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  1. Funny. All I read the paper for, in general, is Ravens news, which I can get elsewhere, especially ESPN, SI, and the numerous football podcasts, not to mention the Caroll County Times. And, I read the Weather blog. And, for as much as I enjoy that blog, I am not going to pay to read it. Oh well, one less way to waste my time during the day.
  2. I wonder what happened. I hope it was something as simple as the owners decided it was time to close the business.
  3. It cannot be both...
  4. I haven't actually shopped there in years since I live in Harford County now but I do remember, when we lived in Towson, going there after church almost every Sunday to get milk, etc since the Maryland Blue Laws were still in effect at that time. I always thought that was a neat place and brought a little bit of the country to a highly sub-urbanized area.
  5. I drove down Joppa Road for the first time in a long time recently. I noticed Harold's Fruit Market looked closed. Is it closed? And if so, how long has it been closed?