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  1. You are far....light years....out there is unbelievable. But I have to give you some credit. You DEFINITELY have perfected the art of ….taking a point that someone trashed you with....and somehow your little universe... somehow think that your saying that …that what you just got hammered with proves your point. And you say I have issues, WWWHhhhhoooo hhhhaaaaa hha aa wwwwwhooooooooo
  2. I recall...a long time ago....MM said he saw that once.... a fellow did....but he didn't believe it because he wasn't black. Or was it that he was black...but then he wouldn't have anything to complain about so ….there yah go.
  3. You know....considering that you have driven off most all the conservative or even middle of the roaders here. I would think you all would hold me in high esteem. 🤣 I mean what would you do? Not having to deal with the truth and facts and such.
  4. Well anyone that MM might give his first born child to.
  5. ahhh yeah..…
  6. I am dropping down to the lowest common denominator so maybe MM 'gets it'. BTW I modified the cellar thing that was childish. Yah know.... I don't get you an many others here. Or maybe I do. It is called my way or the highway. How is it people like MM can pee on everyone's shoes....and no one says BOO. No included don't tell him to shut up and grow up. However, you an other's have all sorts of comments and such when things are handed back (by me an others) at the very same level instigated by the likes of MM and others. Explain that. PLEASE!!!!!
  7. Link ...for what? It is spelled asked....not aasked. You instigate attacks. Try this; ENGAGE BRAIN BEFORE TYPING. What's in the thread? I lay in a very comfortably position in my recliner thank you very much. Not powerlift....but a good spring/frame design. What is 'right here in front of me? Sorry ….I don't have a MM snipit jar to access to see what you are referring to. Nutty, I bet the squirrels bang on the window when you walk by. BTW ...seems you forgot my feelings about Trump.
  8. Much like people get POed when you say 'thug'....well you mean black thugs....which means all black people. I get POed when some here 'lump' all conservative/right people into the same category of the bat poop crazy Trumpaneze. So stop throwing round RIGHT as if it is all encompassing …. or is the only image you your and other's lefty minds? If so....then don't bytch when the term 'thug' is used. As I have stated many times; what your reality is in your NOT reality. Thugs or Righty....same thing.
  9. It must kinda suck for the Trump minions....when the things they throw out as OK and acceptable ….are the very same thing that is used against them. Actually I am betting that the 'Red Hen' was having an all you can eat special …..and they saw the swiss miss destroying their profit margin.
  10. I doubt that you could go back and look at any thread I posted on that I was the first to slap down the race card. In response yeah. Initiate. No way. But you can dream on if you wish.
  11. Well I have seen it first hand. And not only the property values but the city violence as well. About 15 years ago I guess. An 8er' moved in....and acted in most everyway like they were still in the 'hood'. Well after about 10 calls to the police and nothing happened. Well, some buddies from the city showed up at the house....long story short....they shot up ….get this....the HOUSE NEXT DOOR....they got the address wrong...fortunately the MINISTER and his family were at services at the time so no one got hurt. Well except for the thugs that the cops caught ON MY PROPERTY...the cops were NOT gentle but of the idiots decided to take a swing or two at them. Bad move...especially if they have dogs. Fortunately after that my black neighbors had a 'chat' with the 8er's.... they left. Hmmmmmm wonder why? I think the neighbors 'revoked them.
  12. I others have too. I/we can't help the fact that you are slow.
  13. Ohhh boy.....a Rhode scholar...…… very very important study. Master of Science in comparative social research. And pray tell....what the blip is that? Ohhhh....and unlike you I add qualifying fact links. I will not deny or degrade his selection as a Rhode Scholar. It is a great accomplishment! However, in my travels I have ...believe it or not....met several of such people as well as some very scary smart mathematicians. The commonality I found was that 80% of them were idiot savants. Great at math, great at physics.....functional in the 'real world' NOT. One guy I knew...was so...'smart' that his wife had to drive him to him during the day to remind him to eat....and picked him up at work. Now, does Jealous fall into that category....doesn't seem so from here. However, his grounding in reality and what is possible seem pretty disconnected. He leaves out simple how is this going to be paid for? But in all honesty, he is not any different that most of the candidates.
  14. Do you deliberately say such inane things just to get attention. Try a pork chop around your least the dog will hang around.