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  1. I was raised Catholic and even at a young age, it made absolutely no sense to me at all. To this day, I just shake my head how gullible people are. Humans are a curious species when it comes to the incredulous perception that when you die, maybe that's all there is. If the belief of an after life had never been created in the minds of those who wouldn't accept that demise, religion would have never seen the light of day. It's that simple. Everything hinges on being rewarded after death. And it's very hard for a person to wrap their brain around the possibility that Hitler and Mother Teresa had the same end result when they died. I've always felt that my time on this planet wasn't a dress rehearsal, that this was it so I better make the most of it. All religions are hypocritical but Catholicism ranks right near the top.
  2. I prefer Rehoboth Beach. Not as crowded, more laid back and I can still enjoy the ocean, which is the only reason I'm there.
  3. This has nothing to do with the story but hats off to you for getting the amount of exercise you do. You must be in great shape.
  4. Since I live within a mile and half of my work place, I try to walk every day for the exercise. I cross a very busy intersection at one point and it has crossed my mind over the years of how easy it would be for someone to lose control of their car and just run me over. I've even walked during night time hours which increases those chances. We'll probably know more about his case in the following days but besides the driver foolishly leaving the scene, he or she may have been diddling with their phone or stereo, looked up and it was just too late.
  5. Obviously, Digital Harbor H.S. is being singled out for the article but realistically, in the social media frenzy and digital immediacy that is 2017, one would have to be a little naive to think this type of activity doesn't affect plenty of other schools. I think we tend to believe that deviant behavior is rampant among teens but statistics say that adolescent sex is actually down from 25 years ago, as are pregnancies in that age range. What's different is that the behavior can now be captured instantaneously and sent out into the viral, internet universe for millions to see. What's increased is viewership, not the act itself.
  6. Whether she initially called the police or not is irrelevant. The bottom line is she was shot and killed which of course, opens a case up for detectives to try and figure out who did it. They'll try to interview people who are willing to talk to give them leads and for the most part, no one will out of fear of retaliation. At that point, one of the first things they'll do is bring up her criminal record if there is one and see who she associated with and what the crimes were. When residents or family refuse to cooperate, what other means do you have to try and solve the case? Maybe it won't amount to a hill of beans but they have to try. The whole DUI analogy is irrelevant to this case too.
  7. "Inference" to me is purely speculative. Imagining what someone is "inferring" is biased without objectivity. If the people on here can read minds and know what people are truly thinking, then I've stumbled on to something quite magical.
  8. Maybe not but maybe they are. Who knows.
  9. "Deserved" or "doesn't deserve" has nothing to do with the thread. If the title of the thread had been, "Woman didn't deserve to be gunned down in front of her children", then we'd have an entirely different discussion.
  10. As I said, if that's your interpretation, so be it.
  11. Because I wanted to see if she had a criminal background. Nothing more, nothing less. Was just curious.
  12. I don't agree. You better believe they're digging into her background, who she knew and who knew her. That would be the first thing I would do.
  13. I'm relatively new to the forum board but it does strike me as almost strange that people on here take things so personally. To be honest, I'm neither happy or sad that she was killed. If you can inject facts into a case that's headlined on this thread, I think that makes it relevant. Nothing that a seasoned detective isn't doing right now as we post. If people are appalled by that, maybe they should start threads about something a little more benign.
  14. Happy to degrade a dead woman? That's a little over the top, don't you think? But I do think there's relevance in explaining why she was killed and I'm sure detectives are doing similar research. If you want to interpret it that way, that's up to you.