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  1. No twisted logic...just observation...……………. It seems that when there is an blatant issue of reverse - discrimination and racism...the same ones that absolute go bat poop crazy when it is a white person involved with some atrocity against blacks….well they are on it like turkey vultures on road kill. However when it is reversed ….like this....all I and others....YEAH WHITE PEOPLE....HEAR is crickets. Nothing. Why is that? Aren't we ALL supposed to be appalled by stuff like this? Since this forum is in the toilet I took the liberty of speaking my mind..
  2. And the fact that you can't get a straight answer ….speaks volumes. Like, they say 'you can be wrong for all the right reasons. or be right for all the wrong reasons...which is to be believed....the one with the biggest bullhorn.
  3. Interesting....the same crew the defenders....have not jumped on their black steeds to defend this women. I am sure the women was upset because 'they looked at me'. That is the next thing I am sure as a defense.
  4. Yah know....if you didn't do what I you always do ...that is ...only cut an paste what YOU want others to see... I could almost accept some of your crap. This bacterization of cut an paste is so typical....just what YOU said....that what proceeded prompting YOU to respond. So...let me get this you feeble little somehow think....what you said....exemplifies what I think. Your are unbelievable. BTW ...I wasn't here in 88.
  5. You do have an incredible imagination. If anything I am the one pointing out that white people DO go to jail. But not as frequently as blacks because there are fewer white criminals comparatively. You really should think you comments through before you post. It does make you look silly.
  6. If I remember correctly your 'list' went back decades and had no relevance to the here and now. Post again ….prove me wrong. I have ton's a research and posted ignore why bother. Prove I have never said that I didn't call a white person a thug. Oh poop....with there only being one or two per month in the area....I guess you would miss that. Tell you what....if I take the time to dig up where I called a white person thug....and there are more than a few. You have to stop posting here on July 2nd...OK
  7. I just looked at Disqus. Seems there are a lot of you already there. But is seems to me to be the 'Dark side of the force' compared to these forums. Seems pretty vile.
  8. I think I said that. I also said by forcing people to only be able to comment on what they 'print' and saying it is a replacement for these forums is like when Ford said; 'You can have any color you want if you purchase a model long as it is black. BTW no racial slur intended.
  9. Class.....Ahhhhh pay attention. This is a classic example of 'squeak squeak'. It is also know as Johnny that is not really in Egypt..that is the Nile. Anyway, as we can see... when presented by multiple examples also known as facts.....the denier....continues down the...excuse path. That,,,yes Sally what is it. 'Mr. this like what we saw earlier....when you posted. about the repetition of previously stated said what was the word....oh said that right?' Yes Sally....absolutely correct. Yes Jane in the back....Mr you are saying is that some people will never accept the truth ….or facts...regardless of what is presented. Ahhhhh like President Trump. Yes and the rest of the class all get A+ for the day.
  10. 250....Christ on 'Wicked Tuna' that would have paid the crew for a week. Yikes.
  11. I agree there are some very positive things about MD. And I have and am still looking at 'rural' areas....far from the city to try and remain here. However, my big concern is that encroachment to areas like that will continue....and what was once rural becomes ….condo's and Walmarts. I saw type of thing after I first moved here to Woodlawn. In the mid 80's I could jump on Rolling Road and in 5 minutes....see woods to hunt....streams to fish and farms. Now. McMansions, condo's and so on. While I agree that some like the city and urban life ….and that is their prerogative and I wish them well. But finding a nice quiet area that will remain quiet seems to become a very remote possibility in MD anymore.
  12. To be honest I haven't been to one either. However I am pretty sure....just like you can ask for ketchup at McD's you probably could ask for sugar packets and cream. I can't believe they don't have those items for people that order multiple straight up coffees. And I have a problem paying 2.40 for a couple of coffee....even if Juan Buldeze (sic) put it in front of me. Beside the coffee I brew at home... the only one that is decent is the Double T. MdD's isn't bad when they have their 'special coffee' days. And they aren't 2.40
  13. Ohhhh.....we are...but not by choice. I have lived here for nearly 38 years and I have seen the 'creep' and change...none for the positive. Many have realized that we are only one or two lib/dem/progressive Govenors and one or two decades birth rate wise from becoming Balti-land. And people are (like myself) prepping to leave. WITH OUR TAX DOLLARS...………………...
  14. No body would buy Baltimore. Even under the 'Dollars' program(s) Heck if the eastern shore went to Del. and with it get the tax breaks.... you would see mass exodus from the remaining MD.
  15. You do realize that you can order your coffee straight up. And add sugar and milk to you liking. Now the fru fru stuff is a different story. But I guess for a 4 buck cup of coffee you expect to be catered to.
  16. Similar experience with a Shell station that has a Pakistani owner. Nicest people you ever want to meet. They do their bit by rotating in 'newbies' who's englsh may not be great but eventually improves greatly. However, this man started with nothing now owns several gas stations. AND....he does everything he can to extend that opportunity to people that work for him by putting them in charge eventually of one of his stations and in some case backing them to buy their own. So I am close so can talk freely and banter in a kidding way is well accepted. Once I realized something I said could have been misconstrued....and apologized. The clerk said...'No are fine....we wish all our customers were like you.'. I asked 'You mean that some people are nasty to you'. I get the . They went on to explain the only people that get nasty are blacks....'because we don't understand 'their' English'. Next.
  17. I think less: She faces up to 13 years in prison. Probably will get timed served waiting for trial. I wonder if the more liberal channels will pick this up. Ahhhhh yuh.
  18. While not being able to communicate clearly is an issue it is not insurmountable if both parties 'try' to. I recently had some very extensive brick work done on my home. The company I hired is owned by a Spanish speaker...who also spoke English ...clearly...since he was born here. His crew was composed entirely of Spanish speakers....some spoke English well, some not so well, some not at all. BUT....there was always someone that I could speak with and translate when necessary about specific things. Sometimes a gesture or a picture drawn out by me was more than enough. Now that is construction. I was able to point at what I wanted. One can not go behind the counter at Dunkin and point at exactly the doughnut you want nor can you go to M'ds to point at the XLARGE ff box instead of the small. BTW if anyone cares....the brick work that was done was TOP NOTCH. Only a couple of minor flaws I found later and the contractor is coming back to make good on them. Even with the language barrier.
  19. Hey.... I only got two weeks to burn of my allotment. Yes it will be work but I am up to the task.
  20. I dunno.....when many people present time and time and time and time again...the numbers that validate black criminality. And you time and time and time and time again ….ignore them Well what is the point of presenting them again. Now that is the definition of insanity to keep presenting. Now is this you 3rd or 4th scotch you are working on talking here. You know... I take what I said back.... I will miss always make me laugh.
  21. That's Pickle....dodging and weaving ...till the very end. You I will NOT bit.