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  1. Guess you are going the MM route missed this in my previous post........ -Frankly anyone that doesn't know exactly where his damn gun(s) are or doesn't have them secured in the first place...doesn't deserve gun ownership. If that person is such a fruit that they 'lose' a gun like they misplace their car keys has no business owning a gun. PERIOD. Sorry I know exactly where my firearms in a vault... are... I know exactly how many rounds of ammo I have in each caliber (stored separately under lock and key) well not exactly I may be off about 30 rounds our so. I have about 15 firearms.... I figure on average most people may have 2 - 3 tops. Now if you can't keep track of 3 firearms then you probably lose your kids also....and blame everyone else. I agree with ken on this one.
  2. Well here is something interesting....what qualifies....I think more what is required to be put in. As I said elsewhere, many things like spousal abuse or psyc etc are not put in. Either by accident or 'patient privilege'. I mean look at the Fl kid....36 visits to his home among other things? Oh and how many guys in the White House were outed for beating their wives and FINALLY got thrown out? They say the Fl kid cleared the background check....which one..the NICS? No one ever says.....and if it was....well that is a clear indicator of GIGO Again I repeat GIGO....Garbage in Garbage out. The database is only as good as the info put into it....and who reads it.
  3. You and dingle make good points...I will embellish. -stronger background checks; a BGC is only as good as the information put into it, that means that the military and the nut bag Drs. can't hide behind some form of 'patients or civil rights'. And ALL states must comply. Not like in Maine where you hand over your license here is you gun....have a nice day. -I have mixed feelings about the registration; mainly because of the fact that I actually paid attention in history class and that was one of the first steps that Hilter used....but that has been beaten to death. -Transfer of guns between non-related parties; bob has a legally registered gun...jim wants to buy said gun...jim must possess the permits and such. Bob Jim go to gun shop...fill out form for transfer AT MINIMAL COST....say 25 bucks. Gun forwards to the gooberment 10 day waiting period ...done. -Frankly anyone that doesn't know exactly where his damn gun(s) are or doesn't have them secured in the first place...doesn't deserve gun ownership. If that person is such a fruit that they 'lose' a gun like they misplace their car keys has no business owning a gun. PERIOD. Sorry I know exactly where my firearms in a vault... are... I know exactly how many rounds of ammo I have in each caliber (stored separately under lock and key) well not exactly I may be off about 30 rounds our so. -you last point.....well that is where you are SCREWED.....and is the brick wall between gun haters and gun owners. Like the demanded requested permits, checks and fingerprints that the gun haters want (at minimum) the third rail is; sure and swift penalty for screwing up. They want 'well it is a human life' and 'you know...he had a rough life' and 'oh he is poor' and oh and oh and oh. Get THEM to agree ...across the country...that you screw pay the price EOS. Already the Fl shooters lawyer is looking for a plea deal 'well if he admits to it then he gets life.....I (the lawyer) am only asking this to save the families the pain of trials and the cost of them'. Yeah right....ten dollars to a put a .45 in a parents hand and put that bastard against a would be lights out. I know I would my only question would be 'are the cartridges hollow point or full metal'.
  4. Absolutely correct. See how much they did.
  5. and several others or the same ones on another thread sponsored by hst.
  6. Nice sarcasm....very subtle. kudos
  7. Very very true. Fact more people are killed in auto accidents than due to guns. Fact more people drive automobiles than ever before and increase every day. So the logical conclusion is that people should not own or drive cars because they can kill you. But people still buy cars.
  8. Oh I am pretty sure with the right lawyers and right political connections etc. it could be done. Hey MD is working on it. Hmmmm.....well it seems that some communities require you own a gun....a bunch of them. So I don't see how the reverse couldn't be true.
  9. IMHO what we are seeing in Trump is an amalgamation of issues; First and foremost as you stated he is trying to run a country like it was HIS business. I am sure in all his dealings HIS was the last and final word. PERIOD. Be it right or wrong. Trump has never failed....well at least in his mind. It was always some nasty law or someone else that was at fault Trump has always been bailed out....regardless of all the bankruptcies etc.....somehow he always came out on top....regardless of how many bodies he left behind or how many people he screwed. Trump really never had to work for anything. Dad gave him a pile of cash, sent him to schools that I am sure were paid off so he passed. His 5th grade speech pattern is indicative of that. He doesn't like something he fires it or dumps it (see wives). He has been surrounded all his business life with YES men....those that didn't say YES were fired. Note who he surrounded himself with in the Cabinet. Look at how many NON-YES men have walked....look at the PowerPoint on MSNBC...they can't get the font any smaller. However, at least in some cases....Congress say yes to their voters NOT him and he CAN'T FIRE THEM. He is like the bully in the school yard. The latest indightment show it....all full of it prior....runs like a bully that got his butt kicked to the helicopter....and like the at home in Florida....he lashes out. So in summary....yes he maybe suffering with some form of mental illness. I think if you look at the list above he is really suffering from Trumpitis. He is having a melt down because the world he lived in and controlled ....DOES NOT WORK in our government...and like the movie 'he can't handle the truth.' Last word, I don't know about you....but with the grinding machine that Muller is running. If I were Trump I would be thinking about resigning....before they put the bracelets on him. But he won't...his ego is too big....and he thinks ....that like in business that if he throws out enough BS and throws enough sacrificial lambs under the bus... he will be safe. Not so Donny boy ....not so. IMHO.
  10. troubles me quite a bit. The bottom line is.....SO WHAT? I am sure you and I and many others have written our Congress reps many times asking when they are going to get 'off the dime'...result ....more useless hearing and BS stalls and sound bites. Has Pence the useless done anything NO....I am sure he gets letters. Is Muller moving as slow as molasses in January...yes...but I wager for good cause. In the mean time back at the ranch....except for Trumps CORE....I am sure if Trump disappeared one would shed one tear...well except for the new fact I am sure there would be Super Bowl like parties to celebrate. So until he is locked up or equivalent by 'others' since we the citizens can't...we just have to deal with his insanity. On the positive side.... I do hope that the rest of the country ...has realized what a wink wink nod nod our congress runs on. I dunno about you ....but I am TOTALLY shocked by how what we thought were rule and written procedures were...a NOT. But rather gentlemen's agreements....that the GOP and Trump just threw in the trash can. And that the Golden rule (in this case majority) is all that counts...... He who has the majority can pretty much make up the rules as they go.....NOT....what is written down....which regard to anything important is NOT.
  11. But one that some seem to cling onto for dear life. Maybe that is why he calls himself EgyptKang He lives in da-Nile. Bah dump bump................thank you ladies and germs.
  12. No....I don't. But I get a bit tired of the 'way back machine' approach to everything wrong in the city and how blacks are held back. neighborhood is 75% black...many ....if you look at the family history for them....CAME FROM THE CITY....yet they made something of their lives. Unlike Trump.....NONE....were born with a silver spoon in their mouths. It may have taken generations but they 'moved up to the east side'....and left the losers behind. Yes people left initially whites, because of the riots. Then followed by the blacks that realized the city was NOT the place to be. most normal societies....when there is a vacuum created by such migrations....things like businesses, home ownership, etc... are filled by those remaining. And did it happen? Well no. More babies were produced....were there more black business men (sans drug trade) that stepped up and seized the opportunity. No. Sorry....generations of immigrants came to this country with the cloths on their backs and little else. Many like blacks were treated as inferior and shunned....but made it....without goooberment handouts.. The riots happened in the 60s, over 68% of the population is black, the entire goooberment is black. Maybe it is time for people such as yourself to 'take ownership' and stop the 100 year old blame game.
  13. Wait .... now I am confused. That sounds way more plausible. ^^^^^^^^^ I thought it was the Gun Taskforce cops that had bags and bags of drugs that got cycled back to the city.
  14. There you go pointing out those nasty facts. This 'stuff' has been around for 100's of years in some cases and 'it is the current administrations fault'....ahhh yah. MM is just an ax grinder with no substance. Funny, how is it....that we had MOM, and Schaffer and whomever all Dems....before for decades....and 'no one' did anything. Now we have a gov who happens to be a Rep.....and realizes the problem....AND IS ACTUALLY doing things to solve the issue. And the mess 'is his fault'. MMs thinking defies all logic.