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  1. Steve was merely speculating something that he would like to happen. Wow, talk about suppression of 1st amendment liberties....
  2. And..... he's a freakin' beast!
  3. My guesstimation is a corner in the 1st and a receiver in the 2cnd. Alot of very good wideouts in this years draft.
  4. He is absolutely their best option. Personally, I have always held this guy in high regard.
  5. Normally, I'm OK at this time of the year knowing that Ozzie will work his magic. But this cap thing, or lack of, has me a little rattled. Hopefully, you fellow posters can give me some assurance that we will be OK. My favorite receiver is gone and McPhee is gone. Who is next and who is out there, willing to play for a ring and not a big payday?
  6. Who do you like?
  7. Brandon Williams-- meh Seriously? This guy is a freakin' beast. One of the best third round selections I have ever seen. Perhaps, it's you who really lacks the ability to assess a draft. And BTW, if it is indeed proven that you said the things that Raven Maniac has alleged, then you know SQUAT about football, period!
  8. You also apparently told Raven Maniac that he lacks the ability to assess a draft. How about manning up and answering that accusation, instead of tap dancing around that issue. By the way, last years draft was a very good one.
  9. One humungous asset that Flacco has is his abiliy to stay healthy. He hasn't missed a game in his career. Still way too early to talk about HOF. As of now, I say no, but with that said, he has plenty of time to put up the numbers to get there. His playoff numbers speak for itself. We will have to see what happens from here. A couple more superbowl appearances will probably get him there.
  10. Off season. Man. Yaaaawwwnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. Wake me up in July when I actually start to give a %#*(.
  11. If I;m Harbaugh, I would tell him not to bother coming to the castle for any reason until he pays his child support debts. Although failure to pay is a civil action, not criminal, Harbaugh would be justified. I would tell Hill that you cannot go to jail for failure to pay off your car, house, furniture, you can go to jail for not supporting your children. It's totally amazing to me that he doesn't pay it off NOW.
  12. I saw another power rankings poll for the 2015 season. Ravens are # 6. Not bad. Ahead of Steelers and Bengals.
  13. I'll be a little more blunt. I don't like Brady because he's a cheater.
  14. I was wondering if you or anybody else here would know the answer to this question. Who started the first game of the 1966 Orioles/Dodgers game in centerfield? Russ Snyder or Paul Blair? While working part time security at Eastpoint Mall, I was locked in a room with Frank Robinson for about 10 minutes. He said Blair while I said Snyder. Who was right?