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  1. We shall see how many actually qualify and are on rosters next year.
  2. Only southern schools have spring football and it doesn't make them that much better. Spring football for K-8 is nutty.
  3. We should ban 1) spring football 2) all K-12 kids playing more than 17 games per year.
  4. Was always amazed at that in Maryland. In Ohio, I was an old senior because I turned 18 before Sem 1 of my senior year was over.
  5. 4 years of this at CHC.
  6. How about those freshmen!!!!
  7. If you start sending kids to college and winning is the end of the road.
  8. St. Marys gon St. Marys. It would be more surprising if it didn't happen.
  9. Within 3 hour drive. Great academics plus track is nuanced with scholarships.
  10. If you think Navy is just beating people off scheme with less talent, idk. 1) navy brings in 60 per year in. All are very good players, preps like 45 of them, JVs another 45. Navy kids have more reps in games in that system before they play FBS football as juniors/seniors. Also, Navy typically takes QBs from similar systems. Let alone, those kids are playing not for themselves or draft stock, but to win for their school. That's tough to replicate.
  11. Exactly. If you only project at one position, narrows your choices. If a coach can't move you to another position, if need's tough.
  12. Plenty of great FBS schools with high academics. It's always about fit. Everyone doesn't fit everywhere. Sometimes an Ivy is a bad fit for a kid.
  13. Ivies are D1. Watson had over 10 FCS offers, a couple FBS ones. McGriff should've signed FCS ball.
  14. Because Mimi's walk-ons, CHC has 7 FBS players. So does McD, Gilman I think has the most.
  15. Walk-ons count?