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  1. Great ideas .....or old ideas that worked. Again.....what I would want ....but. I guess what I am looking for is the solution that the groups like BLM, NAACP and on, keep calling for. Blacks should and deserve input to the other than more money and more recycled or expanded existing services.....does anyone of them....or you...the posters...have a even reasonable idea on how go give BC back to the real citizens. That is not a recycle of an old idea or throwing more money away. SIGNED: Want to know and hoping for an answer.
  2. Well at least in this time and space....tough is tough for the law abiding citizen. What I am looking for is a 'fresh answer'.....I am waiting for the lib/dem/hug a thug group to overwhelm that forum with overwhelming suggestions. Peace
  3. I read and re-read what the article author wrote. Cheech and Chong came to mind. But is BC....what the heck....go for it. Hey..... sarcasm.
  4. I have to admit that I was way to young for recognize what you are pointing out. Well when Trump gets shredded I will agree with you. Me, Regan. Not for his politics/planks/falling asleep. Just that he made me feel like; Yup I can sleep tonight....the world maybe going to hell in a handbasket....but it will be OK. Ol' Uncle Ron will take care of it....... I know it is corney....but it is what it is. Now Trump.....Yooohooooo wwooooowwwww hhhhoooooowwwwww! Think 'Dr, Strangelove' and the commander riding the nuke down.....
  5. Good then we agree. I didn't dilibertately avoid that fact that both are improving. What I was driving at was The U-6 number is a bit nastier than the U-3. The U-3 is what is almost always reported....and paints a nice rosey picture....the U-6 does not. And to be honest.....with everything I have read on this subject.....I think the U-6 numbers are way under reported or presented. IMHO ....
  6. Yah well......all you can do is SYH. Sad
  7. You didn't prove jack. Name ONE....just one....piece of legislation (not EO's that aren't worth the paper they are written on at least for Trump) that would or could have an impact on the economy within 6 months time. You can't....because there is NONE. Re; Trumphead....defending the un-defensible is a fools errand....AKA Trumphead. But claim you are not a Trumphead.....then what are you?
  8. Oh..... and the unemployment going down? Well it depends on ... Definition: The “real unemployment rate” (U-6) is a broader definition of unemployment than the “official unemployment rate” (U-3). The U-3 is the rate most often reported in the media. In the U-3 rate, the Bureau of Labor Statistics only counts those who have looked for a job in the past four weeks as unemployed. The U-6 rate adds those who are marginally attached and discouraged. It also includes part-time workers who would prefer full-time jobs. Hey did that AC plant thing work out? Saying Donald had anything to do with anything regarding prosperity and growth IN LESS THAN 6 MONTHS is complete and utter BS. Frik he has been to busy covering his butt and continuing his campaign to do anything of worth. Donald is a UBOS
  9. Here is some very simple math, logic and deduction. Obama was in office 96 months. Trump has been in office 6 months. Obama was accused/attacked/whatever what maybe 10 times. Meanwhile we have Trump that gets accused/attacked/whatever about 10 times a week. Also throw in that Trump is on track for one blatant outright lie a day. How many did Obama have total? And yes he told some whoppers 'you can keep your present doctor' and 'your cost for medical insurance will go down'. But after that ? What? Nor did Obama flat out attack and lie about the GOP AND neither did he throw his people to the wolves to lie for him outright and then throw them under the bus. I admit I was not happy with Obama all the time.....but I would take him again over this clown in a heartbeat.
  10. is obvious that you are a 'Trumphead' or a parody. Neither is worth debating anymore. Trump has done more 'damage', politically, internationally, environmentally and and and 6 months than probably that last 6 presidents. And no.... I won't provide would be like me providing links to prove that we need air to survive.
  11. My hope is that just ONE of these people that are under investigation get screwed to the wall or is going to be and cuts a deal.....someone like Flynn. Then this is what will happen.......................
  12. Well here is a tip....maybe if those other religions made an effort ...and wished others ...say a Happy Hanukkah or Eid al-Fitr things could change. Before I moved to NJ christians and jews exchanged such greetings at the appropriate time. We didn't have any muslems and Kwanzaa didn't exist yet. But I lived in a small blue collar town where we were all red necks and backward. So what did we know?
  13. Anyone that says that the parallels between Adolf Hitler and Trump are bogus.... Needs to read this....... Hitler Jugend But he obviously ham handed this little ploy also. But the intent was there.
  14. IMHO opinion, the 'choice' Of hillary or trump was sort of having to chose between decomposing cow pies and decomposing dog turds. So I voted for neither....not that it mattered here in true blue Maybeland and the Electoral College.
  15. OOOOhhhhh boy....replacing a nut case with a fruit loop. YIKES
  16. It didn't even need to be directed at them AND actually rarely was. The conversation could be something like; Well Jeff I was reading that the African-Americans are not to happy about the latest bill being presented in the House. Jeff African-American?????....don't you mean black? Now maybe in the same day....Well Martha I was reading that the blacks are not to happy about the latest bill being presented in the House. Martha: Blacks??????....don't you mean African-Americans?
  17. Absolutely untrue!!!!!!! Trump cares VERY MUCH about the 1%-ers and those with other power bases. The rest 'meh'.
  18. Your too focused on labels. I mean friends and acquaintances. And it is a very homogeneous group to boot. Not RWNJs or LWNJs exclusively.
  19. Just for the record. On paper I think the concept of BLM is a good one. However, much like the NAACP and the 'Jessies'...BLM appears magically to complain and point fingers at cops and white people almost exclusively when there is a crisis. And after the brouhaha is over...the fade into the shadows like ghosts. And rarely (at least what I can see) do the same for black on black injustices. Exhibit A; What are they doing DIRECTLY in the black communities to stem the violence in BC?
  20. Well then I have a big group of people I know, that got messed with also....and still are. And they run the full gambit of social, political and economic backgrounds. But they have one thing in common....they were white. I will admit that since it seems that simply 'black' is ok.... things have settled down.
  21. Yes because that week they preferred black. Each one of the situations I pointed out actually happened to me. And most all my friends have similar situations. It was while I was working that this occurred. It was like a game 'Guess what I like to call myself and my people this week' game. It was like you were supposed to be a mind reader to 'know' the proper nomenclature to use. Looking back now....I wonder if they were just messing with the white folk. But some blacks got damn hostile about it. And obviously I can not provide links about personnel experiences. You will just have to take my word that they are true.
  22. Ohhh so you are like me....'what is old can be new again'. Yes the old stuff worked but as you pointed out in this time an space that is likely not to fly. UNLESS it gets so bad the even the lib/dem/hug a thugs throw up their hands and say 'lock the buggers up' and screw their 'so called' civil rights. Interesting term 'civil rights'. How is it that thugs have these 'civil rights' and because of that get away with all sorts of stuff. Yet a good citizen does not have the 'civil right' to walk down the street safely nor the 'civil right' to defend themselves with deadly force if necessary. Strange world the lib/dem/hug a thug/NAACP/etc's have created. SSSSOOOOOOOO.....any of you lib/dem/hug a thug/NAACP/etc types have any FRESH OUT OF THE BOX ideas?
  23. Nice choices for a hybrid and slick of you to think of building Frankenstein with piece parts....I was thinking more along of 'its alive'. So what would be your singular choice. Warts and all. Me JFK or Regan. Not so much for the specific politics but their ability to make the Americans feel 'good' about themselves and the country as a whole and projecting the 'power of the presidency' out to the world. We as a country would need that after Trump. Unfortunately all this is a dream.....but it is nice to dream sometime.