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  1. I don't know about being a number one, but I do think he can take the next step (if it doesn't mess up his knee again.)
  2. I would stay away from Oher- too many false starts for my liking
  3. haha, no I didn't write the article but I'm glad to see others paying him some attention. Another guy I hope gets his shot is Kafusi. And I think Tim Williams will prove to be a good draft choice.
  4. They really need Gilmore to stay healthy and Boyle to stay steroid free. I think that combo is their best hope. Not sure what Watson can do and I think Williams is another bust. I know there are people that really like him, but to think that he was considered the only TE of his draft class that was a first rounder ( I know the Raven's got him in round 2, thinking they got a steal), I think he's been terrible, a Marlon Brown type player.
  5. Agree. Reminds me of a movie, "And Then There Were None."
  6. First the cynical response: If this was a pre-meditated calculation on Orr's part, then good riddance, so much for being a team player. The optimistic response: If this is a kid who loves the game so much he can't stand the thought of being side-lined and is willing to roll the dice, we already had a guy on the roster like that. His name was Dennis Pitta. In fairness to the Raven's, the real answer may never be known, but I can't blame them for not wanting to hold their breath every time the offense (because of Pitta) AND the defense (Orr) took the field.
  7. I always liked Canady and thought he was a diamond in the rough draft pick. I know he was injured most of last year, but I'm glad to see he's not getting lost in the sauce so to speak. I hope he gets a chance on the field to show what he's got!
  8. agree! Who is their center at the moment- Ryan Jensen? and is Hurst the RT?
  9. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I hope they stay away from Decker, he's not the answer
  11. Maclin leaves the Ravens without a deal- I guess he's onto Cleveland
  12. and now more than ever.
  13. since Gilmore and Williams are so injury prone, it might be Watson, Waller and Boyle left to play. I'm finding that on paper, the Raven's have decent talent, but they all drop like flies once on the field.
  14. I think Tampa is going to be the team to watch...
  15. Do they still have Watson?