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  1. I have to ask...Do you enjoy not being taken seriously? I’m curious. You’re not from here, you don’t support any team, you have some weird obsession with the top programs in the state, and you stay extremely far away from any X’s and O’s debate. Do you ever think to yourself, “what am I really doing here beside bothering people”? Honestly is appreciated, but not expected. Don’t get me wrong, your agitator mentality and clinically obsessive behavior adds to the board. So for that, thanks for being the much needed jester.
  2. Because it sucks to share a conference championship if that’s how the regular season plays out. It also gives teams another chance to prove themselves. Not sure why the 4 team playoff model bothers people so much. 100% agree about the private playoff.
  3. Paragraph #1 response - The DM vs Gorman game was very competitive. Nobody got their teeth kicked in. That’s just reality. Also, I may make the game this weekend. Thanks for telling me I have nothing better to do? Whatever that means... Paragraph #2 response - We know the few teams who put the state of MD on their back nationally. No need to dig any further. Paragraph #3 response - DM’s QB has a few Ivy offers. I think he’ll be ok... Paragraph #4 response - DM has a very hard time finding locals teams to actually play them OOC. They need to push themselves to get ready for the season, not put a running clock on Oscar Smith or Franklin. Fort Hill vs DM? Didn’t Friendship go up there and prove how bad of an idea that would be?
  4. Yea it would of been a nice addition. It’ll happen one day. Our top privates are good enough to beat them and fearless enough to schedule a team like that. Thought DM was going to hang on to that lead they had late in Q3 in Las Vegas, but did not. Manatee is 1-1 against the MIAA/WCAC, I believe. Miami Central is 0-1. SJR is 1-2 against the MIAA/WCAC. St. Xavier is 1-1. You know all of that though. Vegas was a cool way to get kids on prime time ESPN in a game that college coaches respected greatly. Kind of like the St. John’s vs. De La Salle game that Harbaugh watched and offered Doyle immediately. NJ games are cool, but you never know what you’re getting from those teams, example SFA vs DBP this season. It’s safer to schedule a Florida or California powerhouse. The same goes for Bishop Gorman.
  5. Score watching? Maybe. Wrong? Absolutely not.
  6. ...or the top privates win a bunch of those OOS games also. No worries, don’t let the truth stand in the way of running your mouth like a scorned ex girlfriend. Manatee, Miami Central, SJR, Don Bosco Prep, Oscar Smith, American Heritage Plantation, Paramus Catholic, St. Xavier, IMG, Elder, South Pointe, etc... have all been on the losing end of games against the MIAA and WCAC.
  7. He was in high school for 4 years, so no, he shouldn’t of been in college. Well, unless he wanted to skip a grade which he probably could have done.
  8. I agree. You’re one of the few guys who can say that.
  9. I know the numbers and so do you. They were posted on here. I’m not going to repeat them 400x for you.
  10. My case in point exactly. People want to call out privates for having reclassed players, but when someone calls Wise out for leading the state in that stat last year, it’s “Stop picking on the poor public schools. Why you gotta beat your chest”? Don’t you know how silly you look for talking smack then asking people to lay off when the tables turn?
  11. I’ve always agreed with this idea due to selfishness. That league would be great for all of those involved.
  12. Sorry to go off on a tangent, but what’s the deal with the Damascus Walkersville game? I heard Walkersville is petitioning to move the game to a neutral site.
  13. I agree. It’s a stupid argument, but one that is usually started by the public side’s hatred of privates. The whole “be better and don’t respond” shtick gets old.
  14. It’s not a true comparison because you’re using the entire state to pull for publics but using leagues for the privates. 4A isn’t a league. PG 4A is a league. Montgomery 2A is a league. The WCAC is a league. If you want to combine all of 4A, then combine the large private schools(WCAC/MIAA). It’s very easy to understand if you want to be fair.
  15. No. The WCAC and MIAA are trying to add more teams if anything.