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  1. Yes. I see you do it all the time. You're doing it now. Dance, Pickle! Dance!
  2. ^^^^^THIS^^^^^ And now he'll continue to dance around those facts, causing him more embarrassment rather than admit he's wrong.
  3. I guess now we'll just have to call him XXX.
  4. I do have the high moral ground. I don't use or sell illegal drugs. I'm not friends with or defending convicted child molesters. And I haven't supported a war that was unnecessary that led to the deaths of many on both sides and separated children from their families or destroyed those families by cherry picking excuses to invade Iraq like Laura's husband did. Like your opinion, Rose McGowan's moral judgement and that of pro-abortion phony Catholics means nothing to me.
  5. Sounds like you're still upset over serial rapist Cosby's conviction. Oh well...
  6. Rose McGowan needs jail time. Let's hope that she's convicted now that she's been arrested and gets the help she needs. I don't laugh at the victims of KJU. I laugh at those who try to argue that this is an EVIL country and no different than KJU and Nazi Germany. Oh...and pro-abortion Catholics. That's funny too.
  7. Still better than Ode2AnotherUnnecessaryBushWar. #don'tdrivelikelaura
  8. Nothing worse than a smoking gun!
  9. Maybe the definition of "thug" is based on the amount one glugs.
  10. It is spot on when she ignores the reality of the destruction of lives her husband caused and when one takes off partisan blinders and compares the implications.
  11. You continue mourning for Anthony Bourdain. I'll continue to think about the lives and families destroyed by Laura's husband's "decidering" caused by an unnecessary war. Yeah, I criticized Rose McGowan for praising a child molester and will continue to criticize her for it, just like I criticize her excuse making for being busted and arrested for cocaine. Your heroes aren't mine. You're right about that.
  12. Hardly. They're not equally relevant at all, especially when Laura puts herself up on a moral pedestal pretending to be oblivious to the unnecessary death and turmoil that will continue to affect people here and in the Middle East for the rest of our lives, and all because of her husband's idiotic and unnecessary war.
  13. All The Sun cares about is another opportunity to try and force more people to buy digital subscriptions to their dying paper. They think that people will pay for the opportunity to make comments limited to the stories they show and for the inconvenience of not having stories presented in the aggregate in a format like these forums offer and having to hop around from story to story.