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  1. Talking about this:
  2. Reported a few days ago in the "Howard County Football 2017" forum that the Centennial position is believed to be available
  3. If a coach offer a football recruit an athletic scholarship JUST BECAUSE he saw him run very fast needs to be fired. Maybe back in the day they did that, but they are not giving out scholarships based ONLY on speed these days. Coaches now-days want to watch him in drills AND watch his game film before they offer a scholarship. Bottom line is whether its 4.2 hand time or 4.4 converted time or 4.5 FAT, that kid is very fast and his highlight reel IN PADS displays just that..
  4. Finally got some time to research, but I KNEW I RECALL you posting something prophetically a while back!!! In fact it was roughly a year the "Dunbar Football" discussion: B-BALL IN MOTION Member Members 10 183 posts Posted November 27, 2016 The QB that you're speaking of, Lewis, left SFA before the QB that played for SFA this year arrived. He was asked to stay and could have stayed if that choice was made but young Lewis has parents that made a decision and that's the end of that story. It appears things worked out ok for him and everyone else. Dunbar has been a very good choice for him. Rumors are exactly that...rumors. Nuff said. B-BALL IN MOTION Member Members 10 183 posts Posted November 28, 2016 My son doesn't have to be courted by anyone. GOD has him, he's in a good situation, and dad will help guide him. Trust and believe, he will be alright. He's a humble kid that works hard and has aspirations to play collegiate football. He's worked for everything he's achieved and will continue to do so. Thank you for your sincere concern and well wishes. MUCH respect to you B-Ball!
  5. Congrats to your son Mr. Lewis. Awesome post!
  6. I am sorry guys, I REALLY don't like how the MIAA select their All-League team
  7. Pretty sad to hear this.
  8. my source WAS correct!
  9. And that would be the professional/classy thing to say. Very disappointed! To practically say "the ONLY way you can beat us is to cheat", is not cool at all.
  10. No kidding....
  11. Yes DayWalker, agree 100%. I watched the entire game and it was NOT exciting at all, was very forgettable. In fact the CHC followers haven't said much about the game in this forum. But still, I didn't mean to "diss" CHC, I just plainly forgot about that game.
  12. Actually I forgot all about that game Impartialfan.Thank you kindly for refreshing my memory.
  13. Yes, that is the young man you told us about DayWalker. The one that privates couldn't get their hands on.
  14. A good season ? Nomad, I think your Cougars had more than just "good" season. The goal is to win it all, and I get that. But to get back to the championship game is nothing to sneeze about. Beside Wise's conference rival Roosevelt, your Cougars played them by far the hardest! Congrats to your Cougars, they had great season!