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  1. Facebook sounds great I like to see the look in some coward eyes when they see who the Goochmen is
  2. We know he won’t hit to St Frances cause down there his hand goes in the dirt and daddy and mommy will have a heart attack if that happens I think they should be more worried about his books than what’s being posted on a public forum
  3. Your the guy that got called out on Facebook talking the same crap until that coach told you he’s gonna hit you in the mouth for calling kids soft man let the shat go they’ve made their decisions
  4. Damn right I smell negligence all over this situation
  5. Ok 👌🏾
  6. Well somebody let the Rev Do Right know I’m sending him 4 kids from New Era thats 5 6 125 pounds they need second chances too
  7. Condolences to the McNair family we lost a good kid of our Md football fraternity today
  8. Get the hell out of here GA if you think this is ok your a fool and SF are what the other schools say they’re a football factory that academic crap their spitting is hypocrisy
  9. Damn good post Mop
  10. SFA

    Nope SF beats them too but I do like the big DE SJC has I seen him give some linemen fits at the Under Armour camp
  11. SFA

    Whose arguing I never let this forum stuff get under my skin but I can’t say the same for your soft *** Dub
  12. SFA

    Guru I don’t want no trouble I’m just hear to report on the news I get and give my opinion but I can spot a coach and a parent poster a mile away
  13. SFA

    Dub your another parent with a lil Johnny y’all just can’t help y’all selves and say what In person lol man they dont call me Gooch for nothing
  14. Your comment sounds personal I think his brother competed well at C Hall and carved out a decent career for himself under subpar coaching
  15. SFA

    This was a planned attack so the timing was just right the leadership of the league is some 💩