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  2. I've never tried it before. Ask Trump; he is always playing with his buggers with his right hand
  3. When I want to know what is coming next I'll as you since you are already there (:-
  4. I get AM and PM confused. AM is either after midnight or PM is past morning ?
  5. Sorry, I cannot do the math. Are you always ahead of me or behind?
  6. 12:35 PM -04:67 AM =______________
  7. The point is, I am looking for someone living one day ahead of me or one day behind me. If it is not “Sunday” where you are the what time/day is it where you are? Again, just asking (:-
  8. Where I am it is Sunday, July 23, 2017 12:08 PM To the other posters on line What time is it where you are? Just asking (:-
  9. PC user warning!! I received a call from a stranger who told me that I had over paid for a service they were providing and the program I installed was corrupted and needed removing. I was told that they wanted to reimburse me $487 but they could not do so because they can only reimburse in amounts of $2,500 and nothing less. To do this they wanted to remove the bad program that was installed asking to take control of my mouse in order to remove the bad program. During our conversation, I gave them control of my mouse. In the background using my mouse they accessed my bank account and withdrew $2,500. Later I told my bank what had happened and they reimbursed the money, telling me that this scam is well known & not to be so gullible in the future. There is a little more to this story but you get the idea. Don’t be a sucker like I was.
  10. I believe there is still one weak link in our energy future and that is battery storage. Wind turbines are great when the wind is blowing but unfortunately it does not always blow. I envision you pull up to a filling station but instead of filling your tank with gas you stop over a exchange unit where your battery located under your car is removed and a charged one is installed. This gives you enough power to drive 150 miles before getting a recharged battery. i.e. future battery technologies are the key to our future
  11. It is almost impossible to identify a Pathological liar. They automatically tell you what you want to hear. Trump has turned this condition into an art form. It is now; after fooling the selectorial college that his true colors are appearing. ---------- The Electoral College is a process, not a place. The founding fathers established it in theConstitution as a compromise between election of the President by a vote in Congress and election of the President by a popular vote of qualified citizens. The Electoral College process consists of the selection of the electors, the meeting of the electors where they vote for President and Vice President, and the counting of the electoral votes by Congress. The Electoral College consists of 538 electors. A majority of 270 electoral votes is required to elect the President. Your state’s entitled allotment of electors equals the number of members in its Congressional delegation: one for each member in the House of Representatives plus two for your Senators. Read more about the allocation of electoral votes. Although the majority of voters saw through this con’s con; he still got in regardless. In my view; the Electoral College has passed its usefulness and should be abolished. With the modern technologies of today the masses can vote and be heard without the Electoral College. I say, let the voters decide who should be President of the USA & not a group of 536 individuals that few even know their names. How about you?
  12. If you believe two wrongs make a right go for it
  13. (Genesis 32:28) And he said, Thy name shall be called no more Iacob, but Israel: for as a prince hast thou power with God, and with men, and hast preuailed. Folks, I cannot place the time frame for the above name change. help?
  14. Joseph who is now the de facto ruler over all of Egypt saves the Israelites who are experiencing a great famine and moves them to Egypt and gives them power over all the agriculture lands. Clearly they were not slaves as some would have believed. (Gen 41:57 KJV) And all countries came into Egypt to Joseph for to buy corn; because that the famine was so sore in all lands. (Gen 42:1 KJV) Now when Jacob saw that there was corn in Egypt, Jacob said unto his sons, Why do ye look one upon another? (Gen 42:2 KJV) And he said, Behold, I have heard that there is corn in Egypt: get you down thither, and buy for us from thence; (Gen 42:3 KJV) And Joseph's ten brethren went down to buy corn in Egypt. (Gen 42:5 KJV) And the sons of Israel came to buy corn among those that came: for the famine was in the land of Canaan. (Gen 42:6 KJV) And Joseph was the governor over the land, and he it was that sold to all the people of the land: (Gen 42:25 KJV) Then Joseph commanded to fill their sacks with corn, and to restore every man's money into his sack, and to give them provision for the way: (Gen 45:20 KJV) Also regard not your stuff; for the good of all the land of Egypt is yours. (Gen 45:21 KJV) And the children of Israel did so: and Joseph gave them wagons, according to the commandment of Pharaoh, and gave them provision for the way. (Gen 47:1 KJV) Then Joseph came and told Pharaoh, and said, My father [ISRAEL] and my brethren, and their flocks, and their herds, and all that they have, are come out of the land of Canaan; and, behold, they are in the land of Goshen. (Gen 47:3 KJV) And Pharaoh said unto his brethren, What is your occupation? And they said unto Pharaoh, Thy servants are shepherds, both we, and also our fathers. (Gen 47:4 KJV) They said moreover unto Pharaoh, For to sojourn in the land are we come; for thy servants have no pasture for their flocks; for the famine is sore in the land of Canaan: now therefore, we pray thee, let thy servants dwell in the land of Goshen. (Gen 47:5 KJV) And Pharaoh spake unto Joseph, saying, Thy father [ISRAEL] and thy brethren are come unto thee: (Gen 47:6 KJV) The land of Egypt is before thee; in the best of the land make thy father and brethren to dwell; in the land of Goshen let them dwell: and if thou knowest any men of activity among them, then make them rulers over my cattle. (Gen 47:11 KJV) And Joseph placed his father [ISRAEL] and his brethren, and gave them a possession in the land of Egypt, in the best of the land, in the land of Rameses, as Pharaoh had commanded. NOTE: The Israelites pack up everything and move to Egypt leaving everything behind and live in Egypt for 400+ years
  15. During this period Joseph is betrayed by his own people and sold into slavery for 20 pieces of silver. The Pharaoh brings him to his house and treats him kindly and makes him ruler over all of Egypt. (Gen 37:3 KJV) Now Israel loved Joseph more than all his children, because he was the son of his old age: and he made him a coat of many colours. (Gen 37:23 KJV) And it came to pass, when Joseph was come unto his brethren, that they stripped Joseph out of his coat, his coat of many colours that was on him; (Gen 37:24 KJV) And they took him, and cast him into a pit: and the pit was empty, there was no water in it. But before they "Murder" him they get a better idea and decide to sell him as a slave to the Midianites (Gen 37:25 KJV) And they sat down to eat bread: and they lifted up their eyes and looked, and, behold, a company of Ishmeelites came from Gilead with their camels bearing spicery and balm and myrrh, going to carry it down to Egypt. (Gen 37:27 KJV) Come, and let us sell him to the Ishmeelites, and let not our hand be upon him; for he is our brother and our flesh. And his brethren were content. (Gen 37:28 KJV) Then there passed by Midianites merchantmen; and they drew and lifted up Joseph out of the pit, and sold Joseph to the Ishmeelites for twenty pieces of silver: and they brought Joseph into Egypt. . he Midianites in turn sell Joseph to a Egyptian (Gen 37:36 KJV) And the Midianites sold him into Egypt unto Potiphar, an officer of Pharaoh's, and captain of the guard. Joseph’s master believes that Joseph was trying to seduce his wife and casts him into a prison (Gen 39:20 KJV) And Joseph's master took him, and put him into the prison, a place where the king's prisoners were bound: and he was there in the prison. (Gen 39:22 KJV) And the keeper of the prison committed to Joseph's hand all the prisoners that were in the prison; and whatsoever they did there, he was the doer of it. . Joseph interprets some dreams and his interpretations come true. The Pharaoh gets word of this and brings Joseph out of the prison to stay in the Pharaoh’s house. (Gen 41:39 KJV) And Pharaoh said unto Joseph, Forasmuch as God hath showed thee all this, there is none so discreet and wise as thou art: (Gen 41:40 KJV) Thou shalt be over my house, and according unto thy word shall all my people be ruled: only in the throne will I be greater than thou. (Gen 41:41 KJV) And Pharaoh said unto Joseph, See, I have set thee over all the land of Egypt. (Gen 41:42 KJV) And Pharaoh took off his ring from his hand, and put it upon Joseph's hand, and arrayed him in vestures of fine linen, and put a gold chain about his neck; (Gen 41:43 KJV) And he made him to ride in the second chariot which he had; and they cried before him, Bow the knee: and he made him ruler over all the land of Egypt. (Gen 41:44 KJV) And Pharaoh said unto Joseph, I am Pharaoh, and without thee shall no man lift up his hand or foot in all the land of Egypt. (Gen 41:46 KJV) And Joseph was thirty years old when he stood before Pharaoh king of Egypt. And Joseph went out from the presence of Pharaoh, and went throughout all the land of Egypt. .