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  1. Too many people live in the state now and that's a fact. No need to do studies and fix things. The place I grew up in looks like Rockville now. Back in the old days it was easy to get around Baltimore and the surrounding counties. Thank god the only time I visit the area is on weekends.
  2. This is what I am trying to say. I'm also being to quick to judge Lamar Jackson. Maybe he'll turn out to be good but they should have used the 16th pick on him and kept the 2nd rounder.
  3. I think the Ravens gave to much to draft Lamar Jackson. I think he would have been available in the 2nd round. I also think this pick is going to be a big bust. That tight end they drafted doesn't look like a good pick either. The Ravens are starting to look like Cleveland.
  4. You watch to much TV. Live in the real world for once.
  5. Where is the Russian collusion? How did the investigation go from Russian to *****?
  6. You just don't know when your time is up. Enjoy it while you're still here.
  7. Dunkin Donuts rules. McDonalds isn't bad. Starbucks taste like crap.
  8. If I break down in a area I'm not familiar with I'm not knocking on doors and it doesn't matter if it's a black or white neighborhood. I don't trust anyone to bother them black or white. I'd rather look for a store to get help. Over 30 years ago I remember a kid getting shot killed walking through someones yard where I grew up and it was white on white. Yes it was wrong shooting at the kid. Glad he didn't hit him.
  9. the real jimmy kimmel. end of story. LOL here he is in blackface.
  10. Many years we have screwed up everything by getting involved. Yes we need to get out of there. Our policy over has never worked.
  11. I could not back anyone that looks like Hogg. He does have a punchable face and that's not because of what he believes in. He looks like a scrawny Nazi dork with a Bob Big boy haircut.. The media reports it like Hogg has destroyed the gun nutters but in reality he hasn't.
  12. Future Democrat voters, that's all the Democrats see.
  13. 85-77 Don't make the wildcard or AL championship series.