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  1. Congrats to River Hill's Cooper McGeehan as he kicked 3 FG including the game-winning FG with 5 sec left in the game as Md beat PA 9-6 in the Big 33 Football Game.
  2. Good luck to River Hill's Cooper McGeehan (P), Howard's Pat Kearney (LB) and Alan Gorny (OL) as they compete in today's Big 33.
  3. My condolences to the McNair family. Heart breaking to hear this...
  4. SFA

    DJ, The so call player-poaching been out there. It was stated in this high school forum that after being fired at Gilman, Biff was sending out messages to players about joining him at SFA. In fact it was stated Biff sounded like a cult leader because he was using biblical scriptures while communicating to those players. But NOBODY said ANYTHING to MIAA leadership because they did not believe SFA would be successful in getting players to attend their school, or even compete on the football field. But after a 10-2 season and winning the MIAA all of a sudden NOBODY wants to play SFA, also stated in this forum. A year later and another undefeated season, this time in dominating fashion, along with winning a bowl game on ESPN and NOW its a major problem with the other A-league privates. An article regarding SFA in the Archdiocese of Baltimore web site ( it states " The Panthers’ commitment to, and emphasis on, football has caused concern elsewhere." So the MIAA Leadership spoke to SFA regarding their rapid rise in football.. After the meeting Dove "acknowledged that St. Frances Academy is not violating any MIAA rules. So now the other privates had to find some technicality as to why SFA should not be in the league, because after all, they still do not want to play SFA. Now all of a sudden, Mervo cries to the MIAA. DJ, I think the poaching complaint letter is related to the winter meeting, because the leadership didn't "obey" the other schools by kicking out SFA. All the privates had to do is announced in Jan they were not playing SFA and this mess would have been taken care of a while ago.
  5. SFA

    OBC. Looks like UMD now has a MSJ product on the team as of Tuesday:
  6. SFA

    This is my big issue too Diesel. The MIAA spoke to SFA before Christmas and stated everything that SFA was doing was legal. At that time these schools should have followed Loyola Blakefield's lead and just announced they were not playing SFA. Now, SFA must locate 5-7 games to play. And that is going to be difficult to do at this time. Wow Diesel....either you are my long lost twin OR you are actually my burner account! #PointItOutMamba
  7. SFA

    I am not sure about this Diesel. Saint Frances must find at least 6 games from now until August. They are in a bad spot. I just wish this could have been taken care of Jan/Feb.
  8. SFA that is VERY interesting!
  9. Heartbreaking to hear this. Young man and family are in my prayers....
  10. SFA

    SOUNDS like BS ?!??!?!??!? You are being TOO KIND Impartialfan...
  11. SFA

    You made some great points TOO Mamba! I forgot about the other schools talking about bringing in transfers for this upcoming season. But man...the KIR THAT was funny! All you did was mention "Colangelo" and he went to deleting EVERYTHANG!!! LOL LOL
  12. SFA

    "This is about the paying customer"....sounds familiar, but on a MUCH MUCH larger scale. But I am not going to go there, that discussion doesn't belongs in a High School Sports Forum....just saying. Just because they take a long long time to make a decision DOES NOT make it correct. In the end, their so-called very slow process to finalized their decision affected students, and that is my issue.....even though Loyola Blakefield "SLOWLY" pulled out early in the off-season......HMMMMMMMMMM
  13. SFA

    AACounty, According to this article posted in the Archdiocese of Baltimore (link below) the MIAA leadership met with St Frances BEFORE CHRISTMAS about their rapid ascent in sports. After the meeting it was determined they were not in any violations of MIAA rules, according to the Executive Director of the MIAA. Again, this was BEFORE Christmas. And we have grown men procrastinating to late May/early June in making decisions that are affecting more than just their athletes at their respective schools, but students elsewhere. I recall posters on here LAUGHED when they found out that Biff was going to St Frances, stating NOBODY would attend the school due to their location, facilities, etc...Now a couple of years later, along with a post-season win, a top 5 nationally ranking (something the privates REALLY give a ham sandwich about), a Mythical National Championship (according to Biff) and the smashing of the MIAA-A Conference now they are "cheating", recruiting, etc...St Frances beat them at their own game, just did it MUCH better.and they are mad about. But hey, if you don't want to play them then don't, just don't wait til the last minute to make the decision. You might think you are "sticking it" to Biff and his coaches BUT you are "sticking it" to some students as well.
  14. SFA

    I thought the athletes attending these privates schools to play better competition so they can be prepared at the next level. That's what been thrown in the faces of the public school supporters in this forum. I bet a great deal of the players on these respective teams would like to play Saint Frances to prove they can compete. They probably should have poll their players to see if they were OK playing against Saint Frances. I have no real beef that these private schools decided to run away from Saint Frances, it is their decision. MY ISSUE is they purposely waited so late to announce their decision so Saint Frances have a very difficult time replacing those games.. Not only their decision to run affects their own students but it affects students elsewhere. Adults plan accordingly so their plan can go smoothly for all parties involved, which is what Loyola Blakefield. But the recent stunts just pulled does not teach your students how to handle business like adults. Its pretty childish and disappointing.
  15. SFA

    Still a low amount, but according to their web site it cost $9150 a year: