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  1. Russia's been doing this for a few years now. It's just that in the past 18 months or so it's blown up significantly.
  2. The Submit button was only partially working. It (apparently) accepted my post, but wasn't returning me away from the edit page to the thread itself. My apologies.
  3. The GOP wanted to pay the Democrats back for nailing Nixon and also dinging Reagan's legacy for the Iran-Contra Affair.
  4. It's pretty much why he set up his reelection campaign the day after he won the election.
  5. My iteration of Angelos would be far more enlightened at to how to run a baseball organization. (o; Thoughts on trading Machado for a couple of young, blue chip SPs and a decent middle of the order bat?
  6. Huh. I thought you were smarter than this. But then again, that speaks to the loaded question you asked upthread. Try this one on for size: ask yourself how well the color of your skin plays to the ingrained, institutional racism that has gone on in this country for centuries, but was forced under the epidermal layer of society since the civil rights passage. There are multiple levels of racism, mlatoman.
  7. Setting aside the snark and petty BS this board tends to bring out of people (on both sides), I think there are a lot of people in this thread that genuinely mean well, but don't like to admit how uncomfortably close their politics align with the out-and-out racist who is gaining a growing foothold in 2017 White America. To an extent, that's true. However, unless you're entirely bereft of common sense, you recognize when racism is espoused by those who tend to control the levers of power in life, vs when it is by those who are more or less, the underclass.
  8. If I'm Angelos, I fire Duquette and bring on a bright, young analytical mind to take over the reigns of GM. I give him one goal: Go down to the Winter Meetings in Orlando, FL and let the market develop for Manny-freakin-Machado. Let them blow you away. Return with a king's ransom back to Baltimore.
  9. Facts should have no political biases, mcorioles. Wake up.
  10. Anecdotal evidence can still be germane to the discussion at hand to help shape perspective.
  11. To point out the blatant hypocrisy that exists within the current Grand Ol' Party?
  12. LOL Why? You're the one that was deflecting off a 'what if' scenario.