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  1. Oh that should be great, look what all of his help did for the football program. He had a lot to do with bringing in all of those Hamilton players that has made them one of the top programs in the area.
  2. Come on now "Baltimore's Team"
  3. You can't even say his name
  4. Not this year we wont
  5. Wonder what that is in reference too? Lol
  6. Average academics or sports?
  7. Yeah. Not sure because I believe some wrestlers were involved also
  8. Are you sure he wasn't a victim?
  9. My point is you said 4 teams that would whip any public and any private not SFA. CORRECT?
  10. Didn't GC lose to MSJ?
  11. I agree, wish some others would follow along to push the bs out the door. But it won't happen
  12. Yeah they can't compete with what's going on
  13. They can play whoever they want like Riverdale, think they will still play some A conf teams and B conf teams but also heard they are going to play Fort Hill. Don't understand that one but who knows
  14. Loyola coach stepped down last year, AD is retiring this year and program has stepped down to independent.
  15. Since when has Loyola job been open?
  16. Who is everybody
  17. Wonder if DD is next, MOP said new leadership at school
  18. 250 ain't cutting these days.
  19. Have you ever thought that poor attitude equals poor fundamentals DD. I watched a couple of those Oline guys play 2 years ago against SFA and almost pull of a huge win. They did it then so you tell me what happened
  20. You hit it right on the head there Sparky. Can't tell you how many kids I saw sitting out practice because of a little injury. But ready to play on game dsy
  21. Bingo, but you can't tell these parents who think their child is great that they are really soft and are not football ready.
  22. I agree MOP, also think that the last 4/5 years before this season the talent that they did have was not used to it's potential.
  23. How about the fact that these guys were complaining from day one this year. Not only that so were the parents. I watched some of those guys the year before play big roles when injuries added up so you know they could do it. But you have to want to do it.