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  1. That makes sense thanx for clearing that up
  2. Thats not what I am saying and I give u props for not putting it out. Just saying you gave this kid props last year now that he is gone no bog deal. Would it be the same if So called superstar Jordan or the young gun Vincent were in the same predicament
  3. We talked about him directly on here. I know the kid and his father, so thats bs
  4. Was just wondering why you talked so highly about this kid during the season now its no big deal. Factory style bring th in throw them out and forget about em
  5. GA sounds like everyone on the national scene thinks this is big except for you
  6. The Gilman kid was good when on the field. Alot more disciplined than Jordan who has way to many penalties. Dont care what the Gilman guys say its a big loss
  7. Heard a rumor that Gilman lost a big lineman
  8. Guru Evans got hurt the beginning of the second half of Turkey Bowl
  9. Aww get your little feelings hurt. Jackass. One day you will realize that the G is not the greatest at everything. I agree a top academic school which I praise but under achieving in sports for the money they spend.
  10. GA talking a bunch of crap. How many games has Gilman lost already after all the big talk of them being good
  11. Locksley never shows up in big games
  12. Anyway if he couldn't get into CHC, whatakes u think he can get into Gilman
  13. Dumbest post I have ever read
  14. I agree with the transfer if you move closer to another school, the issue that most people don't like is the fact that SFA actively recruits players from other schools and that should not be allowed. Just like the kid from Loyola this year who transferred in middle of August after being at Loyola since the 6th grade. Repeating the 11th grade that he passed at Loyola to plat football next year at SFA. Now that is a huge problem.
  15. I have heard so much negative about Loyola Lbs from Mop all season, what about the O line and D line. The penalties by the older players that set the te back. When u are playing better competition u have to be pn your A game. Focus Focus Focus stupid penalties hurt all year long. I believe this team showed they can play with most teams in the A conf besides Gilman and Mcd but they should have beat SFA and CHC
  16. Yeah the linemen who played got beat up all year long bu bigger linemen and they also played pn the O line so dead tired by the 2nd quarter. CHC figured out in the 2nd half to run behind the 2 big linemen also Loyola s best Lb got hurt
  17. I agree dont think #33 touched the ball in the 2nd half. Way to many penalties from Loyola
  18. Was SFA missing players again due to players getting booted for lack of paying tuition for a second year in a row
  19. Mop I agree they are small and have to put more effort towards getting lineman stronger. But playing the current lineman both ways does not help the team. Way to many penalties
  20. And thats big talk from a te that was 2&3 in the league and just barely beat JC. And beat a terrible Irvine team
  21. And by the way Spalding was at the bottom
  22. CHC and Loyola are not going to stop playing the turkey bowl so give that up. And why should they Gilman and McD play their rivalry ge every year its tradition so why should they give up their tradition. As far as I concerned McD beat Gilman head to head each team had 1 conf loss and every other team had more. Simple McD is the champion how can it be any other way?