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  1. No loyalty in high school sports anymore coach
  2. No sir that kid was already at SFA played for them the year before the new crew. Wasn't in their plans so bye bye
  3. Or housing, food and tuition for players. But you know 18, 16 or 11 were homeless before the new staff got there. But what about the one that he didn't save that ended up at Long Reach?Hmmm
  4. Most guys don't think he is head coach anymore
  5. Was Dulaney missing players or is BL that good? Thought Dulaney was going to be a top team
  6. I also think a lot of kids from area keep these schools on hold as a last choice hoping for something better. Didn't Sam Thomas commit and then decommit and go to Kent.
  7. Isn't the big TE from SFA at Towson?
  8. City not always true, I know a student who was at Loyola who the coaches at Morgan wanted badly and his mother was actually so pissed at the coaches at Loyola for even suggesting that her son go to Morgan. He eventually transferred out.
  9. Hey I attended both public and private. Private ain't for everyone but it shouldn't have anything to do with wealth IMO. I guess only wealthy people are allowed to go to college then.
  10. Yeah I was wrong about that. I figured Mustipher would be able to cause some trouble for that Oline. But he proved to be overrated IMO. I guess time will tell what happens at PSU
  11. Same reason for hiring coach after February and AD not hired yet. They had all the time in the world to hire guys and wait. Why?
  12. Heard thru the grapevine that newly independent Loyola may make a journey out west
  13. They will wait until February, after all the kids already decide where they are going to high school
  14. WCAC
  15. Poggi was asked to leave in December, they let him resign so he could save face and he slapped them in the face with his post about his guys
  16. It should be for sure, but when you get asked to leave because you paid someone to let someone thru. Well you know
  17. Good game, not the first time CHC started slow and went on to finish year very strong. Merry Christmas
  18. Who created, I have nothing to do with the system Poggi created. I in fact told him to take his offer to reclass my son and shove it up his ***. And yes if a student is wait listed at a school with lesser academic standards then another why should he be allowed at the other.
  19. Here we go again, the only reason Poggi was out at Gilman was because he didn't want to follow the schools academic rules. He had his admissions guy, now at SFA push a few guys thru the process who shouldn't have been, guys who were wait listed at other schools.
  20. He played lights out this year
  21. Terrell Smith played CB. One of the only true Bmore kids
  22. I agree DJ, Lee Dove is a weasel who is in Poggi pockets as well. That dude is petrified to take any action having to do with him
  23. There's a difference between recruits and transfers city
  24. Well it's been known that Spalding in the past has thought about leaving, so if one or two more teams decide that they just don't want to be a part of what's going on then those guys in the MIAA office will be looking for jobs
  25. I agree you guys did put in the work, but that's not what's happening anymore. Biff and crew are buying players and taking credit. Basically putting what you guys did to sleep