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  1. didn't Dunbar loss to Gilman in the Fall of 2016? Gilman had probably its worst season in recent memory in 2016 and still managed to beat a Dunbar team...
  2. Loyola is simply just playing in the wrong football conference. They are a middle of the road "B" team playing in the A division. I don't see why the results would be any different next Fall. Gilman is on the way back, SFA will bring in another dozen transfers, MSJ was very young this Fall,
  3. Gilman is playing their best ball of the season right now... how in the world would you have them ranked at #10? I would put them right behind DeMatha, maybe one notch higher.
  4. Would love to see Gilman win this game! Will the game be streamed live?
  5. I'm still scratching my head with this game - on paper I really did think Bullis was going to take it to them. Prep really dominated the game after the first quarter. I believe the Hoyas even had two turnovers in the first quarter in their own end and their defense was still able to Bullis out of the end zone. Hampton was the difference maker, you need to give credit to GP's offensive line for opening up some holes for him to run. Bullis really had nothing going for them offensively which surprised me as their front four are massive compared to GP's d-line. Looking back at the Landon - GP game, Landon was able to move the ball against GP fairly consistent, they had more first downs and total offensive yards. Against Bullis, Landon probably less than 6 first downs for the entire game. Anyways, Congrats to both Landon and GP for being IAC co-champions. I really wish the league would extend the season by 1 week and let the teams play one more game.
  6. Bullis wins 27 - 14. Prep doesn't have the offensive weapons to keep up with Bullis. Bullis has way too much speed around the edges for the Prep DB's. Regardless should be a great game! Cant wait!
  7. well said OUTSIDE...
  8. Brady has a history of leaving schools every 2 - 3 years. He is always looking for the next big thing - nothing wrong with this but if you know the guy, he has aspirations to coach in college one day. This past summer I actually thought Brady would have been a great hire for Gilman however Silverbullet is spot on with his analysis - Brady would be a perfect fit for SJC.
  9. I bet you a few of the kids who bolted for SJC or now even at SFA could very well be regretting their decision. Always great to see Gilman beat McDonogh in any sport!!
  10. Silver- just to give you some perspective, generally every year Landon loses 3 - 4 current eighth graders to SJC, Good Counsel and Gonzaga (mainly Gonzaga) simply for football purposes. Lots of families "buy" what a lot of the WCAC coaches are selling them. Since Harley has arrived several of their promising 8th graders have opted to stay at Landon for high school - this has paid huge dividends for the program has several of their marquee players right now only current sophomores and juniors. The team this Fall also had a very heavy senior class. Several of their football players are also big time contributors on their nationally recognized lacrosse team. DW - Landon and Eleanor Roosevelt competed in a tri-scrimmage at Landon this past August. I was not able to make the contest but did hear ER looked better than the BEARS- given their were no special teams and teams had 10 down series before they would switch from offense to defense. I would hope with Harley's connections to PG, we will see a game here or there between the BEARS and hopefully a team you mentioned above.
  11. DW - Landon is pretty good this year. They have an exceptional defensive unit which has kept them pretty much in every game this year. They had a great win today against Episcopal out of Alexandria. I follow their program very close and the program has been on the rise the past 3 years ever since Charles Harley arrived (he has two kids enrolled at the school) The culture of the program has changed dramatically under Harley and more kids have been coming out to play football.
  12. well said Tomslick!
  13. SFA should go play a National schedule. I don't see why SFA would want to continue to play in the MIAA in the first place if they are just going to dominate teams and have a running clock by halftime. I truly believe with Poggi out at Gilman, the football arms race we witnessed between Gilman and McDonogh has gradually come to an end. I guess time will tell on who Gilman hires as their next football coach and if the HC will be allowed X amount of slots per year.
  14. Its really a simple solution, move down to the "B" division, put together some winning seasons, maybe even win a championship and bring back some "pride" back to the program. The current LB team would struggle to even finish in the top half of the "B" division this year. LB is clearly in a conference they should not be playing in. While I understand the move might annoy alums but they clearly don't understand how much the league has changed and just HS football in general. In order to even remain competitive on a consistent bases, your administration has commit some type of institutional support and resources. By all means, I'm not suggesting LB resort to the efforts in which Poggi operated at Gilman or now SFA, but staying the current course is and expecting different results is just insane. Even if SFA were to leave the "A" division to go pursue a national type schedule, LB would still be in a very tough situation with the remaining "A" conference teams.
  15. NO DOUBT! Gilman should hire him! I hope they do