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  1. SFA

    Thought all the kids were homeless and had no opportunities?!
  2. SFA

    This is the best outcome. SFA stays in the MIAA in other sports, MIAA A will still be strong. Folks can move on.
  3. SFA

    It actually would help a ton of more kids, esp if he targeted baltimore graduates for 5th years. Then folks would work in partnership with him. "hey, I got this kid, he just needs another year to grow up a him out" instead of sending kids to JUCOs and etc.
  4. SFA

    All important questions. It would be like VA ranking Hargrave and etc. Also, some of their opponents will be weak independent schools like Silver Oak and National Christian. But they have the money to make it happen. If I was them, I would play prep schools, institute a 5th year, etc. You can get more payers if kids decided they wanted to come there after high school for an additional year. Might increase enrollment.
  5. that's not true. transfer rules apply regardless of which conference in the MIAA you are in.
  6. SFA

    The league is very weak administratively. It isn't like a state association that has overwhelming powers. the league is only as strong as the individual schools willing to participate in it. There isn't an investigation staff, just a commissioner that's part-time and a full-time ED. It's a gentleman's agreement league based basically on some shared values.
  7. SFA

    Competitive balance and parity is the sole reason they have the A, B, and C conferences. The whole point of the league's make-up. Currently it is great competitive balance minus Poggi.
  8. SFA

    The kids at SFA are good kids. I thought the kids at Gilman were good kids. We are talking about competitive balance and parity. Gilman was outspending folks the same as SFA and folks are tired of it in general. Yes, each program thats opting out could be better, but no one is willing to spend that much on aid packages just for kids that play football. That lack of desire fuels the imbalance and safety concerns on top of the immense amount of transfers.
  9. SFA

    He didn't leave Gilman because the schools were upset. You know that. Also, many folks assumed that kids wouldn't attend SFA because SFA was SFA. it was huge miscalculations by a lot of folks. At the end of the day, they want a competitive conference where schools don't have to spend enormous amounts of money to win a championship. Battling for second place while getting your kids hurt in the process isn't something folks aspire to do. These same issues at SFA was being discussed at Gilman their last year when Hamilton, Spanellis, Franklin, etc were on that O-line that was massive.
  10. SFA

    Well, the schools in the league were creating a workaround that last year at Gilman that probably prompted Gilman to finally end that relationship. Ultimately, its about Biff and him using his money to not just help kids, but tilt the scales so much in his favor on a talent and competitive level that he couldn't lose. At Gilman, because the tuition was expensive and they restricted him, McD could keep up. This created animosity towards both Gilman and McD by the catholic schools. There were serious talks about a league without both and I think once folks got word of serious talks about led to Biff and Co leaving shop. At SFA, they could hide behind SFA's mission to support black kids and Baltimore, an administration that was fighting for school financial survival and created this Baltimore's team mantra.
  11. SFA

    This issue really isnt about SFA. They are just caught in the middle. Its about the leadership of the league and Poggi & Co. Everything else is secondary to that. There were internsl conflicts that were extensive at Gilman, and at SFA its coming to the peak.
  12. Switching schools after the 8th grade year isnt transferring. Its just enrolling in high school.
  13. SFA

    Elephant in the room.
  14. SFA

    SFA can just join the WCAC.
  15. Congrats to the Hall for winning six events at the championships. 100, 200, 400, 4x1, 4x2, and discus.