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  1. They actually need to clean house. Half of the higher ups are just not ready for primetime. The fact that Wheeler Hall addition was built to the tune of $20 million before funding was even close to being in place is unbelievable. That's why the lower level and underclasses are some of the largest (numbers wise) in the schools history. Need as much tuition $ as possible. A. Day is inept and aloof, Keeney was a fossil who threw road blocks at any progress athletically, Marriacci is liked by no one and cannot get out of his own way. The board is a worthless collection of do-nothings who have been complacent as Loyola athletics have steadily declined since that dufus Pesci was hired. Other than that, things are great.
  2. Probably not. He is a Don through and through. Don't see why he won't get the job. Loyola is very predictable in succession planning.
  3. Ambrose and crew are just not good coaches, period. Career losing record says it all. Used car salesman to the public, disrespectful clown to his team. The few kids that I know personally who were recruited by Towson and left, have said some disturbingly weird stories about how Ambrose, Kosmakos and the rest of the Towson staff conduct business. Like one of the other posters said, there is just no interest in local Maryland college football. Terps stadium is always half empty, Towson and Morgan are even more pathetic attendance wise with little or no support from the student body.
  4. Word travels fast in HS coaching circles and Towson and Ambrose have a very bad rap. They rarely commit Balto/Metro area kids and when they do, they transfer after a year or two. I hear the entire staff from Ambrose down are just not ready for prime time. Lots of disrespect of players on and off the field by the coaching staff at Towson.
  5. I know of more than a few MIAA and Baltimore area Public kids that have gone there recently only to transfer out. Ambrose has a career losing record, they cannot keep Metro area kids, and they do very little local recruiting. I hear they only get like 3-4K fans for home games these days. How can a career loser like Ambrose continue to be employed and not keep local kids? Seems like for BMore area kids, Towson would be a great option considering in-state tuition, family can watch games and decent FCS level facilities. They had a run several years back when they went to the FCS ships, but nothing since. Sad.
  6. Because I dare question what actually occurred. Assumptions can be dangerous, especially before all of the facts are uncovered. Keep your blinders on Tex. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2017/11/08/a-black-student-wrote-those-racist-messages-that-shook-the-air-force-academy/?utm_term=.b3ee3a349fdf
  7. Regular basis, what the h3!! are you talking about. Did you see the security camera in the hallway outside of the bathroom??? Do you have kids at the school, have you witnessed first hand similar occurrences initiated by black kids??? Point is, you have no facts, you are not affiliated with Loyola, and should shut your pie hole and worry about the mess in your own backyard on Roland Ave. Listen here Tex, racism goes both ways, if the kid that wrote on the bathroom wall turns out to be other than white, you are going to look pretty stupid. Again...All Hat and NO Cattle......Tex, or should I say Urkel. So I want you to point to anything that I said now or previous that reflects your twisted, raced based bias opinion of me>>>>> I am waiting. Fool.
  8. I am done with Loyola. First, a major overreaction to graffiti on a wall. (don't be so quick to assume the perpetrator is white i.e. Air force Academy incident a few years back), Second, becoming independent in FB. Rather than man up, take your lumps and attempt to rebuild after Keeney, Loyola instead, implodes the whole program. Forget recruiting at this point, Forget holding on to what talented kids they have on JV, forget lacrosse as well. All of this lies squarely at the feet of Keeney, Day, Marinacci and the bunch of do-nothing board members. Hope they are happy with the train wreck they have created. But hey, there's always Water Polo, Volleyball and Robotics.....pathetic.
  9. Carter is fun to watch. Kid goes sideline to sideline better than any Terps backer has for quite some time. Reminds me of a more athletic EJ Henderson
  10. Bingo. He was leading tackler because of decent D Lineman. Not many TFL's though, most were from behind. Bottom line, can't help your team is you can't get on the field. Carter is a far superior athlete and LB'er IMO.
  11. Same old story. MIAA kids weather A or B are typically superior to any public cause their kids come from a broad geographical area. Dunbar kids come from the Dunbar school district. That limits the talent pool. Just a fact. Its like the fools that think Alabama could beat the Browns. Apples and Oranges. I do think Dunbar could give the bottom MIAA-A and a few B teams a good run though. Would love to see it.
  12. For every Micah.. they are several at the other end of the spectrum. Two Terps come to mind. One was a RB and a the other, a current kid ho can't seem to get on the field.
  13. Not so sure they would beat Loyola. Would love to see that game though.
  14. Unlike Football, a lacrosse team can win with one or two studs on the field. Loyola has plenty of Lax talent so whoever they hire as new HC is inheriting a pretty full cupboard. Football, a totally different story. My hope is that Keeney has no part in the Lax coach hire since he has proven to be incompetent.
  15. Sorry but Koras is one of the fastest kids on the team. The kid is a very good 2 sport athlete. To say "he doesn't have the speed to stay with most wideouts" is simply fraudulent. Koras has speed, not afraid to hit and could even play QB if needed. McCoy plays with the biggest heart on the team...period. He is a captain for a reason.