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  1. Yessir. Bowling Green and Eastern Michigan!
  2. So happy for the kid. Great kid. Silenced the doubters.
  3. Sparky reminds me of Fogg his sophomore year. Big and fast playing safety. Definitely a big time LBer in college, should play Weakside next year to blitz off the edge.
  4. Poly Pride!! Happy for them!
  5. Facts. The day after thanksgiving my focus goes on making sure the last few seniors get a shot at playing in college and resting.
  6. The first two games of the public state playoffs are pretty much intra-League matches esp Arundel, HoCo, PG, MoCo, and Balt City/Co.
  7. SFA plays Silver Oak Loyola Plays Canada Prep CHC plays Avalon. Spalding, Gilman, CHC, McD, MSJ are all alive and well in the hunt. Tiebreakers: Head to Head Highest Seed Win Points in a league loss
  8. Jesus.
  9. 62-43. Spalding. 6:54 left.
  10. I haven’t said much on here in awhile, work and coaching has my plate full. But I’ve seen attacks on kids, their character or playing ability and I think it is trash. These are high school kids and high school teams. It shows a lack of character from the people that do it. These kids are trying their best to carve a better future for themselves and their coaches are trying to secure that for them. You can disagree with the method, but 99% of these coaches are in it for the right reasons. Don’t demean these kids or these teams made of kids.
  11. I agree. That foolishness shouldn't happen.
  12. Of course!! But also my work evolves k12Ed and higher ed. Half of the ACC are great private schools plus UNC, the other half are decent. The Big Ten has the best public schools in their respective states plus NW.
  13. The ACC doesn't have better academics than the Big Ten. Average academic ranking is #126 compared to #133. Louisville isn't a top school.
  14. It's an injury to the best returning offensive player in the league. It's sucks because I'm a huge supporter of Sam. Great kid, great mom. Glad he will be going to school in my home state with my cousin!!
  15. Looks similar to a few of my tweets. It would be great.