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  1. Washington Post: Angry that ICE is ripping families apart? Don’t just blame Trump. Blame Clinton, Bush and Obama, too.
  2. I've never gone shopping for a Father's Day greeting card with a specific race pictured on the card in mind. I usually see comical cartoon Dads lounging in hammocks, cutesy animals with balloon thoughts, sappy poems expressing some creepy Daddy issues, or a picture of Garfield the cat. I'm certain if I looked for a card with a black family on it I wouldn't be able to find one, just as I probably wouldn't be able to find a card with a white family on it either. This is a big deal? Oh right, Baltimore Sun Talk Forum, where race is everything.
  3. I hear ya, but I can see the writer's point of clothing being used to intimidate voters from either side. I'm glad free speech won out in this case.
  4. He's a basement blogger, why post such unverified nonsense?
  5. A different perspective entitled "A Big Win for MAGA Hats" It’s entirely consistent with majoritarian First Amendment views that white people can harass and intimidate black people — especially black people who dare to try to vote — in a myriad of ways as long as they don’t get physical. Freedom! As long as the whites don’t actually throw the banana at a black person while they are filling out their ballot, well, this Court would allow whites to brandish their potassium-rich snacks in any way they like. Do you still think a ban against certain voter clothing is stupid?
  6. I don't think B-Rock and the Bizz are racist for titling their song "My Baby Daddy." I don't think the TV show "Baby Daddy" which aired for 5 years on ABC Family (it won a People's Choice Award last year) is racist.
  7. But you trust "The Palmer Report"?
  8. It’s usually risky to predict how the Supreme Court will rule based on oral arguments in a case. But the justices seemed to show their hand last February when they considered a challenge to a Minnesota law that says voters can’t wear “political insignia” at a polling place — a law challenged by a voter who had been asked to remove or cover up his tea party T-shirt. Good ruling by a 7-2 majority. 10 other states have similar clothing bans that will also go away.
  9. Based on the FOIA release showing multiple police visits to his home and his sealed divorce records, I perceive him as a suspect of domestic violence against women. He should release the divorce records to remove any doubt of this cloud hanging over him. #MeTooBen?
  10. Choosing not to is a politically biased decision, don't you agree? If he didn't pursue something on Mrs. Clinton because of his desire to help her and keep Donald Trump from winning that's a politically biased decision and a terrible stain on a once-proud government bureau.
  11. Did you see this fact? Not really sure how you can say this wasn't political at all. Smoke and fire, sweetie!
  12. How can an FBI agent involved in the Hillary email investigation be declared free of bias when he texted this?
  13. Wouldn't both parties be affected equally? What makes Democratic-inclined voters more likely to not vote in 3 consecutive federal elections (which is when this law would take effect)?
  14. So glad they caught him before he shot a member of Congress, unlike the other terrorist on the NoVa ball field a year ago.