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  1. I guess the good news is that Pitta is taking a pay cut of 2.5mill- I'm thinking that is for a WR or a Center .
  2. My opinion was that we needed an offensive playmaker more than we needed a CB with the first pick. THIS!
  3. I'm sure that will comfort Flacco as he runs around the backfield looking for an open WR.. But yes, your point is taken.
  4. Actually I'm glad they got Tim Williams. It's the Wormley pick I would have used for Godwin. Instead, he'll be playing for the Steelers. Nothing against Wormley, but I think the need was more pressing at WR.
  5. I tend to agree. Last year they drafted K. Correa in round 2 because Arthur Brown never panned out, a prior round 2 pick.. And I know he was injured early, but now they have Kafusi drafted last year also in round 3. He'll be competing with Brent Urban whom they drafted the year before in round 4. Yet they seem to have tremendous confidence in Perriman with his previous 1 1/2 years of baffling injuries. Even IF they wanted Humphrey in round 1, they could have gotten Chris Godwin in round 3.
  6. Offensive playmakers- why do they avoid them like the plague??
  7. looks good to me
  8. I do too regarding the Humphrey pick, but couldn't they have gotten someone just as good in round 3? I feel like Pittsburgh outdrafted us getting Watt and Smith-Schuster. We needed Wormley? I guess Carl Davis never panned out either. I feel like we keep drafting the same positions over and over.
  9. I figured they would get DE,LB, CB and DL in this draft, I just wish they would have gotten a Center. I"m glad they got Siragusa, but other than that, the offense really got zippo. I know they got that T in round 6, but he's a crap shoot. The only thing I can come up with is that Ozzie knew he couldn't fix what needed to be fixed on both sides of the ball, so he decided to concentrate it all on the defensive side this year and work more on the offense next year. The only problem I find with that approach is that next year there will be other holes on defense (Suggs, Smith and whoever's contract expires), so that will once again eat into the opportunity to build an offense.
  10. nope! I'm thinking they've already called Mangold, I wonder if they' ve also placed a call to Boldin. Either that or Tucker's going to go out behind the OL and kick every down.
  11. Are Malachi Du'pre and Isaiah Ford still available?
  12. Are Malachi Du'pre and Isaiah Ford still available?
  13. I wonder if they've called him already.
  14. So, I guess Alex Lewis will be at RT and even if they draft a Center, I'm thinking they get Mangold as well. I'm glad they got Siragusa, decent pick for round 4.
  15. RB Samjae Perrine is also still on the board going into today, but I also like Marlon Mack. They may pick up a WR but if so, he'll probably be Chris Moore caliber, so what's the point? I guess I"d rather see them go OL, Bisnowaty from Pitt and possibly Banner from USC with signing Mangold and Boldin post draft?? No offensive scoring power though heading into the 2017 season is disheartening. Maybe their strategy is to battle to a 0-0 tie in every game, or maybe Tucker has trained to kick 70 yarders in the off-season.