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  1. I can see the attraction. Why wouldn't kids want to transfer in? Oh, maybe because they don't know who the coach is gonna be, don't you think that's important? Got those ties on wall Street for the future stockbrokers, you got that going for you. # to 4 hours of homework a night for the best Academic School in the Universe and they throw money around. I thought Biff took the money tree? Did they get a new one? G, you talk like you're 13 or 14 and playing ball with the kids every day. Thought you're in LA doing the new Charlie's Angels movie. Gilman will be fine, don't need the recruiting pitch 24 X 7 and the speculation. They're building, you don't even know who they is? Love you're positive sales pitch, but the Academics are stringent and reduce the number of stud muffins and real deals exponentially Gilman could admit wouldn't you agree?
  2. G, You gotta stop with the players out before every big game. Long layoff, what else can we think of before the game is even played to help explain it away if they lose. Let them play, hope they win but it's not Gilman, (Youngest, Most Injured Team Ever) so both teams will play on a 100 yard field. The team that scores more points wins and will be deemed the better team. Every team has stuff going on, no if's or buts or would of's needed.
  3. I think those High Level meetings in New York were with one Ben McAdoo. Great talent evaluator and motivator. My sources tell me he's available now.
  4. Yo, GA is a passionate fan, but he's not 58 Colts. If you read the forum you would know I'm generally trying to temper the over exuberance of Gilman is the greatest thing since the IPOD. Why are there so many conspiracy theories on the board. It was a joke in response to GA being in California and the game being so important that there would be a game watch at a nice place on the Pacific Ocean in Malibu. If you've been outside Baltimore you would know it's a joke. It's the Thanksgiving season, I was being nice and just making reference to a place that is near where he lives. Can't we all get along at least until next season (maybe not that long) about building up our schools and bashing the other ones. This board would be really boring if it got too civil. Newsflash, I had accounts out there and the restaurant is a nice place but the chances of them having a Gilman Watch party there are about as much as schools stopping recruiting.
  5. Cool, used to have Accounts out there and Gladstones was the place I'd go to watch the Ocean and the early NCCA East coast games which were on out there at Happy Hour. Kind of strange but nice to see a good game at Happy hour while it's still light. Enjoy the Weather.
  6. I saw the St. John's - Gonzaga game. Two good teams, think you might be right about St. John's winning a close one. They have played a much tougher schedule. It does seem unfortunate though that the teams that recruit the most end up being the best. Can't that wait for College?, apparently not but St. John's has a D-1 QB and a lot of size and speed. IF IMG won't play St. Frances, somebody (not me) with time and money (definitely not me) set up the game of the century and use the proceeds towards education or trying to make the cities safer.
  7. GA, They sure didn't quit. They lose a lot and I think are going to have trouble bringing in the same caliber of player that Biff is getting at St. Francis. Did you go by Gladstone's? Beautiful view.
  8. Oil Can, Agree about the Speed Cameras. There are in places that make absolutely no sense other than to raise revenue. Country roads with 25 MPH for a half mile? It's a scam.
  9. This would be bigger than Buster Douglas knocking out Iron Mike Tyson.
  10. There is a Gilman watch party at Gladstone's in Malibu right on the Pacific Coast highway today. They wouldn't let the game be televised on the Greyhound TV network because the competing Panther TV network was able to secure the exclusive rights to the game. Gilman supporters are encouraged to contribute to the Hire John Gruden fund. Hounds keep it closer than last time.
  11. Mamba, Are we in a lose, lose situation here? Think about it, IF SFA wins people will either complain they are a totally recruited team (which I guess they are) and should be out of the league or others saying they are the greatest team ever or at least since the '85 Bears. Need the Pepto Bismol either way. Good team, but beating Gilman this year not that hard, I mean they have 6 losses already. Hope they (SFA) play IMG, maybe they are that good but down year for the competition they played and would be nice if they could prove it on the field and not on a message board. We also might here forever how Spanky and Al Falfa had stingers, swine flu and narcolepsy or they would have won. If in the unlikely event the blind squirrel finds an acorn and Gilman somehow miraculously wins, I think we do a pool with a closest to the pin (number of posts) about the awesomeness of the most greatest, most fantabulous gutty team ever. Either way you need an airline sickness bag. Was rooting for a Gilman miracle earlier in the week but after the should of beat this, should of beat that probably in the SFA corner now. Should be fun either way, but there are better games this weekend. Enjoy!
  12. GA, The Defense gave up 37 Straight points! Having a lead doesn't put a W in the books. Always the 9th grader, the injury. They lost by 16. You always have the unofficial GA Stats how they gained more yards (never accurate/but amusing). There is a reason there is a scoreboard at the end of the field. It says who won or lost, that's what counts. You should write a book about excuses as to why your team lost "BUT" should have won and was the better team. ?? When you didn't do your homework, I bet you had an awesome list of reasons why you didn't do it. We could have a great Sit Com for Cable here. It literally is funny. Good Luck tomorrow. Make sure you're dog doesn't eat your homework.
  13. G, Stop! You're killing me smalls! Gilman, Gilman, Gilman. The staff basically had to leave the BIg G. It's just an Old Girlfriend after a messy break up. You sound like the Parent that shows up at JV tryouts sees their kid hit 2 shots and is dumbfounded after they get cut. Do you tie everything back to Gilman? World Peace? The economy? It's a feel good story. They didn't quit, great but they're not making a movie about it. SFA is a good team but weak schedule, no signature win but how many transfers? If you recruit that much you should be good. I don't care that they recruit but don't pound your chest like it's surprising. Think if they had to go through the WCAC, add Damascus, Wise they probably get tripped up, who knows, but Gilman is a 6 loss team, 7 after this weekend and will always have the number 76 to remember. Number 2 because of a wacky tiebreaker, would be # 5 in the WCAC, number 3 or 4 in the IAC, and behind Wise, Damascus. Just like the JV kid who gets cut, the truth is you're just not that good this year and in the grand scheme the State tournament games QO-NW, Damascus-Walkersville and the WCAC Championship between old rivals will be better games and more entertaining. Only way you can change the Narrative would be to win the game.
  14. Post is a great paper. It burns well in the fireplace. Wise, Damascus make sense, maybe the others but they also boost the DC teams too high. Political Correctness gone bad. Friendship Collegiate is ahead of Dematha who they lost to 42 to 18 and Spalding out of the rankings but who they also lost to. FC beat HD Woodson and HD Woodson also is ranked ahead of both DeMatha and GC. FC is 6 and 3. They are average but the Post will always do their best to rank a DC team even if it's not warranted. They have an agenda. State Tournament is great. Should be fun. Great atmosphere for Friday Night lights.
  15. G, Sorry to burst your bubble but the game was on Twitter. They had no answer for Hampton and Prep beat them. You always say let the results on the field speak for themselves. We all watched it. The proof was right there. If not for a tipped pass interception it using your terms could have been a blow out for Prep. We all saw the game, no reason to re-write history, they lost on the field. Prep blowing out a very good Bullis team is probably more impressive than the Calvert Hall win. Bullis beat St. Mary's Ryken who beat Mt. St. Joe's who beat guess who? Gilman, Episcopal was beating the BIg G until really bad coaching on Episcopal gave them the game. The Big G would be at best a toss up with Bullis and Landon THIS YEAR and be an underdog against both. MIAA, be honest it was a down year. Out of Conference losses, St Mary's Ryken, Prep, Wise, Good Counsel (Spalding and Gilman). Truth hurts. Biggest win was Mt. St Joe against GC offset by the St. Mary's Ryken loss. Not so sure SFA beats SJC or Gonzaga on a given day. A down Dematha team beat McDonogh. Tell me the conference's best Out of Conference win? It's the GC win. Even St. Francis doesn't have a signature win. This year not so good. The 76 is still fresh in everyone's mind. Good to be a fan, but all the goodwill everyone had for the BIG G may be gone with the usual (SERIOUSLY HOW MANY TIMES CAN YOU DO THIS) should have, could have but didn't rant. Is it true they may join the IAC? No reason to respond. The results on the field speak for themselves.