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  1. Not against cannibis. I'm all for legalization. I don't believe in any type of happy pills prescribed by a crooked doctor. Maybe OTC when I have a cold or a headache. As a drinker I don't get blitzed. Just a good beer buzz is fine and that's just on weekends.I know they're working on legalization in DE and when the day comes I will be at the weed store buying some. I think we are way off topic on this thread.
  2. Just beer and sometimes wine. Weed here and there. Smoked enough in my young days. I guess I'm in the cool crowd now since I smoke weed.
  3. I agree this time of year is the best time to go. I've been in DE for 15 years now. I'm more inland. Yes Delaware has become a favorite place for retirees from the areas you mention. Cheaper property taxes and the people are pretty laid back around here.
  4. You couldn't pay me to live there. I know it takes a half hour just for a 5 minute trip. Pain in a arse to get in and out of that area. Developments are going up pretty quick around the Sussex county area. Route 24 and 9 always have traffic jams. Better to live way inland but those places aren't getting any better. It's not even worth going to the beach in the winter time. But if you love it more power to you.
  5. Your so cool because you smoke weed. I want to be like you when I grow up.
  6. You Guys? Am i in some group or something? Tell Me about myself since you already know about me more than I do.
  7. I cut the cable so I don't really watch ESPN or any other channel.
  8. Save yourself and get out while you can!
  9. Guy looks like a dweeb. Hell there are many on this board that are full of rage that are walking the streets. Your post seem to have a lot of anger in them.
  10. What has Michael Moores fat arse done to help anyone out. This is a bullcrap story.
  11. Bengals 14 Ravens 9 ravnes offense is bad. Only scoring for Ravens is done by fg.
  12. Boring
  13. Don't forget about your boy Anthony Weiner. That filthy Democrat! Lock em up! Lock em up! SMDH
  14. I think the United States has been doing it's part to reduce global warming with a lot of regulations. The problem is with other countries such as China and India. Both of those countries are over populated and really have no environmental regulations . How do you get them to change with what they do?
  15. I have to agree with this also. Yes the driver could have avoided this but isn't it against the law to be protesting out in the middle of the street. Also why attack people who mind their own business and have nothing to do with whatever their protesting about.