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  1. I feel like every score that happens just confuses me more. HDG vs Aberdeen and North Harford vs Edgewood are huge games this week. Bel Air is out of conference so no real big deal there. I think Fallston should have enough to beat CMW but I wouldn't bet my house on it. Is everyone just equal or is it a lot of playing to the ability of your opponent?
  2. Big day in the UCBAC tomorrow. Aberdeen vs Edgewood, Fallston vs Bel Air, CMW vs HDG are all big games. I think Elkton is the favorite to win their division, but i think the other is wide open. Tomorrow should answer a number of questions that I have about who is actually any good.
  3. Saw Delaney's QB against Bel Air, he was impressive. Has the ability to extend plays and throw on the run. They also have a few receivers that will go up and get the ball.
  4. Coach Mason was a good coach. He built an entire program that held kids accountable. I can not speak intelligently about what goes on there now. I would love to turn the discussion to teams that will win more games than they lose. What are the big match ups this week? Other than going to your sons game, what game is the best to see this week?
  5. I agree that Aberdeen is a solid team. Earlier comment about their coaching staff surprised me. Coach Brooks has had success at multiple schools and has been in the playoffs more than most programs in the past 10 years. I am holding to my earlier assessment of PM not getting to 6 wins with their offensive struggles. I thought Elkton would fair better against Kent Island. Any word on what happened there?
  6. Are these changes that the coaching staff are making or just conjecture?
  7. Aberdeen played Perry Hall tough while Bel Air had some trouble with Dulaney. Fallston and Elkton weren't tested yet. Seems to be a lot of parity in the conference this year. Big games this week seem to be Fallston and Boys Latin (see if Fallston is for real), Elkton and Kent Island, and Bo Manor against winters mill will be telling as well. Out of conference craziness makes it difficult to get a true read on who is the best.
  8. I am interested to see how Fallston deals with not having Cesky there for the first time and hope things work out for Coach Cesky. As for the rest of the conference being okay at best, Elkton is a solid team that made a splash in the playoffs last year and appear to still be very talented? Havre De Grace was in the state championship last year? I also disagree with your assessment of PM. Six wins would be a stretch still having Elkton, Edgewood, North Harford and a Bo Manor team that won big this week still left on the schedule. Am I missing something?
  9. I live in Harford county and try and make as many games in the area as I can. I know the conference up here is a very small microcosm of Maryland football. Just looking for like minded people that are looking to see good games up in the northern part of the state. Who is the team to beat in the UCBAC this year?
  10. The Bel Air kid was an offensive linemen that starts for CHC now. His last name is Wood.