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  1. Bishop Dennis J. O’Connell. It’s a school is Arlington VA and a member of the WCAC. DJO is their acronym.
  2. Oh I understood the point you were making. It was a valid example. There is an academic jump from DJO to MCD. Not so much from SJC to SFA. Sometimes people digest words differently on here, especially when emotions are involved. Tonya obviously wasn’t playing around today. I can respect that.
  3. There are a lot of factors that come into these situations. SJC isn’t exactly “easy” academically. If you come from an under achieving grade school system, the learning curve is massive. They don’t slow down for you since most of these parents are throwing 20k a year in tuition. If a student gets behind, sometimes it snowballs. The school will step in and “review” the situation and probably suggest another option that is better for all parties. I could go down a long list of kids that had this happen and it was covered up as just a “transfer”. I want to make it glaringly obvious that Ellis from McD would not be on this list. I’m not trying to get ragdolled on the Internet.
  4. I can respect that take. IMO, sitting out a year can do more harm than good in terms of fixing your mentality, especially in 2018. 20 years ago? I’d probably be on the other side of this one. I don’t know the specifics, but most of the top privates will have a “review” after the year if it seems like your grades aren’t up to par. Most of the time, they convince you that it’s not a good fit. So no, they don’t technically ask you to leave. It’s more of a mutual decision to explore different options. It’s very business like.
  5. There’s a really great interview with Nick Saban from years ago where he absolutely grilled the press for judgement on giving second chances. He was 1000% correct. These are children. They will make mistakes. You have to give them the benefit of the doubt that they will learn from the mistake. Some won’t, but you can’t live in fear of that happening. I hope the kid ends up doing well wherever he lands. I’ve heard the DT/OG thing is a touchy subject, so hopefully he figures it out. He was almost impossible to tackle 1v1 in 2017. If it were me, I would of been mixing it up on the DL last year. He would of given OC’s headaches there as a true freshman and that almost never happens.
  6. nm*
  7. Nice hire. Did you catch any of the 7 vs 7 games at UMD? Any teams or players stick out?
  8. I will say that the QB position is it’s own beast. You never know what you’re going to get until you see varsity time, which would be the reason for a move to Gilman. Anyone remember what everyone said about Beau English after his freshman year? Too small and overhyped youth leaguer...Yea well he ended up beating QB’s rated higher with more talented teams by his senior year. This is a very high level of football. You don’t know what you’re getting until the lights come on. From all I’ve heard, this is a great kid with size and athleticism. It will be fun to watch.
  9. Well said. If he does head up to Gilman, he obviously wants to play immediately. DM plays STA on ESPN right out of the gate. That team has back up DB’s and DL’s with P5 offers. That’s a tough task for any QB, so DM will probably start their senior. I understand the move.
  10. DM didn’t drop them. The game was never official. Might of been political or a disagreement on specifics(home, away, date, etc...). There was a weird triangle going on with SFA, DM, and STA(FL) for 2018. SFA didn’t agree with STA’s terms, DM picked up STA, the DM vs SFA game was then rumored, now SFA vs STA seems like it’s happening and DM vs SFA is off. There is a bunch that goes into these games with promoters and ESPN. I know damn sure fear of injury had nothing to do with it.
  11. Looks like Gilman is getting their QB from DM.
  12. SFA

    Yea are they allowed to play that early? August 17th? I knew they were scrimmaging. Maybe GC did SFA a favor and took it as a game.
  13. SFA

    It’s crazy how productive humans can be once they remove raw emotion. Congrats, Biff Poggi. I don’t know how you did it, but I just became more of a SFA fan...
  14. SFA

    I’ve heard the same, but didn’t know any of these were locked in yet. I hope so. Florida schools STA and Doral Academy?
  15. SFA

    SJC, Hoover and Mater Dei don’t scream cutting back. They aren’t going to be playing a powerhouse every week, but I wouldn’t say they are shying away from competition.