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  1. I count 2 Russian lapdogs on this thread.
  2. Add a dose of white guilt.
  3. One of the main characteristics of a leftist is short term memory. It's a must when they parrot whatever CNN, the NYT and the HuffPo tell them daily.
  4. No coupon needed.https://youtu.be/IipIP2QM4HY
  5. The lefts lunacy since Trumps announcement to run for president has and continues to be the funniest by far. It's constant and seems to be infinite. Thank you!
  6. Maybe this is the big one! Finally! It could happen. Schedule the "Scream Yes! at the Sky Night".
  7. Maybe the devastating Sean Hannity evidence will break at the same time as Russian collusion!
  8. Yeah. That's what I thought.
  9. As compared to what in your original post?
  10. The left is going to boycott Starbucks! Uuuhhhhh no. When I meet a leftie that puts his money were his mouth is it will be the first time.
  11. Possibly one of the most ridiculous comparisons I have ever seen.
  12. The Trump supporters I see aren't angry at all. They're just laughing at the constant hysteria from the left. Just like me.
  13. "The Russians" is the new " Mission Accomplished".