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  1. I think they did not want to take Joseph out of the game in case Sisco got injured.
  2. No need to apologize, it's all good.
  3. Schoop and Britton are the two significant players that are disabled right now, There is also Rasmus ( who was awful) who will likely replace Santander when he has his time in. This is still a bad team with or without these guys. What you see is what you are getting.
  4. That is on Buck. Why is he batting Davis 4th? He hasn't had an extra base hit in almost 50 at bats. Batting Davis 4th essentially took the bat out of Machado's hands. I think Buck has forgotten that you don't bat your worst hitter ( Davis) after your best hitter( Machado).
  5. Actually, I think most felt that Britton would be traded and Brach would slide into the set up role after the trade. Big Dan had a deal in place with the Astros for Britton that PA nixed.
  6. How could the Orioles have traded Brach with Britton on the DL last year? They were in the wild card hunt until the September collapse. His struggles are obviously diminishing his value for the impending fire sale.
  7. I doubt you would have gotten paid all that $ if the Orioles did not have this approach. Point taken, now shut up and try to make some contact.
  8. Actually, I think Davis' reaction to the heckler is funny. (If true.) I mean, isn't the heckler acting like an ******** as well?
  9. With this team going nowhere they absolutely need to move him for some assets. They can always participate in the Manny sweepstakes after the season. IMO, whatever they can get for him in a trade will be more valuable than a draft pick.
  10. At the end of the day the manager has to be held accountable when the team plays poorly. The Orioles are obviously not a good team. I found it curious that a manager whom supposedly values defense so much moved his gold glove third baseman to short and essentially weakened the left side of the infield. Oh that's right, he wanted to enable Manny to play short. Further, I don't think I have seen a major league team botch as many rundowns as this team did last season. The lack of execution of fundamentals is on Buck. There is plenty of blame to go around on why this team is playing so miserably. It is more than fair to point the finger at Showalter. After all, he is a manager that has a lot of input on the makeup of the roster. I think that it's past time to clean hose. Let Buck, DD walk after the season is up. My biggest fear is taht they turn over control of the franchise to Brady Anderson. I dont think that he has what it takes to run a major league team. They need someone else from the outside to handle the rebuild which needs to start with dealing Machado sooner than later.
  11. I am not that impressed with his play at short. I think that you have a great third baseman whom is playing an average shortstop.
  12. At this point I would lead off Machado. He is potentially the best all around hitter on the team. Short of that, I would go back to Beckham. Small sample size or not, he did well last season. As I stated earlier, Buck outsmarted himself with this experiment.
  13. Thanks for the correction. I read the reference wrong. Recent past is where I am coming from. My main issue with Davis batting lead off are the extra at bats that he will get. I prefer someone else to get the ABs at this point.
  14. I agree. The game is not over and you need baserunners in that situation. If you don't want him to bunt, play 5he defense straight up. The Twins are making up stuff to whine about. They torched the Orioles on Saturday and Sunday.
  15. I would prefer Beckham over Davis. Davis' OBP has suffered the past three years along with his other offensive production. In 2017, Chris Davis had an OBP of .308 and Beckham's was .348. The less plate appearances Davis gets on a daily basis the better off the lineup ( and the team) will be.