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  1. Funny one of the two top guns on SJW and nothing of substance to say. Just deflections an insults. As guys are waaaaayyyyy to easy to flush out.
  2. BBBBWwaaaahhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa. Tooooooo funny. Yuup here we calling....and squeak mode. So....please tell me your thoughts about another thug being out on the streets. Make it good so I can copy it and paste it into my database.
  3. Ahhh yeah....sure. You made a really outrageous claim. So if I find promise to not post till the new year?
  4. He pulle that from me..... he lazily just grabbed a number out of my previous post....which I said 20....which if you read it was a SWAG on my part....actually sarcastic....since in reality the numbers don't likely come close....3 or 4 best.....but silly me ... I was being nice. I like helping people in need.
  5. I was wondering the same thing. A faulty explosive seems to indicate my wife pointed out... that he may have been 'inspired' but not recruited.
  6. Agreed. Preliminary reports seemed to indicate that few others were in the tunnel. Later reports state that was not the case.
  7. The problem is that there are way to many people that do not contribute to the 'give a penny' but want a lot of pennies. Yes humans can want as many pennies as possible to the detrement of those providing the pennies. See the GOP 'help the impoverished 1%ers' tax bill as an example at a high level and see babies having babies, subsidised housing etc. for the low end. And we the middle class are 'monkey in the middle in both cases. I have NO ISSUE what so ever with a hand up help people get back on track... I and others DO have an issue with subsidising a lifestyle. I find it hard to care....when...not just here ...but across the nation....that those on welfare/etc....are WERE asked to do things like collect trash in parks and such...and were struck down by courts ...saying it was 'demeaning'. My age is showing I guess....demeaning to me is not working for your check. And yeah....I know what I speak of.....when the great recession hit at the same time that the contract I worked off of in Hewlett Packard was cancelled and I was out of a job. Yes I picked up Unemployment....which I paid into...and looked for a job...and it ran out.....and guess what ....I at the age of 55 did construction work and part time whatever jobs. A man with two degrees one graduate in Computer Science....doing manual labor.and punching a cash register. But my viewpoint is obviously different....isn't it.
  8. Don't flatter yourself.....the ladies I see are much cuter than you. Not whining one bit. I just found it strange that you didn't weigh in on this topic as it seems right in your wheelhouse. As I am equally surprised that 'others' haven't either.
  9. Both you guys make valid points. My only position is that 'neutrality'...regardless of the results....will ALWAYS be questioned if the PD handles it. They could do a slam bang, absolutely perfect the court of public opinion there will always be doubt. Regardless. And yet ANOTHER boil to fester well into the future. See 'poor freddie' for a cross ref. IMO
  10. Yes yes.... the devil ...IS in the details.
  11. As you allude to, a solution is neither clear or if it is .....socially acceptable. Here is an analogy .... Ever see the little cups that say 'give a penny take a penny'? In theory if one gives a penny or two that somewhere along the way that person should be able to take a penny or two. It is only fair and sort of a contract. However, when one only kicks in a penny ...yet takes/demand...25 pennies....that is a whole different ball game. Hope that makes sense. ************* Yah know.... here is a real simple number/statistic(s)....which should be easy to find....but ...well I haven't...maybe someone else can. How much tax revenue does the city generate. How much does the city get back. In conjunction with that how much does tax revenue does the state generate (minus BC)? And how much does the state get back? Now, with that in much does each person 'get back' (be it they work or not) on a city vs the state matrix. My feeling is....if the BC education cost per student is any indicator....well the numbers would put down a lot of these discussions.
  12. Ahhhhh seems more like another whine a thon from Trump about the media in general....not the bombing. Did the link content change?
  13. The suspect, identified by the police as Akayed Ullah, 27, from Brooklyn, was in serious condition at Bellevue Hospital Center. The Fire Department said four injuries had been reported. Other than they might get some useful information out of this guy if he lives. It is truly a shame they are not using putty knives to scrape his remains off the walls.
  14. I have been watching this back and forth and could dig into the numbers but rather than rehash things. I got a question (S). Assuming that across the board around 60% of the people don't file...regardless of location...does that mean 'they don't work'? Thinking about population concentration....isn't 60% of 600000 a lot more then a population of most counties? For those that do file taxes in any of these areas, what is the avg income of the city vs the other counties Aren't people taxed on how much they make.? So if lets say the avg income in the city is 48000 vs the aveage income in the counties double that ...well....who is paying most into the state tax coffers. And who (local) gets the most return? Answer these questions and the solution will be self evident. IMHO.
  15. Care to clarify your statement. It is very obtuse. (not referring to geometry btw)