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  1. Three young Muslim men were killed execution style in a party house frequented by teens and young adults in Indiana. Biometric smart guns would have prevented this.
  2. Officer Ashley Guindon Prince William County Police Department, Virginia End of Watch: Saturday, February 27, 2016 Officer Ashley Guindon was shot and killed while responding to a domestic disturbance in the 13000 block of Lashmere Court in the Lake Ridge area. Please contact the following agency to send condolences or to obtain funeral arrangements: Chief of Police Stephan Hudson Prince William County Police Department 1 County Complex Court Prince William, VA 22192 #BlueLivesMatter
  3. Eww, she's nasty. A vile personality plus no talent , add in some anti-White racism = MHP.
  4. Give me a reason why we should not make the minimum wage $50 per hour. Liberal logic....... Raise the price of gas and people will buy less. Raise the price of cigarettes and people will buy less. But raising the price of labor will have no effect on the demand whatsoever. Dumdums.
  5. Yes, blacks shooting and killing people happens so often it's not newsworthy anymore. What an inbred animal.
  6. So that law is a joke because it is being ignored, but a new law that requires a background check between private seller and buyer will not be a joke, because it will be followed by the criminals? A perfect demonstration of the liberal antigun nutjob thinking - just pass another law banning the sale or use of something, because that always works. Just look at the anti drug laws, they work so well!
  7. zenwalk, the OP of the thread.
  8. He agreed with her and said "absolutely"! Watch the clip. Still using that racist monkey avatar? Rotflmao!
  9. Please point out the word "own" in your quote since you lied and used it in your thread title. I see "possess" and "operate" and even "pick up" but not "own." Lying liar.
  10. Constitution, Declaration of Independence ... whatever. Because if the Republican candidate said this........ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHoCd-6iREw Spin it! Steve Harvey lol. Another nitwit.
  11. Utterly stupid leftwing liberal thinking. "What the liberals believe — and want us to believe — is that though an increase in the cost of anything will cause people to use less of it, labor is exempt from the law of demand."
  12. Lying thread title. Not once in the article is the word "own" used. They say "operate" and "use" and "possess" (all under the direct supervisionof a parent). But not once is the world "own" used to describe a "toddler" when speaking about a handgun. Lying liars.
  13. Yet you question the need for this law because there hasn't been a "rash of young kids arrested for shooting guns under parental supervision." So do we or do we not need laws to prevent behaviors that rarely occur? Or will you play the hypocrite card once again?