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  1. I admire your consistency and can agree with you. Unfortunately, coming from a political committee (irrespective of party), I do wonder how much filtering of inconvenient political truths is obscuring the transparency we'd all like to see.
  2. I'm guessing then that you fully support Snowden's leaking of NSA intel, and Assange's Wikileaks as both likewise never bad for democracy...
  3. As is yours, mine, and everyone else's... It's all opinion. Precious little fact reporting going on because there seems to be partisan fish to fry...
  4. My goodness, now there's a name I haven't seen in a while. How have you been old reaper friend? As to the attacks, what a sad and tragic reality we now have to deal with on a daily basis. I remember some articles from way back quoting Al Qaeda sources stating they were modeling their approach after the Northern Ireland model - disruption of daily life, even if the casualty count wasn't high, in order to sow a continued fear of unpredictable tactics and locations. What a pathetic progression of our once reasonably carefree daily life...
  5. Unfortunately bigotry and racism are not a monopoly with a boundary line along the continuum of intelligence. Not that either should be condoned, but at least with less intelligent people bigotry and racism can be attributed to significant intellectual ignorance. Bigotry and racism among the intelligent seems to me far more pernicious and troublesome.
  6. I agree, but rarely if ever is this end of the transaction investigated and reported upon. You cannot improve that which you don't measure. And right now, it appears the precious little time is spent on the employer side of the picture. I wonder how many large farms along the border even take the time to bother with I-9's.
  7. I too recognize this is politically difficult to do, but until the employer side of impact (including substantial fines) is addressed concurrent to the deportation process, all we're doing is plucking a few leaves at the weed with little regard to the root of the problem that keeps sending up new leaves... Points deducted for using a cheesy metaphor...
  8. I'm curious, any fines or legal actions imposed on her employer(s) for the 20 or so years?
  9. Same here.
  10. Adds new meaning to the erstwhile phrase of civil politeness: Pardon me...
  11. The article in and of itself is disgusting. Not something I would have wasted a minute of my time on, and something that shouldn't have gotten much exposure overall. There's a lot of crap out there on the internet not worthy of reading, let alone circulating - witness the thousands of e-mail forwards from idiots every day. That Orrock in an official position decided to retweet it, to give the article fresh air, exposure, and essentially endorsing it with an "amen" speaks volumes to her character. Equally disgusting, or perhaps even more so, given the outrageous sentiment in the original article. R or D, death wishes are disgusting, and I'd weigh to say that had the parties been reversed. Something awful should be awful, without any qualifications. Trying to defend this or paint equivalencies makes me wonder if it would only be an issue to you if someone with a (D) did this. Come on now, you're better than this. We are all better than this.
  12. I believe a number were held downtown - Ropewalk? Another was at Red Brick Station in Whitemarsh, and another in a park in that area as well.
  13. They used to in the past. Most were friendly gatherings, and a few were... interesting... perhaps alcohol induced. But for the most part, the few I attended were quite fun. I don't think there have been any since the Paywall fiasco scared off a good many posters.
  14. Was transfixed watching it on TV with my parents. Everyone held their breath until Walter Cronkite, giddy as a little schoolboy shouted out "Man on the Moon!" and then took off his glasses and was in a state of emotional disbelief.
  15. I'm wondering if Rael is going to sell this rather important demographic information for big, big, profits. If so, I'm hoping he'll be kind enough to buy me a drink at the next Sunspot get together...