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  1. Reverse the last 60 years of liberalism's moral decay of our society.
  2. Breaking news! Russians have been indicted in the Russian election interference case! This is the bombshell we've all been waiting for.
  3. Complete nonsense full of anger and emotion.
  4. Believing Omarosa due to severe partisan anger and hate is a sure sign of TDS. You might want to be evaluated for that.
  5. Because life and death decisions in the hands of politicians will be better.
  6. The rise of emotional support animals and the obvious conflicts that ensue all because the democrats lost an election.
  7. A wrestler and a comic? Sounds about right for you.
  8. We made up a memo about your memo and we demand it is released. Until such time, our lunches will consist of PB&J's with the crust attached. Furthermore, we will drink only white, not chocolate milk and reduce from 6 to 3 Oreos for lunch. Sternly, The Dems
  9. Wisconsin's dem politicians should flee to another state and hole up in an undisclosed hotel at taxpayer expense until this dire situation is resolved!
  10. Maybe CSNY and the Dixie Chicks could tour together. The Scream at the Sky Tour. Has a nice ring to it.
  11. You accused me of being a racist.
  12. Accuse people who disagree with you of racism. Yeah.....you're not a liberal. let's stay on topic. Do you honestly believe Trump is deliberately targeting Obamas policies because of race and not because they're bad policies?
  13. The "black president". Come on.