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  1. Haha, not enough Hoping for that.
  2. Come on now, you talk like you know. Don't be scared
  3. If you really think I thought Gilman had a chance then you are a knucklehead
  4. And what type of kids are they
  5. You know so why don't you tellem. Better yet maybe you should talk to some of the coaches in the area you know who can tell you about the guys the new group pushed out. Maybe talk to a certain player tearing it up in the public school playoffs and see what kind of guys they really are
  6. And what coach started most of that, oh yeah the same guy who bought this team. And when he didn't get his way started causing problems got fired and decided he was going to up the ante and destroy the league
  7. Typical, it's the truth knucklehead. How many original SFA guys on team?
  8. Nah SFA is the bought team everybody knew they were
  9. He was in the first half and then his wife called and said take a seat
  10. Told you guys the big cry baby was coaching this team
  11. He reclassed and is sitting out from what I heard
  12. Let me know, I will be in area
  13. Wow Guru, I was just checking on the refs because I was hoping to get those guys for the Turkey Bowl, maybe give the Dons a chance, hope the same ref from the last Towson Turkey Bowl and the ones from the Avalon game are there, Lol. My son is at Minnesota, so no Championship this year, but they can upset Wisconsin on Saturday. And Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours also. You gonna be at the game or pregame festivities? OH YEAH RDR!!!!
  14. Ok so what happened the following week in playoffs against Gilman, was the same ref there?
  15. GA, I told you that the middle of field wide open for passing, defense is very aggressive and like RM7 said if line holds up they can be had.