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  1. Another td pass from backup qb......26-20. 3:20 to go
  2. Gonzaga breaks a 30 yd run caught from behind and fumbles deaths ball at the40 423 to go
  3. 26-13 gonzaga 5'09 in the 4th Another td pass for the back up qb
  4. Back up q.v. for dematha is in and threw a long td.....the db had terrible ball skills
  5. 26-6. 8:43 4th
  6. 26-0 4:43 in the 3rd
  7. Still 19-0 @ half
  8. Gonzaga 19 - Dematha 0. 1:26 to go in 1st
  9. Ian has not coached the first 2 games......serving 2 game suspension for the McDonogh incident ( and a few other coaches)
  10. Check out @RHAcademy_'s Tweet: Form your own opinions.....
  11. It does matter, I know a kid who was denied play last year because he attended an organized workout of all places, Long Reach. This happened at the MIAA commissioner I am sure he would enforce it at other schools....
  12. I believe if he already started practice at long reach, it would make him ineligible at St Francis this season......
  13. The lens of the people of this forum might be what happens on the field..........but if you look through the lens of 99% of the kids playing that game on the field its about recruiting/offers/commitments/the next level. For them, they want to move on. The posters of this forum will never move on, they will continue to back their favorite HS team for whatever the reason or their tie to that school is. Public or Private school, the players don't go out on social media and say "got that win against high school A today" or "played tough but came up short in a tough one against high school B". Deep down those players may care about those things but that is not what they choose to share with the world. Public or Private school athletes, what they do share with the world on Social Media is "blessed to receive an offer from University A" "thankful to have received an offer from College B" " would like to say I have committed 100% to University C". This is what these players are striving for, they are striving, training, playing for that opportunity at the next level, to be as great as they can be. High school is just a platform they have to use.......Even though HS is as far as 99% of them will ever go, that is not what the players are focusing on through their lens.
  14. He didn't play at SFA? Or he played and started at SFA 2016? If he did, he should be ineligible at Gilman in 2017.....doesn't matter if he left SFA or not.
  15. I have no idea of the jersey number doubt the competition will be better than what he has faced in the SMAC. Was just kinda curious if the hype is real or the hype is about potential. Personally have never seen him play or checked out his film..