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  1. Or how about that liberal conservative value of thinking you can off your wife because she won't stop laughing at you. As recently demonstrated by a citizen from the very liberal state of Utah.
  2. Ah, the good old days when a Republican President was opposed to the Russian leaders instead of being their lap dog.
  3. If you were truly concerned about disparaging gay people or using slurs against gay people, you certainly would not support Kid Rock for congress given his track record. But somehow I doubt you are concerned at all.
  4. You would think that after 7 years the Cons would have a plan they could agree on.
  5. Then start a thread on Trump or Bush if it bothers you so. Then you can address the topic of your own choosing.
  6. And just how do you find me on the same side as Trump? You can have his support all to yourself as I find it quite hypocritical for Trump to tell people to buy and hire American while he does the opposite. But he knows that the sale of his tinkets will not be hurt by his own hypocrisy because it is lost on his ardent followers. Is it lost on you as well? As he said, he could shoot someone on Fifth Ave and not lose voters. While another show of insolence, it appears to be correct for a segment of the population.
  7. Not to be confrontational, but does final assembly point make a BMW assembled in South Carolina or a Mercedes assembled in Alabama, American products?
  8. I understand the symbolism, however I was responding to the statement from jdsample that the idea of Trump was enriching himself was contrary to his stated policy. There is even more hypocrisy from the Trump camp with his hire Americans talk and his requests for H2 visas for foreign workers at Trump Vineyard Estates and Mar-a-Lago. .
  9. The topic is the headress racist, even you should understand that, but then again perhaps you don't. That "creation" is your side's immature handiwork, deal with it.
  10. Do you really believe that Trump intends to make a lot of money off the trinkets that are sold bearing his name?
  11. Legendary filmmaker George A. Romero, father of the modern movie zombie and creator of the groundbreaking “Night of the Living Dead” franchise, has died at 77. RIP George, and thanks for the thrills. Will you be coming back?
  12. The picture of Elizabeth Warren in a 'Native American' headress, which is the point of this thread, was a creation of an immature RWNJ that was perpetuated by other RWNJs, so deal with it.
  13. The quote I responded to was " I doubt you can find a political cartoon where Bush is not depicted as an ape." That was provided.
  14. It is not Warren's contention, it is an immature characterization by bully in chief and perpetuated by the fools that defend him.
  15. Glad to help, there are lots more of Bust not depicted as an ape.