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  1. As was mine.
  2. You really need to ask?
  3. GOP principles indeed, LOL.
  4. I also doubt he would take your call, but maybe a letter or email might work, staff read those.
  5. But will I find a post of yours defending Hillary Clinton when Mr. Trump was leading chants of "Lock her up'? I think not.
  6. So that principle should apply to all politicians and all cases, correct? Or just the ones you support?
  7. So you would have Mr. Moore tried in a court of law, I agree.
  8. Party before principles, most are party before country, but to each their own.
  9. But his judicial experience should outweigh the ABA opinion, oh wait he has none.
  10. "Law clerk by day, ghost hunter by night" "In 2009 and 2010, he was a member of the Tuscaloosa Paranormal Research Group, a volunteer operation that since the early 2000s has held all-night vigils and used infrared cameras, handheld sensors and other devices to search for spectral entities in plantation mansions, abandoned hospitals and other buildings." Why not, the GOP has already had a witch, why not a ghost hunter as well. The GOP is really trying hard to show everyone just how loony they can get.
  11. Say what you will about Wes Goodman, but at least he wasn't a pedophile like some other Republicans.
  12. Didn't miss your cue, good job.
  13. Don't forget about your boy Roy Moore. Another filthy Republican. Lock em up!
  14. Proper appreciation is Trump's thing, the Democrats are just fine without lesson's from the Chinese. Besides it looks like the Trump EPA took a page or two from the older Chinese method of environmental regulation, the same one India is now using.
  15. You might be correct, they seem to be trying to shake their name after Mark Foley and Dennis Hastert turned the GOP into the Grand Old Pedophiles.