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  1. If Miguel Andujar takes a step forward this year, hopefully the Yankees say ‘thanks, no thanks’ to Machado.
  2. I mean, Trump has people openly questioning if the current president has a grasp on object permanence for crying out loud.
  3. Ultimately, what legacy is that? For most of his life, he was the quintessential evangelical, peddling in anti-semeticism and homophobia.
  4. The murder was pretty much exactly 3 blocks north of where I live. We were just up on that block this past weekend buying a cup of coffee. The article in today’s Sun suggests it was potentially related to a real estate fraud conspiracy he had just been released from federal prison over.
  5. You didn't phrase the question properly (though you did allow for the choice of multiple scenarios). You should've labeled it as: "Under what condition would you be willing to give up your fire arms? (check all that apply)"
  6. It’s actually kind of sad that you had to explain there are other types of faith beyond religion (that all-too-often purposely distorts genuine faith with the religious variety). I’m speaking from a humanist perspective, of course.
  7. I really hope he gets traded elsewhere and then signs a mammoth extension. The Yankees have a ton of young talent on the roster and in the pipeline. I don’t want this guy’s character infecting their clubhouse.
  8. What the bleeping bloop do you expect her to say? Unless you envision billionaires with their brains blown out, how else is this going to change but through the mouths of babes? EH?
  9. The only way it actually comes out better for Putin and his agenda is if there was an assassination while we’re in the midst of figuring out what exactly happened (Mueller investigation).
  10. You’ll get no argument from me on that point.
  11. No doubt. It’s imbedded in the tu quoque logical fallacy they’ve mastered, whataboutism.
  12. I’d argue that for everyone that supported Bernie based on his politics, there stood a BernieBro that just wanted to stick a thumb into the eye of Washington DC. That segment of the population was necesssary to help disseminate anti-Clinton propaganda.
  13. They received help from at least that grass roots organization in Texas.
  14. They played it beautifully. It’s why I’m trying to tell Souflower that any circumstances involving Clinton or any other candidate are entirely secondary to what actually happened.
  15. Clinton is irrelevant. Hell, she won the popular vote by 3 1/2 million votes. It doesn’t matter, and it should hold zero bearing on how you formulate an opinion of what happened.