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  1. Not true. He resigned from Hammond on Friday is the word. We know he was there with Coach Schmitt before and went 28-7 as the Defensive Coordinator. 13-17 as the Head Coach at Hammond guiding them to their 3rd Playoff berth in school history. Selected to coach in the Big 33 this year I hear. Very nice guy and good Coach.
  2. I agree with the Hammond statement. I think this game is a great measuring tool for Hammond to see if they are Contenders or Pretenders in the County/3A East Region. Hammond beat Centennial which was handling business. Question is can they be consistent and beat the teams they are supposed to beat. Not sure how good their Coaching Staff is. Was the WL win a Fluke? Howard is a great way to answer that question. After a quality win for WL, how long did their players carry that into the week. The 24 Hour rule states that wins should be put in the past by Saturday night. WL could get rolled if they are still celebrating that win.
  3. Week 2 Schedule Friday September 11th Centennial (0-1) at Mt. Hebron (0-1) (Ed Holshue Cup) Marriotts Ridge (1-0) at Hammond (1-0) River Hill (0-1) at Glenelg (0-1) Howard (1-0) at Wilde Lake (1-0) GAME OF THE WEEK Oakland Mills (1-0) at Reservoir (0-1) Long Reach (1-0) at Atholton (0-1) Points Scored Hammond 40 Oakland Mills 40 Wilde Lake 33 Glenelg 27 Howard 14 River Hill 13 Long Reach 12 Reservoir 6 Marriotts Ridge 6 Mt. Hebron 6 Centennial 0 Atholton 0 Points Allowed Hammond 0 Marriotts Ridge 0 Howard 6 Long Reach 6 Atholton 6 Mt. Hebron 12 Wilde Lake 13 Reservoir 14 Oakland Mills 27 River Hill 33 Centennial 40 Glenelg 40
  4. Any update on the South Carroll Marriotts Ridge Game last night?
  5. Heard Linganore was too much for them. They are the number 10 team in the state for a reason. Not sure of the score but LHS RB Dante Butler had 3 TDs untouched. Looks like Hammond got rolled. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/3345789/highlights/283194693/v2
  6. Week 1 Games Wilde Lake at River Hill Reservoir at Howard Glenelg at Oakland Mills Hammond at Centennial Atholton at Marriotts Ridge Mt. Hebron at Long Reach 7pm Kickoffs!
  7. It not all about population like OLINE said. Its about having the right mix of players. What I mean by mix is the school will always have Big Lineman, 200 lb + Linebacker/RB/FB/TE body types, a QB every year who can THROW (not just an athlete), and good skill players who can play man to man coverage. Howard and Reservoir have good mix of players in the building. That's all
  8. OM just needs to stop the run and they will be a dangerous team. If they can sure up the defense, they can possibly win the 2A West. I'm not sure about the County Title but the 2A West is wide open. Everyone will be eyeing the Week 1 match-up of OM hosting Glenelg. (Game of the Week)
  9. List is a Joke. You have teams ranked who did not make the playoffs last year.
  10. Some Good Match-ups for the Game-Type Scrimmages this Week Thursday Long Reach at Catonsville 6pm Year 3 under Coach Willis. Should be a better team than last year. Friday Mt. Hebron at Liberty 3:30pm Liberty finished 9-3, losing to South Carroll in the Regional Final. Not sure what the staus of Hebron is this Year. Howard at City 4pm CIty finished 5-6 last year making the 3A East playoffs, losing the Glenelg the 1st Round. The lions should handle business with some experienced players. River Hill host Severna Park and Lackey in a 3 Way at 4pm Lackey finished 7-3 last year. Severna Park has a new Head Coach in Will Bell, OC from Meade with Holzer at MSJ. Im interested to see how The Hill does. Predicting the usual results. BVD llike the 3 Ways to see different looks before the season. South Carroll at Marriotts Ridge 6pm South Carroll finished 9-4 Last Season. Both Teams have something in common, losing to Douglass PG in the Playoffs. SC lost in the State Semifinals. Marriotts Ridge brings back there Line and some skill players from last year. Coach Lewis will try to build on his foundation. Even though this is a scrimmage, I think this is a statement game for both teams. I like this match-up. Should be a good one. Hammond at Linganore 6pm Linganore finished 11-1 last season. Losing to Damascus by 1 point. The Lancers put there season on the hope of going for the 2 point conversion to win the game. In a tough 3A West, Linganore is primed for a comeback entering top 10 in the State Preseason Rankings. Hammond has some young talent and an experienced Line. This should be a good test for the Golden Bears to get them ready for Howard County play. Glenelg at Walkersville 6pm Walkersville lost some close ball games last year. Glenelg should be the usual Glenelg we know. Run the ball with Trey Davis (#5) behind a big line and play solid defense. Atholton at Century 6pm Under new Head Coach Bruce Cummings, the Raiders have dedicated their season to the late Damion Cook. Both teams had below average seasons. Eastern Tech at Wilde Lake 6:30pm Tech finished 10-2 last season only losing to Dunbar by 2 points in the Region Final. Most of the County is interested to see how the Wilde Cats will respond this year. What is their identity on Offense? Good match up. Aberdeen at Reservoir 7pm Aberdeen lost to Bel Air in the Region Finals. Finishing 9-2. The Gators should be pretty competitive this year. They have to replace some guys on defense but will be interested to see how they do in this game. North Harford at Oakland Mills 7pm NH has missed the playoffs the last 2 Seasons. OM is trying to mimic the spark from last year. This is the game to establish chemistry and execution on both side. OM is trying to sure up that Defense this year. Putting up points won't be the issue, it is pumping the brakes on the other teams Offenses. Interested to see if the Offense can continue under year 3 in their System. I am proud of the fact that they found something that fits their style. Saturday Centennial at North County 10am New Coach Carlos Dunmoodie is trying to build a foundation with the Eagles. North County 3-7 last year. Let me know if these time are wrong. Interested in what everyone thinks
  11. Any Scrimmage updates in Howard County? How did teams do today or what did anyone hear?
  12. Anderson is an explosive player.
  13. Hammond and Reservoir don't play each other this year. Both will be solid teams. Hammond may have a better chance of beating at least 2 of the 4. Long Reach is still identity searching in year 3 of new staff. Marriotts Ridges returns some players, especially upfront. They lost their best RB and LB #6 last year that gave teams fits. Lost #9 at Safety. Will be interested to see how they start off this year
  14. I agree. Its a brutal opening. All 3 of those teams have won a Regional Title once in the last 3 years. Can they pull away with 1 or 2 Wins? Talk about building team confidence. They have good athletes this year in the WR Core. Can they match up/out play those three teams upfront (Stop the Run). Starting 0-3 and Winning 7 Straight Games to make the Playoffs is a tall task. But this should be one of Wilde Lakes better teams since the 2010 Run.
  15. For Rivalries, The there are only two Award/Cups/Trophies teams trade every year and play for. Centennial vs Hebron in the Ed Holshue Cup and Howard vs Glenelg in Elgard Trophy Game. With rivalries most are dating back to 20 years plus. Wilde Lake vs OM historically. Their are two Rivalry Categories- Historic( Trading Wins and Losses over a Long Period of Time) and then Neighborhood (When the Players come from the same middles schools and live down the street from each other) Neighborhood- River Hill-Glenelg Long Reach-Howard Hammond-Oakland Mills Reservoir-Atholton Centennial-Mt. Hebron Some Teams recently in the past five years have traded Wins and Losses. Atholton-River Hill, Howard-Glenelg, River Hill-Hammond.