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  1. Yeah great campus, see they are working on some field's just wish they would do something with the football field
  2. And just saying crappy compared to other fields in the Miaa and the rest of the campus
  3. Yes Sir been there played there many times
  4. Ben Brooks is a rising Jr
  5. That game won't be played on that crappy field for sure
  6. I don't doubt that, Blake had the program going in the right direction for sure
  7. Any idea who the new coach is going to be
  8. Any of these qbs in the NFL
  9. Because he got paid, thats why he is staying
  10. We will have to agree to disagree because you have your sources and I.have mine
  11. Come down off your high horse, for your info I am a CHC alum and know plenty. Not talking about the ones who didn't get in but the ones who did. And like I said I don't have a problem with helping students all I said was they shouldn't be allowed to play. If you know more and say they don't them I will have to believe you. And in my post it was 2 students if you read it right.
  12. To be honest with you, I didn't want to call out any schools but since u said CHC, I will have to say that is one school in particular I was talking about. I know that they took a football player who was below the 30% on HSPT and I also know a kid entering this year who finished in the 35 %. I don't have a problem with the schools excepting these kids, just don't think they should be able to play sports until up to par academically.
  13. Thought House transferred from SFA
  14. How is SFA #20, they are not that good
  15. Sounds like a slap in the face for Murphy.
  16. Come on Guru you can't tell me that everyone of these student athletes make the grade when it comes to academics. I personally know of schools taking student athletes who finished below the 25% on high school placement test. If they weren't a big time athlete they wouldn't be there
  17. GA I was not calling out any school in particular, I know Gilmans high academic standards, just a general observation, some schools don't
  18. Very big egos with lots of money wasting it on football. Would rather see teams and schools concentrate on academics first and athletics second. Just like when GA said Loyola and CHC held the MIAA hostage. I would rather see the rivalry games any day. Just like Gilman & McD. They usually turn into pretty good games. Lets be honest how many of these kids are going to play in the NFL, lets spend the resources on education
  19. Curlei is still in the B conf
  20. What ever happened to Academics being the most important thing. Alot of these kids and their parents get smoke blown up their blanks. Its getting out of hand for sure
  21. Privates are not supposed to do football activities over the summer. They can lift , run , and other conditioning. Not supposed to do football activities until first week in August.
  22. Stealing money at the G
  23. Going to another school?
  24. GA I don't agree with you alot, but I have too on this. You have to give credit to a student/ athlete who is able to make it on brains alone. Congrats to this young man