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  1. So why is he still not at SFA pops
  2. Grinnage hasn't played a down in the MIAA yet and you are pimping him already. Nice
  3. They almost beat Loyola, what does Loyola have tis year, didn't think much
  4. They let us in faster because they new that was the only win we were getting. Lol
  5. I went in on Loyola side right around 10 am and was in in less than 5 min
  6. That's kid packs a wallup
  7. It's a lot easier to go to the school bookstore and purchase tickets in advance
  8. Not only that but heard a lot of complaints from players after last year's game that new field sucked. Big clumps of grass coming up holes in field
  9. Didn't say I wasn't impressed, when saying he has a lot to prove meant, is he a LB or is he a safety, is he a RB or is he a WR. Also can he stay healthy for a full season. I remember watching him as a freshman and saying he was going to be o e of the better RB in the state for the next 3 years, then the fiasco happened and he lost a year. Yes he played really good this year but IMO he can do even more.
  10. Just read the full article and in no way does it sound like coach Z was throwing anyone under the bus, just stating facts and also stated later in the article that a lot of the mistakes are due to being young. Also states how fond he is of coaching every single guy. But if you were at the game and watching the game he is absolutely correct. Dline was playing bad, no one was tackling, Oline couldn't block, receivers would run down field without looking back. What do you want him to say, sugarcoat everything so kids feelings don't get hurt. Maybe it's time for the kids and parents to either man up and play or just quit on the program like the administration has
  11. This just goes back to the Hall era, he would never take the blame for anything. Always put blame on players never on his play calling. Players last year came to him trying to make adjustments and got told to sit down and do what they are told.
  12. Can't leave one wide open either, that makes no sense
  13. Well that's funny because myself and my son were both sitting in the stands and both said why are they leaving Cooper open, someone needs to get on Cooper. And if you watch the game again he noticed it himself and couldn't wait for them to snap the ball. Two years in a row this guy runs down the field untouched to score the first TD of the game. Why do the coaches not tell these guys to just tackle him if he gets free. And you act like Matt Bell has never played DB, he played last year and this year as well. To say he was the only one who could cover is crazy because Justin McCoy IMO had a heck of a year and Jordan Moore played D as well.
  14. Actually agree with you about Bond, he was definitely their emotional leader and probably one of the most underrated players in the league
  15. I like Madison a lot, Dixon still has a lot to prove and IMO Booker is overrated and doesn't show up against the big boys
  16. I agree with you totally, I can't even tell families who want to look at Loyola that the football experience is a good one. Academically I say yes but if football is important to you go elsewhere. It's a sad state of affairs
  17. No the best decision is to either get in line with the other programs or drop football all together, it seems like the administration doesn't care about football so why waste everyone's time and money. Just a few years ago the pep rally for the Turkey Bowl was more about the soccer team and swimming team instead of football team. Players were extremely pissed off and so were parents. Now the commercial on the telecast of this year's game was more about robotics and other stuff. This just goes to show you how important football is to the administration
  18. Yeah but that's why you have all of those coaches. Coaches in the booth should have seen him wide open, called timeout or let coaches on field know.
  19. How in the world do defensive coaches not catch Cooper being open on the first touchdown? That is absolutely unacceptable!!!!
  20. Actually it was last 2 years, except for a couple of skill guys. I know who you are talking about 3 years ago and his senior year he played only defense along with Tre Thomas who started at guard on Oline his Jr year
  21. Agree, before this year the last 2 years lineman were only allowed to go one way. That's how Boozer ended up playing D tackle instead of DE where he should be playing.
  22. What team in the league besides Poggi led teams has recruited 6-8 studs a year. By studs I don't mean so called great rec ballplayers, I mean true big time D1 college studs? To build a solid team in any league you must start up front on both sides of the ball. You been true Olineman first off, not guys who are playing Oline because they didn't workout somewhere else. Dline needs to be big fast and strong, again not playing because you didn't fit somewhere else
  23. I was told this by a coach last week Guru, and agree with you totally. What happened to going to a prep school after high school if you didn't make the grades or needed to work on your game a bit more because you were a late bloomer or had a injury
  24. Maybe Ehrlich will send him with his good buddy Biff
  25. It went into effect this year, your time starts as soon as your regular graduating class graduates. So he will only have 3 years of eligibility in college and if he red shirts only 2