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  1. Sounds like a perfect plan for major cities? Plenty of buildings in Baltimore to be torn down....and a lot of kids that need to learn basic skills like reading and writing.
  2. Anybody remember Argentino Apollo....his thing was no boots and using mostly his legs. Ohhh and how about 'The Baron' and his claw submission move and rippling his abs. Oh oh and Gorilla Monsoon. And 'Killer Kowalski' ...seemed he an Bruno were always going at it. And of course Andre.
  3. Ahhh...... I have absolutely no white guilt or shame. I did nothing wrong. I am not responsible for what happened in the 60's and before nor the civil war etc. I do not belong to any anti-black group nor do I give them money. I open doors for African-Americas (male and female) and I also say please and thank you and have a good day to them. I also do all that for any person I run across. As I understand things....that is called equality..... I treat everyone equally. Sitting down? I voted for Obama TWICE. So there you know in general how I feel. However, I do get tired of people such as yourself constantly beating white people over the head with your agenda as if all people are flag waving screaming southern red necks.
  4. Ahhhhhh got it and understand the confusion. What I was trying to get across ....that the ahhhh Prof. saying what she did was very something that Mr. Trump does day in and day out. in regard to other things. So directly no....Trump (at the moment ) hasn't said anything negative about Mrs. Bush. Exactly the same NO...... but the nastiness and disregard for what used to be normal human decency.....YES. IMO
  5. Yes they was in the link I sent you. And that is fine with me...nothing wrong with that. It may not build a bridge or provide water....but the arts can be a useful and productive means for one to earn a living. Heck my wife was an actress on Center Stage some time back.
  6. I am at a loss to understand what you are driving at. I hear Rodger Stone had a sweetheart of a tweet...what a jerk.
  7. I never see any shortage of people commenting on.....oh what was the old joke. Ohh yeah....KFC....the Hillary special....two big thighs and two small breast. And who can forget the 'My hands are hugh'. Sorry looks matter. And Sarah Huckleberry is HOT. Those bushy eyebrows....the sunken eyes...that little way she purses her lip when she tries to tell another lie on a lie. Hot baby....steaming.
  8. Sorry your honor.....the plaintiff is BSing again and avoiding the points.. Banned.....not allowed to speak....rejected...turned away....shouted down. Different words....same results. Don't hide behind's cheap. You sure do dance a lot....tap? ballet....the old soft shoe when you were growing up. Definitely a soft shoe type of guy I think.
  9. Ahhh maybe .....maybe not. They were pretty much the same thing just different EO's and bills. The Works Progress Administration (WPA; renamed in 1939 as the Work Projects Administration) was the largest and most ambitious American New Deal agency, employing millions of people (mostly unskilled men) to carry out public works projects,[ Both were part and parcel to the 'New Deal'.
  10. The government didn't provide jobs either till WPA. The difference really is....that there were no social safety nets as people were desperate for work....ANY work. So with that in mind....even if the gove somehow came up with menial jobs parks....building pathways.....I doubt ...with absolutely no incentive to put down the cheeto's would not see many takers.
  11. Actually I think it is more real than Trump politics.
  12. I saw him live in a 'barnstorming' match in the early 60's at Highland Park HS gym in NJ. I still have an autograph I got from him at the match. RIP
  13. Ahhhh...since they are 'girls' more than likely we will never even find out their names much less pictures.