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  1. Wise would handle QO. Wise is in another league from every public school in the state.
  2. Long Reach at Marriotts Ridge I think Long Reach breaks out of their losing streak and uses their speed to outrun the Mustangs. Marriotts Ridge will be a tough out though. I think this game is kinda close. Long Reach by 1 TD Reservoir at Oakland Mills Both teams have good athletes. Rezzi has a size advantage. I think with the colder damper night throwing the ball will be a little tougher than usual. Oakland Mills cannot really do anything else other than throw the ball. By default I think Rezzi can win because they are a little more suited for the conditions tonight. Reservoir by 1 TD Car. Acad. at Howard We do not know much about Carvel Academy other than they took one on the chin earlier in the year from Edmondson. I do know Howard is good though. Howard by 4 TD Atholton at Mt. Hebron Atholton is rolling and their defense is playing great right now. Hebron will be happy of they get a 1st down in this game. Atholton can use this game to work out some kinks on offense. They will need too. Atholton by 3 TD Glenelg at Wilde Lake I have lost faith in Wilde Lake. They are a team that is really struggling in all aspects. Their homecoming game may wake them up though. Glenelg is still a solid team and they will need to play better than they did last week against Atholton. This is a toss up to me, but I will go with Big Red. Glenelg by 1 TD River Hill at Hammond Hammond loves scheduling River Hill for their homecoming. This will not be a fun game for the alumni to watch. River Hill will slowly squeeze the life out Hammond with their wing'd T attack. I think this game will only be close at the kickoff. River Hill by 5 TD
  3. Power Rankings Howard-Proven class of the league. Wish they would play River Hill River Hill- Good team. Disciplined and well coached. Again I wish they were playing Howard. Long Reach- 2nd tier team. Lost to the top 2 teams. They have enough athletes to win their 1st playoff game. Atholton- Teams keep lining up and not scoring. The Atholton D is doing a great job. They still have to play the best offense in the league in Howard later. That will be a great test Glenelg- Tough lost to Glenelg. D was ok but not good enough, and the O is struggling without Mr. Owens Marriotts Ridge- Marriotts Ridge has won some close games. Solid team Oakland Mills- Small team. Has some speed. Needs to play better D. Reservoir- This season is a loss. Not a good team. Solid individuals, but not good as a whole. Wilde Lake- Very similar to Reservoir. Good athletes, not a good team Mt Hebron- That Rezzi win seams like ages ago. Hammond- Has tools. Still building towards the future.
  4. Howard to me seems bored with its competition. They have dominated everyone they have played this year. Even the long Reach game long Reach had maybe 100 yards of offense. And no expolosive plays (20 yards or more). Long reachs only td was set up a bunch of penalties. Howard on offense was a little conservative but they would have been by 21-0 in the 2nd quarter if it were not for a funmble by their TE on long reaches 30 yd line. From what I have seen from howard in the past is They defiantly don't try to blow teams out. They call the dogs off super early and sub way sooner than other powers in th state. I think they do this out of respect for the opponents and because they don't wanna show anything. I have seen a lot of exotic plays from the offense come playoff time that they have held onto and not shown on film.
  5. Yea that is unfortunate they do not play this year. We may end up with co-county champs which would be weird. The schedule is based on school size. The AAM's didn't want the biggest schools playing the smallest schools.
  6. Week 6 Power Rankings Howard River Hill Long Reach Glenelg Atholton Marriotts Ridge Oakland MIlls Reservoir Wilde Lake Mt Hebron Hammond Week 6 picks Mt. Hebron at River Hill River Hill has answered every test thrown there way this season. We all know how good of a coach BVD is. Quality coaches are determined by how well they do with how little they may have. I would not say River Hill is loaded with talent like they were in the golden years of the program, but regardless RH keeps notching wins. Hebron is bad. Losing to Patterson last week is not good. They gave up 40 points to a team that previously only scored 4 touchdowns the entire season. The only good thing going for Hebron is they have a good band. River Hill by 4 TD's Marriotts Ridge at Reservoir Marriotts Ridge is always a tough team. They are well coached for the most part and make very few mistakes. They have an athletic QB in Eli Turner. Beating an athletic team like Oakland Mills last week was impressive. Reservoir is struggling. Its hard to find another win on their schedule for the rest of the year. If Reservoir had some of the traits of Marriotts Ridge they would be a much more successful program. MR by 1 TD Oakland Mills at Hammond Oakland Mills is boom or bust this year. Its been mostly bust though. They need to stop throwing interceptions and play a much smarter brand of football. This team is way too talented to have only 1 win thus far. Hammond is struggling. When they walk off the bus you see size and some athletes, but it has not translated on the field yet. I do not think the Golden Bears win a game this year. Oakland Mills by 2 TD's Glenelg at Atholton Atholton has been on a roll lately. I had low expectations for them entering the season. I still think their offense is below average, but they are able to survive with an athletic and aggressive defense. They still have to play the top tier teams in the league, starting tonight with Glenelg, and if they want to win these games they need to find a way to score more points. Glenelg has done a nice job handling their injuries this year. They have had some terrible luck trying to stay healthy. They still have a chance at the playoffs. I am not sure if Wande will be back in time anyway, but making the playoffs will give him a chance to come back. I do not think Atholton has enough on offense to beat one of the good teams in the county. Glenelg by 2 TD's Howard at Long Reach The game of the week. The rivalry game. The game took a little bit of a hit since Long Reach got blown out by River Hill last week. Long Reach has not been stealer the year. Even in their wins they have not played up to their preseason hype. A win this week changes the entire seasons perspective. Long Reach cannot turn the ball over like last week and cannot give up as many sacks. The Senior heavy O line needs to be much better if the Lightning are going to have a chance this week. Howard has been rolling along this year. Easy wins every week. The two headed rushing attack of Dawkins and Agabi have been the force of the Lions offense attack. The defensive starters have only given up 1 TD this year. None of that matters though. With a game like this its all about who can handle their emotions and execute. Last year the game came down to the final play. I think it will be a similar scenario. Howard by 1 TD
  7. This isn't fantastic. Great job snake!
  8. Week 5 Power Rankings Howard Long Reach River Hill Atholton Oakland Mills Glenelg Reservoir Marriotts Ridge Wilde Lake Mt. Hebron Hammond Week 5 Picks (5-0 last week and 12-3 overall) Patterson at Mt. Hebron I do not know much about Patterson other than the fact they are winless this year. The true Hebron has been showing their colors in recent weeks. I am only picking Hebron because us Hoco people have to stick together. Hebron by 1 TD Long Reach at River Hill Game of the week. 2 teams that play the game very differently. River Hill with a run/control the clock philosophy, and Long Reach a team that would prefer to light it up through the air. Long Reach has been able to depend on a good running attack behind its big O line. They will need to be good in this game to handle the slanting and blitzing style that the Hawks bring to the table. I think Long Reach wins because they know they have to win to keep the Super Bowl of next week alive. Long Reach by 2 TD's Wilde Lake at Howard Howard keeps rolling along taking care of business. Wilde Lake is in a free fall. Against teams not named Hammond, Wilde Lake has given up 90 points and only scored 7......thats rough. Howard can score very quickly and can do it through the Air or on the Ground. Howard averaged nearly 10 yards a play last week against Reservoir. Howard doesn't lose at home. Howard wins by 4 TD's Hammond at Atholton Atholton has been one of the hotter teams in the league in recent weeks. They are not playing any heavy hitters, but they are taking care of business. Their Defense is carrying them. They fly around and create big plays. If they wanna hang with the big boys they better start scoring more. That has always been the downfall of Coach Carey. Not much more can be said about Hammond. They are a struggling program. They need a win badly, but it will not come this week. Atholton by 3 TDs Marriotts Ridge at Oakland Mills Oakland Mills finally did it! They didn't blow a game in the 4th quarter! The air raid attack worked and they put up big points last week. Marriotts Ridge is a solid defensive team and they will need to be on alert this week. Marriotts Ridge will need to control the clock with their triple option look. They less time OM's offense is on the field the better for the Mustangs. I do not have a feeling the Mustangs will be able to hold onto the ball long enough, or score enough to beat the Scoprs. Oakland Mills by 2 TD's Reservoir at Glenelg Glenelg had a tougher time finishing off Hammond than they should have. In their defense they are dealing with a ton of injuries and they do not have the same caliber line play in years past. Reservoir is a much better team than Hammond. They do have some athletes and I am calling for my 1st big upset of the year right here. Reservoir by 1 TD
  9. Mervo Dunbar update?
  10. Dunbar and mervo update?
  11. Long Week. I have been under the weather but here are my picks and power rankings. Howard Long Reach River Hill Glenelg Atholton Oakland Mills Marriotts Ridge Wilde Lake Mt Hebron Reservior Hammond Glenelg by 4 tds over Hammond Oakland Mills by 2 tds over Mt Hebron Rivet Hill by 1 td over Wilde Lake Atholton by 1 td over Marriotts Ridge Howard by 5 tds over Reservior
  12. Dunbar got a chance to mervo?
  13. 3 and 2 last week and 7 and 3 on the year. Not bad. I think I have a grasp on the county right now. Here we go week 3....... Wilde Lake at Long Reach Man I was on the Wilde Lake bandwagon hard after week 1. I should have just remembered that they were playing Hammond and I would not have fallen in love with them so much. They get a chance to redeem themselves with a potential upset this week. Long Reach took care of business last week, and unless RH trips the up we are looking at another showdown with the arch rival Lions for county supremacy. Long Reach runs a high school offense while Wilde Lake does not, so I have the Lighting winning this game. Long Reach by 2 TD's Atholton at Oakland Mills This is a big game for both teams. Oakland Mills has snatched defeat from the jaws of victory the last 2 weeks. They are a quality team but they have no wins. If they improve their game situations they can go on a roll. Atholton put a beat down on their Columbia neighbors last week, and have a chance to defeat another Columbia foe. This is a statement game. The winner will make a climb in the power rankings. I have Oakland Mills by 1 TD Marriotts Ridge at Glenelg The Triple option offense for Marriotts Ridge is pretty good. I think they need to get more people involved to take some of the load off of Turner. Glenelg started slow, but eventually finished off Mt. Hebron. Wanda still hasn't had that great game yet. We will see if he breaks out against the Mustangs. I have Glenelg by 3 TD's Howard at Mt. Hebron Mt. Hebron kept it close against Glenelg until the Gladiators finally put them away. Mt. Hebron took advantage of a Reservoir team that was playing below their standards. Their offense is still very simple and lacks creativity. Howard is plugging along and taking care of business. Howard is averaging 200 yes per game rushing and almost 115 yes passing per game. That balance should give the Vikings a hard time. Robert Agbai is emerging as a nice 2nd option out of the backfield allowing Dawkins to be more fresh through out the game and later in the season. I have Howard by 4 TD's Hammond at Reservoir The schedule is very favorable for Reservoir. They had a chance to get the bye week to get themselves together, and not they have a chance to redeem themselves against Hammond. Reservoir has athletes and should win some games this year, but they need to be more sound and play better football. Hammond will have a tough time winning a game this year, especially with no Centennial on the schedule. They do have some athletes and Coach Fredrick is still trying to build the program up, but he needs more time. I have Reservoir by 3 TD's River Hill is this weeks bye team
  14. I do not see any pubic school being able to beat Wise. I actually think Howards team from last year was slightly better and we all know how last years game went. Wise would have to play a terrible game and Howard a perfect game just to keep it within 3 scores.
  15. Week 3 Power Rankings Howard Long Reach River Hill Glenelg Oakland Mills Atholton Wilde Lake Marriotts Ridge Mount Hebron Reservoir Hammond