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  1. Own four of them. Like to go target shooting which is fun. I use one them for home defense.
  2. They must of been doing this for a while because I have seen division for more than 8 years.
  3. This may be one of the problems for the bridge. They have made rt 404 4 lanes just in time for the summer from rt 50 all the way to Delaware that should make things better.
  4. I saw enough when I drove through to know how it is. I prefer how it was in the past. I don't doubt you at all that all of shore will change. I see it everyday. Oh I'm so hurt. Sorry I prefer being out in the country with less people and traffic. Anything wrong with that?
  5. Yes and it sucks! the people that move gotta have all their stores everywhere. I can't believe how Frederick has changed last time I was driving through during summer around traffic rush. I used to love going there way back in time. Don't plan on visiting again.
  6. We don't need anymore people out here. Leave well enough alone. I'm tired of seeing developments spring up all over the place out here. It's probably to late anyhow. I'm moving once this area gets to crowded.All the Western shore people do is bring their stupid malls and crime with them.
  7. No worse than the guy.
  8. Reason why I don't bother watching. They all have an agenda.
  9. I think there's only one original member left playing in this band which is Gary Rossington. The rest have died. They should just call themselves the Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute band. Yes I agree they need to go. I never get tired of their old music though.
  10. I tried adopting the eagles during those 12 years we didn't have a team but it didn't work. I even bought an Eagles hat which I no longer have. During that time I couldn't watch the NFL at all.