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  1. It's been fake news from the beginning. Believe in it if you want.
  2. nothing happened so who cares. get over it trump is president and he will until next election. You Liberals sound like all those conservatives who said Obama was going to get impeached but it never happened.
  3. I'm thinking that we're going to have to deal with 13 losing seasons again. I'm blaming Angeloser for this whole mess. Wish he would sell the team.
  4. Why should there be charges on the driver? The dirt bike shouldn't be on the road. If I was that driver I would have kept driving until I'm in a safe spot away from his friends who try to do be harm for something that wasn't your fault.
  5. Don't care what you think but I'm driving plus transit system sucks out here in the country.
  6. That's why I stay away from big group events. Someone out there has to prove something. I like it when the crowds are small or no people at all. The firework show at the Inner Harbor doesn't look like a family event according to that video. I always thought it was.
  7. After seeing that I'm never ever going to the city again, not even to watch the orioles or the Ravens.
  8. I was at the car dealer the other day getting my wife's car serviced. I was interested in the prices and noticed that the Ford trucks and Toyota trucks were selling for $45000 a piece. The sedans and Suv's were crazy in price too. Those cars aren't worth it at those prices.. I think the prices have something to do with people not buying.
  9. I support Trump all the way so you're not correct.
  10. I love it. He's in the media's head and also the some of the posters on here. I hope he keeps it up. Like I said I'm loving the meltdowns.
  11. The whole tv new media is dying. She's not the only one who's going to be hurting.
  12. Well I condemn the fake news media.
  13. This person was originally Judgement, has been through a couple of different names after that. His post are all the same that's why he's so easy to detect. I'm gonna say he'll be kicked off on post #1500, which will be next month. After he reads this post he'll respond by saying I have nothing to add and I'm not interesting.
  14. I agree Concast is a ripoff. We really have no other internet service in our area so we're stuck with them.
  15. I would have stayed on the ground and would have sued that bus company. That guy is lucky he isn't dead.