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  1. Life beyond Earth has finally been found; or so it seems Cassini moon There is a moon circling Saturn that has a warm core, covered in ice and spewing geysers. With a green hew around the geyser points. Explanation: This cylindrical projection global map is one of six new color maps of Saturn's midsized icy moons, constructed using 10 years of image data from the Cassini spacecraft. Discovered by Cassini (the astronomer) in 1684, Dione is about 1,120 kilometers across. Based on data extending from infrared to ultraviolet, the full resolution of this latest space-age map is 250 meters per pixel. The remarkable brightness difference between the tidally locked moon's lighter leading hemisphere (right) and darker trailing hemisphere clearly stands out. Like other Saturn moons orbiting within the broad E-ring, Dione's leading hemisphere is kept shiny as it picks up a coating of the faint ring's icy material. The E-ring material is constantly replenished by geysers on moon Enceladus' south pole. Lighter, younger surface fractures also appear to cross the dark, cratered trailing hemisphere. I am unable to upload immages Please express your opinion (:-
  2. That topic belongs in the Great Flood debate. My bad
  3. I don’t think people are looking at this in the right way. What we need to be looking for are signs of intelligent life. The kind of thing our astronauts see when they look down on earth. During the night our freeways are full of cars giving off ribbons of light that wind and whorl across our planet. And our cities give off clusters of light. If we can find a planet that shows glimmers of light on its dark side, like above, we found life!!! Then there is the green that doesn’t go away!@!!!
  4. That report is out now. Do you care to change your opinion or throw up a smoke screen instead?
  5. I keep asking you for real examples as well and still nada, zip What goes around comes around
  6. Even a four year old can recognized when someone "says" they have the proof and still refuses to provide it, da guy is lying get my drift?
  7. But golly, geee wizzz, I can't find it to prove what I said; then again maybe I just dreamed it. Yes my friend, it was just one of your demented dreams;......,., no such link exists or ever existed
  8. jdsample, we have our differences in politics but my rant to you was over the top. forgive me later
  9. Wait, I sent myself that email; my mistake. ignore my previous post
  10. I just got an email warning me--- do not post to jdsample citing he may be a Russian mole. Are you jd-?
  11. Trump refuses to sign a bill putting stiffer sanctions on Russia. Bill/obligation for the support, paid in full
  12. I was trying to be polite while calling you a liar sorry, my bad
  13. Who was/is the best, most well trained pathological liar to become President of the USA? The "winner" is----------- DaDump by a landslide He be da winner!!!!!!!!
  14. USA 1017 election Here are the final numbers: Clinton received 65,844,610 votes, or 48.2% of the total vote. Trump received 62,979,636 votes, or 46.1% of the total vote. (That's a difference of 2.86 million votes.) It was the Electoral College that got Trump into the White House, not the U.S. citizens vote. I think it is time for the Electoral College to me looked at. The general public doesn’t even know what or who they are and yet they decide who will be President regardless of the popular vote. What do you think?
  15. "The President Of The United Stated"'s+tv+shows&oq=trump's+tv+shows&gs_l=psy-ab.12..0i22i30k1l8.11817.18773.0.23550.
  16. On the OP I voted "NO"
  17. Sorry to be the one in the crowd to tell you, but that debate ain't over yet
  18. "Trump Signs Bill Revoking Obama-Era Gun Checks for People With Mental Illnesses" I am sure some here are proud that he did, at least the mentally ill doooo And you it seems
  19. "On Hillary's dime"? And Santa really, and I mean really visited you on Christmas day too While at the same time your employer pays you in Rubles
  20. I know that works. Trump does it all the time
  21. Ok, you can use her name (Hillary) Just ignore my posts
  22. If it were up to you to decide; which would you chose-- (1) require background check before selling a gun (2) sell the gun to anyone over the age of 16 without background check.
  23. More "Hillary" Gooooo Hillary,.,.,.,.please run in the 2020 election. You will win be a landslide!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. See folks, they are still hung up on Hilary even though she lost the election a year ago.