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  1. All good points as long as you exclude Hillary's weight, hypothyroidism, alleged allergies, the deep vein thrombosis she had twice, her elbow fracture from falling down, her concussion from falling down another time, her diagnosis a few years ago when they fond a transverse sinus venous thrombosis, her needing help getting into her rides, and her recurring bouts of passing out. Other than that, she seems very healthy.
  2. Let's all hope she wasn't contagious. Remember how they denied she was sick when she collapsed during the 9/11 event and it turned out that she had pneumonia. A persistent cough at any age is nothing to take lightly, and even more so when it involves the elderly.
  3. Loved Hillary's speech. She's really proving that she can still hack it, and she sure did hack a lot.
  4. Hillary Clinton endures coughing fit during commencement speech at alma mater Wellesley[/] http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/hillary-clinton-endures-coughing-fit-speech-alma-mater-article-1.3198433 "Hillary Clinton can’t catch a break — but she has no problem catching a cold. The twice-failed presidential candidate on Friday struggled through an otherwise inspiring commencement speech at Wellesley College, her alma mater, enduring a lengthy coughing fit that left her, once again, red in the face and bleary eyed. Clinton — whose unsuccessful campaign was bedeviled by rumors about her own poor health after a prior coughing fit, a fainting spell on Sept. 11 and a subsequent pneumonia diagnosis — sputtered through the talk at the school she attended nearly 50 years ago. Clinton's coughs began seconds after she began speaking Friday morning, with the fit worsening to the point that it caused her face to turn red and her eyes to water." First it's allergies. Now, it's a cold.
  5. Strong women? Hillary sounds like she's auditioning for the part of Doc Holliday in a remake of Tombstone.
  6. Sounds like the Russians aren't the only ones who are still busy hacking.
  7. Hillary nearly coughed up a lung today at Wellesley. She sounds like she's dying or just finished smoking a carton of Camels
  8. THIS is why Hillary lost. She's a habitual liar and lies and denies to try and get out of her lies. She still does.
  9. The crooked cankled one with the selective memory who used to have communications with the spirit of Eleanor Roosevelt and said that she thought that to wipe a hard drive meant to wipe it with a cloth. Bitter Hillary didn't spend enough time in the woods in NY state. She still seems to be in denial about losing and it's gotten worse. Looks like she spent all those years play-acting out the lyrics to"Stand By Your Man" for nothing. Pretending to be president and listening to This Is My Fight Song on repeat rotation are probably all that's holding the two-time loser Hillary together at this point.
  10. It really does. That sounds like something one of those sovereign citizens would say.
  11. Is there a difference in the rules between saying to someone "You're stupid" or "You're a simpleton" or "Only an idiot would say what you said" and "That's a simpleton post"?
  12. Typical leftist tantrum and denial on display there. Trump IS your leader and president jus like Obama was our leader and president. Lefties only like democracy when they get their way. Otherwise they deny reality by refusing to accept election results and create their own little compartmentalized false reality bubble.