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  1. Say it ain't so. Wonder who that could be
  2. Why is that, POggi owns the MIAA
  3. Yeah I know , but that wouldn't happen
  4. Haha, doubt that but funny. They won't beat Loyola jv. Just like MSJ didn't
  5. Vegas spread was 17
  6. That's why his punk *** won't leave the MIAA
  7. He would always run up the score
  8. If you weren't watching how would you know
  9. Oh I agree, i was at that game. But I have personally seen him dog Loyola, from having his team stomp the L before the game to throwing with starter at qb when being way up inb4th. What happened to honor among thieves
  10. He has done the same thing basically just like when he was at Gilman. He would always keep starters until last series and throw ball being up big.
  11. Actually Hall announced before the season even started last year he was leaving
  12. Curley wasn't too good last year either
  13. Track is not bad at all right behind MSJ and Gilman
  14. Come on DW, I knew this was your doing
  15. Not necessarily, they love the school and he is more of a track guy anyway
  16. Heard if he went anywhere it would be MSJ, but he didn't want to stop playing it was his pops
  17. Have to agree with you about the players and families caring. I for one know that my son was proud to play for Loyola and proud to say that he played in every game for three years on varsity. He is sitting at college not very happy about the way things are going at the school. And I also know that the A vs B conf issue is a big deal for some kids, my son could have went to St Paul's and started on varsity right away but it was important for him to play in the A conf and be apart of the Turkey Bowl tradition.
  18. So someone at Curley, CHC and McD told you personally that this kid was not accepted into those schools. I find that hard to believe because I know CHC will basically accept anyone to fill that large # of students. And have a even harder time believing that if he was a superstar baseball player that Lou wouldn't have made it work
  19. Y You better check your facts chief, Loyola won the it's academic competition this past year defeating CHC in championship to go undefeated. The only reason you didn't see them win on tv is because one of their top guys played varsity football for 3 yrs and couldn't make the tv taping. They had 3 National Merit Scholar winners just like CHC. Check your facts before you start spouting off. And don't even talk 5th percentile because I personally know of a few of those at or were at CHC
  20. Not saying that they would, just said that if they wanted the administration to listen. But yes DW you already have some kids and parents jumping ship because they don't see the big picture of education first. You know they think Jr is a football star
  21. The problem is you have a number of underclassmen who are saying they are not gonna play next year, if you lose those guys your already weak program is going to suffer even more. Like MOP has said before it's going to take a bunch of full paying parents and alumni to have a meeting with the administration and say we aren't going to stand for this anymore. We will take our money and go elsewhere
  22. As far as I can see
  23. If that happens they may not be able to field a team. That would be awful for the school and I am sure they would lose students
  24. GC 2011 #5. DM 2016 #8
  25. That's a good breakdown of the current situation