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  1. i sent him a message and tried to copy you but it says you cannot accept any messages why
  2. take note every one a horrible muslim terrorist attack has killed hundreds including women and children and yet the only comments from the muslim apolgizers condemn me for posting the thread think about that
  3. national and world news section
  4. gutless and shamefull
  5. another troll post with a fake thread title
  6. death toll inreases and no body here cares because it was islam and not a catholic suit wearing school girl Truck bomb in Mogadishu kills at least 230 people
  7. almost two hundred people died in a terrorist attack by muslim terrorists why do you think it shouldnt be mentioned islamic jihad terrorists kill more people world wide then all other religions combined sad thing is they would cut off your head while you continue to defelct and defend them
  8. you are mistaken and must be thinking of some one else
  9. what is the name of this section is it us news only or is it national and world news and who made you the mod
  10. The death toll from the most powreful bomb blast witnessed outside the Safari Hotel in Somalia's capital Mogadishu has risen to 189 with more than 200 injured. but people here are more outraged the catholics tried to stop a little girl from wearing a suit to her confirmation
  11. yep no better then the ones that only post black crime but he cant see it because of his own racism
  12. you owe a few apologies arrest was made today and he aint from the city NEWS RELEASE: Police arrest local man in Walmart shooting
  13. A man accused of killing a South Carolina high school student had been protected from deportation under the DACA program, U.S. officials confirmed to Fox News Thursday evening.