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  1. Yeah, I get what you're saying (generally speaking), but the knock on his SS play isn't about footwork or glove work. It's that his arm isn't strong enough for the position. From what I've read, the kid's got a good bat.
  2. Another hero gone. But then again, legends never really die. Rest in peace, Gregg.
  3. Probably makes sense to move him off short so that he can focus more on his craft (hitting) as a left fielder.
  4. Yes, one of the known throttles to the speeds you experience would be your computer's wifi radio.
  5. Dress for the job you want.
  6. No you weren't. Your only contribution to this thread is to swipe at somebody.
  7. I'll likely be in the same boat you see yourself being in. However, it's a damn good thing that the infrastructure is being upgraded so that the speeds we're seeing as more than adequate are actually pushed down the line of their offerings.
  8. [Insert argument about Civil War being a justifiable skirmish about states' rights here]
  9. Still dead?
  10. ? A lot of cultures celebrate death rather than mourn it.
  11. Matt Taibbi with a similar take for Rolling Stone:
  12. Ailes was a terrible person. Do you disagree with this?
  13. I hear you. And generally speaking, you're entirely correct. I'll take one for the team on this one. He needs to be remembered as the piece of sh..t he is. Think JoePa burying the truth about Sandusky. That level of bad.
  14. It's important to recognize how he helped to destroy discourse, and there's no better way to remind people of his treachery while the body's cooling down. I'd show him some respect if he deserved any. And Veritas has it wrong. He took Reagan's cancelling of the Fairness Doctrine and threw a grenade at it so the opening was a mile wide. He got richer off fomenting spite and despair of Americans. Good riddance.