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  1. TT, You quoted my response and did not address any of it... I clearly state that the info was from parents, and all you talk about is coaches coaches coaches I called you out on your statement about there being rouge assistant coaches that played whoever they wanted with no regard for the HC and you talk about offering full scholarships, what’s that have to do with anything? secondly, you talk about changing personnel after being called out, I said that it was a scheme change, not personnel, and your only response is that there were people in the stands with coaching experience that questioned the coaching???? That has been going on since high school football was invented and went on at every high school football game this year. That’s your best response? You came on here with a biased agenda and I knew some parents who contradicted the personal views that you tried to pass as facts. People on here do their homework. on a positive note, the parents said your son got a scholly to play football in college next year, in all honesty, congrats! We may disagree but that is always something that should be celebrated
  2. TT, Spoke with some parents on the team and got some contradicting information to them, it was evident that the HC was in charge of the team at all times, to include assistant coaches, and that no coach would have done anything without his blessing. You claim there were two rouge coaches doing their own thing? Also, the main reason for the success later in the season was that they changed the offensive scheme. All the same personnel, just different scheme. They were unaware of anyone “calling them out”. Lastly, they were pretty sure they knew who you were based off of your comments, and they weren’t suprised that you would come on here and be bitter.
  3. Come on Impartial, at least attack my comment, that’s all you got? just trying to build up my number of posts, so people don’t try to shut me down by saying that I only have X number of posts, so my comment doesn’t matter or is irrelevant, LOL, love those people
  4. Duplicate
  5. Duplicate
  6. TT, you show how dumb you are by trying to correlate JV success with varsity success. There is no correlation, especially in private schools. Most people understand this. JV sucess in private school is mostly correlated to male student population. Curley has the biggest, if I am not mistaken in the B conference , and they usually do very well on the JV every year, but this has not always been true on the varsity level. Calvert hall usually wins, or is in the mix for the A conference JV championship, but can barely eek out a .500 record on varsity most seasons, same scenario. But keep up your crusade against this coach, i am finding it comical
  7. Thought all the coaches from Murphy’s time left and he brought in all new coaches?
  8. There are obviously different types of spread offenses..... mike leach and urban Meyer both run what is considered a spread offense, using 2 completely different types of qb’s
  9. DisaptdDon, or any other Loyola faithful dispute this? Jbmad is usually in the know with loyola. If this in fact is how it went down, then i think Coach z and the OC handled it correctly and this is completely reasonable. The school should be standing up for them Given that it was a new OC and completely new system, I have no problem with not promising anyone a starting position.
  10. Agreed, the coach needs to do what’s best for the team. Setting a precedent that if you have something you deem more important than football, that you are willing to skip summer work outs for, and still be handed the job, is not good. Then you have to allow any player that has any type of schedule conflict, BS or not, the same leniency. If golf is your thing, then go play golf and be content being a backup or fighting your way through the depth chart.
  11. Sounds like you were the best candidate for the AD job. Should probably change your handle to “HappyDon” now
  12. Loyola did not run the double wing, then ran navy’s version of the triple option. So how do you handle this Koras kid, you just let him play golf all summer and just show up in August as the starter of the most important position on the team, what does that say to the other kids who busted their butt all summer, specifically the other QB’s on the team. You say this arrangement was ok the prior 3 seasons, how did that work out for the team, win/loss was not that much different. To me that just reeks of entitlement, which i guess is par for the course at a place like Loyola. If you want to hang this guy from the cross for wanting guys to be at summer work outs and buy in, than i guess you got your way. Your crusade against him worked, hope you are proud of yourself. So what’s the plan now from an offensive standpoint? Are there any good candidates that haven’t already been hired by other programs?
  13. I get that. If you want to fire the guy because of his on-field performance, then grow a set and do it. But if you are going to hide behind what seems to be a faux incident to further your agenda then you are a coward.....i guess i am naive. This incident should have been looked at independent of any that had to do with football performance. By the way MOP, fire this guy after one year of on field performance? What kind of message would that send within your athletic program? Who would want that job next if they knew the previous coach only got one year?
  14. So let me get this right....the coach is fired by curly because of an allegation that was unfounded. There is so little merit to this allegation that Dundalk, (Baltimore County Public Schools) hires him back within a month; I have to imagine they did their homework on this incident before they brought him back. I need some answers from the curly administration, something doesn’t sound right
  15. Article says he worked on the defensive side of the ball when at curley, not sure that correlates to the double wing coming back, maybe? I think this is a good hire all things considered. The guy played and has coached in the MIAA. Has head coaching experience, don’t know much about Kent, but apparently turned around a program that did not have much winning previous to his arrival. Given what happened with the last coach, I cant imagine there were many qualified candidates beating down the door to work for the administration there.