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  1. the email didn't say just dropping high school forums did it?. I gather it is dropping all the forums within the talk board? If it is only dropping high school forums then it is obvious that Catherine Dunn (Ms SFA Head Cheerleader) and SFA itself has persuaded the Sun to cut out the high school section which then protects all future actions that SFA does behind the scenes to get these kids. If the public has no way to know what they are up to then they have another layer of protection. Even though they have pulled out of the MIAA, they will still be raiding the local high schools to entice the top talent to transfer out of schools these kids have already been playing in. Coaches will still not know about the secret text messages going out to already proven local talent playing as 10th and 11th graders for a varsity team in the state to leave their current schools. They still won't know about the Sunday meetings where kids are offered full scholarships and Under Armour apparel with the SFA logo on it. The SFA Head Coach was pretty savy to see that by not staying in the MIAA he can't be disciplined or censored by the league that he left. But if SFA continues their talent hunt like these past two years, there is a media outlet already in the wiings ready to show the true side of the SFA charity program. The racist argument had no merit since all these football schools also play SFA in basketball. The housing of kids in separate dorms downtown to protect them from the streets has no basis since they only bring in top flight Division I prospect football players which means that there is no goal to find the real underprivileged. The claim that they all get into college is true, since they are all given full college scholarships to play football. SFA doesn't even have a school entrance test and teach NO AP courses. Look at their website. Their SAT scores have no bearing on the football scholarship kids and their average SAT scores for the whole school are way down. Kind of obvious why "we moved from Gilman to a school where a Trojan horse was offered to make all this happen." Why would the Sun drop these forums? No explanation given which is suspect in itself isn't it?
  2. By SFA definition they become underprivileged immediately upon entering SFA. After all, they are denied the ability to continue in a privileged school!
  3. Sure hope all this experience brings success here as these kids don't show loyalty anymore. They jump ship as the wind blows.
  4. SFA Forced out? Oh paleeze.. They outsmarted themselves in the end!
  5. SFA

    Mike Preston has NO CLUE about what he writes. He doesn't even follow high school sports but gets one interview ONLY from St Frances side and plays the race card using the same double talk over and over that SFA puts out about how they are only helping those in need with their dormatories. Always they claim they never broke any rules which they contacting players directly while they are still registered at a different school. They even contact these kids without the parents first knowing or the boy's current coach knowing. More rules broken too but for this discussion and space, this is enough to put their program on suspension at least. I'd bet 10 to 1 that Dr Turner doesn't even know what their coaches do to recruit. He is going to go with where the money comes from.
  6. SFA

    Henry Russell's rant about being cowards plus other juvenile comments is hardly respectable
  7. Don't think there would be any playoffs since the rules say on MIAA Guidelines page 40 that there must be at least 5 teams in the conference to have playoffs. The public does not know about the rules violations taking place the last two years. One major one was the solicitations of local high school kids by SFA coaches to entice kids to leave their current schools and play for SFA. These tweets in possession of several individuals who documented these tweet enticements. Further, the players were contacted without the parent or the current coaches knowing anything about the big promises being made. All this, while they were still registered elsewhere and played varsity ball for that home school. Additionally, players were given Under Armour gear with SFA logos on them to wear even when they weren't students at SFA. Gifts violates rule 4. Other violations also occurred known to the coaches of the teams whose players were solicited and given scholarships long before the school year ended where they were. The image presented is that there are dormitories by SFA housing needy students whose situations were dire in their local hometowns. Only problem is that it seems SFA was only interested in 6'5 286 pounders and seeking only Division I football recruits under the guise that all this was done with charity. Just recently a 6'5 286 French speaking student moved here from Africa named M'Ba who was quoted in the paper saying he was coming here to become a "beast." Their 2018 Max Preps roster already shows transfers on their team who haven't even left their current schools since the school year isn't even over yet. When SFA claims in the Catherine Dunn article that they thought they had to play local league competition but really wanted to play an independent national schedule,all they had to do was to write to the football committee chair, Pat Courtemanche seeking a waiver and it most likely would have been granted since it is widely known that the A Conference coaches "without exception" did not want to play SFA the last 2 years. Boys Latin is in the B Conference football but A Conference Lacrosse;so, waivers and crossovers exist. The SFA spin has always been interesting to read, almost like it comes from a Jim Harbaugh press release. And I wonder where that influence comes from?
  8. Calvert Hall has just hired a new basketball coach from Philadelphia. His record the last two years where he resigned from was 12 wins and 32 losses. Eckerl,the Athletic Director, says that he is a "great fit for Calvert Hall. " Need I say more!
  9. qwerty writes that Loyola ran the navy version of the triple option but that never really happened as both of their QBs never understood how to read the first option to keep or hand off. Thus, the whole season was run with pre determined calls from the OC which of the three navy triple option plays were going to be called. The fact that every play took a lot of sideline time with the OC giving the play to his messenger means that the triple option was not being used;otherwise, the QB just says go right or left and the QB reads as necessary.That is what made it so easy to scout them and predict the play coming. Once Matt Bell went back to wide out (his natural spot) then Jack Koras might have been the better fit at triple option QB since he is a very nimble lacrosse player and played QB his Freshman year,. Jeff Snider did a nice job and got better as he played but seems more suited to run an offense that doesn't key on the QB being an integral part of the running game. In effect, if Will Koras stayed his senior year, then they would have had a two year veteran QB already and the offense Loyola ran the whole year was basically just handoff or QB sweep once Jordan was put at QB. Will would have added a nice passing game with Matt Bell & Jordan Moore on opposite flanker sides.,
  10. Very simple way to prove SFA bringing in high numbers of transfers. Just go to Max Preps and look at SFA rosters for 2015, 2016,2017 and compare names to see that from one year to the next new players on the team that weren't even listed on the prior team's year. 2016 team had 12 new 11th graders and 16 new 12th graders that weren't even on the team the year before. 2017 had 11 new 11th graders and 13 more new 12th graders not on the team in 2016. All of them transfers. Look at some of the names and see their profiles that they came from other schools the year before. Shane Lee, Bangda, Jalon Jones Eyabi Anoma, Clowney, Jahlil Brown from Edmondson, St Johns, Eastern Christian Academy, Dunbar. Kwincy Jones, St Johns on and on and on I can go. Just look it up instead of defending SFA that no one has shown the record. These players being enticed with gifts to transfer and contacted even before the parents know about it. Coaches from Baltimore city & Carroll County protesting this piracy and going directly to the kids already registered at playing for schools that are NOT SFA. Donovan Robinson at 6'7 345 pounds was bigger than any Ravens on the 2017 team. Also Ogudo bigger than any Ravens but these school principals and presidents don't seem to mind standing on the sidelines (or just reading the game scores) how their kids being injured. Mcdonogh lost 4 players the week before Calvert Hall and Willis with torn ACL in championship game. Gilman lost 92-7 in two games to SFA and they were the second best. Kids being brought down to practice at the Under Armour Center in the off season but still registered at other schools. Text messages being sent directly to these players from SFA coaches enticing them with promises to make big money and we will get you national TV exposure and to the NFL. I've seen the texts. All of this is in direct violation of MIAA regulations on recruiting. But the MIAA Commissioner seems to have blinders. MIAA regulations also allow for member schools to be moved to different divisions up and down from A to B and to C conference. It would also apply to a school being moved out but they have never faced an individual whose moral scruples has gone to a level bent on beating IMG at all costs.
  11. smart move - his administration and all of the administrators in the A Conference-- EXCEPT LOYOLA--are clueless about the debacle of St Francis and their underhanded recruiting methods that have bought a Division III college team to the MIAA. These administrators could care less to listen to their head coaches about what this guy is doing down there --free tuition-college scholarship promises, free gear, free trips, free housing, promises that they will all be big time players, picking them up at schools to practice in the off season when not even registered yet to be at St Francis, constant harrassment to the parents of the potential recruit, undocumented ages when they move here. All we here is how great their program is because it helps the 16 homeless kids they found on the streets. I can guarantee you this -- NO homeless kid is recruited off the streets of Baltimore but 37 of them were found playing for other teams and brought in. Only Loyola was smart enough to say we aren't doing this anymore. So, Coach Dom, smart move. Many of us read between the lines as your timing to step down is the result of your own school people pretending there is no problem. And The MIAA Commissioner sits in his post office box with no interest to show what a Commissioner is supposed to do.
  12. smart move by LB. Safety is the main factor. With the "change in landscape" and expansion of talent pool (the LB letter)some school finally had enough of this SFA stuff and realized that our local teams are not playing local talent when playing SFA. Transfers coming in from out of state and being housed here, players whose birth records seem very well hidden and no one challenging them to make sure certain kids weren't held back years in other schools before getting to SFA. If you stood on the field, you'd see that these are men vs boys. Mr. Money pockets has raised his addiction for fame and prowess to a level that makes it dangerous for a 15 year old 10th grader to even be on the same field with these athletes going on 19 years old. All the rest of the "A" teams need only send the same letter and then redo their schedules against each other without St Francis just like it was years ago before SFA came into football. Isn't it interesting how Dunbar football champions are only a mile from SFA. If SFA were pulling local talent, they'd have most of the Dunbar players and Dunbar would not show the success they have. Thus, SFA doesn't even bother with local recruiting.
  13. Koras' speed relative to speed on his team -- couldn't stay with any of the CHC RBs if put in a 40 yard dash. LB just lucky Sean Tucker didn't play as he can outrun Cooper. sorry - but biggest heart on the team not a factor when in pass coverage. I suspect Koras will be moved back to QB next year, where he was as a Freshman. Then 2 Koras brothers can be QB.
  14. so if a team scores 2 TDs and comes back, that is not being destroyed both games! I was glad to see the loss the 2nd game. What's the point of playing St Francis and lose your star back possibly because of a game that can't be won anyway. Didn't Gilman lose their standout Willis with an ACL against St Francis. How would Gilman have done with 3 days rest after St Francis and have to come back and play McDonogh. Best thing could have happened to CHC is lose the playoff and get ready for Loyola. Even with the Gilman playoff game, CHC lost one of its star backs with Tucker out injured in that game. With Tucker in the Thanksgiving game, the score would have been 42-6 and not 27-6. He can't be caught in an open field, even with defenders all in front of him. Playoffs are stupid when the top team is undefeated and already beaten the championship opponent by 50 points in the season matchup. Playoffs are all about padding Poggis resume. Interesting how tere were no playoffs while Poggi put out of Gilman and he away for a year while loading up the new st Francis program. And Wala, the playoffs return when he is back in place with 20 transfers and a year to build the juggernaut before launching the onslaught. And all the other schools went all along with it because they weren't paying attention to the war machine buildup happening so quietly. Reminds me of the Polish Blitzkrieg of September 1 1939. Just keep your head buried in the sand and maybe they won't come for you!
  15. McCoy had TDs thrown over and at him almost every game. 2 in BL game - 2 in st Joe game. In Curley game he was taken out midway for coverage issues. I can go on as i saw every Loyola game. 1 in Avalon game on his corner in the end zone. Moore rarely played DB and not regularly until the Avalon game. He was always flipped to cover the weak side receivers. So, dont know what "heck of a year" means. I said that Bell was the only one who cold have covered Cooper is correct. Koras at safety doesn't have the speed to stay with most wideouts and he was the one playing safety most of the year. Best DB was Breschi and he had a heck of a year for the Dons, especially his ABC game.