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  1. Great entertainer.
  2. Isn't there a way to circumvent the MLB blackout, ie find somebody out of state who is willing to sign up for you. Or did they figure out a way to block that.
  3. Of course he'll get offers. I'm just saying it's buyer beware. Oh that's right I already said that. And I wondered who would take him on, not saying no one would take him on. Of course, reading comprehension around here is a little suspect at times. I didn't realize he led the league in HRs, that changes everything. lol Now how many years has he produced at that level? Please enlighten me.
  4. Have you figured out what OPS means yet?
  5. Not sure who is going to take him on. Nobody thinks he's going be that guy going forward, I wouldn't think. Buyer beware. Yeah, he did a nice job, but like practically everyone else, with a couple exceptions, it's the OBP that is problematic.
  6. The people who can't stand the idea of a Donald Trump presidency would be far better served to focus on the conditions that led to him becoming electable, rather than focusing on Donald himself.
  7. I'm guessing a lot of people using the popular vote argument against Trump have no idea why we don't use popular vote to elect the president.
  9. Wrong again. I actually like Schoop, as he seems like a good teammate and an overall good guy. Unfortunately that only takes you so far in the game of baseball . His numbers are good in some areas as I've already stated time and time again. So much for the hate. The problem is he has developed a long track record of not being adequate at getting on base. That is it. He's not a rookie anymore. He now has nearly three full seasons under his belt. He is who he is today. He is not an asset, he is a liability. The FACT is Schoop, in all of his ABs, makes outs at the highest rate on the team, among the regulars. Dismiss that fact all you want, but you're only showing your ignorance. You may recall in the topic I started a few weeks ago OBP 101, where I did a comparison of the 1996 and 2016 oriole teams. The teams were very similar in their power output, but the main difference was their ability to get on base. The 96 team had a slew of guys with very good on base percentage, whereas the 2016 team is saddled with mostly free swingers who do not reach base at an adequate rate. And the end result was that the 96 team averaged 1.2 runs per game more than the current ball club. Let that sink in.... 1.2 more runs PER GAME. And Schoop is the worst performer of all these low OBP guys in the lineup. He is the bottom-dweller in the one area where Orioles offense is underperforming the most... And you can't sugarcoat that. You can't take certain months out of his season and pretend that he did OK if we just exclude them. By no means do I expect any of these facts to convince you of the realities regarding this particular player. You consistently ignore facts that do not conform to your opinions. You will continue to focus on a relatively small number of ABs where he connected for the long ball, while ignoring or dismissing what happened in the majority of the other 600 times up. It is a case of willful ignorance on your part, or it's a simple case of certain things that are just beyond your grasp. It's one or the other.
  10. You're uneducable in the realities of baseball if you think a sub 300 OBP could ever be described as a giant step forward.... Even for a guy who posted an almost inconceivably putrid 244 OBP just two years ago.
  11. He is listed at 6-3 225. He could probably pick up an average size person and stuff him in a can if he wanted to. lol
  12. Interesting that you think it helps your argument by putting words in my mouth. (and I'm not sure exactly what you're argruing) . Do you think Schoop had a breakout season?
  13. Schoop is a microcosm of the Orioles problems on offense. Hits for power but very lackinig in on-base skills. As someone said a while back, he went to the Adam Jones school of hitting. Schoop had the lowest OBP on the team among starters. To focus on the 25 ABs where he hit a home run and then say well at least he gives us that is very problematic. You need to look at the full picture, what is he doing in the other 600+ at bats. A 298 OBP just doesn't cut it.
  14. I'll play along, even though I know shouldn't bother. Since you seem to think you know these things, what kind of year would he have had, given a chance to play a full season as the everyday player?
  15. Disdain for what? Player statistics? Nevermind.,