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  1. I think the comments might be rooted in the fact that Trumbo is expendable with the emergence of Mancini and the distinct possibility that both Santander and Hayes will make the opening day roster next season. While Trumbo has a friendly contract and may attract a trading partner with his power and reasonable contract the options are limited by his contract which limits the teams that he can be dealt to. I think that the Orioles would be open to trading Trumbo to open up the outfield spot to a younger and stronger defensive player.
  2. This is really good. I hope you don't mind my suggestion that you change the last line of the chorus to" "And make me feel at home while I diss Danny, While I diss Danny..." Besides, didn't the one dimensional offense get a different wrinkle with the acquisition of Tim Beckham?
  3. Buck is getting too much of a pass this season IMO. This team is the worst fundamental team that He has had since he has been here. They don't play good defense, they can't execute a run down, and he rarely puts any pressure on the opposing defense ( call a hit and run once in a while for God's sake) when the team is struggling offensively. Further, his enabling of Machado has set a poor tone for this club. There is no accountability for his lack of hustle and lack of focus on the bases. I truly think that Machado will figure out an original way of getting thrown out at third base before the season is out. Yes, DD has put together a dumpster fire of a starting staff for Buck, but Buck has not done a good job of running this team this season.
  4. Here is an interesting article that was written about the Phillies shopping Hellickson about a week ago.The author referenced Jon Heyman. Based on their low payroll, the Phillies were going to include cash in any deal to either offset or pay Hellickson's salary for the remainder of the 2018 season. I believe that if the Orioles flip Hellickson, they can keep whatever cash they received from the Phillies. IMO, if this is true ( it was announced that the Orioles received cash considerations in the deal) it makes the trade more a bit more palatable.
  5. The Orioles basically traded two assets that they had little or no use for ( KIm & International Solt Money) and a left handed pitching prospect whom has slipped somewhat this season for a starting pitcher who gives up homers but can eat up some innings. In addition, I think Philadelphia sent some cash to offset some of the money that Hellickson is owed through the end of the season. In the best case scenario, the Orioles flip Hellickson over the weekend for a prospect or two that have more upside than Cleavinger. Worst case, Hellickson takes some of the workload off of Bundy. I think that this move is a precursor to a few more moves that happen over the weekend.
  6. It will come as no surprise if they don't sell. Especially since they announced that Manny and Adam Jones are not going to be moved. I don't expect a major sell off because of this, the core of Davis, Schoop, Jones, and Machado will be back to take a run in 2018.
  7. One cold hard fact is that Buck and DD are signed through next year. I figured that the Orioles would not be major sellers once they took the public stance that they were not moving Machado. If the Orioles were seriously considering a rebuild they would look to move their most valuable trade chip. Further, while I think that the Orioles would like to move either Britton or Brach, Britton's lack of effectiveness after his injury has put a damper on his trade value. I see the Orioles moving Castillo and Smith at the deadline. They both are pending free agents and they are pretty easy to replace on this year's roster. It is looking like the Orioles will most likely go into next season with their core intact ( Machado, Jones, Davis, etc.) to make one final run. I think that it is a flawed plan based on the weak starting pitching that the team currently has and the team's general reluctance to spend big on free agent starters.
  8. I doubt that either Buck or DD is fired. However, as another poster pointed out, ( mdrunning?) Duquette and Buck will be in the last year of their contracts in 2018. I think that it is likely that Buck will be offered a two year extension so that he does not enter 2018 as a lame duck manager. ( not so sure about DD) He may very well turn it down and stay with the organization in a front office role or resign. I think the Orioles are in a tough spot with DD and Buck's contracts running out while a rebuild is on the horizon.
  9. Good points, i would add that this is quite easily the worst defensive team that Buck has had during his tenure here. The lack of execution on run downs goes back to your point regarding fundamentals. While I understand that the Orioles are not built for small ball, there are times that you have to use it to spark the offense. I think that Buck has failed to adjust to the team's power outages the last two years. I'd like to see some more hit and runs, bunts and steals when the offense is struggling. In short, while they have been blown out at times this year, he has not been very creative in sparking the offense this season or last IMO. Overall, I think he is a good manager whom has gotten a bit stale with this core. I don't think he should lose his job, but while I think it's fair to criticize Duquette for his shortcomings, I think it is equally fair to point out Buick's flaws as well.
  10. This is an excellent point. There were several GM candidates who passed on interviewing for the position. These candidates knew that they would be handcuffed by ownership. I do think that the Orioles did a poor job of addressing their starting pitching situation this off season. They should have acquired a veteran starter after Tillman got the PRP injection in his shoulder during the winter. Instead, they acquired Asher,( who seems to be a decent bullpen piece) Ynoa, Verrette, etc. to fill the potential void. In retrospect the Orioles have had a starting pitching depth issue since they released Gonzalez in a cost cutting move after the Davis signing. Further, I think that it is interesting that the majority of Orioles fans put all the blame for the Orioles' disappointing season on DD's shoulders.Apparently, Buck Showalter is the teflon manager. Despite the team's June swoon he is held in high regard. People seem to forget that Buck and DD are pretty much joined at the hip contractually and that the Norfolk/Baltimore shuttle is a concept that has partnered BUck and DD. Overall, I think that Showalter has done a poor job of handling Bundy's workload and Machado's on field approach. The bottom line is that Buck shares in the disappointment that this season has become as much as DD. Obviously there is a lot of work to do and the Orioles are going to have to figure out if they want to make one more run with a core of Davis, Jones , and Machado next year. DD' s major task this year is convincing ownership to either sign Machado long term or to trade him before he hits free agency. IMO, this will be the stamp of DD's legacy with the Orioles. Also, I doubt that much will change when the GM position becomes open. Most candidates will run from the position instead of seeking it. The Orioles will probably elevate Brady Anderson to the position and whomever manages will be subject to the meddling and undermining of a pet of Angelos.
  11. I agree that the call to fire " the scouting department" is a reactionary position that would really serve very little purpose at this point. I also notice that very few people are holding Showalter accountable for any of this. ( Most are calling for DD"s job) While I don't think he should be fired, this team is the worst defensive team ( missed cut offs, botched run downs, etc.) that he has had during his Orioles tenure. Further, his failure to reign in Machado for his lack of hustle and general indifference to routine plays ( pull him out of a game Buck) has set the bar very low for the team.
  12. Right, and the difference right now is that Janish/Tejada are more comfortable at short than third. IIRC, Flaherty, ( who is on the DL) not Davis got the Lions share of time at third when Hardy was injured. Really don't see the point of possibly weakening two positions ( third and first) to play Machado at short.
  13. I doubt this happens, Machado is arguably the best third baseman in the major leagues. He is playing third with Hardy on the DL, He will stay there once Hardy comes back.
  14. Absolutely, Machado pretty much sleepwalked through the play and as you point out it allowed the runner to advance to third on the weak grounder to short. This is one of the worst orioles defensive teams in recent memory, and Milwaukee exploited their deficiencies big time on this play. IMO, the lack of fundamental play from the failure to cover the bag by Machado to the poor execution on the rundown was more embarrassing than Miley's performance yesterday.