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  1. SFA

    Hmmmmmm. Sounds like a couple of coaches are putting a lot of Bull**** out to whoever will listen. Can you say using a poor city school for my own agenda
  2. SFA

    And it was more than a team, it was a family
  3. SFA

    So the exodus begins
  4. I believe you are correct on already having being given plenty of chances.
  5. Prayers to his family.
  6. City everybody deserves a second chance IMO, just think some type of consequences need to be set. Whether it be summer school or sitting out until requirements are met.
  7. Yeah and we talked about that before
  8. So you think it's ok for a kid to flunk out of one school and go right in and play sports at another. That's why we have all the problems with the youth these days because the adults are not teaching them. Don't know about you but had I flunked out of one school I definitely would not have been playing at another because it's hard to run with a foot in your ***.
  9. Sports, but not flunk out of one and on to the next. Come on man that's ridiculous and you for one should know and be against it.
  10. That's great, congratulations. I love to see progress and hope the upswing continues. Thanks for info.
  11. Check the graduation rate at those other city schools, that's the problem.
  12. City I am not telling you anything, but IMO that's an issue and shows that football is the most important thing. Guarantee you City College wouldn't take players like that
  13. Yeah school, but if you can't do it academically you shouldn't be allowed to play. That should be a privilege
  14. Dom Damico was one of the leaders in trying to get SFA out