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  1. 250 ain't cutting these days.
  2. Have you ever thought that poor attitude equals poor fundamentals DD. I watched a couple of those Oline guys play 2 years ago against SFA and almost pull of a huge win. They did it then so you tell me what happened
  3. You hit it right on the head there Sparky. Can't tell you how many kids I saw sitting out practice because of a little injury. But ready to play on game dsy
  4. Bingo, but you can't tell these parents who think their child is great that they are really soft and are not football ready.
  5. I agree MOP, also think that the last 4/5 years before this season the talent that they did have was not used to it's potential.
  6. How about the fact that these guys were complaining from day one this year. Not only that so were the parents. I watched some of those guys the year before play big roles when injuries added up so you know they could do it. But you have to want to do it.
  7. Nice, good recognition for Jared, can't wait to see where he ends up. Nice write up Mamba.
  8. I said before this year. This year Oline was soft as wonder bread. He didn't coach Oline this year until new coach quit or got fired
  9. The issue is he makes guys work for their position, it doesn't matter who you are. Guys think that since they were there they should have a starting spot. He's hard on them, which most goid coaches are. Coach Z was hard on his Oline guys the 2 years he coached them that's why the Oline was one of the stronger positions on the team
  10. The biggest problem with the private system is the leadership at the top of the league's. Those guys sitting back just stealing money. Teams in both league's do whatever they want. Now with teams dropping out the playoff system will be an even bigger joke in the MIAA , not that Loyola has been a player for years
  11. He is not a every down guy, but can be utilized in the return game and as a xtra receiver for sure
  12. Agree 100%, Gurley always gets better as game goes on
  13. Tavon as we all know was a great high school and college player. But when you get to the pros it's a different game. He needs to be in a certain system where they can utilize his special talents.
  14. No I was just wondering if something had leaked out. I don't believe anything until it happens