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  1. Palotti some shat period their reign on top was short like a leprechaun
  2. Mamba can I get the stats for the Gilman EHS game cause GA keep telling me how good EHS was but maybe I missed something
  3. Mamba your one of a kind
  4. GA be happy with your win but y'all aren't good and neither were they and yes I think C Hall would beat them
  5. Did you really win or EHS gifted you a win man y'all are a bad team GA and that EHS team had some athletes at best but idk what you see watching anybody else in the league would blow them out and you know it
  6. I need the final QB stats for both guys and please tell me how y'all lost it
  7. That EHS team wasn't good at all their mistakes cost them big time
  8. GA GA GA please stop it man y'all might want to apply for the B conference after this year . That transfer hasn't done a damn thing yet nor has your so called star players man I'm gonna keep it real y'all look like stir fried shat
  9. 28 players or 28 bodies cut the bs
  10. GA the whole damn team is transfers except maybe a few players they're not coaching anything up period
  11. Yeah you might be right I've been hanging around my dispensary too much
  12. City got a boot to the *** today back to the drawing board they go
  13. Dom called a horrible game
  14. You called it GC exposed Spalding big time then camp warriors showed up and out