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  1. You know what...this morning I was thinking that some families possibly have made plans during those scheduled bye-weeks. So it might be difficult for the HoCo teams to find willing opponents. I still believe Long Reach will be just fine, especially in their region. But I am VERY sorry what happen to you guys.
  2. Rivals says 31 offers and is committed to UCLA:
  3. Ok OBC, I will go ahead and list the games...of course results are according to MaxPreps: 2009 - Lost to Old Mill 24-0 in 1st round of regional playoff to end season 10-1. 2010 - Lost to Arundel 28-17 in 1st round of regional playoffs to end season 9-2 2011 - Beat Arundel 38-21 in 1st round of regional playoffs but lose to Old Mill 28-7 in regional finals to end season at 9-3 2012 - End season at 7-3, no playoffs 2013 - End season at 6-4, no playoffs 2014 - Lost to Arundel 35-29 in 1st round of regional playoffs to end season 9-2 2015 - Lost to Broadnack 20-14 in 1st round of the playoffs to end season 10-1 2016 - Lost to Annapolis 45-21 in 1st round of the playoffs to end season 9-2 So, since 2009 only 1 playoff win, a few 3 score playoff losses, and a couple of 1 score playoff losses....I wouldn't say they get smoked. But they do have an issue when it comes to the playoffs.
  4. Good for Mt Hebron!
  5. Since River Hill, Wilde Lake and Reservoir probably won't be able to find a 10th game I am almost certain Howard AD will follow suit and won't seek a 10th game. I am almost willing to put money on that one Eagle
  6. You made some excellent points Eagle: The Long Reach and MIAA-C school Annapolis Area Christian is a decent match up. Marriotts Ridge and 1A school FAET or MIAA-C school Mt Carmel are solid match-ups too. Mt Hebron and 1A playoff schools Northern Garrett and Dunbar are very solid match-ups. Now, I could see 2A Hammond (0-10 in 2016) and 1A Hancock matching up. I also could see 3A Atholton and National Christian Academy playing, but don't see SEED taking on such a match up. But I agree with you 100%, I just don't see 1A Sparrows Point or very small private school Green Street Academy taking on the challenge. I think making Centennial play a 9-10 game non-conference schedule in 2018 is a pretty good idea, while allowing the other 10 County schools a chance to start as early as right now to locate an opponent for 2018. This way they won't get caught in this situation again. However, after reading MPSSAA scoring system ( it only hurts the 10 teams when they play Oakland Mills. If they beat Oakland Mills they would only get .90 bonus point instead of 1.0 point for every Oakland Mills victory. I don't see Oakland Mills reaching .500 this year. Still, a bad situation, particularly for the seniors at Centennial. They should have allow them the freedom to play on another team instead handcuffing them to stay at Centennial.
  7. No signs at all. Look back to normal.
  8. Looking as usual...very slippery. Pretty much in good form.
  9. I visited Boys Latin to watch them scrimmage Howard and Liberty this morning. I thought Howard look the better of all three squad, but not by a whole lot. Howard typically shows a very vanilla offense, but they kind of look sloppy in the beginning. Howard was the only school to score TDs during this Tri-scrimmage.
  10. Wrong forum
  11. I am hearing that Long Reach is working in getting Annapolis Area Christian on their schedule.
  12. There you go again....
  13. I think Howard should be good....but you never know what will happen in that 1st game with Glenelg. And that 6th game at Long Reach on their Homecomming.....not going to be a walk in the park.
  14. According to Eagle's info - National Christian: Weeks 5,8,11
  15. Oh...that is correct. There's only 11 teams. That means 5 games with one team having a bye each week