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  1. https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRBnjF0j6yyvCUnGA6FWED4HCudyv-G-zR-jRLuQdPwB3aEqudbpg
  2. Dundalk, Essex and Rosedale have a growing Muslim population. Many are business owners who moved there with their families. They even expanded the mosque on Pulaski Highway. Greektown today has more Hispanic businesses than anything else.
  3. Hillary Clinton Compares Herself to Cersei From ‘Game of Thrones’ in New Book http://variety.com/2017/politics/news/hillary-clinton-cersei-game-of-thrones-1202557332/ http://www.salon.com/2017/09/14/hillary-clinton-cersei-lannister/ At least it’s not Wonder Woman this time around. Lady Chardonnay of Chappaqua likely caught a moment of Game of Thrones on TV on her way to jimmy open the lock on the wine cabinet and correctly saw herself as Cersei but for all the wrong reasons, thinking of herself as a victim again.
  4. I like Hogan, but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s a RINO. He’s anti-Trump, supports DACA, opposes ending Obamacare, didn’t vote for the Republican presidential candidate, isn’t going to do anything to advance CCW, supports removing Confederate and other statues (like Taney’s), opposes cuts to expanded Medicaid, etc. Other than attempting to lower taxes and being very pro-business and understanding how to attract jobs and make Maryland competitive in attracting businesses – he’s a RINO. That’s not necessarily a bad thing in Maryland. Even bloviators like Patrick McDonough openly criticize him. That too is not necessarily a bad thing since McDonough, if he gets the Republican nomination, will likely be responsible for putting Johnny O Jr. or some other ‘progressive’ Democrat in office here in Baltimore County that will fill Kev Kam’s shoes very nicely.
  5. We're all aware of how Donna B and Debbie W-S conspired to rig the Democratic primary for Hillary. It's not my fault that you and some others who are incapable of critical thinking and want our elections decided by just two or three states. Now, poor delusional Hillary is complaining and accusing Putin of manspreading her when they'd meet. http://time.com/4949414/hillary-clinton-vladimir-putin-manspreading/ Believe me, I understand why you and the other Hillary supporters don't want anyone to bring any new stories about her and her comments that are reported in the news. She's an embarrassment and still can't deal with losing.
  6. This thread really got derailed. For the uninformed, Hogan is a RINO who is more fiscally responsible than any democrats. He ran as a moderate and no one should be surprised that he governs as a moderate. BUT....if CCW is your sole deciding factor in who you vote for then by all means, vote for Kevin. You might think you're punishing Hogan but you'd really be punishing yourself.
  7. Kamenetz was asked about the email this morning on WBFF and said that the guy just made a mistake. Wearing the sticker makes it TWO mistakes. I doubt Kevin will do anything about it even though he was there and had to see it himself.
  8. What's laughable is watching Hillary's grasp on reality slip away as she invents more and more excuses for losing again and wishing she could have a do-over election that she thinks would restore what she believes is her rightful place in herstory. That, and all the personal attacks because someone had the audacity to link to a story in the news that again shows Hillary's excuse-making is still ongoing almost a year after she lost. Even some of her followers on here are in denial and claim that she "technically won".
  9. Agreed. If nothing else, she'll get a book sequel to 'What Happened?' out of it. She can call it 'Why Does This Keep Happening To Me?". Seriously. The Dems and her supporters should pitch in and build an Oval Office replica in her home in Chappaqua for her. It'd probably convince her that she won and keep her out of the woods. The woman is clearly delusional. Bill can use it too.
  10. KK is older than O'Malley. Maybe you were fooled by that dyed perm/ jheri curl 'do that he has.
  11. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/clinton-opens-door-to-questioning-legitimacy-of-2016-election/ar-AAs9euw?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartandh Don't kid yourselves into thinking that Hillary isn't going to run in 2020. It's obvious that she's trying to build a groundswell of support so that she can pretend that "the people" forced her to change her mind. Hillary is one bitter and delusional loser who continues to whine and blame everyone else for losing her second run for president. Now she's whining and complaining that she can't demand a special do-over election.
  12. Yeah, it's supposed to be, and Kev's announcement raises questions right out of the gate. Let's see what happens. My guess is nothing. http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/baltimore-county/bs-md-kamenetz-announcement-20170916-story.html
  13. He's going to remind everyone again that his job is to talk and our job is to listen.
  14. You do realize this is a message board where people raise questions for the purpose of discussion, don't you? If illegals can vote than legals should have a reasonable interest in discussing why College Park would allow it while refusing to allow legal voters to have a say and vote on it.