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  1. HC should be fired immediately
  2. Well GA I just got a call from my SF sources and they tell me the Biffster has sent out a memo that states this weeks game is personal and anything besides a blowout is unacceptable to him and while blowing the G out they are to inflict massive amounts of pain and punishment
  3. Impressive
  4. I’m hearing Mr Wren I watched the game on Gilmans side and his name cane up a lot GA have you heard this
  5. You can’t be serious I see this Bush League playoff was a money grab
  6. If he is I agree coach
  7. Hold your horses now GA lol GA please tell me why Madison doesn’t have any offers i mean damn he has to have the best RB film in Md matter of fact he’s better than the kid at SF imo
  8. I hope so Purnell played the game of his life
  9. Just watched the G put a boot yo C Halls ***
  10. Terrible expierement by Dom never sell your soul for the sake of wins
  11. Ellis benched
  12. And so is Spanky the only difference is Hellams has about 30 offers and Dixon don’t and I won’t mention Dixon reclassified
  13. What’s this I’m hearing there’s a JV championship I thought all the teams played each other and the best conference record was declared the champ