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  1. She probably needs an intervention of some kind. You'd think that she'd be satisfied with the tens of millions she's accumulated since she was "dead broke" and happy to spend time with family like she said she was instead of globe trotting to promote her book and seeking validation from those who are still her adoring fans. Maybe it'd help if the DNC and her inner circle there could arrange for Hail to the Chief to be played a few times for her when she's away from the cameras and public view. It might be enough to help her cope.
  2. Wow. Dan seems okay with rape if it happened some time ago.
  3. I didn't know that. Then again, I never claimed to work in the intelligence community like that poster does. No, we don't, but there are those who insist on believing that there was and still is a vast right-wing conspiracy.
  4. Hillary is still haunted by losing. She needs to let go because it is unhealthy. She's the biggest sore loser I ever remember still carrying on and complaining a full year after losing an election. I agree. It seems to be all Hillary has to live for, but she could also be preparing as publicity for her next book - "Back by Popular Demand" or "Why I'm Running for President Again: Hillary 2020". I agree with that too. Hillary's love of herself caused her to ignore outside advice and it looks like it's happening again.
  5. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/clinton-there-are-%e2%80%98lots-of-questions%e2%80%99-about-legitimacy-of-trump%e2%80%99s-election/ar-BBF5tFh?li=BBnb7Kz I can't tell if bitter Hillary "Blame everyone but myself" Rodham Clinton has totally lost it by now questioning the legitimacy of President Trump's election or if this is just the first step in her attempt to position herself for yet another run and to launch HILLARY 2020. If I had to guess, it's probably both. She probably feels neglected by all of the other headlines as of late that have hampered her desperate need for attempt to remain in the public eye to keep her candidacy viable, or at last in her delusional mind. I'd send her a couple of crates of Chardonnay if I was leading the DNC, just to try and keep her busy and happy for at least a little while
  6. Sounds like he should have been given an extended va-cay in prison for knowingly and illegally possessing those weapons he wasn't supposed to have.
  7. Since this is Locals, what's the average in Baltimore? I'm glad that the victim had a gun to protect himself in this case if the story as presented is true. Aren't you?
  8. http://foxbaltimore.com/news/local/resident-shoots-intruder-in-ne-baltimore-apartment-complex http://foxbaltimore.com/news/local/burglary-suspect-dead-after-shooting I hope the owner of the gun had it legally. It's a safe bet that the dead intruder didn't force his way inside just to butter bread.
  9. I wish the Reverend well in his struggle with Parkinson's, and the same to both of you guys for your friend and family members and their struggle with it.
  10. No problems experienced with Windows 10 update or the Creators update as of yet.
  11. So that's okay if he only used one hand to cup a woman's breast against her will while she's sleeping. I find it really very telling that you can't see the crudeness in Franken's actions and how that woman was violated. Now people are trying to make excuses over what she was wearing, how many hands he actually used, she was sleeping, etc. All the while you and others are ignoring what that woman said about Franke kissing her and shoving his tongue into her mouth against her will. He even contradicted her story by saying that his recollection is different. That means he's calling her a liar. No two ways about it.
  12. You accused others of whataboutism, and here you are doing it again even as you deny it. Franken has been caught in the act, smiling while groping that woman's breasts. You can't explain that away so you're doing exactly what you say others have done. Unless you're okay with what Franken did as photographed in the act. You've been schooled again, son. That's your perfect record for you.
  13. Now he has two, but even that shouldn't present a problem to anyone who would try and write off Franken's actions by using the accusations against Moore as the dividing line for what is bad and what is just barely bad.
  14. First you whine about "Whataboutism" and now you're engaging in it yourself on the very same thread. Republicans have already said they will remove Moore from his senate seat if he wins. Is that a concept too difficult and beyond your ken to understand? It doesn't matter that Franken almost owned up to what he did. He said his memory about forcing his unwanted tongue down his victim's throat was different than hers. That's denial. And now a second woman has forward about Franken. Your silly defense of Democrat Franken is that what we KNOW FOR CERTAIN about what he did, while bad, isn't as bad as what Moore is accused of doing. Oh, and he said he's sorry. I'm glad that Franken owned up to some of what he's accused of doing, even if not all of what his first victim said he did, but owning up doesn't cut it for a sexual assault. There is no "no problem if it only happened once or twice pass". Now he needs to step down and the Democrats should force him out just like the Republicans said they'll do to Moore if he wins. Only one of us here seems to give one of the accused parties a pass, and that's you. Your whining about "whataboutism" blew up in your face big time because now you're doing it yourself.