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  1. Yeah. Except now they're all-in on Mitch Moreland staying healthy all year.
  2. I’d vote Ohtani for the sheer magnitude of what he’s doing.
  3. What a profoundly un-American thing to say, Cadet Bonespur.
  4. He's 35 years old with 304 career HR and an .848 OPS (126 OPS+), six top ten MVP seasons, 8 All Star games, and his 67.5 career WAR places him tied at 121 all time with Ernie Banks (ahead of many players already in the HOF). Frankly, I think he'd eventually get in already. A couple years would throw him into the obvious lock category. ....Now he'll have to wait for Ortiz to knock down the door for the PED crowd in order to gain consideration when it's all said and done.
  5. Trump just obliterated any pretense of neutrality by pissing gasoline onto a situation that has the makings of a humanitarian crisis. Evangelicals and rightwing nutjobs merged on a common goal. What could go wrong?
  6. A right wing coup d’etat occurred a couple years ago.
  7. I dunno if it’s a bias so much as it is a well-established-by-the-Oriole-front-office narrative/precedent. Having said that, I think Cafardo was perhaps a bit too familiar with Duquette in that piece, almost to the point of carrying his water.
  8. Nick Cafardo.
  9. The Orioles are going to get crucified for bringing up one of their better pitching prospects on three days rest, when they're 15 games behind. In May. These are dark times in Baltimore.
  10. I think you’re reaching for context where it might not exist outside the simple adage of: Some things are better left unsaid.
  11. I’m not seeing it as shades of unethical behavior so much as I am recognizing an instance where a whistleblower is being castigated for opening their mouth.
  12. Except these are not normal times. This.