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  1. I guess things aren't always fair especially in the MIAA. Can't be Biff Poggi invitational because he is co head coach, right. Lol
  2. What's his name
  3. Well you just answered everyone question with that last statement!!!!
  4. And his backup followed him also
  5. That's for sure. Just ask the WV Qb who just went back home
  6. That's what I am talking about, the kids don't make the money decisions its the adults.
  7. I agree with you totally, but how do you get the best lineman at 50% and financial aid when SFA is giving 100%. It's all about the money when it comes to high school football now a days.
  8. Yeah but when your coaches are leading the charge of the childish behavior that's were your problem is, no leadership to change the problem
  9. Yes coach Zehyoue was hired on Jan 24 as head coach, was the Oline coach last 2 yrs. They knew Hall was leaving before season started and waited until then to make a hire. Then had to go out and find coaches to fill out staff. The coaches from Curley probably weren't hired until 2 months later. Not the best situation to put a new coaching staff into No matter how much experience. The starting Qb from the last 2 yrs decided not to play due to the change in the offense and his golf scholarship to MD.
  10. They were definitely lucky to get the win, no offense at all. Teams in the A conf will probably average 50 pts a game if not more. But you can't call for the coaches head just yet, he wasn't hired until Jan 24 when most kids had long made their decisions. He also can't do it alone, he needs the support of the Alumni and administration if anything is going to change. But teams around them are just doing what they have always done besides SFA with the poaching of all top talent. It really won't matter who does what in the league as long as SFA is still there. Most programs don't have the resources to compare, outside money (Poggi, Plank) and the small tuition that the school has makes the money go a lot farther than all the other schools. Just gonna be a side show eventually
  11. Fair enough
  12. And your telling me the other kid can't run, come on what were you watching.
  13. They definitely have some size up front but that doesn't always translate to toughness. They have been pushed around by much smaller opponents so far this season. We will soon see what kind of heart these players have when the A conf teams start coming in. One thing I can say for past teams were that they always showed heart and toughness.