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  1. No problem. It's definitely long form!
  2. Considering how you've mentioned you seek out several sources of information to form your points of view (good on you for that), I encourage you to read this piece published yesterday in Atlantic Magazine.
  3. It'd certainly get the International Community talking about it again though.
  4. As you should. This dovetails nicely into the power play going on with Net Neutrality, too.
  5. Vermin are not people. Governments should not be in the business of terminating the lives of its own people, period. Nearly all of the free world has reached this conclusion. Sadly, we have not.
  6. The world will form its opinion on matters such as this. Expect the United Nations to chime in on this in regards to sending 60k refugees into a situation with cholera. A situation they, themselves created.
  7. Since you brought up a needless point, I'll parry your thrust: I wonder if the pro-death penalty crowd realizes just what company the United States keeps? The 58 countries that have the death penalty Botswana Chad Comoros Democratic Republic of the Congo Egypt Equatorial Guinea Ethiopia Gambia Lesotho Libya Nigeria Somalia Somaliland South Sudan Sudan Uganda Zimbabwe Antigua and Barbuda Bahamas Barbados Belize Cuba Dominica Guatemala Guyana Jamaica Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint Lucia Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Trinidad and Tobago United States Afghanistan Bahrain Bangladesh China India Indonesia Iran Iraq Japan Jordan North Korea Kuwait Lebanon Malaysia Oman Pakistan Palestinian Territories Qatar Saudi Arabia Singapore Syria Taiwan Thailand UAE Vietnam Yemen Belarus
  8. Cue RWNJ talking point: If only we could get back to a point in time where the 'NJ' was removed from the discourse of the right wing of this country.
  9. Thing is...Once Trump gets briefed on logistics, the first chance he gets he brags to the press like he knows something that others don't know and it comes out like "It's a big ocean." He's such a dag-gummed fool.
  10. Remember, it was a war about states' rights (so says more than half the country)...
  11. It'll take a bullet in the head of a few billionaires for DC to get the message.
  12. The color of his skin and his mental state are not analogous. At all.