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  1. Angelos was going to let him go to. Toronto if the Orioles were compensated. IMO, this was the correct call by PA. While I think that it is fair to criticize DD, to state that he has done next to nothing since his daliance with Toronto is a reach. The Brach, Trumbo, and Beckham acquisitions are examples of some acquisitions that improved the club.
  2. As md running pointed out, Kim was given limited at bats after his slow start in ST. IMO, he was trying to send Kim a not so subtle message that despite his MLB contract he did not want him on the team. Further, I recall Kim being booed on Opening Day when he refused the minor league assignment. ( Which was his right.) Buck put Kim in an awkward position from the get go IMO.
  3. Excellent post. The Kim situation is a great example of the power play between DD and Buck. DD signed him to a Major League deal and Buck buried Kim in ST in hopes that he would go to the minors. Buck was stubborn to a fault in this situation.
  4. My comment about the defensive shortcomings ( lack of fundamentals) and an inability to adjust offensively when the team is struggling ( use some imagination Buck) are both examples of his managerial shortcomings last year. Showalter's appeasement of Manny's lack of hustle and awareness was very evident last year. IMO, Manny should have seen the bench early in the season when he hit balls off the fence and wound up on first. This manifested in his running like Manny ramirez up the line on routine grounders, making lax plays on routine grounders at third, and making the third out of an inning while trying to steal third on his own.Buck's lack of discipline has empowered Machado and IMO hurt the ball club. It seems evident to me that DD builds the back end of his rotation from trades ( Gallardo, MIley, etc.) and through Rule 5 picks like Verrett. The results have not been good. However, I have a tough time putting all of the blame on him when the organization has made a conscious decision not to participate in the international market aand to refrain from signing FA pitchers to long term deals. Last point, when the Orioles were most successful recently you heard a lot about the synergy between Buck and DD. This synergy seems to have disappeared. I hold the entire organization responsible for the last place finish. DD has responsibilty, however, Buck managed the team to the last place finish.
  5. While you make fair points regarding DD's inability to put together a starting rotation as of late, He did make some savvy moves early on by signing Chen and making the Hammel and Norris trades. While the Jimenez signing was a disaster, I think that it is fairly appareent that DD is handcuffed by ownership's reluctance to sign FA pitchers to long term deals and to participate in the international market that produced Chen. Further, I think Buck's in game approach has become stale at times. There have been instances in the past few years when the team has been slumping offensively and he does not do anything different. I would like to see him him bunt, steal, or call **** and run. Instead, you get a stretch of games where the Orioles hitters strike out 8 to to times and hit one or two solo homers. Further, last year's team was the worst defensive team that Showalter fielded during his tenure. I can't believe how many run downs they blew. Most importantly, Showalter has not reigned in Machado. His lack of focus on the field, hustle on the basepaths, and overall poor baserunning has cast a pall on the team IMO. While I'm certain that there have been player/manager discussions, Buck should have pulled Manny out of a game or two when he wound up at first after hitting a ball off of the wall. The appeasement has carried over in the move to short. Manny wants to play short, so Beckham has to move. While I think Buck has been good for the Orioles, he has a part in this downturn. Further, as bleeding points out, it was his decision to bring Ubaldo into the playoff game .
  6. IMO, the only way this helps the team this year is if the Orioles acquire a third baseman. If this happened Beckham could slide into the role of a super sub. As it stands presently, the Orioles have a shortstop whom has played 52 games in his MLB career and a third baseman in Beckham who hasz played third in 9 games. As much as Buck supposedly values defense, the Orioles are potentially weakening themselves at two positions.
  7. Uh, last time I checked Ray Lewis retired after the Super Bowl and Ed Reed signed a lucrative deal with Houston as a free agent. How did Harbaugh get rid of two guys who pretty much wrote their own ticket when they were Ravens? Ray Lewis was finished and Ed Reed was out of the league the following year. Like mdrunning stated, Flacco is not a,rah rah guy. Personally, I think that type of leadership is overrated. IMO, Ray Lewis' leadership skills were highly overrated. Front runner who dodged the tough questions when things were going bad. For the most part Flacco owns his shortcomings and unlike other QBs does not show up his teammates publicly. I don't see where finger pointing or screaming at teammates is a sign of leadership. Rather, I see it as a way of showing everyone that the other guy screwed up.
  8. I understand what you are saying. He protected the football when the play broke down. Just because I don't agree with you doesn't mean that I don't understand your premise.
  9. I think that Harbaugh would be canned if Ozzie gets the boot. Overall, I think Harbaugh did a decent job with a,team that really does not have an offensive playmaker to lean on. Harbaugh can only work with what has been given to him by the front office, and I doubt that Ozzie is going to be fired. While Harbaugh has his flaws, his teams play hard for him and I think that this year's team may have actually overachiever a bit when you consider all the injuries. I think that he will be back next year.
  10. Fair point, but the passes to Watson on the last drive may be indicative of the lack of playmakers that the Ravens have on the offensive side of the ball.
  11. Why wouldn't he throw the ball away with your primary target covered and pressure in your face? I think it showed good awareness of the situation. He could have fumbled as he was falling to the ground. Besides, I'll defer to Dan Fouts who called it the right play. That guy played at a high level. You can't guarantee that any ofthose other guys would have reacted differently in that situation. No one has given me an example of a QB that did something different.
  12. You forgot the part where Joe counts his 100 million while he is in the fetal position. Sorry, this loss is not on Joe, the defense gave up the winning touchdown on a 4th and 12.
  13. An example of what? He didn't thhrow,a pick six to lose the game. Besides, what does his contract have to do with this?
  14. I am reading what is being said. I think that it is, preposterous to expect Flacco to run around with pressure in his face to burn off some clock. Hell, he could fumble as he is trying to fall down to take the sack. His play was the correct one and smart play. Besides, Koch did pin them back and the D gave up a TD on 4th and 12. This was after extending the drive twice with a defensive hold and PI penalty.
  15. Don't most " seasoned"QB' s throw the ball into the ground on a busted screen? I can't recall a situation where a quarterback reacted in tyhe manner you describe. Joe should have foresaw the defense giving up the TD on the 4th and 12.The bottom line is blaming Joe for this loss because of this play is,a reach at best.