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  1. Think playing time is the issue at Curly also. I know there's a little more at Loyola (which is a total mess) and that clown should have never gotten the job at Curly in the first place. But it seems kids are quitters no matter what from what I've been reading. Loyola involves the same narrative playing time and parents.
  2. Are all the kids that stepped down at Loyola quitters also?
  3. Dam bitcchh my nuutss taste that good
  4. What does SFA kids on the Big 33 roster have to do with the BTC
  5. Yup the Public guys are no fans of what SFA is doing combined with what Biff pulled at the Big 33 game. Hard to nominate someone that missed a whole season, hate to say that great kid who had a tough run. But it is an all star game.
  6. BTC told SFA no thank you. Did Wooden play last year?
  7. Ya same role admissions. No where did I say director. And to clarify SFA has never had an admission person. Like your boyfriend said reading is fundamental.
  8. Ya I know just wanted him to spit it out. I'm sure he said the same thing to the others that brought up MIAA talk and scores here, lol. Guess that's what happens when bamas just wanna stay on my nuzz.
  9. Not sure what I missed but get over it
  10. Nah I'm good
  11. MIAA kicks off tomorrow potential 2nd rd games. SVP vs SFA and MSJ vs JC
  12. Since you like emojis B=D 😮
  13. I know he don't want to hear it an really don't give a f@&k. Guess I'm wondering why you feel you need to step in.
  14. Don't venture over there
  15. real talk just what most don't want to hear