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  1. How many get transfers from France
  2. 5th year players are breaking rules, but the league Jas to enforce the rules
  3. Not if there are no teams to play. Remember the tough times ECA had getting games especially after Sils left
  4. The Rev can always take back over the program
  5. Be nice Guru. You calling Poggi a horse is not
  6. That's who he is talking about
  7. Oh you know he did. I am just talking about the Bmore guys
  8. No bottom line is MIAA hasn't done it's job in along time. It's just coming to a boil these last couple of years with SFA led by Poggi are taking things to the next level.
  9. It was my understanding that Someone who guided a few players to SJC for one year also paid for them and then some of those guys ended up at SFA last year.
  10. For sure, totally different game
  11. I agree McD played the game and lost but you can't really believe that Poggi is doing what he is doing to help anyone but his ego. You of all people should know how many city kids is he really helping. You have a kid who was with the program before Poggi arrived with Big 10 offer and committed that ends up at St Francis because of grades. Come on man you hear about all these D1 guys but what about the academics. And the B'S about the homeless kids, Poggi and Hank don't even have the same number of kids in their lies
  12. Losing players too from what I heard, young LB heading to DM
  13. Wonder why he waited so long
  14. Yeah but you don't think it's funny that the Bmore kids who transferred to SJC for one year then turn up at SFA isn't a little strange
  15. Come on, you serious
  16. I heard renting another
  17. I think it's a scrimmage
  18. That's kind of the norm now, SFA already had a few