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  1. Now that's funny
  2. Don't see either of them starting on oline
  3. Yeah but they played each other and IMG destroyed them. SFA was big on the line last year but not good. Only new guy is the kid from Southern Md. Who has not faced top talent as of yet
  4. SFA top positions will be LB, RB,and Wr. Kline was weak last year and will be weak this year. Will get dominated by IMG just like last year. Nobody on that oline can handle Vincent or the bigtime DE.
  5. IMO DM lines are more battle tested at higher levels them SFA. So I would go with DM in a tough game
  6. The good players will be able to compete, the problem will be with the smaller marginal players getting destroyed by the 4/5 star talent. I can see some teams just being buried by SFA.
  7. I agree with you DW, most of the players at SFA the last 2 seasons already had offers before transferring, most had multiple offers that's why they go after them. You don't see them going after average Joe to save his life do you
  8. DW he was training with SFA, and was supposed to transfer but changed up at the last minute
  9. Having a coach pull someone scholarship is saving a kids life. Gotcha
  10. I guess that's what you call helping kids,huh?
  11. No, he was one of two Riverdale guys who came up to SFA, but he went back before actually transferring
  12. Kid who went back to Riverdale?
  13. Shouldn't we as parents and coaches be pushing education first? I mean how many of these kids actually make it to the league? They need something to fall back on
  14. For sure