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  1. Loyola is running the same offense as Navy. From the outside looking in, it seems that they are having trouble with the pitch read and have been running more midline, which obviously takes the pitch out of it and allows for an extra blocker between the tackles. Parkville, which has been horrible in the past, runs a version of this offense and has been quite successful recently.
  2. I don't care where private school kids come from, or where the school is located. You specifically mentioned SFA being an east Baltimore school. Guru specifically mentioned all privates and the areas they are in, but I don't know anyone who roots for private schools based on their location, that doesn't make any sense. It makes sense for you to root for public schools based off of the area you are from, but not privates. You root for privates if you have ties to the school, but not because of where the school is located. The way you made it sound was that you had a soft spot because SFA was in east Baltimore, because the football program was helping out kids from east baltimore. When in reality the team is just a bunch of hired guns. Again, that is fine with me, any private school can bring in any kid from wherever they want. I wasn't complaining when Gilman, McDonough, etc did it, and I'm not complaining when SFA does it. I was just trying to point out why MOP made the statement that he did, because you brought "east baltimore" into the conversation.
  3. You are missing the point. GA said he he liked SFA for the simple fact that they are an "east Baltimore school". No one roots for the schools you mentioned because their location.
  4. Is the HC working with the oline this year? I was at the JC game and it didn't look like he was with them pre-game. didn't really look like he was involved with the offense at all to be honest. They were huge compared to JC's line, also saw the film of the curley game, they were huge compared to them too. But both DL's beat up the bigger, stronger Loyola line. In years past, when he was the OL coach, I thought they were one of the teams best units.
  5. Loyola will be fine. They lost a lot from last years team. The offense they are running is totally opposite from what they have in the past so they are needing to be re-taught every aspect of the game from an offensive standpoint. That offense wont properly mesh until mid-season, the timing and reads associated with the triple option won't happen over night, and it is tough to replicate the reads at game speed in practice. defensivley they have been stout thus far. The OC is a former B conf head coach, so the B conf teams are familiar with his offense. During Rawlings first stint at JC, the current Loyola OC was his OC, so its not suprising that they had trouble offensively, most teams would, no matter what offense you run, if the other team has intimate knowledge of your offense. Should be an interesting game against Curley. Curley is kind of in the same boat, they are VERY young, and they are trying to completely change their offensive philosophy, and have struggled to do so as well. Most of the former offensive staff from Curley is now at Loyola so Loyola should be well aware of Curley's personnel.
  6. Wait, Corum is 16 y/o 9th grader? No wonder he was so good as a freshman. Isn't there some rule about playing a season after you turn 18?
  7. I think the offense helps level the playing field with teams that have lesser talent, just look at Navy beating teams they have no business beating based off of talent levels. If Loyola continues to not bring in kids on the same level as the other A conference schools Stichel and the triple option could be the perfect fit.
  8. What's your thought on this JB?
  9. Should have worded that differently. I don't have intimate knowledge of the assistants, was just going off of Operations information. If they do in fact have qualified assistants from the Murphy that wanted to take over, I just find it weird that they wouldn't just continue on with the guys that have been in place. Kind of ballsy to bring in a total outsider, but kudos to them, I think they brought in a good coach
  10. I think that the Dundalk coach is good and will do well at curly. I do agree that it is odd, with so many qualified assistants and former assistants from a very successful era, that curly chose to go outside of the program to fill the vacancy.
  11. What's a better job, Dundalk or curley? Curious of everyone's thoughts
  12. Talked to a parent with a player on the team, rumor in the school is that it's the HC of dundalk if he wants it.
  13. Is Caravel still a power in DE? If I remember they got some of the ECA kids I think. What's up with John Carroll? They go from undefeated world beaters to a one win team that almost didn't field a JV team last year.
  14. I'd have to imagine that losing sample will knock them down a notch. Still capable of running through the county, but may have an issue with CHC