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  1. Another way of looking at this is it's up to the coach to know if his team has got momentum and is playing with a hot hand so to speak and usually in those cases the breaks seem to go their way. Harbaugh tries to use a 4th and 1 to change momentum- but you need to have the right play call and the players who can execute- a hand off to Alex Collins up the middle against a good team is a high risk low reward play call.
  2. because if they're like me, they don't have confidence in the play calling.
  3. Pederson knows the only way to beat the Pats is to play aggressive for 60mins. If and when the Raven's face NE in the championship game, they will have to do likewise. So, no, in the case of the Eagles, it wasn't stupid, but it's always a risk, of which they took several in that game.
  4. is there a possibility that Belichick retires before Brady?
  5. On a different note, I wonder if DaCosta will be calling the shots in this year's draft, with Ozzie taking more of a back seat?
  6. I'm thinking they try to get James Washington in round 2 and get another WR in the F/A.
  7. So, If Smith can't start and Humphrey is suspended, and they have to now keep Carr, do you think it impacts their draft?
  8. why is it the Raven's end up with these guys?
  9. yes, I can imagine it, and I like what I'm imagining
  10. or when all those swelled heads look for big paydays 5 yrs from now. But look at Cleveland- they have had 2 top 5 picks for 3yrs and so far, no traction.
  11. Foles is on FIRE!!!
  12. Jags are a young team in need of a QB, but they are definitely on their way. You can thank successful drafts and Coughlin for that.
  13. and that's that!
  14. Brady in the 2 min drill-always scores!-you can set your watch by it
  15. Jags offense looks balanced, so far so good