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  1. Hey - Just be glad there's a positive change in the works and veteran players are excited about it. And if it does all pan out also be glad Pee's left of his own accord, because it's unlikely Harbaugh would have fired him. Giving Harbs the benefit of a doubt, it's possible he spoke to Pees about changing his defense philosophy or he'd have to go. It's more likely Pees was tired of taking the heat in Baltimore because his "retirement" lasted all of 2 hrs...
  2. I think it will be more like what happened in Kansas City- Alex Smith had one year left with the Chiefs primarily due to contract costs-it was then up to him to attract a future team-so if he wanted to play in 2019 he had to play like it in 2018 but he was being cut by the Chiefs regardless. The Raven's draft very intentionally. There's no way they jump back into Round 1 because they're looking to ditch Mallett, IMHO.
  3. yes, because the 2 guys ahead of him were injured as I recall....
  4. when you put it all together I think the Raven's are in a position that they haven't been in for a long time. Good stuff to come I think.
  5. I like the Jackson pick as well. They need a change from the predictable offense they've had for years and it starts at the QB position. I think he has a lot of potential and I hope he gets some snaps this year-Harbaugh has a tendency to baby rookies and I'm glad they have a QB coach and MM isn't it.
  6. no- not bad... I wonder what happened between him and the Cowboys? He started out as the favorite of Jerry Jones.
  7. and what a blessing for him and his family.
  8. I thought it was just me.
  9. I think a good team for Austin might be the Saints or maybe even the Niner's, a team with a creative OC. I think going into 2018 with Crabtree as your #1 is risky. Hopefully one of these other guys will step up I don't think teams know what to do with Austin. And I would put Baltimore in that category.
  10. not a fan of the 2 WR picks-would rather see them get BPA at this point.
  11. I'm not inferring that the guy can't play, but I think if it was between Brown and someone else, say Rankin, they would opt for Brown because of the history, that's all - some guys on here think he can't play, I don't know if he can or he can't. I hope he does because I don't see James Hurst as the answer at RT. There was a definitely need at RT. What I am saying is that I think some sentimentality factored into the pick, IMHO. I'm sure the Raven's examined tape on him and did due diligence, the rest is a crap shoot like it is with any of these picks.
  12. "In review, the Ravens got a need filled. They got a sentimental trip down memory lane with a son that could live up to his father’s name. " I just read this from a Chris Schisler article just now. So, apprently it's not just me.
  13. Hmmm, maybe, but I think he want's instant revenge and is hoping NY picks him up -was he even that productive last year with Dallas?
  14. so do you think he just had a bad combine and his draft stock fell sharply because of that? I noticed other teams passed him over.
  15. I also like Rudolph