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  1. The fact that you judge family decisions from the comfort of an anonymous forum handle tells me everything I need to know about you. Yes, sometimes parents(public and private) think another year will help their child’s development. Sometimes that happens in 2nd grade and other times it happens in 7th or 8th. Sometimes that decision results in the admittance into a college of choice or even a full ride. Life is all about decisions. For example, sometimes parents choose a life long military career that uproots the family every few years. A lot of times that decision causes extreme social development disorders in their children and they become overly awkward adults that anonymously judge others online to make themselves finally feel like part of “the group”...My point is, these are matters that shouldn’t be talked about by anyone not close to the situation(family) and especially not by those who have been exposed as clueless(staring directly at you). Anyway, let’s drop the act. This isn’t about reclassing, QO, public vs private, Gilman, DeMatha, systematic issues, etc... This is about you. You know it. I know it. The entire board knows it. This little vampire Robin Hood forum handle of yours is your key to power. Talking trash on here about kids and their families makes everything better for you. This grudge you hold has nothing to do with MD publics or privates and everything to do with your unhappiness. Get well, DW.
  2. And you should probably stop posting about something that you know nothing about. None of these kids(public and private) know you exist and you keep posting about decisions that were made when they were in grade school. Once again you’ve managed to creep everyone out. Congrats.
  3. This is the most laughable part of your reclass crusade. You call out kids from DM for absolutely no reason and you compare them to kids from publics who who did the exact same thing. It’s crystal clear that you don’t know either of the kids that you’re talking about and are going off of some crazy narrative that you’ve cooked up. Do less, DW. You’ve been embarrassing yourself ever since you touched this topic.
  4. Most people on here know this stuff. I was just bored.
  5. Well, for one, Maplewood isn’t a league, like you said. It’s a youth organization made up of kids from Bethesda, Kensington and Chevy Chase which plays in the Mid Maryland league. It has nothing to do with QO other than the less than a handful of Gaithersburg kids who attended Mater Dei and wanted to play youth ball with their private grade school friends... I wasn’t alive in ‘83 so no clue why you brought that up and I’ll never be at the point in my life when I count how many games I attend. Sounds horrible.
  6. Yea I think if Trivers was there things may have worked out. IMO Marvin and Doc should of went to GP for a variety of reasons after Maplewood like everyone thought. Instead, both wanted to take a shot at the WCAC. Either way, great kids with great high school careers even with the bouncing around.
  7. “Merely came home to play for many years at MoCo QO where he really grew up to learn to play in the Maplewood youth league” That’s an unbelievable comment even from you. You have absolutely zero clue what you’re taking about.
  8. That whole group was an interesting story. Josh had all of the talent in the world. Maybe DM wasn’t the ideal fit for him, but I know everyone wished him the best after he left. Quinn won a national championship at Duke and clawed his way onto an NBA roster the hard way. Jerami left Syracuse early and has found his way in the NBA with OKC. Jerian had a great career at Notre Dame with one speed bump and has landed with the Chicago Bulls. And then there’s Oladipo...Everyone saw the athletic talent. The kid could jump out of the gym as a sophomore. I thought he’d be a defensive role player at Indiana. Not so much. He totally reinvented himself. His unbelievable work ethic paid off and things started to click. Next thing you knew he was the #2 pick to the Magic. This season with the Pacers he took things to the next level and is about to be an NBA All Star. Then there were a bunch of other great players like Hopkins(Georgetown), Robinson(Pitt), Anya(NC State), etc...To be honest, I thought BeeJay would of been the best pro with his wingspan. His weight was always an issue at N.C. State, but he still had flashes like the buzzer beater against LSU to get the Wolfpack into the sweet 16 in 2015. Again, most talent I’ve ever seen.
  9. I’ve never seen the WCAC do this well against nationally ranked teams. DeMatha, PVI and Gonzaga have beat Huntington Prep(WV), McEachern(GA), Cox Mill(NC), Archbishop Molloy(NY), Imhotep Charter(PA), Mater Dei(CA), Oakridge(FL), Brentwood Academy(TN), Archbishop Wood(PA), etc...all of which have been in or are currently in the US Top 25. That DM team with the Grant brothers, Oladipo, Cook, the most talented team I’ve ever seen. More than the Bogans/Forte/Collins/Edelin etc... squad. I wasn’t alive for those Dunbar teams, but I’ve heard the stories.
  10. Yea tough game to watch. GZ didn’t miss down the stretch. It’s sucks, but it’s life in the WCAC. DM has handled everyone they played in the national top 25 not named #1 Montverde(sp?) Academy. Gonzaga has an unreal HC in Turner. He shredded Jones last night. Good thing is, they’ll probably play two more times. I’m not being over dramatic, this is probably the best WCAC ever. What say you?
  11. Yea, I’m with you. You’re better at words than me.
  12. Gotcha. Just catching up on this week’s Baltimore games today. I watched the first game between SFA and JC. JC should of won. I thought they were the better team. That basket at the end of regulation was good. The guys from Capital Hoops have a good clip of it on Twitter. I guess SFA proved me wrong last night. Going to be tough to beat them for the 3rd time in the championship if that is how things end up.
  13. Yea I don’t follow the USA Today rankings too much, but the latest expert list I saw from them had DeMatha at #5 after manhandling #6 McEachern(GA), Gonzaga at #8 after beating #18 Mater Dei(CA) and PVI at #16 after beating #22 Oakridge(FL). I figured PVI would jump into the top 10 after handling Gonzaga the other night. I’m very interested to see the DM vs PVI match up. I think it’s going to come down to what PVI does with DM’s sophomore 7’ center Dickinson. He changes the entire game for opposing teams. How do you think John Carroll vs SFA round 2 goes down? Does MSJ have it in the tank to leap those two?