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  1. I wonder how almost President Hillary Clinton feels about phony elections. Or maybe we should ask Bernie?
  2. Don't need his coin, he's President, we see him all the time. Hillary is a loser until she announces for 2020.
  3. just raise taxes on Baltimore residents to redevelop the Pimilico community and keep it there.
  4. Any Dems not under indictment?
  5. What a waste of time, nobody can beat Governor Hogan.
  6. they sell Hillary-Clinton-Presidential-Commemorative-Tribute Coins on Amazon for $15 if you guys are interested.
  7. he'll have the fixed sometime in the next 6.5 years
  8. on this forum we skip the Obama years, what he did and what he didn't do.
  9. answer my question genius. How did he know who they were before they were identified?
  10. how did he know that before they were identified? lol ...genius Explain .... I'll wait I don't think you're stupid, I think you have bad luck when you think. lol
  11. this investigation has run it's course. Now we have a new one per the AAG Rosenstein, this may take years. Remember: Nothing to be afraid of it you haven't done anything wrong Libs!
  12. open borders, everybody's welcome, we don't need to know who's in the country...
  13. go to at big city at lunch time, Baltimore doesn't count.