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  1. As much as I loved Ray Lewis as a player, I hope he stays away next week... I believe he's a distraction.
  2. Don't we play them next week? Just what we need, the wrath of Tomlin..,.
  3. and they still got a FG out of it! Tomlin must be spitting tacs!!
  4. I didn't watch the game, but I notice the Raven's always struggle with the Jaguars. Ridiculous.
  5. Yes, weird, including the presence of Ray Lewis.
  6. Once I saw that, and saw Ray in the middle of it all, I tuned out. Just left a bad taste...
  7. well, why then do you think they did not and are not being given opportunity? And do you believe that going foward, they will?
  8. Ken- I am basing that on last year's performances when there was no Maclin and seeing similar play thus far apart from Maclin. I hope Wallace and Perriman can both contribute, but am still skeptical of both. I like that Wallace is asking for the ball-it tells me he doesn't want to be out shown. Also, the way the offense is now set up, they go with the run until it doesn't work and then throw. Not sure if that has to do with Flacco's health, or if it is the wave of the future. So, just like people look for a third down back, I don't see Wallace or Perriman being a third down receiver.
  9. because Woodhead produces when it counts! A team that scores 1TD and 3FG's every game is going nowhere, as evidenced last year. The RB's are doing pretty good even without Woodhead and Dixon, and hopefully Watson stays healthy. But the WR corp is still pretty sketchy.
  10. There is a reason both Wallace and Perriman have limited opportunities- Flacco doesn't/can't trust them when he needs a play maker. Woodhead is a play maker and so is Maclin. Wallace and Perriman haven't proved that. IMO, Wallace is pretty much done and Perriman is a bust, Matt Elam style....
  11. Perriman and Wallace will both be left out in the cold if they don't start making plays soon. I notice Flacco finds the guy who is the most consistent and sticks with him. I have a feeling that will be Maclin and Watson and hopefully neither will succumb to the Raven's injury curse...
  12. Alien-- Funny you mention the Bucs! I have my eye on them as well. I think they are the team to watch!!
  13. I agree with you Maniac in the sense that this year they look like they could actually go somewhere. And yes, losing Yanda hurts, but if the season goes down the tubes because of the absence of a right guard, that seems to me to be a remote cause.
  14. It doesn't look like Correa is any great shakes- when they had Brandon Williams restructure his contract, I was wondering if they were looking for another ILB. Now, it's a toss up between another O-lineman and/or WR.. Maybe they should give Camp some play time as a WR, Perriman and Wallace produce zero....
  15. Is that your assessment pre or post the Yanda gone for the year announcement?