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  1. This team just needs to get the timing of their new offense down. I saw at least a few times in the Curley game when the QB made bad decisions to either keep or pitch. Better decisions to pitch or keep would have picked up good yardage. Reading the DE was a little slow IMO. Also, the OC ran to the short side of the field a few times allowing no space for the play to develop. With a few tweaks, they could be better for sure. The Dons need a few new wrinkles for league play if they hope to sneak out a win or two.
  2. Wait.....We are up to 35 and counting....
  3. and Towson Football still sucks. crushed my Maryland and barely squeaking by Morgan the week before. Someone hand Ambrose a pink slip please.
  4. DD - Have to agree with jbmad. Coach Z has the football IQ and coaching experience to get the job done. The AD and board are not vested in building a successful football program, so it is what it is. LB should really be playing in the 'B" division if the admin will not get behind the FB program. That said, gotta give the coach a little break here.
  5. Just saying every year CHC lax is over hyped, much like their football program, only to turn out mediocre results. The last few seasons the lax team has been very smallish and unable to score points when needed to win games.
  6. I mean win the Ship, the only win that matters at the end of the day.
  7. At CHC if your last name is Kelly, you play, regardless of grade and sometimes skill. One of the perks of being HC.
  8. It may be time for a coaching change at TU if Ambrose continues his losing ways. Ambrose and company cannot recruit, cannot keep the kids that actually commit (failed drug tests, academic ineligibility etc.) Coaching staff has been way over their head for quite some time. Ambrose has been riding the wave of a National Championship appearance several years ago with a team he did not recruit. The rest of the CAA is getting stronger and we continue to decline.
  9. Then there is Lambert and Greensboro Day????? Look at their OOC schedule for the past several years. Cupcake city. BK likes to pad the W-L total rather than prepare for MIAA-A play. Small kids with no offense is not how you win in the MIAA A.
  10. Once again, CHC is overrated pre-season only to underperform. Smallish kids who can't beat a zone defense. The book is out on the cards. They play a cupcake OOC schedule when everyone else in the MIAA is challenging themselves. CHC is bottom half of the league for sure. As long as BK keeps shoehorning his family members into the lineup, things won't change.
  11. Confirmed. Anthony Zehyoue is the new HC for the Dons. Great hire!
  12. It is silly to ask kids to practice and prepare for a meaningless game a few weeks before college summer school and football workouts begin. And as I stated earlier, the fundraising requirements of each participating kid and the fact that they have to live with a host family in PA a week prior is a bit of a deterrent as well.
  13. Definitely don't agree with Evan Boozer being on 5th team. He should be absolutely dominant his senior year.
  14. thanks for the correction
  15. The concept is great. The only issue is that some big time commits won't want to risk injury, and the cost for players is a little steep considering the fundraising effort required by each kid. Also, living with a host family in PA for a week is tough. Just sayin.