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  1. Yes but they also beat Good Counsel
  2. I got a bottle of 20yr pappy that Gilman won't cover a 15pt spread, score more than 22pts, or hold SFA under 37.
  3. Dam SFA had like 7 players going between JV and Varsity after the Loyola game
  4. Is like the time when their RB was leaving also.
  5. I'm sure Wilson will get to the bottom of it.
  6. All you need to do is just go back through here and you can see what team I roll with. As far as the soft slight I don't mix words come on down to Irvington Saturday and we can talk. I'll be sitting in the second section right in the middle with my brother and other members. Easy to spot because most are from them are from Hamilton and Forest Park squads.
  7. Not insecure thought you were trying to make an off hand comment. My bad I got it now.
  8. SFA did play a physical as they did against CHC, Gilman, and every other opponent that's their style and there's nothing wrong with it. As you can tell I have access to huld and no it's not McDonogh's. I saw hard fought game by both sides, both teams were banging.
  9. Maybe since MSJ is in a "rebuilding" also and they beat GC who just beat DM. Funny how things go around.
  10. Dam some of you on here seem glad the McDonogh players got hurt, pretty sad. Your taking a really good game in which kids on both sides did some great things and making it your own personal agenda. Wanna know whats wrong with high school sports all you have to do is sit here and read some of this ****.
  11. Wrong again made it to the 19 right before the half and threw the Int at the 2 yrd line right before the half. Done with you.
  12. Have no idea how many kids were out and don't care I have nothing to do with McDonogh an careless what they do. My point is with the game that was played and how some are just making **** up. McDonogh had almost all their drives get inside the 50 which is my point. Re watch the tape and take your distaste out for McDonogh and you'll see a game that was back and forth. SFA made two huge plays they pushed the lead to 14-0 and then 21-0. Outside of they that they were only able to put together two scoring drives. Is that total domination of a football team?
  13. SFA territory means across the 50 young man at what point of my post did I say inside the 30? But since you brought that up they did get inside the 30 three times to be exact. 2nd McDonogh series of the game they drove to the 29 to set up 1st and 10. One run play to the 26 then three incomplete passes. 3 mins left in the half drove to the 20 but threw and Int at the 2 and SFA to a knee for the half. Drive after the pick 6 in the 2nd half drove to the 27 1st and 10 another int in the endzone. Did you even see the game or tape, doesn't seem like it? I understand you don't like being wrong, being a grown man and making something about someone only to try and make a point is pretty childish.
  14. Well I'm not sure what tape all of you were watching, they won but they didn't run rough shot over McDonogh. Score was 14-0 at the half with McDonogh having multiple drives into SFA territory all game. SFA had trouble maintaining drives during the game but made big plays when they had to. Mid 1st quarter Jones kept it on triple option and broke loose for a 40+ run to go up 14-0, young man has some serious jets but that was all the scoring for the rest of the 1st half. Opening drive for McDonogh in the 3rd they throw a pick 6 to go up 21-0 and then didn't score again until 4 mins left in the 4th. McDonogh was rotating QB's all game, the backup made some big plays but threw to many 50/50 balls that were intercepted or throw that didn't give the wr a chance to catch that killed drives. SFA is very very good no doubt, but take all the BS out of it you saw two teams gettin after it. One team made a couple of big plays when they needed Jones a 40yrd TD run on 3&20, and the pick 6 on McDonoghs first drive to open the 3rd to extend the cushion. The other team couldn't finish drives due to bad throws both under and not under pressure.
  15. You don't get it it's all about him.