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  1. Loyola beat Calvert Hall today for their first baseball championship in 71 years
  2. Prayers
  3. Actually have a RB coming up, the younger brother of Jason Smith who might actually be faster then Jason. Good instincts at the position
  4. Qb coach at SFA this year
  5. SFA I believe
  6. Koras is more than talented enough to run the offense, he just has to buy into what the coaches are calling and teaching. He ran more as a sophomore than junior.
  7. Smith, Derry, and Williams who already sat out last year. That's what I have been saying for a year now. Soon it won't be any local kids getting any time
  8. Williams was the OC not the Qb coach
  9. I'm sure Baucia will still have his hands on the Qb situation though
  10. So DM did you play football at Gilman back in the early 80s
  11. No benefits to playing I the MIAA any more for SFA, Poggi proved long ago that he could buy a winning team. Now with no rules it's just a joke
  12. They have a couple of good backs, good receivers. Having him play another position gets the best players on the field, giving other teams more guys to stop then just him.
  13. I saw Central High school, Anacostia and SFA
  14. The other Qb has a strong arm, good combination Ellis blazing speed, strong armed Qb. Throw it up a day let him run
  15. Listed as a sophomore on last year's SFA roster and 2019 class on 247sports