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  1. Have you seen CalPreps national preseason ranking yet? It’s hilarious.
  2. You’re not wrong, but why so mad, AO?
  3. Both not going public. Just one. The school is in VA.
  4. Yes, I think so. I think Campbell is going to be very good too. They have a lot of work and growing to do this summer if they want to start, but they both definitely have the potential. I also think Najarian will surprise people if he gets handed the ball. Maybe I have rose colored glasses on. We’ll see in a few months.
  5. MF’ers better stay away from Hyattsville with that coach search. I know how they roll up there.
  6. I didn’t watch him last year at Patriot, but I’ve seen tape. He’s going to be very good. I just don’t know when. He’s got the best arm of the three. I actually think Najarian will be fine as a starter. Najarian had a tough year because DM’s offense handcuffed the QB. I guess nobody on DM’s staff got the memo that Beau left and the entire WCAC wasn’t going to flinch at the read option anymore. Do you really think DM would schedule SFA and St. Thomas Aquinas with the WCAC regular season if they were shaky at the most important position on the field?
  7. Haha I’ve heard the same, but we’ll see. Not the first DM QB to make that move...
  8. Have you seen Cammas play? Passing won’t be an issue.
  9. Same. Also heard he was staying. He’s in the mix until something else is official IMO.
  10. That I know of... Najarian(back up/starter from last season) Campbell(freshman starter from last year) Cammas(rising sophomore transfer from VA)
  11. The QB? Great question. I’m sure they’ve got that covered. I don’t think they’d schedule STA and SFA along with the WCAC season without a strong candidate. I’ve never seen DM schedule top 25 teams without a strong QB.
  12. Yes, Gonzaga has about twice the student body of GP. Gonzaga also is much cheaper for a similar academic experience and superior athletics. Also, Gonzaga’s location is more attractive to the northern Virginia demo. Driving to GP in Rockville from Alexandria is brutal during rush hour.
  13. They have accepted transfers before, but it’s extremely tough. You need a bulletproof reason and a stacked resume. Some say Gonzaga’s admissions process is more selective than Georgetown Prep.
  14. You were correct about the Gonzaga transfer. It’s not happening. I think GC is getting the best transfer in the area. You guys will be incredibly tough to stop on the ground.