in addition to Howard's dominant run, Glenelg has won 3 regional championships over the past 4 seasons) tells that the quality of HS football in Maryland public schools is down in general. Maybe the privates have gotten better at identifying talented kids or maybe participation is down. IDK. My eyes said the county was pretty bad this season with the exception of Howard & RH. HoCo's 3rd and 4th best teams just won regional championships... Seems implausible.
  9. Now that is what sports should be all about! Congratulations to Paint Branch on a great season and for the class they displayed tonight!
  10. Totally forgot he was there. Thanks for the update!
  11. Long Reach got their first playoff win!
  12. I bet the Howard kids are focused on getting rings.
  13. Football should be about more than W/L's.