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  1. And it will always be that way in the future with the Democrat and Republican narrative.
  2. I'll vote for anybody that was running against a democrat but now it's getting tough to vote for republicans. Yes I would vote for trump again over Hillary. I would have never have voted for cooked Hillary and still wouldn't. I would like to point out that I'm no uptight conservative. I have many liberal views such as legalization of drugs, abortion rights, gay marriage. Kind of a live and let live attitude. I just see people devoted to the democrat party can't see the corruptness on their side nor can they see the media bias for the dems. I just find democrats as the biggest hypocrites that are totally useless. I would point out Republicans politicians are also pieces of crap. I'm sure you don't see many people saying yes on that poll because the majority on this forum are liberal democrats.
  3. When a democrat get elected next time I hope he or she get the same treatment but that wont happen since the media is a bunch of Liberal shills.
  4. The guy is a lying arse hole. I can see the guy is a fake.
  5. More than likely a Democrat will win 2020 but I'm not going anywhere. Country is already [messed up] no matter who is Pres. I'm not a cry baby like all you LIBs.
  6. who really cares what they think. I lived in the Baltimore area for 38 years different state now and I never had any kind of complex towards DC. As a matter of fact while living in the Baltimore area I rarely visited or cared about DC or the surrounding area.
  7. I agree that wasn't smart of her doing that. I wouldn't have confronted them and I'm a fairly large guy.
  8. Wouldn't surprise me if the whole thing is fake.
  9. Why respond then? I don't read your stupid crap and comment. Easy as that.
  10. That is a good list. I think those artist will eventually get in. Journey wasn't a bad band though. Yes Jethro Tull and **** Dale should have been in way before Journey.
  11. We will find out if the Ravens brass screwed up once the season starts or maybe I just don't know the talent of all these college players.
  12. Pretty much the end of France as we know it. You might not agree with me now but give it a couple of years and you'll see I was right.
  13. My guess if he was an Muslim who didn't believe in evolution all would be well with all you Liberals. By the way is there a law in what a person's beliefs should be.
  14. Heard of the name but he was before my time to know his work. More than likely he was better than Colbert. Anyone is better. Just my opinion.
  15. If Colbert wasn't such a shill I would consider him funny. Na I take it back even if he wasn't a shill he still sucks. Wish Dave Letterman was still on the air.