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  1. Your kidding right? They do a lot.... the file lawsuits, stage protests and whine a lot.....about anything they can point the finger at that they believe is the white mans fault. Pointing fingers at black thugs etc etc....'meh'
  2. If they are cutting across an open that OK? Do you think I would actually be that stupid to shoot? Anyway.... it would have been way way illegal...first off transporting a loaded firearm in a vehicle is illegal.
  3. I never club-ed but I know what you mean. I don't hate the pocket rocket.... I hate the driver....yah know sort of like don't hate the gun....hate the shooter. You are correct 'rocketeers' have no colors....ha....your lucky if they have a shirt on. No you are correct, colors=sane biker, full leather=hot...but sane......, B-ball sleevles t-shirt .....screaming red or blue. ....Duck and cover. Oh shooting..... I likely would not have taken it .... plus it would have been an off hand shot....not much chance of a lead tattoo.
  4. Don't understand....... I was trying to be nice and PC so of course it didn't work. So, what I meant was....I sense that you are frustrated because you know full well there are lots and lots of opportunites that a GOOD counselor would ferrit out. However, in GC world...(experience speaking here....teacher)....that the GCer doesn't get the attaboys for how many kids got into a trade school or apprenticeship. Rather, GCers get the attah boys for how many kids went to (fill in hoyte toitey snob nose University here). Right?
  5. Hoooo boy..... I do I put this? Without sounding like a jerk? OK, so if I am reading you are saying resources exist. BUT....the one person who should be doing all they can to help these 'needy?' kids and with that help some? more? might have a shot at financial assistance? And 'move up'? Oh; sidebar: I am pretty sure the unsaid .....said,,,,,,,, in your post that these Guidance counselor were not helping. Would I be so bold as to say.....spent most all their time catering to the college bound and not poor? Oh and another sidebar: Guidance counsel seemed always to be made of failed teachers or vice-principles that didn't cut it. Sort of like being assigned to the mail room after having a corner office.
  6. The minimum wage is only low if you are trying to raise a family on it. I ran the numbers through a variety of calculators for inflation and such In 1971 the min. wage was 1.60 in 2017 you would have to make 9.71 per hour. Min. wage is 7.25 as of now....sort of depending ..etc. There was an article this Sunday by Danny boy about an ex-con that is making 10.75 cutting meat...seems even though he got screwed by the judicial system he got out....and....he is doing ok. And cutting meat is not rocket science, mean nasty and cold. But with all his set backs....he took the bull by the horns and is making something of himself. Kudo's to him and good luck. Take from that what you will.
  7. Well honestly yes and no. Again no links no real proof. I have seen a number of programs in the Eclipse paper, that are free, auto body work, auto repair, apprentiships offered by Electrical/plumbing/and contractors unions. And their biggest complaint is always....too many would be apprentises show up only a few times and disappear. Now on the positive side....those that suck it up and finish are considered to be 'prizes' and the paying contractors (like Len the plumber) love them. Now as we well know.....a lot of the so called tech colleges have a bad rep. and do fleece some students no doubt. But many do graduate from reputable schools and do very well. Yes .... no disagreement about money. However, from what I have read and personal experience...the poorer you are ....the better you likelyhood of getting a 'free ride' or reasonably priced ride....especially in the crafts I have mentioned. But if you are one of those (much like Obamacare) that don't hit that are in for a rough ride.
  8. Seems as I said McD;s is trying. There also appears to be tons of services available ....most for free through the goverment to upgrade. But admittedly there is either not enough programs or people willing to put in the effort to follow through and graduate. No proof links no nothing. Just things that I have read on both sides of the story in the Eclipse newspaper.
  9. There you go.... get the edumacation to be a tech that fixes said machine. But that takes initiative.
  10. Or capable of? Look I am am not downgrading or making fun of good hard work. However, to expect a company to pay a family living wage for flipping hamburgers.....ahhhh no. I give a lot of credit to McD's with the ad campain they have been running. The young kid comes in ....manager makes a big announcement....he got accepted to college. The go onto point out the scholarships, etc. etc. to help the employees move up and out. Kudo's to them. I am fully aware....that through the thoughful and well organized plans of the goooberment. We have moved to a service and information based economy. I got that. However, sevice generally = $ information = $$$. Pick your path.
  11. Nahhh that won't work.......I doubt that people are going to hop a bus (even if they can figure the schedule out) to go to McD's o Subway to go to the suburbs to get their high fat high cholesterol fix. And it is cost prohibative for the business owner to do so anyway. Probably cheaper in the long run to just close up shop. Unforseen consequences. Maybe I missed something as I got older.....but I always thought McD's and such were supposed to be a teen kid ...make some money....while preparing for a real career ....thing. Those type jobs weren't intended to be family supporting. But once again....unforeseen results.....some people accepted McD's as a career...or were totally incapablem mentally for anything better. I love it.... I went to McD's a few weeks back and the bill was like 7.68 .... so I handed the young lady a 5, 2 ones two quarters a dime a nickle and 3 pennies. 7.68. It was like looking at the computer on the old Star Trek V'ger... she was paralized....I was waiting for the smoke to come out her ears and start saying This does not compute....this does not compute. Being compassonate, I took the money back gave her a was fine....she punched in 10.00 in the register.....the machine told here to give me 2 ones back and the machine kicked out the change. Sad story but very true.
  12. Good reply. In my experience most 'sport bikers' have more horse power than brains and way too much money....provided they bought it. I understand the ramp thing you are right. However, in this case my wife was driving so as passenger I could look back and there wasn't another car for at least 200 yards or more. Nope ....they were just being a-holes. IMO. Every every every normal bike type rider that I come across acts well normal. Them....just thugs with bikes bigger that their you know what....substitution I guess. And I meant what I said about chasing them with a 9mm round...they can run but they can't hide from that...maybe they would get the message. And while I understand the not messing with other bikers. Aren't they a reflection on you good bikers?