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  1. I agree, somebody has to make decisions in these quality of life cases.
  2. Obama thought he could govern by proclamation.
  3. People fail to accept the police represent the state. Too many people forget that. They're too busy looking at sizing up what tyhey look like, Sure they'll lie to you, laws allow them to.
  4. If the Democrats had the constitutional means to bring Garland forward they would have. They didn't -- thems the breaks! go find Democrats that can win elections, then these things won't be a problem.
  5. me a minute -- absent some legal document saying otherwise the inheritance belongs to his brother
  6. sounds like a hard worker.
  7. President Trump can discuss whatever he wants with him.
  8. lol ...I retired at 55 Dingleberry, I live at the beach, cold in Dundalk tonight?
  9. really doesn't matter, I had one for more than 20 years, no biggie
  10. I thought Hillary's inauguration speech was the best.
  11. Obviously a Magic 8 ball was a popular Xmas gift for liberals on this board. so many Ms Cleo's
  12. If we had only followed Obama's idea for gun safety at schools....
  13. the FBI is poisoned now, anybody who has lied to them and found guilty will be pardoned