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  1. the WCAC is already starting to Fall apart for football. Its now become a 5 team league, and who knows maybe McNamara will drop down to the lower division after a year or two of getting their rear kicked. No school in the WCAC comes close to pouring in $$$ into their football program the way St Johns does. They have gone to a whole new level. DeMatha has always invested heavily in their football program and Gonzaga to a degree. Good Counsel doesn't have the $$$ to throw around the way SJC does unless they bring in another Bernie type booster.
  2. I'm an IAC guy first and foremost and Yes I still believe QO should be ranked above all three IAC teams. QO was better than Bullis. They had more depth than the Bulldogs but Cilento is a hell of a coach and found a way to win the game. I think if the game had gone into a 3rd or even 4th OT, QO would have been on top. Bullis was wearing down in the 2nd half and it showed. Expect another exciting rematch in 2018 and I hope to see more top privates and publics find ways to play games next Fall. (I assume GC and NorthWest are playing a home and home series) In my opinion, the Bullis - QO matchup was one of the most entertaining football games I have watched this year outside the 3A state title game.
  3. Landon, Bullis and GP are ranked too high. QO should be ranked above all 3 of the IAC schools. St Mary's Ryken should not be ranked where they area. Their only significant win was against MSJ in week. Eleanor Roosevelt should be a tad bit higher as well.
  4. What makes you think Saint Mary's will be on top of the B division again? I believe they were pretty senior heavy last year as was Boys Latin. I thought on paper this Fall Palloti was heading in the right direction as they have several young "ballers" but they were pretty average this year.
  5. I don't understand why SFA would even want to stay in the MIAA A division. I personally have no problem with what Poggi is doing at SF. After all he can choose what he wants to do with his own family money. If he wants to spend it to become a national football power and if he can help some less fortunate kids along way to achieve a full ride to a school that may not have been able to get into without football, all the better. Does Poggi even want to stay in the MIAA? Seems to me he would rather just go play a national schedule if he could?
  6. I can't figure out why they simply would not just drop down to the B division. Where is EagleInsider when we need him! I really feel bad for the kids, especially the freshman and sophomores who have played their way up from the JV to varsity.
  7. didn't Dunbar loss to Gilman in the Fall of 2016? Gilman had probably its worst season in recent memory in 2016 and still managed to beat a Dunbar team...
  8. Loyola is simply just playing in the wrong football conference. They are a middle of the road "B" team playing in the A division. I don't see why the results would be any different next Fall. Gilman is on the way back, SFA will bring in another dozen transfers, MSJ was very young this Fall,
  9. Gilman is playing their best ball of the season right now... how in the world would you have them ranked at #10? I would put them right behind DeMatha, maybe one notch higher.
  10. Would love to see Gilman win this game! Will the game be streamed live?
  11. I'm still scratching my head with this game - on paper I really did think Bullis was going to take it to them. Prep really dominated the game after the first quarter. I believe the Hoyas even had two turnovers in the first quarter in their own end and their defense was still able to Bullis out of the end zone. Hampton was the difference maker, you need to give credit to GP's offensive line for opening up some holes for him to run. Bullis really had nothing going for them offensively which surprised me as their front four are massive compared to GP's d-line. Looking back at the Landon - GP game, Landon was able to move the ball against GP fairly consistent, they had more first downs and total offensive yards. Against Bullis, Landon probably less than 6 first downs for the entire game. Anyways, Congrats to both Landon and GP for being IAC co-champions. I really wish the league would extend the season by 1 week and let the teams play one more game.
  12. Bullis wins 27 - 14. Prep doesn't have the offensive weapons to keep up with Bullis. Bullis has way too much speed around the edges for the Prep DB's. Regardless should be a great game! Cant wait!
  13. well said OUTSIDE...
  14. Brady has a history of leaving schools every 2 - 3 years. He is always looking for the next big thing - nothing wrong with this but if you know the guy, he has aspirations to coach in college one day. This past summer I actually thought Brady would have been a great hire for Gilman however Silverbullet is spot on with his analysis - Brady would be a perfect fit for SJC.
  15. I bet you a few of the kids who bolted for SJC or now even at SFA could very well be regretting their decision. Always great to see Gilman beat McDonogh in any sport!!