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  1. No I won't. Should I check the archives for your thoughts on the Florida election?
  2. Did you participate on scream at the sky day?
  3. Did you hear Algore won Florida?
  4. Trumps impeachment is a fantasy created by the libs while they quivered in the corner of their safe space.
  5. Mueller can get a copy from Raechle Maddow. That was a real bombshell there.
  6. NC birdfan, you are looking like a complete fool on this thread. Thanks.
  7. Actually, Obama and the dems did that.
  8. Hey, did you guys know Algore won Florida?
  9. The bitter clinging garbage helped punch you in the gut last November allowing me to laugh at you then, now and for the next 3 years. I thank them.
  10. This from the people who actually believed Obamacare was going to save each family 2500 dollars a year. Not only that, but was going to save so much money it would pay down the national debt. If by some miracle this really happened, politicians would use the money to pay down the debt instead of blowing it to get re-elected.
  11. Can't be worse than the leftists "jurists" on the 9th circus court.
  12. You might be an idiot if..........your entire political philosophy is giving more money and power to politicians that every liberal at some time admit "all politicians lie to us". Here's a tip. Give a politician, d or r, a dollar and they'll spend 5 and say "Look what I did for you.".
  13. I guess the giddy excitement of a dem winning in a deep blue state is over. That was quick.
  14. Which party got elected dog catcher?
  15. I heard Ivanka put Russian dressing on her ceasar salad. Why would you need another dressing on your salad when it was already dressed? Hmmmmmm?