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  1. Looks like kid from New York
  2. So Rob A was looking at Franklin roster. See a new Qb on the list is this the guy you were talking about
  3. NCAA finaly looking out for kids future, no more just sliding by
  4. Thats even worse that those guys followed an assistant coach and chose not to stay with your beloved Donald you answered your own question. Lol
  5. He is a hard worker for sure, hopefully he works as hard in the classroom as he does athletically
  6. You shouldn't talk about others misfortunes when you can't keep your own. CAN WE SAY SHAQ
  7. Kind of brings back memories of the defections to the prison huh Guru
  8. GA I cant remember who had him at 6'4 but espn has him at 6'2 297. I believe the 6'2 but i think he os closer to 265 worked very hard over the winter from what I saw
  9. Did you learn that at CHC, very impressive
  10. You are 100% correct my apologies
  11. Oh they were big but not athletic like Taron. But i saw somewhere that has him listed at 6'4 290 lbs and that is not even close. My son worked out with him all winter and he is not that big
  12. Yeah yeah and if you think the Qb from PH is your savior. Good luck
  13. GA watched Hamilton practice last night didn't see any kid that could compare to Taron physically, none of the linemen could jog around the field without stopping and walking, coaches were yelling at them the whole te
  14. Guru such a homer Msj had alot of injuries not a better team at all
  15. Guru you are nuts
  16. Only prediction i will make is that i think they will be improved over last year. I could see them being 4-0 when they play the special team
  17. Yes Sir it is , Lots of reps along with 7v7 and a bunch of camps
  18. That Qb graduated and the new starter has a pretty strong arm and is way more athletic
  19. Rob A the biggest thing with this is that your son still has a great opportunity in front of him and with a little hard work he will be back at WVU doing what he loves to do. Hopefully this little hiccup makes him want it more than ever. Good luck to you both
  20. First Down I was just saying that I can only see Biff doing more behind the scenes stuff if he leaves on his own terms, not asked to step down
  21. I agree as long as it's on his terms, and I am sure there are alot of others putting money towards program
  22. Get bigger & stronger
  23. Does that include Biff & if so is the program still the same without his funds