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  1. Careful about the every other country will chop off a hand if you steal or worse. See....when you come down to it....what I bolded is the crux of the issue. As I see it our society and associated rules and norms has been watered down so much in an effort to accommodate so many ..... different ways of thinking/wanting and lifestyles...that for the most part what used to be socially accepted normality .... is well.....abnormal. In conjunction with that....followed the breakdown of the court system. We went from 'you screwed up 5 years' to 'well we had it rough....we'll let you go if you promise to not do it again....come look like you need a hug.' To back track on the social change aspect is near impossible. However, seeing as how the courts 'in theory' are supposed to be neutral in decision making. By holding judges etc. accountable and really enforcing the law AS WRITTEN. That might be do-able.
  2. Ode..... I have said the same thing.....several times on several other forums. Result. Crickets/ignored. Expected That is not what we are talking about. You are a bigot. Which is funny because I thought public housing and subsides and such are for all the poor. Silly me.... I thought charity begins in the home. But it is obvious....that some are cool with that as long as it is some elses home/headache/tax dollars.
  3. Marshall has a big airport named after him. Also has a statue.
  4. If you think I hate all black people....lets make this really easy....if you think that I hate anyone that is not white...then you are totally off base. I can't help the fact that places like BC are over 60 percent black yet they account for around 96 percent of the crime. So what you extrapolate from my comments is totally on you.
  5. I don't hate black people I hate thugs. Note no mention of ethnicity.
  6. Thank you for noticing. Jerk no.....just what used to be called tough love or a reality check.
  7. My point is based on the fact that you are soft on crime and big on social MORE AND MORE AND MORE social stuff. All which has previously failed. You seem like a nice guy..... I was just suggesting that you follow up with your social aspects and start a grass roots project on your own.
  8. Nope not happening. BC is pretty much an easy example of what is wrong in big cities. I don't have the time nor inclination of breaking down things to suit your needs. Deal with it. Private for profit system? Really? You gotta document that one. About the lines after the bold. Banner.....all that stuff has been tried and tried and tried. And yes there are success stories....the amount of time, effort and money is not worth the return. As I have said elsewhere.....till the criminal (thug) element is greatly reduced...NOTHING WILL CHANGE. And by being soft (hug a thug) on keeping bad guys in jail as you seem to want you are just perpetuating what is happening in BC, Detroit and so on.
  9. Sooooo.... tell me.....when are you going to throw open your doors and become a half-way house for recently released criminals. No picking or choosing here. Rapists, shooters, drug dealers, child molesters....... Oxygen will get a bit tight if you do.
  10. If it means protecting decent people from criminals yes. And if you are equating punishing those that break the law by the state with playing thug. Then you are truly a lost cause.
  11. And neither does reverse bigoted thinking.
  12. I moved from NJ in the early 80's to MD. When I left NYers were spreading out like locus across NJ. Prior NJ was a really nice place with friendly people. Now I hate going back to NJ as it is now pretty much the stereotype seen on shows like the goodfellas or jersey housewives. Md was very nice....sort of like NJ was before the locus. However, unfortunately MD has two of it's own forms of locus that are spreading....hence my leaving soon for higher ground. In MD the panhandle seems to be the only 'nice' place anymore. And I can't afford deep creek prices.
  13. That was one of the dribs.....or was it drabs....that I was referring to. Kidding aside....I have read too many articles from various sources ....where people have been quoted to say removal was needed. These are one line buried things....but it is out there.
  14. Did you check you map and GPS sure you are in PA. ? Sure sounds like you are in Maryland.
  15. Good digging soul....Kudo's But yah have to is kind of scary...that is the thought that it could happen. I have been picking up tid-bits where there are places in the US that have suggested doing just that. I have no links etc. just dribs and drabs in the sun etc.