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  1. GA, I told you that the middle of field wide open for passing, defense is very aggressive and like RM7 said if line holds up they can be had.
  2. Nah, this is playing out to be the perfect choke job. Someone gonna have to talk him off the ledge after Sunday
  3. Gotcha, thanks for clearing that up for me Rob
  4. Who that didn't want to move or leave. They tried to move Curley up but the fought it.
  5. Who has the MIAA removed
  6. But if you listen to some guys on here Poggi is not coaching this team, Lol.
  7. Impartial, hmmmm. Could of fooled me.
  8. Wouldn't be the first memo his dumb *** has sent out, now would it.
  9. You can't transfer and play for another school if you have already practiced or played with the previous school
  10. No team is unbeatable. That's what everyone said last year when Loyola came out and damn near pulled off the upset. Superstar teams are susceptible to defeat if things start going bad. But hopefully a good championship game Sunday
  11. Gilman is winning now because other guys besides Madison are stepping up and making plays, whether it be Bond, Willis, Dixon, Hill, Jones or any of the other guys. They need to make SFA qb beat them throwing the ball, stack the middle and shut down Bangda and make Jones beat you. Pound him and hit him hard anytime he takes off running. Take the legs away from the big Oline and Dline. It can be done.
  12. Was it just for playoff game or regular season games as well
  13. They had lots of fans in stands Saturday, just most had on blue and gold
  14. Coach should be fired
  15. MOP did you get a bump on the head during the game today? No way is SFA qb better than Madison
  16. That's the biggest problem right there, he's not a qb
  17. He always seems to be coaching his guys up during the game no matter the situation. Good you get praise, bad you get a lesson on how to make it good. Just a good ole coach IMO
  18. Just like the coach at EWS. DW
  19. They went undefeated last year and then got smoked by EWS
  20. Come on MOP, you don't really believe that do you. You know his ego would not let him play second fiddle to Hank. Even last year when Biff was at all the games he was still in control
  21. Any names
  22. They should be without starting left tackle and another player if true about them getting ejected for fighting against MSJ