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  1. I think in the spirit of the era and to make sure that no one is offended I think every player will get an All State Participation award.
  2. GA, They were in the Championship game but there were Gilman teams that didn't give up 76 points in a season let alone a game. Breaking even against the IAC. Not the same Gilman that I used to know. They couldn't hang with the old Gilman teams. It's all good, the one and done's shouldn't be in the NBA let alone the MIAA. Don't think anybody can beat SFA but I've seen crazy upsets before. At some point the Talent is probably just too different than but if they played the top 10 or 11 teams in the DMV every week (public and private/not part of the endless debate/both good) there might be a Jim Carey (So you're saying there's a chance) possibility somebody would play great, they have a bad game they could get upset, but yes very remote. Saw the Squash team got upset, never saw that happening. They still have the top recruiting class in that sport.
  3. G, Give him Props and the other two schools too, St. John's in DC and St. Frances.
  4. SB, Doesn't Gonzaga have twice as many kids as Georgetown Prep. I thought they had about 950 to 960 kids. Do you mean transfers? They might not take them because it's not great for kids already in the school to have a transfer come in and play ahead of someone who has been there.
  5. If there hadn't been divine intervention in '85, Reggie Williams and David Wingate would have 2. Villanova's shooting that night was crazy but the last 2 games same thing. Whoever they prayed to or whatever they did I haven't seen shooting like that before. It was crazy 33 years apart.
  6. GA, Don't forget about her role in Happy Gilmore. I had her on Oscar Watch for that but apparently Hollywood thought otherwise. You got to set the people straight out there.
  7. Mamba, I was at that Richmond-Syracuse game. The assistant coach for Richmond was Loyola grad Pat Dennis who later coached at Citadel and was a D3 All American at W & L. Lyles was killing it. I was falling off the couch watching everything go in. That DeMatha team was talented but still give the nod to the Dunbar team of the 80's. Three first round picks and Wingate in the 2nd round the year before. They were tough.
  8. Mamba, Watching the Jarius Lyles show. It would kill my bracket but this is unbelievable.
  9. Mamba, Great job as always. This is great info. It's bracket week. Have to do my picks. Can you do this for March Madness. Just kidding, it would probably take forever. Not sure who to pick. 6 games in a row. Let us know what you think.
  10. Thought MSJ had a chance after Gonzaga lost to Wilson where I didn't before that loss but bad, really bad 2nd half. Guess Ranney was their best win.
  11. G, Yea you don't want that fake news 10-21 out there 11-20 sounds so much better. I do have a question. When was the last time Gilman had a winning record in Basketball? Out of the last 10 years how many winning records? I do remember the Calvert Hall teams in '81 and 82. They were tough. Other than you, no streetball legends out of the big G. You are the only one.
  12. Definitely have some Ball Players. They got hosed a lot this year. Judging by their record about 20 times. Easily one of the best teams that consistently lost ever. Reminds me of the last 2 big G football teams, losing games but oh so good. Could rival the Dunbar teams of the early 80's in terms of future NBA players. Ok. Just kidding there. G, who is everybody? In a few minutes a van is going to pull up and these nice men in white coats are going to take you to a nice place where Gilman never loses and never gets hosed. Just kidding. I love your optimism. Maybe your right but I think it's a stretch. They are way below the best teams in the DMV. They lost 20 games. They're not tanking like NBA teams to get a better draft pick so the only explanation is they aren't good. I thought they came in last in the league didn't they? Hope it happens, but don't see it.
  13. .

    Hey the Dhali Lhama isn't the only one that can grant Eternal Peace and the Pope is a big SFA fan. Big G never had a chance.
  14. .

    Impartial, SJC was a good program during those decades but I wouldn't say the top program in the DC area. Carroll with Maus Collins was probably better during his run there before he went to Gonzaga. You had some good publics like Annandale, Richard Montgomery and later TC Williams but I think Carroll was the best and then maybe DeMatha and SJC similar before the 80's but you are right it's not like going from awful to good like SFA. You don't see however a lot of the grads kids playing there though. SJC did produce 2 NFL players from a 3rd place team including Terry Bradshaw's back up on a Super Bowl team Mike Kruzcek and another guy who was good Tom Marvaso. It has become too much like college though with the recruiting classes. Used to be one or two guys, now its the majority of the team for lots of schools.
  15. Bully, I think the league compared to outside competition was down. Mount St. Joe's nice win over GC but lose to St. Mary's Ryken. Don't think that would have happened other years. Gilman took it on the chin out of conference badly including a loss to the IAC. It will be back but at least for last year not a lot of out of conference quality wins and losses that looked bad.