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  1. or maybe a y because the reporter on espn thats been there the longest is named bob ley
  2. why does espn want to offend pittsburgh and youngstown state fans by having robert lee do that game sound like espn over reacted and is now playing cya
  3. if you dont think someone who was shot multiple times was not seriously injured then you are out of touch smh
  4. you dont think a judge getting shot is not seriously injured wow
  5. the only dbrickashaw i ever heard of signed a thirty five million dollar contact with the jets his rookie season so id say he lives in a nice place
  6. because theres alot of evidence thats not dna related that ties him to the murder
  7. not a fan of debbie since she had her thumb on the scale for hilly shes the reason we are stuck with trumpy im sure that dnc server has or had lots of hilly emails related to her scam charity influence selling days as sos deb prob payed off those pakistan boys to keep it quiet but if one starts talking it could be trouble for her
  8. Steubenville High School rape case i remember the school tried to cover it up to protect the football players he got less then a year in jail for rape smh
  9. Marcellus Williams, 48, is scheduled to die Tuesday at the state prison in Bonne Terre for stabbing to death former St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Lisha Gayle during a 1998 robbery at her home in the suburb of University City. It would be the state's second execution of 2017. at least stop the execution and have a new trial until sure
  10. Former Maryland elementary school aide sentenced to 75 years for child sex abuse
  11. ‘Mommy loves you,’ woman shouts to Maryland man accused of killing his sister, cousins
  12. doesnt matter who stays and who leaves trump is still president and will be president for three more years and if we only had vp joe or bernie running instead of slimy hilly we wouldnt be in this mess we have only us and debbie wassermen to blame for having the worst candidate of all time forced on us she lost to trump for gods sake and now look what were stuck with smh
  13. maybe we can now get to see the unreleased clown cried movie
  14. funny as a comedian but he made a diff as an activist his autobiographys name was controversial but brilliant
  15. no arrest yet huh perhaps they are zeroing in on someone name yousseff or mohammad or achmed and are keeping that info quiet nothing would surprise me on this one