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  1. I like Varitek...we just need someone who understands that sometimes the players might not like him because of his comments or actions....and that's ok
  2. In my opinion I would love to see him replace Buck next year...he's arguably the greatest Oriole ever, and will obviously have respect from newer/younger players for what he accomplished as a player. I also think he would bring more of an old school approach to the Orioles, and actual hold the players accountable for things like hitting .152 and having a 10.38 ERA!!! The way Buck has handle the past 2+ years, I just don't see how you can come back from this...starting with the Britton playoff debacle, then the Red Sox punking us by throwing at Manny as many times as they saw fit, with little to no retaliation on our part, because Buck doesn't believe in that sort of stuff...don't get me wrong, I think throwing at guys is stupid, but it's more about principle than anything else in my opinion...if Chris Sale is going to throw at your best players head twice with a 98 mph fastball, and your manager doesn't believe in protecting that player (Manny), then the manager is going to loose alot of respect from players in the clubhouse, bottom line. I said it when all that craziness was going on, you think Palmer/Earl Weaver would have let that happen to Manny?? Absolutely not. Palmer should be hired as the new manager, i mean the guy has been a member of every World Series team this franchise has ever won!!
  3. And I realize we traded for Miller in '14, I was all for that deal and still say it was a fair deal, just wish they would have chosen to pay Miller/Cruz instead of Hardy/Davis/O'Day. Cheaper for Miller/Cruz at around 20ish million a year compared to Hardy/Davis/O'Day at 40ish million a year.
  4. 100% agree. E-Rod and Davies two examples of quality young/cheap arms we have traded at the deadline for rentals. I'm not saying I opposed those trades at the time, but realistically we were not built to get to a WS in 2015. If we hadn't made those two deals hypothetically our rotation next year would be 1. Tilman 2. Gausman 3. Bundy 4.E-Rod 5. Davies All those guys are either making the league minimum or arbitration guys. Instead we swap out the later 2 for UJ-13.5M and Gallardo/Miley-11M/9M. Could have potentially another 25ish million to spend this offseason without even mentioning how much better our rotation would be with those 2 at the back end instead of the 3 we currently have.
  5. Lets look at when Harbaugh took over in 2008. I personally think that may have been the best job available of any head coaching vacancy in the last 15 years. I mean honestly you take over a team with possibly the greatest MLB to ever play football and possibly the greatest S to ever play football. You have 2 or 3 other players on defense that were year in year out pro bowlers in Suggs and Ngata. We would have 3, 4, sometimes as many as 5 or 6 turnovers in any given game. As any team in the last decade had that type of talent/players for a coach to take over for?? I mean Hugh Jackson just took the Browns job, and honestly has absolutely nothing to work with. It is a dead end job. He won't last with the players he has. Countless coaches take over jobs that are dead ends because of the players. Harbaugh took over a job in which he literally didn't even have to think about the defense. And in his first draft ever, before we played 1 game under him, Ozzie had one of his better drafts ever and took Flacco/Rice/Webb in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. I mean talk about getting lucky.
  6. I would love if we could infuse some young talent into the organization this offseason. I mean I've been looking at the cubs/red sox, who have to me anyway a perfect blend of veterans who have had experience in big situations/won WS before and young, uber talented players who are as hungry as anyone to get to the WS. They feed off of each other. The young guys get confidence by looking at the vets to lead them because they know they've won it before and know what it takes, and the vets get revitalized by the way the younger players bring that naive energy to the field everyday. I mean can you name me 1 player, coach, GM, or our owner that has ever even BEEN to a WS?? Let alone won it...we don't have a single veteran in the clubhouse that players can talk to about how they got to a WS. I still blame alot of this on letting Cruz walk. He was perfect for us. He had been to a WS and has proved to be incredibly clutch in postseason play. He had the ears of our younger players i.e. Machado, Schoop and brought a winning culture. I just think we need to get some people in here who have won something. To show us the way. And get young, talented players who can make impacts like Bundy, Givens, Rickard did this year. Only way your going to do that is by trading away an asset you have. The sox's traded us miller and got a young, talented lefty to stash in their rotation for the next 4 years. We need to stock pile our farm system now with some of the trade chips we have.
  7. I think your right about Lewis, I like him but hes been given to many opportunities with no results. And I was 15 when Billick got canned so I was unaware of that being said about him as well. I guess sometimes you just have to make a change. I agree we seem dull again, we are 26-27 since the superbowl. I just can't get over how Billick got 7 years after the superbowl and were only gonna give Harbs 4.
  8. I agree hypothetically speaking about trading any of those 3 before Britton but honestly ask yourself if you were an opposing GM what would possibly make you want to make any deal involving a 34 year old injury-prone SS with 28 million left on his deal, or either of those starting pitchers regardless of how much they make. I fault Buck for reminding everyone around the league just how bad UJ was throughout most of the year when he pitched him in the wild card game But we MAY be able to deal UJ for a cheap prospect, in which case I would much more in favor of than a deal for Britton. But I really think it makes sense to trade Britton. I mean I understand that we wouldn't have made the playoffs if he blew 1 save this year, but hypothetically speaking if Brach was our closer this year how many saves do you think he blows totally?? Would the 11 million we could spend on another free agent/the 2-3 high-ish level prospects we would receive in exchange be worth more than those 5 or 6 blown saves?? I would argue yes.
  9. If we didn't offer any of them arb they would basically add up to britton's salary. I wouldn't be surprised is Joseph isn't back but we are pretty certain 2 of the 3 will be offered arb for a couple million. Really is sad.
  10. I agree with most of what your saying about Harbs, but I disagree with what his main problem is. I think he is very much involved in the game plans of both the Offense and the Defense, as well as Special Teams. I think his football knowledge is good enough to be a head coach, while he does not have a specific specialty like most head coaches do, I don't hold that against him. I personally think the most important job an NFL coach has is in-game management. We are constantly using timeouts when we shouldn't be. He makes far too many emotionally charged decisions during the game, whether its faking a FG yesterday or in the superbowl. I've always thought he is one of the worst challenge using head coaches in the league, although I don't have statistics to back that up. I think we agree in our dislike/problems with Harbaugh, and I do hear what your saying in the quote above. I just ask myself who are we going to get to replace him?? I have just always feared being one of those teams with a revolving door at the HC position because we compound 1 bad hire with another bad hire.
  11. I'm not big into making predictions, but I've been thinking this ever since I read an article last week that we have 9 players on our current 2017 payroll for 96 million who are: Davis: 21.1m Jones:16.3m Hardy:14m Jimenez:13.5m Gallardo:11m Miley:8.9m O'Day:7m Kim:4.2m And as CROUSEMAN laid out above, we are going to pay a projected total of 50m to arbitration players, which brings the grand total to 146 million with basically doing nothing. It would seem to me that we need to sign a vet catcher in replace of weiters, another OF to replace trumbo/or resign Trumbo. Thats another 10 million if you resign bourne and a vet catcher. Its 25 million more if you sign a vet catcher and Trumbo. I think Duq is going to look at it and determine he has to shed some salary this offseason if he wants to be somewhat active in free agency. And the only option I see right now that would make any sense to me is trading Britton. Here's my argument: 1. His value will never be higher. He was 45 for 45 this year in arguably the greatest single season a relief pitcher has ever had, and he will receive a good chunk of cy young votes. He would command more than the Yankees got for Chapman or Miller. 2. He will make 11 million next year, which although he is probably the biggest reason we even made it to the wild card game, is too much for a guy who only pitches 60ish innings a year. 3. We have a few guys who can replace him. Along with obvious choices like O'Day and Brach, what Givens showed in that wild card game was special. I mean he faced 4 of the most dangerous hitters in the whole league and they didn't even have a shot. 4. Obviously our own manager isn't going to considering working him in multiple innings, and apparently doesn't value him very much considering the way things went in the wild card game. I watched Terry Francona bring Miller in in the 5th inning of Game 1 the other night. I know hindsight is 20/20, but I love that move. Baseball is about living to the next half inning. If the situation is due or die, you have to use the best you have in the biggest moments of the game. All im saying is if I were the GM, I would trade britton at the winter meetings this year, and I have a feeling Duq may be thinking similarly.
  12. Donald finally did it tonight for me. He made me decide I'm voting for Clinton. Not like it really matters since she is going to win this state with or without my vote, so it doesn't really matter who I vote for in my eyes. But tonight finally did it for me. He knows NOTHING about literally anything. He didn't answer 1 question. I may not agree with some of what HC said tonight but at least she answers some questions with actually detailed policy/real life situations. She actually talked about real life problems and what we needed to do to fix them. And what put me over the edge was the countless times he blamed Obama/Clinton, when the interviewer specifically asked to keep it about why HE would be a good commander and chief. She mentioned him a few times as well, but he couldn't help himself. He must have brought her up 10 times or more. He so clearly has no idea what he is talking about it is 50% laughable, 50% infuriating. Its like him giving a speech on the military is like one of us being told we have to give a 30 minute speech on the rules of rugby. I would just start saying random things I've heard in the past/make up some rules or blend them with football. That's what he does when someone asks him a detailed, specific question. Just starts talking about that one time when South Africa won the world cup, right???? You know the one with Matt Damon in it. Absolute idiot.
  13. I hope it was overblown as well, but being one of those spoiled brats in the generation your referencing, I will agree with you that we have a troubling tendency to blame something/someone in the face of adversity. I guess I shouldn't lump everyone in my generation to that statement, so I'll give you a personal example. Bear with me lol. I told my mom last Tuesday that I was going to play golf at a course about 50 minutes away from my house the following morning. She immediately started trying to give me directions on how to get there. I tell her every time she tries to give me driving directions that I am not listening because I am just going to plug the address into my phone and use my gps app. And without fail, every time she still leaves me a HAND WRITTEN map of how to get to wherever it is that I am going. Anyway, I leave for the course @ 8am for a tee time of 930. I forget my car charger and about 30 minutes into my drive, my phone dies...Now I could have thought of several things I did to get me lost, like not charging my phone the night before or remembering my car charger, but the first thing that popped into my head as I angrily drove around helpless was how my stupid gps app drains my phones battery WAY more than any of my other apps, so of course it was my stupid phone batteries fault. The internet/smart phones have made my generation handle adversity completely differently.
  14. LOL wait I used racism to point out his racism??? Not a great start for me on the board, calling someone out for being a racist and in turn learning of your own racism! If it makes it any better I was assuming El Captain was white, but I guess that is where I'm being racist?? Pickles ill be dead honest, I've been sitting here for 20 minutes trying to think about what I posted was racist, and I'm stumped. Haha please tell me so I can come up with better, less racist punch lines for the future
  15. I'm pretty new here, I got an account mainly for the orioles thread but I've been reading most threads started on here for like a month. Nothing personal since this is my first post on ANY thread, and from following along for the past month I realize that EVERYONE takes stuff personally on here, but that's the whitest thing I've ever heard.