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  1. When did Hellams Reclassify
  2. I think the starters will get pulled early to give them rest for next week ...besides I predicted them to blow them out last year like Spalding and it didn't happen
  3. He reclassed once in the 7th
  4. Are you talking about Penn that played for middle river and Hamilton he's the others...
  5. Can mcdonogh cover the Receivers from Dematha? Can Ellis find his receivers?
  6. Not when you claiming they are the best in the Miaa..,40 yards from a senior...lets just say he's a good ball player
  7. Madison & Dixon combined a 100 yards..not good for the best backs in the league
  8. They knew this yesterday that it was a scrimmage,but since when does taunting call a game...wasn't like it was a Team fight or anything...Dom wasted people time...settle it between the lines
  9. Gilman just lost to Gonzaga 38-0 with a Freshman QB...Good Counsel will beat Gilman
  10. I watched the whole game up til half and watched the 2nd half sparingly...they didn't have a 150 of nothing the first half...I can understand Greyhound that you will defend your squad but keep it a 100
  11. Purnell need to sit..QB IQ isn't there
  12. #20 he had 1 good run basically spinned the whole way down the field...doesn't even look like a back,should play to high
  13. Is Hamilton Tigers the Feeder for Loyola? What's the Problem with getting talent