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  1. Different jello used? Kidding. And you could be absolutely correct....what a bullet does after in hits has a thousand varioables. For instance; how far away was muzzle from the gelatin? The further away the shoot more energy is lost...impact 'trips the tumble. Or .... how much energy (powder) was in the cartridges comparatively....again energy lose. Lastly, even the actual bullet design itself....beside material. Is it flat based (standard) diameter at the base or boat tail.....the later tends to be more stable in the air and gelatin than the flat. Sorry... I asked what time it was and I told you how to build a watch.
  2. I hear an echo echo red red ...line line line Thank you for verifying what I stated earlier. ...
  3. Try shooting a Rem 700 bolt action 6 shot 30/06 into gel block and a .223 (which are available in bolt). If you shoot a FMJ it goes right through...shoot a lead or equivalent expands and tears things up. Shoot a .223 FMJ it tumbles and tears thing up. FMJ= full metal jacket. Also a .45 is just as deadly at close range regardless of the type of bullet. You are right...the AR is not the is the devil behind the trigger that is.
  4. I am not scared by the thought of arming teachers as long as they are properly trained. I DO mourn the loss of innocents ....and honestly....I think...that is more the reason for some resisting arming teachers than they present as arguments. 'We're not in Kansas anymore Toto.' Hard sad fact. The unfortunate reality is that the gene is out of the bottle....rules, regulations and 'the system' have failed .....they should be and must be repaired....but what do you do in the meantime? Wait? Homeschool? Analogy: You are in a plane...the engine fails...the plane is are 10000 feet up. Now what do you do? Do you jump with a parachute and hope to fly again or even repair the wrecked plane. Or do you ride the plane down and hope everything will be OK. Me ... I jump.
  5. Ahhhh ;you can't have a waiting list for a list that doesn't exist. Just stating facts. My wife and I just talked about this; how many teachers would volunteer......NOTE THE WORD...volunteer. There is no way of knowing....but I would imagine a school the size of that one....there are more than a few teachers than would...that have some previous training and would do it. If the remainder don't care to...fine. The anti-gunners keep bringing up cost, training time...question....what is the cost of all the cool magnetic detectors, x ray machines and the civil right aspect of trying to get the kids stuff checked. What are we looking at....YEARS....maybe decades after the lawyers and politicians finish their feeding frenzy....BOTH WAYS. If the NRA is so truly concern (reminder I belong to the NRA) is so hot for arming teachers.....well put up or shut up...offer free unlimited training ON THEIR DIME....for those teachers that volunteer. If Trump is so hot for this....appropriate surplus .9mm's for assignment and training as well as ammo. BOTH entities provide funds for followup training. Both provide funding for range time or better yet...use the military bases ranges. Learning to shoot decently can be done in less than a few days...I know I teach the class....the 'pressure situation' shooting (I teach that also)...well honestly can take week or more....but a lot depends on the person....some people will flinch under pressure....just like cops...and not shoot or on the flip side....shoot 'anyway'. That is a part of the equation that comes down to the individual....and you don't know till 'it happens'. I do know this....someone waking into a school with an likely not going to flinch. As we have seen. And has to be put down. So...we are looking at YEARS to harden the schools with checkpoint's and such.....we are looking at protection of the kids in months. Suggestion: while we wait for the years to about a EMERGENCY bill or fill the gap....till all the other stuff is done. When done...the teachers could stand down and turn in their firearms. Thoughts?
  6. In that school what state.....
  7. What part of HILLARY IS NOT PRESDIENT.....DON'T YOU GET? How with any reasonable sense of sanity can you dismiss Manford and Gates who were/are associated with the Trumpster....and harp and worry about Hillary who is out walking her dogs....and keeping Bill off the porn pages. Makes absolutely no sense to me. But you keep going little dutch boy....over on the right....about 1 oclock ...another crack. This is so funny and so pathetic.
  8. He is a Russian troll....ignore. him. He is chicken little in reverse....the sky in FACT is falling.
  9. Lets talk about the smoke in the air about a year from now. After the entire Trump Admin is dismantled and Trump is wearing an outfit to match his hair.
  10. Naaahhhhh will be the same BS. The milk maid huckleberry will get bytchy....rant on the media.....not answer one question. SSDD OH yeah....emphasis on ....Gates charges being 'nothing to do about Russia'....while true think Muller's deal was Gates to do a brain dump on that stuff? Patience Grasshopper...patience.
  11. Question is ....will Donny be able to pardon himself after Maniford starts dumping information like someone who ate bad oysters. He is getting reduced sentencing.....but at what cost Trump.
  12. No MOM was in for 8. And except for Ehrlich....well here you go............. List of Governor of Maryland Name Took office Left office William Donald Schaefer 1/20/1987 1/18/1995 Parris N. Glendening 1/18/1995 1/15/2003 Robert Ehrlich Jr. 1/15/2003 1/17/2007 Martin O'Malley 1/17/2007 1/21/2015 Lawrence Hogan Jr. 1/21/2015 Incumbent So....if you add it up...that is around 30 subtract 8 for Ehrlich and Hogan (since you hate Republicans) well that leaves 22 years of dem govenors..the subway has been around for 35. And now it is all Hogans fault? Ahhh yuh. If rail MAINTENACE had been done during the PREVIOUS admins (Ehrlich too) the can would not have ended up rattling around Hogans doorstep. DUH. Come back when you have something sensible to say. Oh and thanks for demonstrating your trolling capabilities for not even acknowledging the Mayor analogy. Squeak squeak
  13. So technically, “gun violence” is not 30,000 annually, but drops to 5,100. Still too many? Now lets look at how those deaths spanned across the nation. Wow...retired...that is a kick axx post. Excellent summary of what I have been saying and others too for years now. And from Mass no less. Kudos....this one goes into my Database.....double kudos. But I am sure that some will say it is fake news.......
  14. OK....lets get this straight. No armed teachers with guns. It takes 8 minutes at best for law enforcement to show up and we are not talking full tactical SWAT....just s cop with maybe a shotgun in his car. I dunno.... I don't gamble much but I do know if playing bet black or red,,no numbers....if you want a chance to win...with some edge for success. Hope you understand the analogy.
  15. smh............... You seem to have it stuck in you head....for whatever reason....that I am attacking you regarding your position with the Mayors. I don't give a blip what your position is. The point I am trying to make is this; your attempt to blame Hogan for the subway...without blaming or at least acknowledging that previous administration also share some blame is wrong. There is plenty of blame to go that....but totally ignoreing the past is a fools errand. I brought up the mayors as an analogy. The city has had many problems for many years....and totally blaming Pugh ....WITHOUT blaming Dixon or SRB or at least having them share the equivalent to what you are doing blaming Hogan and not acknowledging previous 'screw ups and negelect'. A subway just doesn't self destruct in 3 years. At least not in my world. Now is that so hard?
  16. As I said....kind of shocking that a good cop....can make more than a teacher. But I understand there was a big deal some years back that a teacher was taking kickbacks from the vending machine companies in the county. Not kidding. Probably picked up an extra 500 a years.....demands jail time.
  17. I guess I should clarify 'nutbag' as to how I apply the term To me....anyone that uses a firearm other than self defense is a just blatantly start killing crosses a line of insanity or evil or what ever that doesn't fall into the category of a criminal robbing a bank or blowing away a competitor drug dealer. As we have seen....each one of these 'nutbags' has some 'issue' I don't have the time nor inclination to ID each and every possibility. If I did I would write a book. So ....this is easy.....anyone that kills another human being is in someway shape or form (other than self defense or military) is either a criminal or a 'nutbag'...just for the sake of brevity. Hope that works. Please feel free to suggest a substitute word for 'nutbag' and if valid I would be happy to use it.
  18. Dance dance dance. me where Hogan has 'failed'. See further comment below. You are slow.....did you say anything directly....nope ... I asked a simple question....since you feel that Hogan is so blamable...and everything is his fault...and nothing fell forward because of MOM and previous admins.... I 'thought' bringing the previous mayors and the spiral of the city downward....well you might 'understand' what I was driving at. But now thinking about it....YOU COMPELTELY UNDERSTAND what I am talking about....and you know you are trapped and as always....dancing and deflecting. Ohhhh....and show me where Hogan has failed....well take that your mind if he didn't throw open the state vaults for things for the city...well he is a failure. Got it. News flash: He is the Governor of MD....not the city....besides the 600000 or so that live in the city...well there are the remaining 6M of the state he also has to be concern with. I know for a weird concept after MOM and previous admins.
  19. I have gotten past the 'hard to do' at the age of 64. However there has been more than one time that yeah at the age of 64 I would have loved to kick some young punks butt to clear out 'his' attitude. As Clint said 'get off my lawn'...still runs around in my head...then I go inside and have a nice single malt.
  20. I think the harsh light of reality is starting to shine. The 'system' is to blame and the light is starting to shine on the system. OK there are bad cops....why is that? The system. Why are there all these nasty bad guys and nutbags loose? The system Why do so many that shouldn't have The system. See here it is in black and white. It is easy to blame the is easy to blame the guns. But blame and fix a broken system? Not so much so....and I think....we as a public are starting to 'get' that. At least if the meeting with the Prez and the comments made were any indicator.
  21. Guess I must have matured at a very early age....even while playing football in college....and going to keg parties....just walked away.
  22. Only if the system...has 'their back'. Hence blaming the system.....and I am sure....if they stormed his house and took his guns....with him being an would be complaining about that also. Correct me if I am wrong.