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  1. Where have you been, Loyola is now independent
  2. Your not getting it. Yes Gilman and McD bought players. But SFA with Poggi probably has more transfers than the whole number of players on the McD roster. SFA wasn't complained about except for the joke that allowed Shaq to transfer and play the same year. You say colleges wouldn't come without SFA, you do realize that 99%of the transfers already had their offers before Poggi claimed them for his own
  3. Well said
  4. That's a great way to put it coach
  5. I agree with you completely about the kids, IMO they loose any real talent they have to transfer not only in football but other sports as well. This is how people who have never played sports respond to a little adversity. If I am a prospective student athlete or parent of I am seriously considering other paths for my academic as well as athletic endeavors. The only good thing for the kids is they won't have to sit out a year if they transfer to another MIAA school
  6. I agree those trends are hard to break, but get your head out of your *** and realize that it's going to happen at more schools if they keep allowing certain stuff to happen, like the reclassing mess and the recruiting going on at certain schools. And as for the starter on varsity at least he was a actual freshman not like that reclass that you are so proud of
  7. Those kind of trends are hard to break
  8. Well considering that besides the 22 pts to MSJ, SFA didn't give up more than 7 pts to any MIAA team. And to judge Loyola and First year coaching staff who was hired late is a little unfair. Even when they were losing the previous years Loyola players never seemed to give up like this past season
  9. Funny thing is up until this season Loyola gave SFA pretty damn good games the three previous years, beating them once and losing by 3 & 2 pts the other 2 years
  10. Have you noticed the recent exodus of players from the CHC basketball team, don't be surprised if other sports are not next
  11. I believe the league only allows movement in certain years so not sure. I would say at least one more school would have to bail on the A conference
  12. It wouldn't work unless other schools followed suit
  13. Try fielding a team next year that will even be able to compete in the C conference. Good Luck. Don't see football at Blakefield at all after the 100th Turkey Bowl
  14. This is his last year as AD
  15. line them pockets
  16. The difference is, you shouldn't have to pay for something you so call deserved to be invited to. If this was about helping kids nobody would be lining their pockets. It's all about the money and that's what's wrong with high school sports
  17. I mean damn UA supplies so many schools around the area with jerseys, why are they charging kids for them. I mean SFA is practicing at ravens facility for upcoming games, per Stan White, why not let the crab bowl teams practice there. Come on any college should allow practice time game time and also donate
  18. TBH I don't really care about it that much, my son already has his money for school. Sounds like you may be involved though. You can't tell me somebody is not making a killing
  19. How about get a sponsor or two.
  20. I believe they beat CHC last year
  21. So that's why schools like Ohio State and Bama can pay players say 6000 a month depending on who the player is. Come on man you know the games people play and guess what now it's coming to your local high schools
  22. What are you talking about only 5 offers off of both list. They have at least 6 verbal commits off of those lists and at least 10 others who had offers. Right now his class is ranked #19 And last year's class was top 25 as well. You can't force kids to come. Can't compete with the paydays some schools are offering, ya know what I mean
  23. Why do you say it's a uphill climb, plenty of kids play sports and keep good grades. It's what the student and parent make top priority. If a parent let's a kid slack on his school work early on then of course it will be a uphill climb. Education starts at home
  24. DW I believe education is what a student and his parents put into it. A good student who wants to learn can do it at any school IMO as long as they are disciplined. Public or Private offer good education as long as you put in the work.