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  1. Nope, because they get whoever they want in for athletics no matter what.
  2. That's all true, not arguing that at all. It's easy to buy a team. Do know the stuff you are believing about the type of students that were not wanted only had to do with academics.
  3. I have nothing to do with Gilman and couldn't stand him when he was there. Lol
  4. That's funny, he got fired dumb ***
  5. And you Biff suckers I mean lovers, well you know
  6. He had no choice, you keep trying
  7. Yeah and of course what Biff says is always true just like the internet
  8. So basically they used SJC for one year. Especially Lee
  9. You just said better academics and facilities, get your story straight what was it
  10. Then Gilman, yeah right
  11. Good reason to leave and play at SJC, because they couldn't play at SFA. Right?
  12. Guess you weren't around to see Dunbar back in the day
  13. You talking about the transfer?
  14. Poggi offense is perfect for senior
  15. The WV qb was a better passer but this kid is a athlete for sure
  16. Well I guess the incoming freshman will go right to the NFL since he is better without having played a single snap of high school ball
  17. That's because they are a team, not a one man show
  18. That's gonna leave a mark
  19. This was not up for debate, lol
  20. Only one of those sacks came against Sutton.
  21. I don't remember him getting the better of Sutton at all. TBH I think the only game I saw him do anything this past season was against Loyola and maybe the team they played on tv