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  1. thanks. well, who would have thought the Raven's would beat the Packers with the O-Line they had today.
  2. I didn't realize Yanda was done for the entire year.
  3. it was a serious question birdfan. no need to go OCF.
  4. I doubt the Raven's would have sacked Rodgers 6 times- like I said, I'm thrilled the defense is playing so well. I've learned to have a healthy respect for the play of Aaron Rodgers.
  5. Is Yanda coming back at all this season?
  6. Rodgers is the king of the Hail Mary- throwing 2 in a game is not beyond his abilities. I'm thrilled the Raven's are winning but the Rodgers/Nelson connection is tough to disrupt.
  7. your not kidding
  8. Thankfully!
  9. they ask way too much of the defense.
  10. well at least that TD pass to Wallace showed some fire!!!
  11. Totally- players are willing to go to Jax now because they believe Coughlin is a serious G.M.
  12. good observations.
  13. Jeff Fischer was holding them back! Hope the Ravens don't bounce Harbs and get Fischer.
  14. I thought the Bucs would be doing a lot better than they have been. Jax and the Rams are the surprises I thought Tampa would be.
  15. I envision a pick 6 by the Packers to win the game actually...