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  1. Loyola jv beats undefeated at start of game CHC 14-7.
  2. He's a joke
  3. 100% correct DW
  4. This is the first year in full effect, I think they raised it half way at first. It's a good thing though, prepares athletes for college, can't play with less than a 2.0
  5. Another failure by the Loyola AD to secure a schedule for the team. Way to long between games
  6. 2nd 3rd 4th really doesn't matter, they are all pretty even
  7. But the WCAC is? Only reason there is no interest is because of the SFA domination this year, but MSJ gave them a game, so we will see. You know Poggi chokes in them big games all the time
  8. Why do you think they will leave, they are having the success that they want.
  9. Besides IMG, he was comparing to others not IMG
  10. One question, because I really don't know. But do the other schools Guru mentioned have about 3/4 of their players come from transfers?*
  11. Oooopppps there it is
  12. They also lost Bethel against Loyola
  13. I think we can all figure out who his kid is
  14. They need to get their horse back
  15. Looks like they actually made a few adjustments to the offense, have a break this week and the Canadian team the following week. Then about 3 weeks to pound the offense in practice to get ready to beat CHC.
  16. I do
  17. Man you know me and GA used to go back and forth about what Poggi did at Gilman. You even told your buddy that when we were at the CHC game.
  18. Well I am pretty sure both of those guys played big roles for Franklin, and one of those should have been at Kenwood
  19. Come on Guru you know you can't lump me in that group
  20. How about Felder, Hazelton who was one of your coaches Goodson just to name a few
  21. You can put your Franklin in that game also chief. But they aren't gonna get the better transfers anymore. Lol
  22. Yeah for high school teams, absolutely crazy.
  23. I agree with you on everything except players being moved up to early by the previous staff. If anything they played older players ahead of younger players who were just as good and had more upside.
  24. And who do u think can do that in the MIAA besides maybe McD. It was Gilman for all those years and now SFA, with one thing in common, Poggi. And throw a couple of years for McD in.