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  1. He could be in Hawaii and call in as Mayor and still be better than what we have seen for the last decade or so.
  2. 33 minutes ago, mop said: Another cop, another killer, surprise, surprise, the first thing they should do is collect DNA samples from every active and retired cop, bet you would solve a lot of “unsolved” murders. unt ahh ahhhh. Civil rights you know...violation of privacy..etc. ...etc. Ohhhh....and that would be ahhhhhhhh profiling. Can't have that. You are suggesting to profile all cops. REALLY? I'm sorry your door doesn't swing both bad....I apologize.
  3. Hey how about them to work on building their own houses instead of all the other stuff...done's the deed. And they learn some skills, some self worth and a paycheck. Heck some might actually go on to be foremen for other house building win win win., Or is all that thinking way to out of the box?
  4. Ohhhh my....Ben Carson...a product of the ghetto....a skilled surgeon....a highly intelligent man.....and an African-American to boot. Is selling out his own people. Kandace must be besides yourself. Must sxck to be you now.
  5. I think it ironic that the lib/progressive of JH....has a bunch of kids that said. I WANT MY GRADE....AND SCREW THE OTHERS .....IF THE OTHER ONES CAN'T CUT IT. Maybe there is still hope....that some believe..... even young ones....that there are winners and losers. They figured out the system....and used it against the system. Very cool!!!!! Yeah the losers will get A'a also....but it made a point.
  6. Actually after Hogan 2nd term .... I wouldn't mind Obama as Governor....he can be a place filler till Hogan's 3rd term.
  7. You shouldn't since you don't live here.
  8. are making way to big a deal out of it. The mechanics etc..... are never going to go away. IMHO....they are safer than any nut screwier on any assembly line. They have skills. Chill
  9. A village with a bunch of I lived in a village with a bunch of paddles.....they were called MOTHERS and FAMILY. And a massive network of Moms day in and day out keeping tabs on what was going on.....especially with us kids. I could NOT say or do anything....without the Mom Machine relaying it to my Mom. And guess what my Mom was always there with the 'I know what you were doing look....and wait till you father gets home' look. It does influence ones development.
  10. Well that all depends if some don't (or should I say do0 get 'Jealous'.
  11. already was on the books....the bill was to put teeth in it. It was basically a re-write of an old law..... And I will add that gun haters tried to slip in that ANYONE that has a bug about a neighbor could have picked up the phone. I mentioned a scenario that a gun hater could see you unloading your guns coming home from the range.....and the PITA could see you later...drinking a beer and could have reported you. It was in earlier drafts. No poop.
  12. Well as I said. Do we keep hightly skilled, productive people gainfully employed. Or do we go the other way at their expense. If you are a progressive you know the answer. As I said it is a conundrum.
  13. Well yes. It is a conundrum isn't it. Problem goes away when people have to work to live and not play the goooooberment hand out game. Don't you agree?
  14. Lied to and told that everything is beautiful.....ohhh ohhhhh look a butterfly.
  15. Way too much travesty going on now a days for my money.
  16. So why aren't you and I, President and vp.
  17. Semi... I understand what you are saying. But I am sure that in my the frog that is put in a pot of water and the heat is slowly turned up...that it croaks. and never realizes that it was in trouble. It has and is still happening to me and others. However, now that I am no longer in the 'hamster wheel' of working (retired) I can look back....look at now....and look at the future. Bottom line is, what is better a few hundred private jet mechanics and pilots having to find other employment because the rich guys can't afford it. Or maybe a few hundred families....getting an opportunity to develop a work ethic again and improve their status. To me the answer is obvious. Note the key word is WORK.
  18. Zen.... I am impressed....I really am ....what a great analogy. It is perfect. Kudo's However the power brokers in DC...that bailed out the auto industry ....and bailed out the banks recently....obviously are no where as smart as you. And I am not busting was a complement.
  19. I can do without a private jet industry and all that supports it very well thank you very much. Closest I ever came to flying in a private jet....actually it was a turbo prop....commercial....20 passenger capacity and I was the only one besides the pilot. Took that puddle hopper to a reservation in the middle of North Dakota to teach the feds how to use the new laptops and software to handle Indian Affairs. So life would go on without interruption.
  20. And this quote is what is going to be the wall that prevents this from happening. You will have to wait for old farts like myself to die off....the ones who's parents experienced and lived through THE DEPRESSION....and had no safety nets....and any work ....regardless of how demeaning was good, just and honest work. And yeah ....sorry... there are a whole bunch of baby boomers....that had that instilled in them also. “There’s this interesting conversation we’ve been having about the value of work,” Tubbs said. “Work does have some value and some dignity, but I don’t think working 14 hours and not being able to pay your bills, or working two jobs and not being able—there’s nothing inherently dignified about that.” My response....TFB. There a black and white families that have a HELL of a lot of dignity....and way to much inherent pride to say; f' it.....I'll just sit home. I also think it is nuts.....he talks about another 500 bucks on top of .....what else. More welfare.....different name under his plan.
  21. Well ....if the job is guaranteed....and what it pays equates to people sitting home and collecting a check would make ....I am for it. However there has to be this mandate............. here is the job....take it or leave it....or starve welfare housing. If people can still say 'thanks....but no thanks' it's a joke. Cheeto's....get my hands dirty..... Not a tough one to figure out.
  22. So you are saying in some sort of way....that 'trickle down' works?
  23. I would too....and I would like it back. If money is going to be pxssed away... I should be able to decide what brand of beer I will be drinking.
  24. What i am finding very disturbing is this 'game' that was started when the car industry was on the ropes. Yes, at the time it seemed like a logical idea to bail them out. However, since least to me.....most all industries are using that as a model and blackmailing our government and people. Think back 20 or so years. Is someone wanted to build was out of their pocket....their risk or profit. Now we have TIF and tax incentives and billion dollar packages.....see Amazon and Port Covington and and and............... smh
  25. Oh don't get me wrong. There is something inherently wrong when a billionare whines about a increase of say 5% in there taxes and the average joe complaining about a 5% increase in theirs if one try's to compare them. Ohhhhh my so you have billions....and you get a 5% kick up....WOW ....JUST will not be able to afford your 4th home now. But a 5% kick for joe six pack....well you may not be able to pay for your kids college education. So in summary and this may shock you HST. I DO have a real problem with the inequaties....and I have a real problem with the middle class always getting stuck with the bill. Yes some will and stats will say 'well the upper class pay most of the taxes' fine.... THEY CAN AFFORD IT. Oh my.....won't be able to fly that private jet? Boooo hooo. I am not anti-capitalism..I am anti-piggy! For God sake much does one need to exist? Of course 'exist' is relative. Fine china or Ikea plates.