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  1. .....and maybe the WR Corp just became less scary....
  2. Franks has picked up a lot of his offers based on the vast improvement he has made working with Sudan Ellington the last 18 months not a new coach
  3. To branch off of what TS is saying, it isn't the fact that Josh Wilson played in the NFL for 8 years, it is that he has spent 8 years learning thru film, study, training, practice, OTA, etc, from the best positional coaches, the best DC's this sport has to offer. If he has any coaching ability at all, then he has a leg up on most HS coaching lifers........BUT, not everyone can coach. Coaching ability is very important at this level because you don't have a team full of NLF players, you have to be able to teach not just regurgitate what you have learned in the past.....
  4. Maybe you are thinking about Bryan Bersse (sp). He is a 2020 kid who is a safe bet to stay at DMAS
  5. Definitely not fake news on Deno not being at Dematha any longer, he left over a month ago. Former NFL player Josh Wilson I believe is the new DC. :Is Deno, at SFA, that I don't know...but since his old boss his, could see it being true.
  6. Yes,O"connell.He ends up at McD because it was the only "Big Name" program that would let him play QB. No one else was going to give him that chaance
  7. You all I believe are getting the DE (teammate).....though I believe he is highly over rated....but we will see what kind of magic Tank can work with him
  8. I wont drop names yet because it isn't on his twitter profile, so he probably hasn't made it public, but I do think when 2021 kids rankings are released, he will be the #1 kid in the State, if not region or the country......
  9. You guys have some nice transfers coming in.....
  10. Saw him at the UMD Big Man camp last summer. Honestly thought he was the best OL there. At the time would have put him more like 5"11-6ft 280. Could have/probably has grown some in 9 months....
  11. Go ahead a drop it............the kids father is already posting on Twitter "off to the 202"
  12. That is a different animal..........they are run by local and state governments....they should make rules that put everyone on the same playing field.....after all, isn't that why the publics don't want the privates in the State Playoffs? Seems like they have the same issues with in
  13. Here is an interesting read.....something to maybe share with the younger generation. I think it is a little extreme but different programs are run different ways.....