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  1. Y You better check your facts chief, Loyola won the it's academic competition this past year defeating CHC in championship to go undefeated. The only reason you didn't see them win on tv is because one of their top guys played varsity football for 3 yrs and couldn't make the tv taping. They had 3 National Merit Scholar winners just like CHC. Check your facts before you start spouting off. And don't even talk 5th percentile because I personally know of a few of those at or were at CHC
  2. Not saying that they would, just said that if they wanted the administration to listen. But yes DW you already have some kids and parents jumping ship because they don't see the big picture of education first. You know they think Jr is a football star
  3. The problem is you have a number of underclassmen who are saying they are not gonna play next year, if you lose those guys your already weak program is going to suffer even more. Like MOP has said before it's going to take a bunch of full paying parents and alumni to have a meeting with the administration and say we aren't going to stand for this anymore. We will take our money and go elsewhere
  4. As far as I can see
  5. If that happens they may not be able to field a team. That would be awful for the school and I am sure they would lose students
  6. GC 2011 #5. DM 2016 #8
  7. That's a good breakdown of the current situation
  8. Mariachi is a joke, he was supposed to be building up the program from what he said
  9. Man you can't take what he says to heart, all of Loyola people are hurting these days with the way the program has gone down. Same people are calling for coaching changes after a couple of games. IMO MSJ does it the right way, not saying they don't recruit hard or anything but they get players to fit their system and are tough kids who love the game. They also don't let kids or parents run the team as seen earlier this summer.
  10. I feel sorry for Evan this year, kid puts in hard work and a great kid. He needs to put on some weight though in college.
  11. CHC had 1 championship.
  12. Agreed, also openly recruit players from other MIAA schools
  13. I would like to see a A conf all star team put together from all schools except SFA to play SFA. Basically they are a all star hand picked team so why not play one. I personally think a team coached by say Kyle and Holzer would beat the SFA team. Any body else have an opinion
  14. Who
  15. How do you make a decent run in the playoffs when the most you can play is 2 games?
  16. They haven't played anyone. Teams they played this year are all down. IMG will be only test.
  17. Yeah but you are the one comparing not me
  18. Where did I compare anything, just said he is invested in SFA also and more to come
  19. Yeah I work right around the corner and my son played there twice
  20. He's already got plenty into SFA as well
  21. You can add SJC in that group
  22. Nah I said they are doing the same thing, and they are definitely lowering their academic standards to get players in. But it looks like Gilman going to jump back in the game if the bball player thing is true. Reclass in high school. So if SFA does get involved with the UA project that only means more money more players and a league that will eventually be done. Parents kids and coaches at the other schools will eventually get tired and schools will have to take a stand
  23. Definitely never been a coach, even a bad coach can figure out how to stop one guy. SMH
  24. Come on no where near the same thing, McD did what they are doing to compete with Gilman/Poggi you know this. McD has forms on campus for students whether it be for academics or athletics, not townhomes renovated in a really bad neighborhood near the jail. And who is keeping an eye on these kids living in these townhomes. Let's not give McD a pass because yes they have bent the rules but as you well know for Poggi there are no rules.