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  1. Agreed. Put him on Ignore.
  2. He's not even intellectually curious.
  3. That's not likely. Much, much more likely.
  4. You sound like an old man yelling at the clouds.
  5. Yeah, the denial is strong in that one (workerbee, or Trump take your pick)
  6. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions' integrity lay somewhere in the 1950s, where blacks knew their place.
  7. Spot-on take. ESPN killed it. I mean, outside of Mel Allen, how else were you going to watch Dave Parker uncork one from the RF wall?
  8. Thanks for the laugh-out-loud moment. This too, is where I'm at.
  9. Do you consider arguing the merits (or even the existence of) the ACA to be partisan foolishness? I think getting lectured by somebody who claims a moral high ground by simply wishing McCain good health is foolishness in itself.
  10. This would certainly appear to validate my immediate notions of a lot of people's acceptance of Donald Trump. It's obvious Clinton had problems, but there was a racial undertow to all of it.
  11. Hopefully you'd be excused from jury duty.
  12. And in that ether will be his defense. But you and I both know the man's unfit to be a police officer if a mentally disturbed person could get that far under his skin, so quickly.
  13. I think the truth lay in the grays. The digital/social media age is an extra set of eyes, true..But there's something else at play here: and that's the quality of policing turned para-military right around the time police forces started bulking up their armaments to defend against the Muslims post 9/11.