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  1. Wow. Hope that's not right. That could be devastating for that young man's future.
  2. God bless their coaches and players. That's heartbreaking.
  3. Tsusa Matsui was a 2nd team all county CB at centennial in 2007. Kyle Young was a 1st team all-county LB at Cent in 2009 (2nd team in 2008 I believe). But yeah, point taken. Demographics play a huge role.
  4. They shouldn't lose 2
  5. It was a 3-way scrimmage
  6. I can tell you from a more reliable source that scrimmaging Gtown Prep was never considered.
  7. I don't remember anything about Gtown Prep. The kids always wanted to scrimmage MSJ & they definitely wanted to scrimmage OM. Would've been fun. Pindell is a unique talent.
  8. Total, including volunteers
  9. Legendary. RIP Coach Thomas.
  10. BVD should be coach of the year. Amazing what he has accomplished with so little.
  11. One more JMT, what does 4A North look like with Sherwood losing to Einstein?
  12. JMT, Great work as always. Can you do 4A North with Bel Air losing to Havre De Grace?
  13. Centennial beats Wilde Lake 58-42. They will go to Dectur to play for their 4th regional championship in 6 years!