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  1. Its really a simple solution, move down to the "B" division, put together some winning seasons, maybe even win a championship and bring back some "pride" back to the program. The current LB team would struggle to even finish in the top half of the "B" division this year. LB is clearly in a conference they should not be playing in. While I understand the move might annoy alums but they clearly don't understand how much the league has changed and just HS football in general. In order to even remain competitive on a consistent bases, your administration has commit some type of institutional support and resources. By all means, I'm not suggesting LB resort to the efforts in which Poggi operated at Gilman or now SFA, but staying the current course is and expecting different results is just insane. Even if SFA were to leave the "A" division to go pursue a national type schedule, LB would still be in a very tough situation with the remaining "A" conference teams.
  2. NO DOUBT! Gilman should hire him! I hope they do
  3. The WCAC is in more trouble than the MIAA "A" Division if you ask me. Starting in 2018, the WCAC will have an "A" division for the programs that put a bigger emphasis on football and a "B" division for the lower tier programs. The "A" division will only have 5 teams. 1. DeMatha. 2. Gonzaga 3. SJC 4. Good Counsel 5. Bishop McNamara I speculate the Bishop McNamara will want to move down to the "B" division with in 2 years as they don't have the financial resources to compete with the BIG 4 year in and year out. If Bishop Mac were to move down to the "B" divison, the WCAC would be left with only a 4 team conference which would be a complete joke. While Aaraon Brady will do great things down at Ryken, if you look at his history, I would be shocked if he stayed down in Southern Maryland for more than 3 seasons. Ryken will remain in the "B" division while Brady is there.
  4. The Don's should really drop down to the "B" division, I don't even think they would even win the B division this year with losses already to BL and John Carroll. I don't see why a program would stay in the most competitive division in a conference when its players are getting the **** kicked out of them week in and week out. Its no fun for either team. Look at Arch Bishop Carroll down in the WCAC, they haven't won a league game in gosh knows how many years. I guess its cool to say you play in the WCAC and it keeps alums proud but when your team is in the cellar year in and year out, what difference does it truly make. Loyola appears to be heading in the same direction. Loyola administration either commits building the football program up and provide some true institutional support or drop down to the B. The half *** approach taking place right now is not fair for the kids.
  5. Episcopal won the IAC last year. I wouldn't consider them a weak IAC team.
  6. Have to give credit when its earned, Gilman beat a far superior Episcopal Team yesterday afternoon on the road. I know Epsicoal doesn't get a lot of respect on this site as they play in the IAC but they have very good size up front and some very good skilled players.
  7. Just curious has Loyola ever considered dropping down to the "B" division while it tries to rebuild its program? No program is going to be able to compete with SFA in the coming years if Poggi & Co will be able to just bring in kids left and right.
  8. GA - I thought under Poggi a lot of multi sport athletes quit footballas they felt Poggi was playing favorites with all the recruited players and he was making the program become nearly year round. I agree with you, Gilman will be fine once they hire a new HC who can focus purely on the football program. Foolish move on their part to have the AD take over for 2 seasons. Tomslick - I am IAC guy at heart but with family ties to Gilman. Gilman can offer Cilento more than what Bullis is offering. While the IAC is a pretty good football conference (some years better than others), you can't deny that the MIAA A division has much better football conference. I was surprised Pat didn't leave Bullis for the Good Counsel opening last year given his ties to the Olney region. I agree with you though, he does a have a very good gig at Bullis (Bullis brought in several off season transfers this summer) I would like to see them play a stronger out of conference schedule though.
  9. I suspect the Gilman job will attract tons of applicants from across the country. Whether you like POGGI or not, he put Gilman football on the map. I've said to various Gilman alums I know quite well, they should take a run at Pat Cilento from Bullis. He is an excellent football coach and Gilman can offer him more than what he is currently getting at Bullis. It would also be a huge stepping stone going from the IAC to the MIAA "A" division.
  10. Brady is building something down in Southern MD. I would have thought Ryken - Pallotti game would have been much closer.
  11. 23 - 10 GC leads Gilman late in the 4th.
  12. I believe Bullis got twin lineman from MSJ, a RB and DB from SJC.
  13. I agree with TS. These Super All Star games have become pointless for many. College football demands are at an all time high. If I were a D1 coach, I sure as hell would not want any of my incoming recruits playing in some All Star Game in the middle of June. I much rather him focus on summer workouts, lifting, learning nutrition habits and to be honest enrolling in summer school so that he can get ahead in the classroom and to start bonding with his future teammates. Quite frankly, these All Star games at the end of the school have become money makers for the promoters who "sponsor them".
  14. Clint Alexander down at Woodberry was forced to clean out his office the day after knocking off Episcopal in the GAME. Woodberry will always remain a pretty competitive program, the school has a rich history in the sport as its part of the schools culture.
  15. Just curious does anything think the staff at SFA would move over to Curley? Curley at the very least appears to be a more financially secure institution.