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  1. Why will they be out of the league next year?
  2. Long Reach 27 at Marriotts Ridge 6 Reservoir 29 at Oakland Mills 12 Caravel Academy 0 (DE) at Howard 41 Atholton 14 at Mt. Hebron 0 Glenelg 24 at Wilde Lake 21 River Hill 49 at Hammond 7
  3. No problem with you being bias, not at all. Just explain to us why you believe they could challenge Wise.
  4. Well...according to their current roster Darthmouth has 2 QBs "listed" at 6'0", with one weighing 175lbs:
  5. Congrats to the young man!
  6. I have to say "Ditto". VERY high expectations for this team, and they did not deliver. Yeah, they can sneak in their conference playoffs by just beating Bishop McNamara and Archbishop Carroll alone, then anything can happen at that point. But still, after all the talk regarding their season opening game on National TV plus being listed in the so-call nation's Top 25 polls ( we were told how great this team could be. But I am sorry, as of right now they didn't deliver, especially starting 0-2 in their 6 team conference.
  7. Long Reach at Marriotts Ridge I believe Long Reach want to come and make a statement after those the two consecutive big losses, and it starts up front with both sides of the line of scrimmage. Their OL should be able to make running lanes for RB Booker. Marriotts Ridge only scored 29 points in their first 3 games (all losses), but has scored 55 in their last 2 games (both wins). But I am not sure if they can score more than twice against Long Reach. Maybe a little close, but Long Reach will win this one, they must break this little funk they are in. Long Reach by 2 scores Reservoir at Oakland Mills The temps should say in the low 60's with less than 20% of rain through out the afternoon/evening. This might be good enough for Oakland Mills to sling that ball around all evening. But the issue is that Oakland Mills can stop teams from scoring. Reservoir prefers to keep the ball on the ground, so this should slow down Oakland Mills a bit. But this time I am going with the home team in a somewhat high-scoring game. Oakland Mills by 1 score Caravel Academy (DE) at Howard Like GDEF stated we don't know that much about Carvel Academy other than losing 30-8 in their season opener at home against Edmondson. But they settled down in their Wing-T offense to win their next 3 out of 4 games. Howard should win this game with somewhat no problem. But I think they will shut it down (as usual) since this school did them a favor in agreeing to play them. Howard by 3 scores Atholton at Mt. Hebron Yes sir, Atholton has been on a 5 game winning streak after ole BVD and the River Hill Hawks shut them out in their season opener. And mainly its because of their defense, only given up 29 points total in that 5 game streak. I don't believe Mt Hebron will be creative enough to get Joey Schwartz the ball in other areas other that sweeps to actually make this a game, but it will be a little close. Atholton by 2 scores Glenelg at Wilde Lake Atholton ended Glenelg's 4 game winning streak, putting Glenelg at 4-2 and in must-win situation for the rest of the season in order to stay on pace with La Plata and Thomas Stone in the 2A-South playoff race. Wilde Lake has fallen apart after their 41-6 blow out win over Hammond in their season opener, losing their next 4 games will scoring only 20 points during that stretch. Even though this is Wilde Lake's homecoming game, I do not trust them at all. Glenelg by 3 scores River Hill at Hammond River Hill is feeling like the old 4 time state champ River Hill from their glory years, winning their last 3 games by a total of 133-13. The homecoming energy won't be enough to help Hammond to stay away from the running clock. Will be a pretty ugly game by mid-way 1st qtr. River Hill by 7 scores
  8. I believe your rankings are pretty solid.
  9. Day, Yes, they are on track to get to the State's Final Four. But to be competitive against the big dawgs that have that BIG bite? Right now I am not sure. Just my humble opinion. I have no issues coming on here and eating crow if I am wrong. But right now I see them getting to the Final Four and losing big in the semi-finals.
  10. Day Walker, If you read what GDEF stated in his 2nd paragraph he answers your question, which is I believe most of this comes from coaching. Yes, once that score gets up to 28 points they are basically calling off the dogs, meaning the play calling gets very conservative. And GDEF is correct, they try extremely hard not to put stuff on tape so it can work to their benefit come regional playoff time. But on the flip side there's a difference in executing plays in practice versus executing plays in the game. A VERY good example, like GDEF mentioned, is the fumble by the TE in the Long Reach game. Not only was that the first time that play was ever called, but that was the 1st time that TE was thrown the ball in a game...this season! Just a little over-thinking in my opinion. You must already have that established "hunter" mentality, not flip the switch come playoffs. Yes, I do love how they develop their players during blowouts, but the play-calling becomes very vanilla at that time.
  11. Thanks ECF. I was waiting for the score of the Oakland Mills/Hammond game. I am guessing Oakland Mills did win?
  12. You must be kidding Waggle. I think quite a few of us are pulling for Fort Hill.
  13. Yes, I don't think Howard has that hunter mentality Day. As much as I pull for them, at this time I just don't see it.
  14. Wow...I didn't know this. So Wise will only see these guys via the playoffs? Interesting....
  15. I was at the Howard/Long Reach game. As I stated on Friday, I don't think Howard has that "Be the Hunter"/killer mentality. I know Long Reach gift them the 1st TD but after forcing Long Reach into a 3 and out Howard went straight down the field and scored to go up 14-0 still in the 1st qtr. But after that it seem like Howard just let off the pedal and tried to run out the clock basically. Howard's offense still needs some work going forward, particularly the passing game. As for Long Reach, I believe they will be ok. They have 3 rather easy games to build upon in Marriotts Ridge, Mt Hebron and Reservoir before playing Atholton for playoff positioning in the 3A-East. They should win their 1st ever playoff game. But I hope these back-to-back losses don't break their spirits like last year's back to back losses appeared to have done.