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  1. Alabamans aren't going to turn over the US Senate to the Democrats over 40 year old allegations. Sorry, not happening
  2. Most of central Pennsylvania is a depressing mess, boarded up little towns offering no hope. What a shame
  3. Trump hasn't been to his Florida resort since April, get a life
  4. Smart move, I used to live in Red Bank. Now I split my time between Cape Cod and the Delaware seashore. I have a daughter that works at Johns Hopkins, she's escorted by security to her vehicle at night, too dangerous otherwise.
  5. Smart guy
  6. I have a housekeeper come in twice a week, got a problem with that?
  7. move somewhere you can be proud of
  8. find some honest people to hang with
  9. wow forcing your tongue down some unsuspecting females throat! ....this guy needs to go, it's indefensible to anyone but a pervert. Now he's grabbing women's butts while a US Senator? what a pig, a perv. shameful
  10. Roy Moore was a Dixiecrat Democrat when these allegations supposedly occurred.
  11. I suspect in a few years many Americans will have servants. Many people have no skills and they need money. I see nothing wrong with it.
  12. do you apologize for things you haven't done?
  13. Trump is not making allegations
  14. Clinton paid an accuser $850,000. Weinstein has 90 accusers. Franken admitted it. Next?