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  1. I agree Rich has done a good job, but you can't take away the fact that Blake left them in a position to succeed. A lot of the players were his guys along with coaches
  2. For MSJ sake I hope not, like what the program has done. But you know the old saying Money talks
  3. Blake didn't leave until kids had already decided on what schools they were attending. Have to still do your job, that's what good coaches do. Even if Rich were leaving I don't think he would purposely leave MSJ in a bad position
  4. Gilman beats CHC by a td and shocks the world by upsetting SFA sending Poggi into a breakdown. Emails to follow calling out his guys for not supporting him
  5. Sounds like a few years ago when everyone was surprised when Blake packed his bags and rolled out. Oh yeah and he had already started winter workouts also
  6. Nope top 2 teams play, well minus Loyola who beat CHC
  7. Hahaha, now that's funny, better watch the tape again. I know it's hard. But Good luck next week, think you guys played SFA one of the toughest games this year.
  8. He better hope so, as bad as they have been he will get fired if they lose that game. You remember what happened last time they played at Towson. He took the L
  9. It's not against the rules at all, some teams have used juniors in the past on jv who were not getting any pt. Happens all the time especially if schools have small teams. Only thing is you give up your right to play in championship
  10. And had your boy DD not tried to take over the game from the jv coach CHC would have probably won
  11. They didn't bring anyone down for that game. #5 is a true freshman who also plays on varsity along with a few other floaters. The school knows they are not eligible for the championship from day one when using floaters. So what's your point
  12. Absolutely
  13. Scared or Hurt?
  14. Why MSJ gave them all they could handle
  15. Poggi feeling that collar getting tight around his neck. Choke Choke Choke
  16. He's not worth a second mortgage with all that baggage
  17. Destiny!!!!
  18. Don't know of any that allow it at the high school level anymore, but some with lower schools do before high school. You also have to blame the parents for doing it
  19. Yeah but he reclassed last year after making all MIAA the year before so I didn't count him
  20. Gooch, I agree that they voted on it, think the pressure of the previous format being bs got to them. I do think SFA wins hands down but think it's nice for the 2 guys that stuck it out from the bad season a couple years ago, Terrel Smith and Derry have had good careers at SFA. I think they are the only 2 left from that team
  21. My question is how is the sunpaper gonna handle giving out coach of the year this year. Is it gonna be co coach of the year. Somebody's ego gonna get hurt
  22. What time
  23. He's to old to win OPOY. Lol
  24. Yes #7 has poise for a young qb, after the 2 bad int., he throws a beautiful ball to #5 for the winning td. #36 has to learn to stop runningbackwards and use his size and power to gain chunks of yardage at a time. But those three definitely should be nice players in the future. Also #5 from CHC has a good future ahead of him as well
  25. Lol, you guys have a real nice back coming up in #5.