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  1. Awwwwwwww did you all notice that the Ravens are NOT WEARING PINK due to my POST!!?? I Like Bisciotti for reading this post and agreeing with me. They were the only team the last 2 games to NOT WEAR PINK!!! Thanks for agreeing Bisciotti, i have respect for you again!
  2. I know the truth hurts.
  3. showing the opponents helmets crashing together prior to the game 3 or so years ago!!?? Are they afraid that the pixels on the video graphic may get a concussion? NFL has become a wuss sport under the current commissioner. I believe that was the same year they told ESPN to stop using the segment "All Jacked Up' in favor of the more NFL controlled "Come On Man!"(Which is gay BTW) They are afraid of the lawsuit from previous players that have head injuries, and the millions they still want. Another example is the clock running on out of bounds plays,(Not how they used to do it) EVERY play out of bounds would render the clocked stopped until the next snap, which enables more plays per game. The college game is more exciting in every way, shape, and form. What a disgrace the NFL has become. One more is the Kickoffs where they place the ball from now, which enables many,many touch backs, along with the anti wedge rule on kick off returns......i can go on and on.....
  4. on the bottom floor and had to go to the 5th floor. They proceed to the elevator to get on, just kidding they used the escalator.
  5. Thank you for the replies.
  6. In the Superbowl between the Ravens and Niners after the Niners got the safety at the end of the game, Sam Koch punted the ball to the niners, who in turn tried running it back. I have always heard there is a free kick option after said punt if you fair catch it. What exactly would that entail? Kicking off a tee? A drop kick? Anyone know? Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks for clarifying struds, i never noticed pink on any other team before, smh.
  8. They actuallly act like they care about women and breast cancer awareness, like a bunch of do-goods!!?? So hypocritical of the Ravens if they do. They are the ones who rallied around a two game suspension, one round MMA knockout of Janay Palmer by their former employee! Bisciotti is awesome isn't he!!??
  9. No demo, not their hiring practices, their firing practices, get it right buck-o.
  10. Hey thirteen, i do not recall saying anything about the color of ones skin. Who is racist exactly?
  11. Thanks JEDI, how much do I owe you?
  12. Actually the girlfriend dropped the case because she is a gold digger. That does not mean the Ravens should of let it go.
  13. I had 3 knock off jerseys and all they offered me was a Scot Mitchell XXXXXL Jersey Wow cant wait to see him on the Biggest Loser!.
  14. No pro rape, i just pick 2 teams regardless of who is on them, all that I am saying is I do not root for a team that fires 1 guy for wife beating and lets the other one get off scott free, thats all. T~Fizzle should not be on the Ravens.
  15. Wow thats profound weird-o. Its a shame that i picked both in the preseason.Bandwagon fans jump on like you did in 01 and 12.