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  1. SFA

    Best team Biff's wife's money can buy.
  2. NDP never trailed. Actually almost beat them in the regular season talking McD to OT. Before a crowd of several thousand at the US Lacrosse facility in Sparks MD, NDP ended a streak that has lasted since 2008.
  3. ShoNuff07, in some quarters your post could be considered a "micro-aggression". Just sayin.
  4. Another example of how kids change is Cole Boozer (Loyola, Temple). Played LB, DE, and TE in HS at 6.5' maybe 215-220. Gets to Temple as a TE, bulks up to 290-300, moves to RG and will probably be a Free Agent pick or Practice squad guy in the NFL. Ran a 5.09 and did 26 reps at his Temple Pro day. The point is, kids can change quite a bit from 10th grade through college.
  5. don't be silly. the kid is only in the class of 2020. He can and will shave time off of that 40. Anything sub 5.0 for a HS kid weighing almost 290lbs is impressive for a SDE. Not many are where he is physically at his age. The rest will come. Proud of this young man who has a very bright future.
  6. Where were the "football alumni" for the past 8 years??? The board will shoot down any FB advancement initiatives, fundraising efforts, alumni outreach etc. You can have all the meetings, and meetings about more meetings you want. Until this do-nothing board gets behind FB and raising real $, offering worthy kids scholarships, and promoting multi-sport participation, nothing with change on Chestnut. We have been beating this dead horse for many years now. PM controls the list of alums, those involved who wanted to reach out on several occasions for the FB program, were shot down at every turn. It seems FB will just never be a priority at Loyola. It is what it is. Other than Keeney, the same people are in place.
  7. They will find a way to screw it up.
  8. Ambrose and his little brother the OC have been the one constant. Nothing changes until they are gone. I believe Ambrose has another year or two on his contract. Actually the AD should be canned for offering such a large contract to a career loser coach.
  9. And Morgan Scroggins WR from Calvert Hall, is among other MIAA kids who have left Towson for some reason or another recently
  10. Heard Ambrose fired John Donatelli - OL coach. He was the only guy on staff that recruited the MIAA and the only coach that seemed to take an interest in recruiting Metro area kids. They also fired the LB coach Schwartz and coach Johnson. What a mess.
  11. They actually need to clean house. Half of the higher ups are just not ready for primetime. The fact that Wheeler Hall addition was built to the tune of $20 million before funding was even close to being in place is unbelievable. That's why the lower level and underclasses are some of the largest (numbers wise) in the schools history. Need as much tuition $ as possible. A. Day is inept and aloof, Keeney was a fossil who threw road blocks at any progress athletically, Marriacci is liked by no one and cannot get out of his own way. The board is a worthless collection of do-nothings who have been complacent as Loyola athletics have steadily declined since that dufus Pesci was hired. Other than that, things are great.
  12. Probably not. He is a Don through and through. Don't see why he won't get the job. Loyola is very predictable in succession planning.
  13. Ambrose and crew are just not good coaches, period. Career losing record says it all. Used car salesman to the public, disrespectful clown to his team. The few kids that I know personally who were recruited by Towson and left, have said some disturbingly weird stories about how Ambrose, Kosmakos and the rest of the Towson staff conduct business. Like one of the other posters said, there is just no interest in local Maryland college football. Terps stadium is always half empty, Towson and Morgan are even more pathetic attendance wise with little or no support from the student body.
  14. Word travels fast in HS coaching circles and Towson and Ambrose have a very bad rap. They rarely commit Balto/Metro area kids and when they do, they transfer after a year or two. I hear the entire staff from Ambrose down are just not ready for prime time. Lots of disrespect of players on and off the field by the coaching staff at Towson.
  15. I know of more than a few MIAA and Baltimore area Public kids that have gone there recently only to transfer out. Ambrose has a career losing record, they cannot keep Metro area kids, and they do very little local recruiting. I hear they only get like 3-4K fans for home games these days. How can a career loser like Ambrose continue to be employed and not keep local kids? Seems like for BMore area kids, Towson would be a great option considering in-state tuition, family can watch games and decent FCS level facilities. They had a run several years back when they went to the FCS ships, but nothing since. Sad.