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  1. SFA

    I will put my guess in for Life Christian Academy.......
  2. With heavy heart sorry to say that Jordan passed away earlier today
  3. Will see how long he stays at SFA. Talking to one of their coaches, they have plans of possibly converting him to a DT/G. I am sure that wont fly well.....
  4. Heard that Antwain Littleton has been kicked out of SJC and more than likely headed to SFA
  5. Spend a good part of the morning at the Big Man Camp. Headed over to 7 on 7 which got called shortly afterwards because of lightning in the area but the team that did stick out was Life Christian Academy out of Richmond. It is a new program. They had athletes that were fast, thick, cut and big. They game I saw was them and was 2 TDs a piece when called. DeMatha was a more disciplined team but Life was a raw physical team with some talent. Want to see what kind of bigs they got.............with their skills and mids, they will make a lot of noise this year. Reminded me of reading the article on SFA where they said Richmond didn't have anything like SFA......we might soon find otherwise with this group.
  6. Heard down at UMD camp this weekend that Tony Ashley from Good Counsel / Mohoco will be the next HC at Pallotti
  7. SFA

    I think just transfers.....Isaiah Robinson and Caleb John weren't either
  8. SFA

    Lee, Bangda, Braswell, Shearer, Osman Savage, Clowney, Donovan Robinson, Dalcourt
  9. I know Colby Barnes....not a high level recruit...good counsel Jalen McNair and Jason Scott to very good safeties haven't announced where they are heading but would think they are gone.... Clay Vance, a QB also left for Avalon but in later October of this season.... there is already 10
  10. That is when he announced it......he was accepted in to DeMatha in February.....
  11. Congratulations on 2 outstanding achievements!!
  12. Reason why Corum is headed to SFA is that Gonzaga refused his acceptance.....With Pallotti's AD being the MIAA Football Commissioner, it should be interesting to see how this transfer plays out. I am sure they will be checking for every crossed "t" and dotted "I" in this case.......
  13. I don't believe he was asked to step down. I don't believe there was much of an incoming class coming in as their head "recruiter" was removed from his "in house" position. 8 or so of their best players were already "rumored" to be leaving or had left before rumors of Thomas leaving surfaced.... The biggest domino in causing all of this was Justin Winter leaving for UMD last spring who has since left UMD ( which is a huge hit in their recruiting department as far as on campus recruiting goes ).....
  14. The offense line was terrible last year. Tengwall is going to be very good. He was ok at best last year as a freshman. They rest of the O line, well, it went down from there.... The defensive line was not much..... They had no chance to be better then that.
  15. Not a big has been rumored since February and it has been rumored since March that he was heading to SFA as possible DC (he is one of McGregor's "favorites") of the reasons Deno didn't stick around.....