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  1. Not a good fit anyway
  2. What coach
  3. Where did coach let anyone influence his decision, the parents and kids who didn't buy in are gone and are someone else problem now. The decision to go independent was based on the recruiting policies of SFA and McD , not being able to compete
  4. In all reality DJ, most of those kids didn't have a choice. The parents made the decision to move on from Loyola as soon as they didn't get what they thought they should get with playing time. And believe me it won't be the last time most of those parents complain
  5. And why is the rule ridiculous? If the rule wasn't in place every top player from every team would be at SFA now or Gilman and McD in the past. You know they say Money talks and BS walks
  6. Great area qb's, like who. Not a great area for great qb's anyway
  7. And that is why it was put the way it was. New coach new scheme. Need to be there to put work in. IMO Koras was a good qb, very smart kid but in Jr year was not in the best football shape and that's why his run production went down from soph year. As we all know football and golf are totally different.
  8. From what I was told he was still given the opportunity to come in and compete for the job, it just wouldn't be handed to him because he was a two year starter.
  9. As expected, Lol
  10. It also doesn't help when the parents do nothing but sit on the sidelines and complain that Jr should be starting as a freshman and gets his butt handed to him when he gets in. Just ask the superstar twin that transferred after playing a game or two and was running his yap at the CHC jv game as his team lost to the as he called them soft Loyola team
  11. Right for the throat, lol
  12. Also Curley was a B conference team AO. Talent level was iffy IMO this past year from previous year, team lost to Loyola 40-0 that season
  13. Oh ok thanx for info
  14. Loyola schedule on 1st page, do not have Fort Hill on schedule
  15. Why was last year any different, I can see first year
  16. They didn't the last couple of years
  17. Sarcasm
  18. Recruiter, what do you mean by that, public schools can't recruit
  19. Not sure myself but he was getting kids from everywhere, maybe FBI should get involved
  20. Same thing Elwood was selling when he was at Douglass and Reginald Lewis
  21. No transfer news yet, Lol
  22. Heard from a guy who coached with him that he is a good DB coach
  23. Heard a rumor today they are playing DM as well
  24. Kasim really passed more when they were up IMO. Run first offense always.
  25. From what I heard from an ex teammates father the reason he is going to SFA and not other schools I won't mention is because his father doesn't want competition between him and a friend. Getting a free ride at SFA and will not be staying in housing. So I assume he is not one of the 18 homeless kids big Biff was referring to on tv