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  1. Was that the same Spalding Freshman QB that threw 3 int's against MSJ.
  2. You're right Bully about Holzer, but the entire JV staff are non teachers and on varsity I think there might only be one teacher-coach besides him.
  3. We feel the same about him an the school. On the flight down lean on him for us coach!!!
  4. OBC you seem to be pretty tight with the coach. Actually just got a couple PM's that you two might have coached together? I will tell you the Hamilton family is deep. When you hear something once you might say maybe. But when you start hear from multiple members that there was a sighting at Roland Park hard not to believe the rumors.
  5. Really, this secret meeting doesn't seem to be so secret now lol. Tell you one thing I bet Gilman is gonna keep a tight lease on this new guy. Don't want all the issues that Biff had. Guessing that's why they want their staff in place to keep it in check.
  6. Bully you're a MSJ guy to does he leave if he can't take any staff? If he can bring them will they go? Man this gonna be a tough stretch they have some kids coming in for a visit night end of the month. If he does have all this backing from MSJ he better put out this fire.
  7. A lot of MSJ folks as myself hope so to. But if you have ties with a youth program that has multiple players at these schools word gets out. There are two main schools using it to sway recruits an are trying to pluck underclassmen out of there. One is using the reclass line.
  8. Question if what you said the top guy declined an we know Spalding coach turned it down, you think only wanting a head coach an keeping Gilman's current staff is the reason?
  9. NY state of mind I believe the MSJ head coach is from NY lol. Word is circling around he is in the running an maybe the leader among the MSJ parents. A lot of the younger guys, parents, an recruits are concerned an not really happy. The rest of the staff is top notch so If he only leaves there could be a silver lining. Unless the new MSJ guy brings in a whole new staff.
  10. What school did he come from? So you're telling me because he couldn't play football he wasn't worth helping? That paints an even worse picture.
  11. Ya I hear ya but he was co-coach of the week and ESPN interviewed him without the other guy. Besides all that I don't any other head coach that pays for the staff out of their own pocket.
  12. Out of curiosity what other head coach in the state of MD pay their staff personally?
  13. hell ya his *** is fine he gettin a pay check. he was on some tough times after selling all his ****zz to fund the program. It was either step down an take this money or hit the bricks. but of course that doesn't fit the narrative some want to push.
  14. So let me ask you something brother what's your thoughts on the school tossing aside a black head coach for a white guy with money to place who he wants and run the show? Baltimore city and the state of MD didn't have any issue with that you know cause the whole city and school staff will sellout for $$$.
  15. Directly from Tim Holleys mouth call him an ask him.