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  1. all those who played in the group in 2015 were notified the league is up for 2016
  2. slide - yes
  3. 2008 all over again for the Billary campaign
  4. bowie-b - surprised, too at how easily Iowa handled Sparty last night
  5. steve- Terps were ragged, but maybe too much is flowing through Trimble
  6. Go Bernie ! Hillary is the only Dem who can win the general.
  7. fyi- hoot released me from her basement on NYE 2015. freedom is sweet!
  8. been commenting on Penn for years. too many comments to repost
  9. so many to choose from. I find myself listening to the Scary Monsters album often so I'll take "screaming like a baby"
  10. Michigan handled Trimble well. Turgeon needs to diversify his offense a little more.
  11. recruiting for 2016- always looking for serious players
  12. Who will the Dems run to unseat Hogan?
  13. hey flu - be careful texting dusty numbers
  14. mock- glad LL is fine hoot- now I'm scairt
  15. matt- Isn't this thread about the ordinance, too? I don't see anything noble about Parker's plan and the way she tried to force it on Houston.