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  1. I agree. That foolishness shouldn't happen.
  2. Of course!! But also my work evolves k12Ed and higher ed. Half of the ACC are great private schools plus UNC, the other half are decent. The Big Ten has the best public schools in their respective states plus NW.
  3. The ACC doesn't have better academics than the Big Ten. Average academic ranking is #126 compared to #133. Louisville isn't a top school.
  4. It's an injury to the best returning offensive player in the league. It's sucks because I'm a huge supporter of Sam. Great kid, great mom. Glad he will be going to school in my home state with my cousin!!
  5. Looks similar to a few of my tweets. It would be great.
  6. Bullies consistently sends kids to FBS and FCS year in and year out. It's a really good small private school with elite academics and great football training.
  7. His academic eligibility will be based on his first 4 years in high school. 5th year, only can replace 1-2 classes. 10 classes will be locked in after 6 semesters.
  8. Cold World
  9. No the adults do. At the end of the day, adults are responsible for the positions we put kids in. That's why I'm not a fan of all these "hype youth leagues". They make it seem about the kids, but it's entertainment for the adults.
  10. Facts.
  11. We shall see how many actually qualify and are on rosters next year.
  12. Only southern schools have spring football and it doesn't make them that much better. Spring football for K-8 is nutty.
  13. We should ban 1) spring football 2) all K-12 kids playing more than 17 games per year.
  14. Was always amazed at that in Maryland. In Ohio, I was an old senior because I turned 18 before Sem 1 of my senior year was over.
  15. 4 years of this at CHC.