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  1. Ohhh ...thank you issue is solved.....why 'Firefly' was cancelled....those dang commies. This comic relief has been provided by Guido2.Inc.
  2. Hey if it floats your boat......have at it. I made my point. I am a happy camper.
  3. Sold in one they would be Broken down they do with cars that have been stolen......gears, batteries etc. easy the frame.....I am sure than one shredder would purchase the frames with a nod nod wink wink. Hope I brightened you day.
  4. Ahhhh first off....I never said that (and who is this other person?) I don't know I they did or didn't. Now Manny said; On 9/18/2017 at 7:26 PM, Manny said: Democrat judges make up rules as they go along. I simply rattled off a breakdown of Appointed Judges. Now.....lets say everything being equal.....ALL judges make up the rules. Now simple deduction and math. When you have 39 pages of judges....maybe 2 are Rep. appointed. Wellll hmmmmm roughly that is well over 90% of all judges that stated....make up the law as they go. Which happen to be Dems. Case dismissed.
  5. Couldn't or wouldn't.? But I think Bernie would give it a shot.
  6. Ohhhh gee.....there is something new and the white women posing as a black women and lead a division of the NAACP. Which, if it is all about sharing and equality....then I don't see how....if she 'felt in her heart of hearts' she was truly black they had an issue....very unfair to her.
  7. So has the term 'white'. So you point?
  8. Well after the nose job....yeah. Before that it looked like the business end of a P-40. Why would I jump on you.....your not my type and I am not the President.
  9. DEFINTIELY!!!! oppps sorry.. I fix. Thx for the catch.....
  10. Ohhhh wow.... you are correct a whole out of...................39 pages of judges....well whoop the dooo........... I tried checking Hogan appointments but the 'news feed' for that is down. But I sort of eyeballed a google and maybe he has added 10 at best at all levels. So.....14 individuals vs 39 take away one page or two....I am feeling generous. That leaves 37 pages of Dem appointments. but but but...........your up......
  11. Each party has it's pet projects....each party wants it now.....each party figures this...............
  12. Personally both parties in the Senate are guilty of the same sin. Just different flavors of the same sin. If you are really poor.....yeah dems.......if you are really rich....yeah repubs. If you are middle class regardless of the party you belong to are screwed.
  13. No doubt. And their lives should not have ended like that. But not being thread specific.....over the past year..... how many 'random' crimes have been committed... and in broad daylight no less in the city as of late? Try this link....interesting...........
  14. but but but....... I thought that judges were supposed to be above politics.,....I mean.....geee.... that is why they couldn't attend the meeting that Hogan called.....the could get involved with that.... Right RIGHT? HAHAHAHHAHHAHHAHAHHAH Further, I would like to say that Republican judges do also.....but gee..... there doesn't seem to be any. Hmmmmmm wonder why? For the slow... that was sarcasm. Not you Manny.
  15. I was watching a NG show about 'the planets' and how the solar system and planets coalested into what they are today. Most communities became what they are due to the odd fact that humans tend to like to be around other humans that look, act and share similiar values. there was no social engineering.... it just happened. Now due to the rules we have now.....that is near impossible to have happen. And as we see going against those rules is a no no. This effort is a no no.....and if it isn't and this yet another 'that's different' thingy. Then I don't want to hear when a bunch of middle class white people ....just wanting to be 'with there own kind' .... is considered to be racist and bigotted. In my world the door should swing both ways.
  16. Well let me ask you this. Consider what I posted earlier...that is.....the output from the south was about 6 Billion a year in our dollars. Now, I ask you if the situation was reversed and the NORTH was requested/forced to close down their factories no if ands or buts. How do you think that would fly? stated the 1800's wages paid to factory workers....who had to cloth, house and feed themselves....were not very much at all. The company didn't take care of that....they were on their own. Where as....yes in the south they were slaves and they got no wages per se. But that was taken care of by the slave masters. A dead slave like a broken machine is worth nothing. Looking at it analytically and removing the stigma of 'slave' poor low skilled workers in the north were I would imagine not much better than the slaves in the south. While I agree northern 'free' worker...could walk away from a job...and then what....go to another low paying unskilled job? When you boil it all was the symbol of freedom....not REAL freedom...that it is all about. Both northern factory workers and southern cotton pickers were all slaves in one form or another.
  17. I really never understand this 'any port in a storm' thing with politicians....especially Clinton. I would have to be stone cold blind drunk to have anything to do with any of his....well whatevers. If the Mrs. cut him off....fine....that is what internet porn, dirty magazines and the bathroom are for. What ever happened to discretion and taste?
  18. Well you know I try and look at things from a positive angle. If Trump blows all that 'private' money on CYAing.....that is that much less for his second run. God save us. BTW..... I saw this shell game coming .....long before the media thunk of it. In fact I should be an analyst on TV. Seems I have predicted almost every 'screw up' days before the 'analysts' did. Just say'n Yes yes I am a genius in my own mind. But really.....I said A....and dang if A didn't pop out days later.
  19. Hypocrisy at it's most defining moment. Do as I say....not as I do. And you know what is absolutely absurd. I am sure that if you sat down face to face with him and laid the numbers out and the facts. The response would be.......'So?' SMH we are seeing.....Trumps appointees are business men that are used to 'the finer things'. Which includes private jets. Except now....lucky us the tax payers are footing the bill....not their companies. Yah yah....lets cut my jet fueled and ready to go? And by all accounts Pelosi is no better.
  20. And the road to....................................... Put out our hands palms one hand with good intentions.....the other ....poop. See which one fills up faster. The BC Mayor graveyard is filled with 'good intentions. '. Like 'give them space' or 'free needle exchange' or 'stop and frisk'............... Some Mayors became govenors and got out while the getting was good.....others became partners. And BC.....well .... is still BC
  21. I know it could happen.....but do you really think 'they' would allow that to happen? Especially after Ehrlick. Pooop never mind..... I forget which party we are talking about.