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  1. Was it Pat McDonough? Was he whining again about having to leave his radio show during his campaign? I wish someone would point out just one thing that McDonough actually accomplished, besides giving wigs a bad name. At least I hope that's a wig.
  2. Do whatever your sense of self-preservation tells you to do. That applies to the city and the surrounding counties. As this story demonstrates, these kinds of young criminals pay little attention to city-county boundaries and do their thing with equal aplomb on either side of the city-county line.
  3. Most likely, some of the posters on here are only pretending that they need reasons to hate the USA even if they already do.
  4. You're only interrupting the anti-USA hatred when you bring something like that into the discussion.
  5. Funny how people are lamenting that police might have shot the mass murderer to death. Canada seems to have a problem even calling the guy a domestic terrorist even when he supposedly yelled "HAIL ELLIOT RODGER!" and praised mass murder Rodger on his Facebook page for murdering people in the same way.
  6. Hogan's a real moderate in every sense of the word. That's why many of the far right republicans are upset with him (they wanna walk around with their guns and Hogan supports taking guns from dangerous nutcases) and why many of the far left and left of center democrats have been unable to successively label him as a Trump clone...he's not a Trump clone. He's done a lot despite organized attempts by the democrats to undermine him at every turn. That includes hacks who regurgitate their opinion pieces over and over like Rodricks. Has he done his annual recycling of one of those "SAVE THE ARABBERS!!" " pieces yet?
  7. Knowing the race of those responsible for this rash of carjackings, like the others in and around the city, might make people more alert to the dangers they might encounter when approached by the little darlings. This happens all too often for people to be offended because someone mentions that they were black. They should be offended that the damn kids are allowed to run around robbing, assaulting, and carjacking over and over again. Glad that the judge kept this one locked up because she really is a danger to the public, black, white or whatever. Don't try and over think it. They do it because it's a pastime in some areas to steal cars and joyride in them. Arrived in a stolen car, stole another one, then another one, beating up a pregnant woman after they knew she was pregnant. That's what kids do when they aren't raised right by anyone. Making fewer arrests though make the city's stats look better even if the reason for fewer arrests isn't because of fewer crimes.
  8. Violence in mob town isn't must limited to drug gangs. Seems like robbery and plain evilness is behind much of it too.. 60-year old man attacked and shot after leaving church. http://foxbaltimore.com/news/local/60-year-old-shot-man-attacked-after-leaving-church Then you also have apparently parentless teens showing up in stolen cars and being buzzed into schools and brutally assaulting people like the pregnant woman to steal even more cars just to joyride and dump them. No family members showed up for the hearing for the 16 year old female who the judge kept locked up. Still, only her 14 year old cousin was arrested so far and the other two are still out there doing what they do. The city has a moron like Pugh at the helm, providing bus rides to protest gun violence and to support school safety while spawn of the city's dysfunction get buzzed into schools or just waltz in with others without a problem. Woman in Highlandtown who was shot in the head while being carjacked and robbed by a male and female couple is lucky to be alive. They tried to kill her over an old Nissan. How much more dysfunctional can the city possibly become?
  9. Violent April breaks brief peace in Baltimore, with 29 killings in past three weeks LINK The police commissioner, Pugh, and others should already be familiar with how the weather affects crime in the city and surrounding areas unless they're really that naïve and in denial. New mayor. New commissioner. Same crime problem.
  10. Good post. There is zero accountability in many cases and this one is another example. Daddy apparently allowed access to guns to his mentally ill son despite having had them confiscated by authorities not once, but at least twice. Of course, the son didn't follow the law either so more laws aren't likely to do anything to stop a criminal when the ones in place were already ignored. Authorities blew it again with this one. Those guns should have been destroyed and the killer locked away before he killed someone. Trying to get onto White House grounds and having guns in his car while running around a swimming pool in the manner the kook did before just begs for lock up, observation, and more lock up.
  11. Cool story, bro. No one's ever watched M.A.S.H. either. Now that the two sides are actually talking formal peace and ending the war, you're complaining about that. LOLZ. And just like that, you find yourself forced to become a war hawk just to prevent even the possibility of our "preznit" accomplishing what your left-leaning idols couldn't do despite panicking about a possible war a scant few months ago.
  12. Yeah. Not only did they miss the party about NK and SK tentatively formally ending the war between them, but it also says a lot when Kim Jung-un is more willing to try and get along with Trump than the Democrats. First they complain that Trump's going to goad NK into a war and get us all nuked by refusing to talk with him, then they complain when they do talk to reduce the chance of war.
  13. I'll probably be using it a lot, especially on Locals, since it's apparently okay with the moderator when others use it.
  14. A product of a swirl and a swirl couple walk into a bowling alley... http://i.perezhilton.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/kim-kardashian-kanye-west-president-obama.gif
  15. De Sousa and Pugh BS aside, B_more is now 29 murders in 22 days before noon today. Add in another shooting and armed carjacking in Highlandtown to the mix and there's a truer measure of results. http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/crime/bs-md-ci-sunday-morning-shootings-20180422-story.html#nt=oft12aH-1li3 Another shooting is Reservoir Hill too. I've heard of it but am not sure where that is. Must be one of the better (i.e. undergoing gentrification) areas. Weather gets better. Crime gets worse. So it goes in B_more. Truth be told, it's getting worse in the county too.