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  1. Your points are well made. Winning is very important to the development of a program. Let’s not kid ourselves here. Winning creates a confidence in the coaching staff from the kids and community. The school has been losing so much lately that there is no confidence. Last year does not help at all. I would be surprised if the eagles had a team. I think almost every school feels his way too. Everyone is looking for their replacement Centennial game for next fall. The head coaches and AD’s are in the loop. They know the likelihood of Centennial having a team is almost 0.
  2. There ya go.
  3. I would suggest that teams start looking now. Almost no chance they have a team. The attitude about the team hasn't changed in the school. If anything it got worse with having their varsity team only win 1 JV game. Plus, they need a whole new coaching staff most likely and that is a really bad job to have.
  4. Regional Championships will be crowned today. Hoco will have at least 1 winner for sure, with the possibility for 3. Atholton v Long Reach: Its very hard to beat a good team twice. Glenelg and River Hill are a prime example. I think Atholton takes this game, but it will be very close. Atholton 21 Long Reach 20 Glenelg v Thomas Stone: I have no information on Thomas Stone except they play in an average league in Charles county. They didn't exactly blow anybody out. I think this is a very winnable game for Glenelg. I am basing this purely on scores. Glenelg has a healthy Wande and took care of business against a good team in RH. Glenelg 28 Thomas Stone 14 Howard v Paint Branch: This will be the best team Howard has played by far. They have passed every test this year. They played their worst game of the year against Sherwood though. If they turn the ball over 4 times they will lose this game. Paint Branch is ground and pound type of tea which I think actually matches up well for Howard. I think Howard got their "bad" game out of the way last week and they return to form and win this game. Howard 28 Paint Branch 14
  5. Robinson has a state record for INT's in a game and Booker got off to a hot start but any coach in the league will tell you Dawkins is the best player.
  6. Post Season awards predictions OPOTY-Devin Dawkins Howard DPOTY-Ryan Kearney Howard Week 11 picks Howard by 28 Atholton by 14 Long Reach by 14 River Hill by 14
  7. Agreed. I think the RH and G will be very competitive tomorrow.
  8. The 4 seed as beaten the 1 seed a bunch of different times in this region. Especially after Meade gave Broadneck all they can handle a few weeks ago. Broadneck better be on alert this weekend. I do agree that North Point has to get it done this year, or there will be some doubts if they ever will.
  9. Congrats to the 5 Hoco teams that qualified for the playoffs this year. Howard v Sherwood Atholton v JM Bennet Long Reach v Chesapeake AA River Hill v Glenelg This is the time of the year we love the most
  10. Power Rankings Howard River Hill Atholton Long Reach Glenelg Marriotts Ridge Reservoir Oakland Mills Mt Hebron Wilde Lake Hammond Predictions Howard v Oakland Mills - Howard by 5 TD's Long Reach v Atholton - Atholton by 1 TD Mt Hebron v Hammond - Mt Hebron by 2 TD's Wilde Lake v Reservoir - Reservoir by 1 TD River Hill v Marriotts Ridge - River Hill by 2 TD's
  11. Yea it's up to the varsity staff to get more out of those kids. Jv teams usualy won based off of talent varsity wins based off talent and schemes They tweet a lot. i wish more did. They do a good job updating their games and providing updates during the offseason in whats going on.
  12. Thank you. That is what I am talking about.
  13. It means a lot to long reach. Every since they lost to howard the only thing they have tweeted about. Even made a banner. Good job to those kids though. Going undeafeated in hoco is tough.
  14. Long Reach has been average all year. This was suppose to be there year with all those seniors. Plus Coach Willis keeps reminding everyone how this senior class were JV champs their sophomore year. Shows that the variety coaches still need to coach up the talent. I do not have a lot of faith that LR will beat Atholton.
  15. Power Rankings Howard River Hill Atholton Glenelg Long Reach Marriotts Ridge Oakland Mills Reservoir Wilde Lake Mt Hebron Hammond Week Picks Oakland Mills 28 Wilde Lake 14 Reservoir 7 Long Reach 28 Atholton 0 Howard 35 Marriotts Ridge 21 Mt Hebron 0 Glenelg 21 River Hill 28 Hammond 21 Kent County 14