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  1. Hebron plays Patterson this week
  2. Wow this rate they won't have a team next year either. 7 coaches and juniors playing down and still lose by 3 TD's.....smh
  3. I agree. Strunk is hard to replace. The mindset and culture he created should till be there. Especially with the rest of the staff still there. Howard still has a lot of talent, and a real good work ethic. Glenelg got them last year, so they are beatable, but I think they are the favorite again. After hearing about different scrimmages I would think the county break down as follows.. Howard Long Reach (Bring back more starters than anybody) Glenelg (Wande is that good, but they do not have much after him) Reservoir (Heard they have some athletes) River Hill (Great coaching staff) Marriotts Ridge (Sources have them running an Triple Option. That will be interesting. Good Defensive team Oakland Mills (quality individual talent) Wilde Lake (Toss up between them and OM) Atholton (Reports are less than glowing from their scrimmages) Hammond (Program on the rebuild) Mount Hebron (With no Cenn the vikings are the bottom feeder of the league got destroyed by Liberty....)
  4. Glenelg looks pretty limited outside of Wande (who didn't get a lot of carries. I guess they have him on a pitch count). I was at their play day. They got beat over the top a bunch of times through out the day. They are also not as big as years past. Same ground and pound approach.
  5. What are the new projections with Centennial folding? Assuming no schools fill those games.
  6. This alumni would disagree with you You are right though I shouldn't get to worked up about this.
  7. You act as if Centennial is the only school that has "poor" football demographics. Nobody is even asking Centennial football to be competitive. 15-20 committed kids from each grade are what the elite programs have haha. the Eagles only need 10 per committed kids, and only 20 per class to field 2 teams. We also know football is more than just a sport for high schools. Its the venues alumni come back to the school. Its the event homecoming week is surrounded around. Its the biggest money maker for the boosters. Its bigger than just a singular sport.
  8. I would buy the demographic argument for Centennial, but they won a basketball state championship 2 years ago... This is not a demographic problem this is a school problem. High School sports are about school pride and developing a community. Centennial has lost sight of this. Alumni should be embarrassed and current administration and students should be ashamed. I also don't want to hear the academic argument either. Plenty of high quality academic schools also have football programs. Centennial is only ranked 3rd in Hoco according to USA news anyway. Again this is an embarrassment to the Centennial school district. I cannot stress this enough.
  9. I guess nothing has been decided yet.
  10. Word on the street is Centennials numbers are very low may be cancelling their season. I hope that is not true, but my sources are pretty strong.
  11. This might be one of the more unpredictable years in HOCO. We have 3 power teams and a few quality teams right behind them. New coaches. Top end Talent. What a wonderful time of year! My Power Rankings Howard Long Reach Glenelg Reservoir River Hill Marriotts Ridge Atholton Wilde Lake Oakland MIlls Hammond Mt Hebron Centennial
  12. Msj head coaching position is open. Gave Gilman a run for their money this year and won it last year if I am correct. Gonna need a good hire to keep the momentum going.
  13. I think you are referring to Coach Payne from Parkville.
  14. BadSchools never mentioned anything about being unsportsmanlike, so I am confused why you brought it up. LR was really good during their tech magnet days, but the first few years of Coach Willis's career were not very good. Winning 4 games in 3 years is not very good. That is warranted of criticism considering that talent that is in that building. LR is one of the most successful programs in the county considering they are fairly new and have had a lot of success. They did dip though and look to be on the upswing. Howard scored 62 points against LR in 2012, so I am not sure what your Atholton point is. As mentioned in the other thread this is the 1at time both teams were actually having successful seasons at the same time. With the size of both schools its hard to see this type of game not happening year in and out. That would be great for the community.
  15. This weeks games........ Cenn vs Howard-Howard's homecoming game. Howard wins big by 5 TD's MR vs OM- OM has too much speed for MR. OM wins by 2 TD's Hamm vs WL- Hamm is bad. WL is on a roll. WL wins by 4 TD's Long Reach vs RH- Long Reach hasn't been fantastic this past couple of weeks. RH has won games that I have not thought they would. RH by 1TD MH vs Ath- MH is not a good football team. Ath is an average football team. Ahh wins by 2 TD's Reservoir vs Glenelg- Res is the most disappointing team in the county. Glenelg has the best RB in the county. Glenelg wins by 3 TD's