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  1. I believe they beat CHC last year
  2. So that's why schools like Ohio State and Bama can pay players say 6000 a month depending on who the player is. Come on man you know the games people play and guess what now it's coming to your local high schools
  3. What are you talking about only 5 offers off of both list. They have at least 6 verbal commits off of those lists and at least 10 others who had offers. Right now his class is ranked #19 And last year's class was top 25 as well. You can't force kids to come. Can't compete with the paydays some schools are offering, ya know what I mean
  4. Why do you say it's a uphill climb, plenty of kids play sports and keep good grades. It's what the student and parent make top priority. If a parent let's a kid slack on his school work early on then of course it will be a uphill climb. Education starts at home
  5. DW I believe education is what a student and his parents put into it. A good student who wants to learn can do it at any school IMO as long as they are disciplined. Public or Private offer good education as long as you put in the work.
  6. And IMO that's only because of his size.
  7. So one game makes a year, I love the kid Boozer but IMO he didn't have his best year.
  8. It's a popularity contest, don't believe the hype. Like I said how can Duncan be 1st team and not even on the All MIAA team. Joke
  9. Also how can you be 1st team all metro and not even be all conference, that's a joke. Lewis should be 1st team over Jones at qb. Also don't believe Boozer had a 1st team type of season this year
  10. Heard at least one of those talented freshman are leaving
  11. And if he is interviewing he's not gonna tell MSJ or anyone associated to MSJ until he is offered other job.
  12. When is game, is it on tv?
  13. And what are those bigger fish
  14. Are you talking about the guy who can't stay on the field. If so he was the leading tackler before his issues
  15. They would definitely beat Loyola this year, speed kills. Don't think the would size up with the other teams very well though, especially on the lines
  16. Don't believe the hype
  17. They will probably wait until next December to do interviews and hire a new coach. Still have yet to name new AD, what is taking so long
  18. If they play at all
  19. Just goes toshow you that the cream does rise to the top.
  20. I have to agree, I put Jarrod on the same line as another dual threat qb from a few years ago Rawlings, a guy who can beat you with his feet or arm. Also a humble guy who takes charge but also gets his teammates involved. I remember watching him as a soph at another school and being impressed with his poise. Good luck on your future endeavors.
  21. Dunbar made the adjustments on defense in the second half to stop FH, kudos to Dunbar
  22. The playoffs were gone before Poggi was outed at Gilman. And if you think other teams were not watching you have no idea what's going on.
  23. Who ya talkingabout