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  1. Yup.... I remember that one. Wonderful show....about he said. However, I will add what little I know about rent control...and correct me if I am wrong .....the controls are only in place for as long as the renter is still renting. So if someone moves out ... there is a reset so to speak....and the rentor can up the price....then it is locked in by the controls. I will admit my knowledge is based on 30 years or so ago when I had renter friends in NYC. Now? I will admit ignorance. But to matter how you slice and dice it. For what it cost to rent a decent place in any city....well I would rather pay for a small cottage to likely do it more cheaply. But to each their own.
  2. Fine. Good. But that still doesn't answer my primary question. Is the corps offer being considered....did it even make it that far? BTW I am not looking at you to be the exclusive answer .....any one can answer. I will if I come across something. OK? Hope you didn't think I was attacking you or something..I wasn't.
  3. So lets say that doesn't kick in till the 'child' is now an adult and using it as their primary form of transportation? Or even recreational.exclusively. Note: many people have 'weekend' cars ....yah know that cool 1956 Thunderbird with the top down. They have to pay for this recreational vehicle. I said that to explain....charging any adult using bikes BTW.
  4. Of course not. They are businesses not philanthropists. I just wonder if there is truly a dollar number that has been put on the table or Congress/FIMA/etc as always...'thinks' they can handle it. Say what you will about business....put a profit margin on will get done.....WAAAAYYYYYYYY before the goooberment is even close to figuring out what needs to be done. When you think about it practically, this is a great opportunity for PR to join 'modern' society. Everything is ground zero....great time to totally rebuild. This is very similiar to Europe and Japan after WW2 when you think about it.
  5. Must be a LOT of lawyer-ing up going on.....solid facts ...obvious solid facts....are lacking...hence suppressed. Or it could just be lousy Maryland local media reporting. Just being fair.
  6. Shot the Dr to if I remember correctly..fortunately he survived. Anything is possible as to a weapon. Heck ....considering the likely background of these two.....the wife may have learned how to shave down a plastic hair brush someplace. SJWs,,, I am making an outlandish assumption on that one Just say'n.
  7. Is that speculation? Or a fact?
  8. See the problem is ken.....that even good cops are frightened... I prefer concerned....because it seems....that no matter what they is going to be questioned....even if what they did is totally by the book. Questioning is fine if reasonable....frivolous law suits and questioning not. IMHO. Thank lawyer lotto for that and a city goooberment that hasn't seen a dollar it couldn't waste.
  9. Really? Where? I haven't got a 1/2 hour to pick through this link. More pop-up ads and garbage than a wack a mole. Regardless..................... I thought JH had metal detectors...I seem to remember some big to-do about it some time back. Or was it JH wanted to and SJWs said it was an 'infringement' of liberties etc. ?
  10. Bogart....if you read backwards....CAREFULLY....never once was race mentioned. So your are a bigot and a racists of the very people you so animatedly support. YOU are the first one that brought it up. 'Ding'
  11. Not anymore.
  12. Ahhhh seems either the cops should be looking for another guy (accomplice) or maybe it is me...that for 'some' this is just the way of the world.'Oh sure....rob the store....just let me get my twinkies. Not that I expected the guy to become a superhero...but walks away....then comes back with more stuff....puts it in the bag and leaves? Did anyone notice how the guy that had the hat on....reacted. Puzzling. I looked at it again.....notice the shotgun guy pushing the stuff over to the other guy. Yup two. IMHO.
  13. And he is out on the streets....bbbbbeeeeeecccccaaaaauuuussseeee? OHHHHH I am sure that 'mommie' will make it clear that 'the devil made him do it' and he 'was a good boy' and I am going to play lawyer lotto to get my cut. You watch.
  14. And the lawyers and the NAACP and ACLU. It is sad commentary that 'ones' first thought is what you said. At least the 'ones' that see what a joke 'the law' has become.
  15. Anybody ever hear more about the plan by the major telecommunications and power companies that was offered ....they claimed they could have the island back on line in a month. Admittedly, what I heard was brief and I was walking through the room....sort of thing.