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  1. Because the Towson coaching staff and football program are radioactive to Baltimore Metro area High School coaches. Most will not let their players even be recruited by this cast of armatures. Not only is Ambrose a career loser as a Head Coach, he and his staff have driven many very good football players away from the program. Constant disrespect, verbal abuse and name calling are the norm at practice. Just look at how few seniors they have on the roster. I know of a multi-star kid who had over 8 other offers, (chose to play close to home) who has since transferred and is not even playing football any more because of his experience at Towson as a Freshman. The only good news for the program is that Ambrose will soon be gone and they can begin the process of getting their reputation back. Frankly the Athletic Director at Towson needs to go for offering such a terrible, long term contract to Rob Ambrose.
  2. It may be time for a coaching change at TU if Ambrose continues his losing ways. Ambrose and company cannot recruit, cannot keep the kids that actually commit (failed drug tests, academic ineligibility etc.) Coaching staff has been way over their head for quite some time. Ambrose has been riding the wave of a National Championship appearance several years ago with a team he did not recruit. The rest of the CAA is getting stronger and we continue to decline.
  3. The O Line coach is the most important coach in the triple option. Next comes the timing and footwork of the QB and backs. Then comes reps, reps, reps....I have attended Navy football O Line training sessions and I can tell you that if you don't coach, drill and rep rules and technique daily, things won't run smoothly. They may be doing all of this, but it is not showing up on game day. I just think many kids are used to or want to play spread, and have not bought in 100%. I also think many uninformed parents are having an influence on their kids attitude.
  4. Maybe not having enough kids to field a team would be the wake up call these fools in the building need to get things back on track. Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom and we are headed in that direction. There is and has been for a while a general lack of interest from the student body in even attending games. There is no internal promotion of games, schedules to the current student body much less the parents and alums. There is zero promotion of the fact that Loyola has put many kids onto D1 and D3 FB rosters over the years. Many who are on active on rosters today. This kind of stuff is easy, yet Keeney and company are completely incompetent. Buy hey, winning isn't everything right.
  5. Regardless of what happens on the field or within the building, LB football has been set back 10 years by these "do nothing" board members, Keeney, Day and Marriachi. They are to blame plain and simple. Even if they saw the light and actually supported the FB program, LB will be digging out of a hole for several years. Just sad. But hey, there always water polo and friggin volleyball.
  6. The way the O Line was playing, probably not a bad thing. My guess is Coach Z will take the O Line duties over.
  7. Don't see anything changing unfortunately. Even when Keeney leaves, Day, Mariachi and the board, are major roadblocks to progress.
  8. Actually Loyola IS a bad football team. And this particular version is historically bad. Made up of kids that do not possess the proper size or skill to compete in the 'A" conference. Many are not traditional football players, but rather several Laxers moonlighting as FB players. This is the direct result of no recruiting and lack of support for the FB program. I don't fault the kids, but the admin and board. And you are wrong, in a perfect world, JV runs the same scheme, and develops Varsity players. To say JV means nothing is just silly.
  9. Its also the little things like NO tailgates after games, allowing kids to ride home from games with their parents instead of on the bus as a TEAM. These little things mean a lot in terms of building a culture. I love coach Z as a man, mentor and coach. I will give him the benefit of the doubt but the admin needs to give him some tools to work with. Also, I know it a little thing, but WTF is up with the PA system at Loyola. No music, can't here Rowley announce at all, pathetic. They can't even get the $5000 sound system to work. Most likely some senile neighbor on Chestnut complained to Keeney so he pulled the plug on the volume.
  10. I hope these Loyola JV kids stay with the school and progress to varsity. We have some nice players that show lots of promise on JV. The only thing the Dons can do is play hard and show pride. This season is pretty much over. I hope Keeney, Day, Mariachi and the board are proud of the state of Loyola football. But hey, there's always swimming, volleyball, water polo and lax. Pitiful.
  11. $300k is actually low considering 20-30 endowed, 4 year scholly's. They do teach math over there at CHC don't they.
  12. Sorry, the number is actually north of $300k, Mrs Poggi's pockets are very deep. Don't forget the coaching staff are all paid a salary as well. If they could move the whole school to Port Covington, go national with K Plank behind them, then you will have something. Besides K Plank could use the stock boost that an inner city feel good story could provide.
  13. Agreed STF should actually go independent. They are not really challenging themselves save McD by staying in the MIAA. No other MIAA school will drop $300k a year to buy a team of kids from all over just to win FB games. Nor will they renovate townhomes for use as dormitories and accept kids regardless of GPA and their willingness to pay tuition. Bottom line is Biff is coaching a team of all star studs (real easy to coach and win games in the MIAA with that kind of talent). What would be impressive is if they played an all independent, national schedule and continued to dominate. Let Biff's wife pay for 50 kids and coaches to travel all over the US, that would be impressive.
  14. 2 loss CHC at #8 is a friggin joke!
  15. HAHAHA....Pres. Anthony Day...Your funny dude.
  16. Paying for a few stud FB players each year is very doable and should be no issue. If we can get Keeney to retire, and get Day to buy in, things can turn around. OLine drives everything regardless of offensive scheme in HS, Paying half or full tuition for a few stud OLineman would yield results fairly fast. Most of Abbotts winning teams had monster OLineman. LB has a lot to offer outside of football, if you can get kids on campus for a tour, they will be very impressed. Its sad that little Johnny Football's parents get blinded by the prospects of playing at the next level when only 2% actually do. I can't think of many other schools that can match the total package/experience that LB offers.That said, nothing changes as long as Keeney is strolling the halls with his glasses on the tip of his nose.
  17. another reason Keeney needs to go.
  18. I guess a little up front due diligence could have gone a long way prior to the hiring.
  19. Not sure. I heard rumblings and know a few thought they were guaranteed starting spots just for showing up. I blame the parents for much of the way today's kids act. Many are in for a rude awakening in the real world. (now get off my lawn)
  20. Unless the SFA kids all get the flu or their bus gets stuck in traffic, it will be UGLY.
  21. There are/where a few FB players that feel a sense of entitlement for some strange reason. I know coach Z will not put up with any of that nonsense.
  22. Nothing will change on Chestnut Ave. as long as the current AD is in place. The board is also not 100% sold on the importance of winning on the football field either.
  23. I am a big fan of the veer/flexbone as well but until your rep the hell out of the footwork. motion, pitch etc. you get poor results like the 2017 version of the Dons offense. It does take time to oil the machine, but can be deadly when hitting on all cylinders. I have defended against this offense many times and unless your defensive kids are disciplined and role focused, they will get burned. Flexbone is also a liability when playing from behind. Once you get down, its hard to put points on the board in a ball control offense. Give the Dons a little more time, we'll hopefully see improvement each week.
  24. the problem is the unrealistic expectations of parents who don't realize that only 2% of HS kids will play D1 football. Many will be willing to send their kids to SFA to increase those odds. Never mind the huge numbers that actually make it onto a D1 roster only to get injured, burned out, fail out or just plain quit. The Loyola experience will prepare a kid IMO far better for life after HS and college.
  25. This team just needs to get the timing of their new offense down. I saw at least a few times in the Curley game when the QB made bad decisions to either keep or pitch. Better decisions to pitch or keep would have picked up good yardage. Reading the DE was a little slow IMO. Also, the OC ran to the short side of the field a few times allowing no space for the play to develop. With a few tweaks, they could be better for sure. The Dons need a few new wrinkles for league play if they hope to sneak out a win or two.