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  1. one thing they don't do, is recruiting analysis........I am sure the NCAA would find an apparel company giving recruiting information to schools that the apparel company has sponsorship deals with in violation of some type of NCAA rule.... Nor do I think Under Armour and Yahoo have any direct connections......
  2. If you graduated Gilman in 84 that would make you about 51 +/-.......earlier you stated you were 46......... Or they just that smart at Gilman and graduate them early.....
  3. He was at Capital Christian in the spring of 16 before transferring to SFA....... didn't play at we are already at 4 schools
  4. I remember Big Donnie from the youth leagues. Has always had and still does have a great frame. From his social media posts, he definitely seems to work at the game and study the game.....but the most technically sound lineman, well, at lot can happen in 9 months but I remember him from the UMD big man camp last summer and technique and fundamentally, he would have been a project which I would guess why he didn't get the run last year at SFA...but improvement can happen over 9 months.... If he transfers again, it will be at least the 4th school he as attended....SFA, Capitol Christian and either Anacostia or Friendship
  5. I know spring football isn't new.......but with a lot of these spring teams having coaching staffs affiliated with high schools......and young kids wanting to be seen....could the high schools ( mostly private ) be at fault for the popularity of spring tackle football? I know DeMatha, St. Johns, Good Counsel, Pallotti, Friendship Coll. ( just off the top of my head ) all seem to have coaches on the staffs of these spring teams..........even at the GYFL this past weekend, several college coaches, current college players and rising college players were in attendance watching this weekend
  6. also incoming PWO's....Ladd from Spalding, Schwobe (sp) from Broadneck, Sassler from BL, Dicierbo from Gilman, Bruce Miller that I know of Scholarship player Bhamad Miller from SFA.....but maybe the Millers aren't from Baltimore
  7. he is still there but he is not a positional coach....he is in a off field capacity working with the defensive unit. I think you can judge Durkihim after 1 year....Are you judging him as a finished product? No.....You have to look at what he has done in 1 year vs what was going on before he got here...personally I think he is doing a great job.....he is making moves on the field, on the sidelines and off the field that is better positioning his team and his players for on and off field success in the near future
  8. .....they were also 121 out of 128 in giving up TFL's.....I am sure those things are why Borbely is out and Bowen is Durkin made some big moves to deal with this "sack nonsense"
  9. In the past 4 years, you have had 57 kids from UMD's interpretation of the DMV drafted in the NFL. If you can keep the majority of those 57 players "home", you hare going to have a pretty good team.
  10. The OT is from Northern HS down in Calvert County.....I think he and the Coach are going to SFA. Had a good showing at Ohio St last summer that earned him his stars.......not playing against the best talent in Calvert County Public Schools.....see what happens with the move up. Definitely has very good D1 size
  11. Your right, the pickings are slim....Running backs I can think of Ben Tate @ Auburn Lamont Jordan @ UMD...but that may be a little more than a decade or so Marcus Mason started at ILL but ended up doing well at Youngstown State Tavon Austin and Michael Campanero....great HS backs that played WR in College I think Harrison, Johnson, Funk and even McFarland I think will all get plenty of touches one way or another at UMD this year
  12. Tomslick, Coach Durkin definitely believes in creating a strong preferred walk on program. He has repeatedly said that is one of the biggest differences between the top teams and teams wanting to be top teams is the strength of the preferred walk on program.....because as you have mentioned, that is where you are going to build quality depth. For in state guys, I would think the instate guys who are thinking about FCS or D2 possibilities would strongly consider it......with your FAFSA and other possible grants or "scholarships", tuition would be very minimal. The NCAA allows the recruited or preferred walk on to be fed, so the meal plan would be nothing or next to nothing. The biggest expense for an instate guy would be the accommodations. And if it doesn't work out there is no penalty for transferring down to a lower division.....but I think most players and or parents pride can be a bit big to accept paying something for college....but some of the best players in the NFL have gone that route....
  13. Shonuff, If others think that is selfish, then selfish, in my mind, is what you need to be. Everybody is fighting for the same scholarship opportunities. 3200 +/- get that FBS opportunity every year...maybe another 1000 get a chance to be a PWO or recruited walk many hundreds of thousands think they deserve that opportunity each year? Other than that top1%, you have to out work everyone in the recruiting game as well as the classroom and the field. I tell players to fight for every opportunity that you can because in my mind I would think the guy lining up next to me and the guy lining up across from me are doing the same thing and if they aren't, shame on them. That would be the attitude I would have in todays world because I wouldn't want to look back 20 years with regrets about what could have been.
  14. Private or the end of the day, the only person responsible for your recruitment is YOU! Email, twitter, phone, camps, unofficial visits.......there are just too many ways today to get your name and film in front of College Coaches. If a player doesn't like his situation, he has to look back, reflect and ask himself " what did I do or didn't do to get myself recruited?". Being "That Guy" is only good enough for maybe the top 1% out there.....everyone else needs to work at the recruitment part.
  15. I saw McGriff at the BTC....only game I have ever seen him play.......thought he was a very good back and definitely the best back on the field that day between 2 games.......was very surprised to see him sign with a D2 school..........Tyree Randolph from Gonzaga as well........Not saying either might be a top POWER five school back......but a lower FBS or FCS back.......definitely for both.