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  1. And for the record, those aren't my rankings those are the recruiting service rankings (24/7)......and not matter how you spin it, 3 stars does not equal All American Status......Performing well in one game is taken advantage of an opportunity given to you that wasn't necessarily deserved based on the quality of work which is reflected in your recruiting rankings.
  2. DJ Brown is a 3 star with an .8444 rating..... Josh Jeffereson is a 3 start with an .8540 rating Caleb is a 3 star with an .8190 rating. You are listing offers.. No is saying they shouldn't have offers or play college football but they are no way in HELL All Americans.
  3. What about the kids at St Johns? I can see Cam Goode making it but the other 3 players they selected are low level FBS recruits at best.......The Under Armour HS is getting kids in to the UA All American Game.......definitely a recruiting tool for St Johns
  4. Not really, he was rumored to be leaving last year. Right now, it is strongly rumored he will be UMD's new RB coach or the new 10th positional coach that the NCAA is allowing come January
  5. Silverbullet, How strong...or weak are the rumors about Coach Brooks becoming the new RB coach at UMD?
  6. Most of Morgan's recruits this year are Jones's recruits. There are a few quality recruits there that are better than the low level FCS football that Morgan plays. With a few coaching veterans there like Rob Spence and Stan Clayton and rising young coach in Antonio James, Morgan will continue to get better.....but I guess only time will tell.
  7. Having spent time at both Notre Dame and Buffalo, both much better programs than Morgan, I think he will do just fine.
  8. I like Coach Jones, I think he will be successful if given the chance. He is a vey good recruiter and eye for talent, so I am sure he will be extra busy over the next month
  9. The "name" players that participate, do not try out.....and few of the kids that try out, get selected to play....
  10. I think he has joined Mike Anderson with the GYFL after Neil Hamilton left not sure ( he may ) Mike Anderson has anything to do with the crab bowl.....
  11. Bowie State being more "Central". though probably cheaper to rent bowie state vs McDaniel would be my guess as the real reason
  12. Pocket change Tony Kennedy and crew
  13. Biggest issue with the Grab, I mean Crab bowl is that the run all these camps and charge you 35$ a pop yet 2/3 of the players select for the team never attended a tryout....
  14. And be chosen for the all American game.......I guess those in the conference saw the hype was not to be believed and away from the conference, all they did was believe the hype. His ratings have dipped on 24/7 and I believe rivals dropped him from a 4 star to 3 star
  15. But in 2018 there are only 5 in the division and the 5th was pretty horrible and probably not getting any better...........