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  1. So out of the 34 players on the PA roster only 1 player is attending a JUCO school, 3 are attending a D-II school, 1 player playing at a D-III and 2 players undecided. The other 79% are attending FBS/FCS schools. The MD squad had 3 players attending JUCO, 8 players attending D-II schools, 1 player attending a D-III school, and 4 undecided. The other 53% are attending FBS/FCS schools. Interesting..... But to be honest I thought the MD held it own, particularly in the 1st half. But I saw 3 drives when the defense held them but were called for some phantom calls that extended drives.
  2. Exactly HY3:13! That would be Page 21 Section D of the handbook above. He's only allowed to play 4 years of sports, but he still can't be 19 before the end of August, which is Section C on page 21.
  3. DW, I been trying to PM you for years! I thought it was my ugly glasses or hair style...
  4. I've updated the info above. Thanks OBC for alerting me...
  5. ECF, I am VERY sure Long Reach has taken a look at the teams in their region: Long Reach Parkside JM Bennett Atholton Reservoir Chesapeake-AA Northeast Stephen Decatur Mt. Hebron Centennial From the way things "LOOKS" it appears that Long Reach "SHOULD" win their very first playoff game ever. Now that would be an extremely great accomplishment for those young men. But Chris Berman always states, "That's why you play the game." Can't think THAT FAR ahead, but it is a pretty good possibility.
  6. Please read page 21: 1314.pdf
  7. BLACK BRACKET Championship Bracket 1st place - Tuscarora def. Westminster, 5-3 3rd place - Northwest def. Fort Hill 5th place - Blair def. Waynesboro 7th place - Urbana def. Briar Wods Consolation Bracket 1st place - Manchester Valley def. Gonzaga No. 2 3rd place - Digital Harbor def. Wilde Lake 5th place - Glen Burnie def. Annapolis 7th place - Rockville def. North Hagerstown PURPLE BRACKET Championship Bracket 1st place - Linganore def. Mount St. Joseph, 6-5 3rd place - Quince Orchard def. Oakdale 5th place - Gonzaga def. Maryland School for the Deaf 7th place - Walkersville def. Silver Oak Consolation Bracket 1st place - Williamsport def. Old Mill 3rd place - Liberty def. Spring Mills 5th place - Wheaton def. Green Street 7th place - Poolesville def. Frederick
  8. From the article: " Steve Francis’s basketball renown was limited to being a local playground star when he was discovered in 1996 playing for Team Maryland, a Prince George’s County squad, in the 19-and-under AAU National Championships in Florida. He wasn’t even playing high school ball at the time, but his performance got him a spot on a junior college team in Texas, which he parlayed into a free ride under Gary Williams at the University of Maryland " WOW......
  9. It happens City. Some situations just don't pan out, so you just look elsewhere and make the best of it.
  10. Are these players starters or kids that just wasn't getting any playing time? I hope a few would consider Howard as a place to attend. In the past couple of years Howard has benefited pretty well from MSJ transfers.
  11. My apologies TS, but right after my post I actually located the New Balance Meet on ( )and saw the results. I notice also they didn't run any relays. I hope the injury (if any) are not serious, especially if there were plans to compete in the AAU Jr Olympics and/or USATF Jr Olympics this Summer.
  12. Thanks for the update. Glad to hear he's fine.
  13. How did they do ?
  14. I am almost certain it was B'Ahmad Miller....#17 I believe?
  15. I arrived at the game around mid-way in the 1st qtr and stood on around the fence during the game. I saw him walked off the field holding his shoulder pads with (in my opinion) an extremely slight limp. A couple of adults walked up to him and they all left shortly afterwards. I did not see the play when he was injured.