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  1. In others words......
  2. Ok GDEF, Mamba, MDSOCCER.....waiting on your pre-season analysis...
  3. YUP!!! That's the play!! I still can NOT tell how Makle was handed the ball. And this was against a VERY loaded Potomac football team. I believe they sent 12 kids to college that year.
  4. That is correct:
  5. Day, I agree, I do not believe the play was just drawn up during a time out. But I am sure this was a new play they created probably sometime after the Long Reach game. Thanks for showing that play involving Mikale Makle of Douglas-PG. I recall reviewing his Senior highlights and saw this play against another opponent BUT I could never tell how Makle got the ball. This time I can see how the QB handed him the ball.
  6. Sorry Day...I am afraid they did: And here's Coach Parrish comments in the Baltimore Sun's paper regarding that play: “They went motion to unbalanced [line], putting a tight end at the tackle position, throwing the ball down the middle, that was pretty sweet,” Pumas coach DaLawn Parrish said. “That was something they hadn’t shown on film, so obviously the coaches did their homework, came up with something creative and did something very positive.”
  7. Not the exact same play, but Long Reach scored their lone TD against Howard on a similar play. In a close formation on 4th and goal they had a receiver lined up appearing to look like a OT lined up away from the Howard sidelines. So before the snap receivers shifted to the outside along with an OL. On the snap the QB took a couple of steps toward the line and threw a jump-pass to that eligible receiver. I believe Agbai's play was similar, with him lining up as a TE on an unbalanced line.
  8. Mamba, Robert Agbai committed to Wingate University
  9. Congrats to Jared for choosing Morgan State. I am pretty sure he's happy that long and stressful recruiting process is over. I wish him luck as he help turn the Morgan State Bears around! God bless as well!
  10. LOL....yes, they should....LOL!
  11. I want to buy a few of those t-shirts myself....
  12. Looks like they will start over again. Pretty ugly situation...
  13. Darn it !!! My bad....
  14. Actually St Mary's won the B-Conference Championship game over Severn:
  15. He has ties to this area, which probably played a part in his hiring. He once coached the DL at John Hopkins:
  16. Sorry Mamba, I couldn't resist....
  17. Mamba, You forgot to rank Hammond.
  18. Maybe he's fact-gathering....
  19. Thanks GA for posting the link to the article. After reading the article I was wondering if the writer of this article purposely forgot to add S-word" to this assault investigation. Thanks to you Outerbanks it sounds like he did. If this been happening for a 4 year period some heads BETTER roll.
  20. Oh well:
  21. Your PM box is full?
  22. Must go to the "other" paper. They reported it.
  23. DW, The HoCo School head sports guy CAN'T mess this up back to back years. I am sure Centennial can't come to him with a list of 25 players talking about they are going to field a Varsity team. I am sure they must show a good amount of committed students before they allow them to field a team. But I agree with most on this board, I just don't see Centennial fielding a varsity team this fall.
  24. Nope, I can't see anyone confirming a game with any HoCo teams. But I think I heard by the end of the winter sports period a decision will be made. This just might give teams enough time to book a game.....maybe...