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  1. .like most trumpanzees.... take that as a slur directed at blacks. HHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA TROLL If your skin is that thin and you take it that way....... you bettter hide in the closet. What a joke. Granted.... maybe Trump snowflake would have been better but....HAHAHHHAHHA
  2. Thank you hst.....seems to be a 'bug' going around. 18 vs 2....
  3. Ahhh... you got a many here ... I am not wasting my time. 18 vs 2 at best and you are drilling on this I am tired of debating brain stems. Goodbye.
  4. Here is a story I have been dying to tell. About 15 years ago....near where I worked in Greenbelt....Wendys of all places.... was having a shrimp deal....something like 21 shrimp for x dollars. Great deal...I love fried shrimp. expected most everyone is that is working the minority....most everyone buying stuff is also. So I see all these minority guys are are walking away with their trays. PILED with shrimp PILED. So I get to order....and I get my tray.....I counted maybe 15 shrimp short on the I go back and ask nicely to at least give me 21.... I get the rolled eyes...'well you ate them' ahhhh yeah. Long and short I asked to see the manager....and he pretty much told me that 'you white folk complain to much'....WTF. It took every fiber of my being not to shove the tray up his ..... I was in my mid 30's at the problem. I contacted the district coupons to BUY...more of their stuff. Last time I ever entered a Wendy's. .
  5. So you are saying....that ....cold chicken and short on fries was the only reason for this. Or is it something else that I missed? I would appreciate your telling me. I would hate to screw up something important.....they would have stomped me in the ground like a bug.
  6. As I am sure that the acccusers of Senator will disappear. OOOOpppsss that is right. He fessed up, he showed character, he showed a backbone....unlike carrot top.... and Moore and other sleazy bags. MY bad.
  7. Ok.... that is way way to cute. See I told you.....they are smart....they knew he couldn't shoot it legally. Thanks for the smile.
  8. Actually deer are very smart....I swear they can read the MD hunting schedule and go into hiding for the duration. In fact most wild animals are. For example, when it is dove season... I go a place I scouted...see tons of dove...but illegal to to shoot....go to the same spot...nothing......but I kick up deer with almost every step or squirrels, woodchuck. Ok, deer season....go to the same spot...see tons of morning dove.....deer nope....squirrel and woodchuck too. Ok go out for squirrel woodchuck..nope....plenty of deer and dove. Deer only tend to get 'dumb' like humans when it is rutting season. That's mating season for you city folk.
  9. Bet a LOT of people ate well at the soup kitchens that week. Tell you what though....that is a LOT of gutting and butchering.
  10. Yah gotta smoke it first.... otherwise it is fatback.
  11. Ahhh.... Well it depends I think....If you a Moore or Trump ...a lot more than 18 it seems. If you are Franken one or two.....even if one (Tweeden) seems to a female sexual predator also. Not taking sides....just showing the math. Make of it what you will.
  12. Do they ask you to show you the gun shot wounds....or do they ask you if you got a connection?
  13. Wow... Yah know..... the more I read these forums ....and find out how diverse peoples thinking is.... I am amazed that 'we' haven't destroyed ourselves.
  14. What are you attempting to say here?
  15. My favorite is 'Do you feel lucky ....punk...........' And I know I still got a few in the cylinder and a speed loader in my pocket.
  16. Seems at least 16 have accused Trump................
  17. Think again. Anymore...we have a bunch of Philadelpha lawyers that ...failing to prove jack due to a lack of 'facts'....try to split hairs (or is is hares) to deflect the fact that they got blown out of the water. You aren't new here you should know that. I deal with it everyday. Forget the intent of the message..focus on the flaws of the grammar and such. SOP
  18. Seems besides the locker room talk there are a number of women that accused Trump...except...they got 'buried'. President you know....can't have any of that.
  19. Look for the 'bambi/bear huggers' to make sure the hogs run wild here eventuallly. Then wring their hands...what to do what to do.
  20. It is a big problem in Texas for some time now. Fact is that a few years back....they were advertising for hunters to come down and shoot all they wanted. Don't remember the details....but 'they' would provide licenses, fees, lodging....all you had to do was bring your rifle and fly down. I almost went....but a silly thing called 'work' got in the way. Hmmm now that I am retired I should check into it again.... Thanks! Totally forgot about it.
  21. Yahhh never know where this roller coaster goes.
  22. Cool...who do you want to step in ...the likes of Moore? BBBrrrrsssss
  23. So is Tweeden in the batters box?
  24. How do you feel about the OH during the O's game...just wondering. I think it is kinda neat myself.